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Player Inclusion Rules

Player Inclusion Rules

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Player Inclusion Rules
I often get asked why certain players are included and not others. As of 2022, there are more than 180,000 players in the TBC player database and it can often be confusing to a former player why, having played D1 College in the 1990s, that their teammates are included with a dedicated page, but not them. So here are the rules that determine WHO gets a page:

  • Major Leaguer since 1871
  • Minor Leaguer (affiliated) since 1977
  • Independent League Player since 1993
  • Played in Japanese League since 2010
  • Was Drafted in MLB entry draft
  • Paid manager/coach for any of the above teams
  • General Manager for MLB team
  • Division I College Baseball player since 2002 with at least 1 game played
  • Umpired in the Major Leagues as of 1957

  • There might be a few other players here and there that you find that don't meet the criteria above. These players were most likely added to the database with an accompanying donation from the player.

    It is also possible over time that you notice some pre-2002 college players start to appear in the database. This is related to an ongoing project to build college baseball stats history for D1 schools going back to 1965. All of these players will eventually have their own page as well.