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College Data
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Unlike its major sports cousins football and basketball, College Baseball has long been overlooked as a feeder into Major League Baseball. Perhaps its because its only a portion, albeit sizeable of incoming professional players, or perhaps its because they use aluminum bats or maybe its as simple as the fact that it is not hyped...whatever the reason, College Baseball is vibrant and vast with approximately 300 D1 schools and more than 1000 other schools playing the sport across the country.

We at The Baseball Cube don't believe a player's career statistics look complete without their college stats sitting at the top of their career statistics grid. Since the inception of the site in 2002, we have been capturing yearly stats and team information for all D1 schools and since 2017, we have been adding stats for all of the other divisions including NCAA D2, D3, the NAIA and all Junior Colleges. About the only thing missing is club teams.

For each school/season that we capture, we include a player profile (For D1 only) and thus biography attributes and a TBC ID#. We also include school attributes for that season such as season record, ranks, tournament results, coaches, rosters and stadium names.

Though the basic guidelines suggest we have D1 since 2002 and other division since 2017, this is not always the case. For one, we have many schools earlier than those years. And two, we are actively researching/adding what we hope will be all D1 stats since 1965. In fact, though we may not have all the stats collected, we have already captured season information for all D1 schools since 1965. Pretty impressive eh?

In addition to the content above, we also have a nice-sized database of Summer College League statistics which includes ~25 of the larger leagues across the nation. Where possible, stats are linked to player pages. We also have a College World Series section, results from Conference Tournaments (D1), some awards, standings, RPI rankings and coaching staffs for D1 schools. The College section is large and growing every year as we add new datasets.

Finally, if you are a college baseball fan like me, you can subscribe to PREMIUM and get access to the College Stats research applications. And if you need more data than that section provides, you can visit the Data Store to purchase data extracts where you can use Excel (or other tools) to research college stats history.

We are very proud of this section and we hope you find what you were looking for!