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Search Tips

Search Tips

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Search Tips
There are a few ways to search for content on The Baseball Cube:

Quick-Search  --  The search bar at the top of the site provides you with a responsive list of players to help you quickly jump to the intended player page. The free version of the site will show you Major Leaguers while the PREMIUM version will provide you with ALL players along with some other team-related info.

Search Engine  --  Hitting ENTER will provide you with detailed results for your search query on a separate page. The quick-search provides minimal player attributes whereas the detailed results will give you more information per player. The results will also show other topics beyond players. If there is only 1 result for your query, you will be redirected to that page. So a precise search can bring you exactly where you want. For example, type "1994 Montreal Expos" instead of "Expos" if you want to see the best team ever.

Navigation  --  If you're looking for a topic, check out the navigation menus at the top of the site. The desktop menus shows virtually all sections while mobile shows a bit less.

Google/Search Engines  --  Google might also help you find what you are looking for on The Baseball Cube. Usually including "cube" in the query will direct you directly to our pages. This could possibly allow for a deeper search.

Search Shortcuts  --  Below you will find a list of shortcuts you can type into the search bar to jump directly to a section or a page. For those who research frequently, this can save you some time. I would recommend studying or printing the list of shortcuts below to have as reference to speed up your navigation on the site.

The list of tips are alphabetically. Note that some keywords below may interfere with proper player searches. If that is the case, please modify the search query text.
[] indicates a sample value. Do not use the [] in the actual query
{} alternate keyword options

[20170604]  --  Jump to any date in baseball history by entering date in YYYYMMDD format into search box.
?  --  View all search tips (This page)
Active MLB  --  Active Major Leaguers as of current date
afl  --  Arizona Fall League section. {arizona fall, arizona fall league, az fall league}
award  --  Awards section {award,awards}
batter vs pitcher  --  View any Batter/Pitcher matchup quickly. Note that the " vs " is the important part. Best to include as much of player names as possible and should be written in format: mike trout vs justin verlander (or any variation of the player name)
bday  --  Jump to Birthdays section
bday [0304]  --  Jump to a specific birth date to see all players born on that date. MMDD format.
box  --  Jump to Boxscore section {boxes,boxscore,boxscores}
box [2014]  --  Jump to all boxscores for a selected year
college [2015]  --  View available college stats for selected season.
compare  --  On its own (without player names), takes you to compare application.
compare [player1],[player2],[player3]...  --  Allows you to actively compare players through the search box. System will prompt you if more than 1 option per name. Maximum of 25 players.
conf  --  College Conference Listing section
crs  --  Current MLB/Minor League rosters
cws  --  College World Series section (NCAA Tournament)
cws [2021]  --  View summary of specific college world series.
data  --  Jump to data store {data,store,datastore,data store}
dd[275]  --  View all draft picks for a selected slot#.
death  --  Display recent deaths {deaths}
draft  --  Draft section
draft [2013]  --  Jump to Draft year
Glossary  --  Explanation of common column headers seen on the site. Also available at the top of every data grid.
HOF  --  Hall of Fame section
HOF [2020]  --  Voting results for selected year for Hall of Fame.
hs  --  High school section
hs [ca]  --  View high school listing for selected state using standard state code.
indy  --  Jump to Independent Leagues section
minor players  --  Minor League players section
minor teams [2019]  --  List of Minor League teams by year. {minorteams}
minors  --  Minor league data portal
mlb  --  Major League section
mlb [2019]  --  Jump to MLB Season
mlb players  --  MLB Players section
mpsv  --  Multi-Player Stat Viewer application
premium  --  List of TBC PREMIUM features
prospect  --  Prospects section {prospects}
region [fl]  --  View all cities for a selected region
rpi  --  College RPI section
rpi [2012]  --  Jump directly to RPI by year_draft
rule5  --  Rule 5 Draft section
sponsor  --  Sponsorship information {sponsors,sponsorships,sponsorship}
spring  --  Spring training section {st,spring training,springtraining}
store  --  Jump to data store {data,store,datastore,data store}
summer  --  College Summer League Section
summer teams  --  List of all College Summer League teams
tracker  --  Jump to your player TRACKER.
tranx  --  Player Transactions section