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Posts for October 2020
MLB Uniform #s ++ ... Twitter Reboot
Small update for 2020. Added Uniform #s for 2020 MLB. I like Uniform #s displayed in the stat grids. College is also already up to date for 2020.

Another smaller update. Sequence # was applied to 2020 MLB stats for players on multiple teams to make sure stats display in the correct order.

I'm going back on Twitter. I'll post site updates, show you what the site can do and give some thoughts on baseball I will try to stay in the baseball lane. I will try to use Twitter respectfully and respectably. I won't be replying to public comments on errors or any questions that can be handled privately. If you want to contact me, you can use the contact form on the site. I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter and I am entering into this new relationship with trepidation. Its difficult to remain relevant without that blue bird so I will give it another shot.

Why follow TBC? There are lots of new datasets and features in the works. From MLB down to High School. Not to mention an enhanced TBC PREMIUM section with faster loading times and more data per page.

2020 Summer Leagues ++
++ Means added. I just made that up. But going forward, any new data added will have the ++ in the subject.

Because it is 2020 and because we are still dealing with a pandemic, the Summer Leagues did not operate normally. Of the regular leagues that I track, only 7 were found to be active.

Coastal Plain
Florida Collegiate
Futures League
Northwoods League
Southern Collegiate
Sunflower Collegiate
Texas Collegiate

Stats were compiled as per normal and stats were added to player pages where a player page already existed. There were many D1 players but also many from other divisions.

It really was too bad that leagues couldn't figure out a way to make things work. But in the end, it was less work for me so why should I complain. Compiling college summer stats is one of the toughest jobs of the year. Different formatting on different sites, many of which use only first initial for the players. Then to confirm their school so I can bridge to a TBC ID. Arrggh. Its making me angry just writing this.

MLB Height/Weight update
Player bios are normally initiated when they start at a D1 college or are drafted/signed. This means that they are usually 18 years old are less and their height/weight attributes are for a teenager and not an adult male. And since I don't really have any yearly project to update these values, you'll often have seen many Major Leaguers weighing in at 170 which is most likely their Freshman Year weight.

All that to say, I have gone through all current 40-man rosters and updated the Height/Weight values. Many heights changed and almost all weights changed. Some players gained 100 pounds. Not many lost weight. Maybe 2 or 3. Many gained 50-60 pounds. Some gained 2 inches of height. The data is a bit better today.

COVID continues to cause issues in Quebec. We are on a partial-lockdown. Cases started rising and the government closed restaurants and bars and banned team sports and any social gathering. In other words, we are allowed to go to work and school and we are allowed to shop. Cases have risen to 1000/day and have peaked, much like March/April but no strain on hospital system that we can see. The science seems to be all things are possible until they are not. Even though it "seems" like spreading is only happening out of crowded bars with bad ventilation systems. I have heard of no spread at a sporting event and yet sports are banned. Even for elite teams. No exceptions. My daughter is practicing 3x a week in the garage with her team with her coach pushing them from a little square on a little laptop.

I wear my mask and follow all the rules. But it doesn't mean I am happy with these draconian decisions.

2020 MLB Stats + Slight Focus Shift
MLB stats being updated is not a big deal. 1000 other sites have up-to-date, more comprehensive MLB stats. This site update is more about my shift in focus.

TBC cannot be everything to everyone. It cannot offer intense in-season data while also building a comprehensive history. We are not a major corporation with a staff of many.

Though we will continue to offer in-season data where possible, the focus is going to gradually shift towards building up historical data for all levels as well as building unique datasets not available anywhere else. This includes College, High School and as someone suggested to me, travel ball. It means building a player page that is longer than it is wide. More categories, more datasets, less analysis. You can do your own analysis on the data or you can use it to supplement your visits to FanGraphs.

Some exciting projects coming your way...keep checking in!

Stats for 5000+ HS Players
So TBC PREMIUM is going well despite the pandemic which has resulted in the sudden cancellation of the College Baseball season as well as the full minor league season. Not to mention the delayed MLB season. I am happy with the membership so far and I haven't received any negative feedback so I will take that as a good sign.

The PREMIUM section, for those who don't know, eliminates ads and provides access to the research tools and includes data store discounts as well as some other goodies. One of them is High School stats integrated into player pages.

Though its true that I don't have stats for all schools and in fact, its quite hard to find stats for many schools. In the case where stats are not available, I will capture the player roster. Is there any value in seeing an empty stat line in a player's stat grid for his high school team? At the very least, it will confirm he played for that team and you'll be able to see his teammates. How he did exactly? You can assume that if he went D1 or PRO, that he did quite well...

Anyyyyyyyways, the # of players with statistics now stands at 5,045 and I am quite proud of this. I add about 50 players each day so perhaps by opening day next year, we'll be at 10,000.

Note that I am capturing stats from the schools with the most alumni, in descending order. This is intended for efficiency, to capture the most players with the least work. You'll notice that these schools trend towards the south so lots of California, Florida, Texas, Georgia and even Nevada.

So JOIN TBC PREMIUM and enhance your player stats grid with High School data (if available of course)!

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