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Payments to TBC

Payments to TBC

The TBC Data Store allows you to purchase some standard datasets available on the site or even request a custom extract of your own design!
TBC Accepts PayPal
Whether you are purchasing data from The Data Store, signing up for TBC PREMIUM, advertising or just donating to your favorite baseball site, the only payment method currently accepted is PayPal.
PayPal is free to set up and easy to link to your bank account, debit card or credit card. None of the payment information shared with PayPal gets shared with The Baseball Cube and all payment information is encrypted at PayPal. All PayPal fees are incurred by The Baseball Cube.

In case of dispute between services rendered and The Baseball Cube, though I would hope you would come to me first, PayPal offers the ability to open a case to dispute a transaction and request a refund. The % of transactions in disupte is extremely low over the course of 15+ years and of those that have been disputed, all were related to accidental double-payment or data sent to an unexpected email address.

It is understood that there are those who wish to use TBC's services but are skeptical/resistant to paying online or uninterested in using PayPal. If this is you, the only alternative we provide at this time is to send a check via snail-mail. If you would like to take this route, please contact us and note that services are only rendered once payment has been received.

How to Pay TBC through PayPal
When purchasing electronic goods or services through the site, you will do so mostly through the CART. The CART allows you to accumulate products and pay for them all at once using the CHECKOUT button. If your payment is unrelated to a product or you just need a quick way to send us money, you can use the link below.

Send Money to The Baseball Cube*

* Always include the purpose of the payment to facilitate the transaction. Otherwise, I will be forced to email you to be certain of its purpose.