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Saturday, August 11,1956

Saturday, August 11,1956

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year gametype box date visiting Team visscore home team homescore box ballpark winning pitcher losing pitcher save pitcher attend. time
1956 reg season 1956-08-11 Chicago White Sox 1 Detroit Tigers 5 box | pbp Tiger Stadium Frank Lary Jim Wilson -- 11,975 2:31
1956 reg season 1956-08-11 Cleveland Indians 8 Kansas City Athletics 5 box | pbp Municipal Stadium Don Mossi Jack Crimian Early Wynn 13,594 2:42
1956 reg season 1956-08-11 Baltimore Orioles 10 New York Yankees 5 box | pbp Yankee Stadium I Hal Brown Ralph Terry -- 15,008 2:48
1956 reg season 1956-08-11 Boston Red Sox 1 Washington Senators I 6 box | pbp Griffith Stadium Pedro Ramos Dave Sisler -- 10,938 2:17
1956 reg season 1956-08-11 Philadelphia Phillies 2 Brooklyn Dodgers 5 box | pbp Ebbets Field Don Newcombe Bob Miller -- 12,652 2:01
1956 reg season 1956-08-11 St. Louis Cardinals 3 Chicago Cubs 1 box | pbp Wrigley Field Willard Schmidt Sam Jones Jackie Collum 11,466 2:14
1956 reg season 1956-08-11 Cincinnati Reds 3 Milwaukee Braves 6 box | pbp County Stadium Warren Spahn Hal Jeffcoat -- 45,003 2:31
1956 reg season 1956-08-11 New York Giants 4 Pittsburgh Pirates 2 box | pbp Forbes Field Johnny Antonelli Ron Kline Jim Hearn 5,655 2:21
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