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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Where does the data come from?
There is no easy answer to this. TBC does not have a purchased database. Outside of the boxscore data which was sourced from Retrosheet, the data is pieced together from dozens of sources. Much of the data comes from official sites and archived publications. When you are paying for the site or the data, I like to think of you paying for my aggregation services as opposed to the data itself.

How accurate is the data?
Its pretty good. I will admit that there could be issues here and there but overall its much better than it ever was. We're not an official source and there are sure to be minor mistakes here and there in the statistics, especially for lower levels where data is harder to find. Sometimes the source of the data is inaccurate, it was taken (accidentally) before the season ended or perhaps there are duplicate rows or misbridged records.

Boxscore-level data should be perfect up until the current season. If there are any errors, they will likely be due to programming logic.

For MLB detailed stats or splits data, there are times where the data does not add up 100% to the season-end data. Mostly minor issues and not that prevalent. Some boxscore seasons do not provide full detail of all events.

Biography data is another story. Many players are missing bio information but for those who have, some of the data elements can be incorrect. Weights change over time and we certainly to not capture the value multiple times over a player's career. Birth Place might be residence for some players. Proper names are not always available..

Overall though, I am proud of the quality of the data on the site. Just be a little cautious at times and if you see something glaring, let me know.

Can I buy data from you?
Absolutely. Check out the Data Store. You can buy standard extracts with pre-determined prices or you can challenge us and ask for a custom Data extract. If we have the data, we'll get you what you need for a reasonable price. Also, you can purchase data feeds which would consist of a dedicated URL for you that has updated data in real-time, specific to your needs. Over the years, we have provided data to Major League front-offices, agents, colleges, graduate students and professors, lawyers, blogs and of course, fantasy players and of course, regular fans.

I found a mistake. Can you fix it?
Yes, I will fix errors on the site. The only thing I ask is that you send it with some understanding that whatever you write to me, I will make the correction but its much nicer to do it without a condescending, ridiculing or mocking tone.

Can you add my stats?
A complicated question. I will add stats for people who donate $. I will add/fix stats for Players who are missing stats and their missing stat year is part of the Inclusion Rules. Depending on my workload, I may add stats for seasons that are outside of the inclusion years/leagues.

Can you delete my stats?
I get this question now and again. Former players are starting their own training facility or want to give lessons and they don't like the stats their career left behind. The quick answer is no. Please don't threaten a lawsuit or attempt to harass me. I will block your email address. I won't remove any player stats when requested. However, if you need me to remove the bio data, I will comply.
Why is the answer No to removing stats? Because statistics are public domain and data is not copyrightable. And removing the data would reduce the integrity of the datasets. But your biography data is yours and I am not interested in exposing information to the public that you would prefer be hidden.

Can I use your data for my site?
You can use parts of the data and reference them on your site but you cannot access the entire database to support your site. As a general rule, even though the data does not belong to me, I am providing a service by displaying it in a useful format for public consumption and at the least, I think a shout-out to TBC would be good etiquette.

Can we partner?
The general rule here, for now, is that if it is an easy partnership, then we can work on something. Time is a precious resource to me since I am always busy updating code and data for this site. Stopping that flow for a larger project requires some smoothness.

Can I advertise on the site?
Yes. But again, it can't be overly complicated. TBC has about 10,000 unique visitors a day and advertising would have benefit for your company. A bundle of sponsorships may also help you a little bit if you pick high-traffic players.

Contact Us for any other questions/comments/suggestions.