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Player Page Sponsorships

Player Page Sponsorships

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Player Page Sponsorships
Here are some questions and answers related to Player Page Sponsorships. The intention of the Sponsorships are to provide a quick/cheap mechanism to show support for this site as well as for a player.

HOW do I Sponsor a Page?
First, find a player to sponsor. Navigate the site until you find an unsponsored page. Sponsorships appear below the player biography, before the stats. An unsponsored page will have a white background. Sponsored pages are in gold.

Next, click the "Sponsor this player page" link and submit the form with your sponsorshipinformation.

Next, go to your CART and send us payment via PayPal. Your CART is always available at the top of the site in the form of a shopping cart with a (#) indicating the number of products. You can add multiple sponsorships to your CART before payment.

HOW MUCH does it cost?
Its $10 per player page per year in American dollars. $5 if you are a PREMIUM subscriber

WHAT does it look like?
When submitting a sponsorship, you have 3 data elements you can include.

Sponsorship Name - Your Name, site, cause, family, entity. Whatever. Its the name that will appear in bold on the sponsorship.
Link - A link under your sponsor name (Optional). Could be a Web site, an email or empty.
Text - 255 characters of family-friendly text to display along with your sponsorship to explain your purpose for sponsoring or words about your site if you're trying to promote something. Leave blank if you like.

WHERE will I see it?
The sponsorship will appear below the Player Profile section and above the statistics section of a player's page. Eyes will be forced to pass over the sponsorship and it will be visible above the scroll (on desktop). Meaning that the visitor will not have to scroll down to see the sponsorship. Players have multiple pages/views (depending on the topic) and your sponsorship will appear on all of them. Ads will be removed from the sponsored page

HOW LONG until I see it? I gotta match the payment to the sponsorship and flip a switch. But you'll normally see your sponsorships within a couple of hours.

WHY would I sponsor a page?
To show support for the work we do or to show support to a player.

WHO Should sponsor a page?
Anyone is allowed to sponsor and I welcome support from everyone/anyone .... But particularly those who visit TBC frequently ... you guys should sponsor at least one page.

WHEN does the sponsorship expire?
The sponsorship is good for 1 full year. It will expire a year from the date of payment. You will be notified of the page expiry via email.

You can renew the sponsorship by re-sponsoring the page once it expires from the player page. The sponsorship is not terribly sophisticated.

What if I have a different question?
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