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Players whose last name begin with 'TA' who are not in the player listing for Major Leaguers, Minor Leaguers or College Players. This list is for players in our database for other reasons such as players being drafted but with no stats ... GMs, managers and coaches ... Independent League Players ... International players.
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'TA' Full Player Listing

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  • 'TAB' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Frank TabacchiUMPFrank Tule Tabacchi-
    Kaden TabilIFKaden Tabil-
    Michael TablitPMichael Tablit-
    1995- 81-1650-LAN
    Henry TaborPHenry Tabor-
    Logan TaborPLogan TaborJrCollege
    'TAC' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Chris TacikPChristian Tacik-
    1988- 39-1016-MIL
    Ryan TackPRyan Tack-
    1996- 29- 869-NYA
    Sam TackettIFSamuel David Tackett-
    Glen TackittPGlen K. Tackitt-
    1971-  3-  52-MON
    'TAD' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Drew TaddiaOFDrew TaddiaIndy
    Jeremi Tadlock1BJeremi Edward TadlockIndy
    'TAF' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Steve TaftOFSteve TaftIndy
    'TAG' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Kenichi TagamiOFKenichi TagamiIntl
    Kengo TagawaPKengo TagawaIntl
    Greg TagertCOACHGreg Tagert-
    Danny Taggart---Danny TaggartIndy
    Dwayne TaggartOFDwayne Benjamin Taggart-
    1973- 32- 675-KCA
    Jerry TaggeIF-CJerry Lee Tagge-
    1968- 23- 517-WS2
    Kazuto TaguchiPKazuto TaguchiIntl
    Masanori TaguchiCMasanori TaguchiIntl
    'TAH' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Koji TaharaCKoji TaharaIntl
    Seiji TaharaPSeiji TaharaIntl
    'TAI' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Kaima TairaPKaima TairaIntl
    Kentaro TairaPKentaro TairaIntl
    'TAJ' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Daiki TajimaPDaiki TajimaIntl
    Shinji TajimaPShinji TajimaIntl
    'TAK' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Akito TakabeOFAkito TakabeIntl
    Taisuke TakadaOFTaisuke TakadaIndy
    Ban TakagiPBan TakagiIntl
    Hayato TakagiPHayato TakagiIntl
    Hiromitsu TakagiPHiromitsu TakagiIntl
    Hiroyuki TakagiIFHiroyuki TakagiIntl
    Koji TakagiPKoji TakagiIntl
    Kyosuke TakagiPKyosuke TakagiIntl
    Masahiro TakagiPMasahiro TakagiIndy
    Taisei TakagiIFTaisei TakagiIntl
    Wataru TakagiOFWataru TakagiIntl
    Yasunari TakagiPYasunari TakagiIntl
    Takayuki TakaguchiIFTakayuki TakaguchiIntl
    Takuya TakahamaSSTakuya TakahamaIntl
    Yuto TakahamaHYuto TakahamaIntl
    Akifumi TakahashiPAkifumi TakahashiIntl
    Barry TakahashiP-1BBarry TakahashiIndy
    Haruto TakahashiPHaruto TakahashiIntl
    Hideaki TakahashiPHideaki TakahashiIntl
    Hiroki TakahashiOFHiroki TakahashiIntl
    Jumpei Takahashi------Intl
    Kazuyuki TakahashiOFKazuyuki TakahashiIntl
    Keiji TakahashiPKeiji TakahashiIntl
    Kona TakahashiPKona TakahashiIntl
    Koya TakahashiPKoya TakahashiIntl
    Mikiya TakahashiPMikiya TakahashiIntl
    Mitsunobu TakahashiIFMitsunobu TakahashiIntl
    Noriyuki TakahashiPNoriyuki TakahashiIntl
