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Player Tracker

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The Player TRACKER
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As part of your PREMIUM subscription, you get access to the TBC Player TRACKER. The TRACKER is an application that allows you to track up to 200 players and their stats on a daily basis during the season through the TRACKER page. Essentially, you are creating a stats grid for your players only.

The service is available for Major Leaguers and Minor Leaguers. College stats are also eligible to be included but the stats are only updated 1-2x a week per school.

The TRACKER provides you with the following views of the data:

  • Daily Stats - Stats from the prior day with views available for last 7,14,21 and 30 days.
  • Season Stats - Stats for your players for all of their teams for the current season.
  • Transactions - Recent transactions for your players.
  • Biography Listing - List of all your players in a data grid with biography attributes

How do I add players?
Click the icon next to a player to add him to your tracker. You can also add/remove players from within the TRACKER section at any time.

What if I need more than 200 players?
The PREMIUM account gives you 200 players by default but if you need more, the cost is 30 cents per player. Additional players can be purchased through the Add Players option on the TRACKER page.

Can I get the stats by email?
Actually, yes. The email used to be the norm for the TRACKER but over time, it became difficult to support due to issues with servers rejecting emails. The feature has been recently revived and is available for an addition 1-time $50 fee. The fee covers setup and issue resolution.

How long is a subscription?
1 year. You'll have to renew your PREMIUM subscription each year.

As always, Contact Us with any questions, comments or suggestions.