    Rei TakahashiPRei TakahashiIntl
    Shinji TakahashiCShinji TakahashiIntl
    Shuhei Takahashi3BShuhei TakahashiIntl
    Tomomi TakahashiPTomomi TakahashiIntl
    Toru TakahashiPToru TakahashiIntl
    Toshiro TakahashiCToshiro TakahashiIntl
    Yoshinobu TakahashiOFYoshinobu TakahashiIntl
    Yuki TakahashiPYuki TakahashiIntl
    Yusuke TakahashiCOACHYusuke Takahashi-
    Kazuya TakahoriPKazuya TakahoriIntl
    Yuhei TakaiPYuhei TakaiIntl
    Shun TakaichiPShun TakaichiIntl
    Shuto TakajoCShuto TakajoIntl
    Keiji TakakuraOFKeiji TakakuraIndy
    Wataru Takamatsu------Intl
    Kazuya TakamiyaPKazuya TakamiyaIntl
    Yuki TakamoriHYuki TakamoriIntl
    Hiroshi TakamuraPHiroshi TakamuraIntl
    Fumikazu TakanamiOFFumikazu TakanamiIntl
    Hirotoshi TakanashiPHirotoshi TakanashiIntl
    Yuhei TakanashiPYuhei TakanashiIntl
    Fumitoshi TakanoOFFumitoshi TakanoIntl
    Keisuke TakanoPKeisuke TakanoIntl
    Doug TakaragawaSCOUTDoug Takaragawa-
    Kentaro TakasakiPKentaro TakasakiIntl
    Mike TakashimaPMike TakashimaIndy
    Shohei TakashimaPShohei TakashimaIntl
    Tsuyoshi Takashima2BTsuyoshi TakashimaIndy
    Yosuke TakasuIFYosuke TakasuIntl
    Hosei TakataPHosei TakataIntl
    Tomoki Takata2BTomoki TakataIntl
    Hiroaki TakayaCHiroaki TakayaIntl
    Gon TakayamaOF-3BGon Tokoyumi TakayamaIndy
    Hisashi TakayamaOFHisashi TakayamaIntl
    Shun TakayamaOFShun TakayamaIntl
    Aito TakedaOFAito Takeda (Otaki)Intl
    Hayato TakedaPHayato TakedaIndy
    Hisashi TakedaPHisashi TakedaIntl
    Kengo TakedaOFKengo TakedaIntl
    Masaru TakedaPMasaru TakedaIntl
    Shota TakedaPShota TakedaIntl
    Naotaka TakeharaOFNaotaka TakeharaIntl
    Shota TakekumaPShota TakekumaIntl
    Tatsuya TakenoCTatsuya TakenoIntl
    Ryusei TakeokaIFRyusei TakeokaIntl
    Shintaro TakeshitaPShintaro TakeshitaIntl
    Singo TakeshitaPSingo TakeshitaIntl
    Hisashi TakeuchiPHisashi TakeuchiIntl
    Kazuya TakeuchiPKazuya Takeuchi-
    Ryo TakeuchiPRyo TakeuchiIndy
    Shinichi Takeuchi1BShinichi TakeuchiIntl
    Shingo TakeyamaCShingo TakeyamaIntl
    Daichi TakeyasuPDaichi TakeyasuIntl
    Ryota TakinakaPRyota TakinakaIntl
    Kaname Takino1BKaname TakinoIntl
    Kenshoku TakuboOF-2BKenshoku TakuboIndy
    Seki TakuroPSeki TakuroIndy
    'TAL' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Matt TalaricoCOACHMatt Talarico-
    Carroll Talbert3BCarroll L. Talbert-
    1970- 25- 606-NYN
    Kurt TalbertPKurt James Talbert-
    Parker TalbertPParker Thomas TalbertIndy
    Scott Talbert1BScott TalbertIndy
    Blake TalbotCBlake Michael Talbot-
    Brandon TalbotCBrandon TalbotIndy
    Henry TalbotOFHenry Talbot-
    1968- 20- 464-SE1
    Tucker TalbottOFTucker Talbott-
    Kregg TalburtPKregg Talburt-
    1996- 17- 498-NYN
    Shawn TalkingtonPShawn TalkingtonIndy
    Ryder TallentPRyder TallentJrCollege
    Brad TalleyPEdward Bradley Talley-
    1991- 37- 979-NYN
    Gary TalleyPGary Weldon Talley-
    1970-  3-  58-CAL
    Rick TalleyPRick Talley-
    1973-  5-  87-PHI
    Weston Talley------Indy
    Cedric TallisEXECCedric Tallis-
    Chris TallmanOFChristopher David Tallman-
    1997- 42-1258-KCA
    Scott TallmanPScott TallmanIndy
    William TallmanPWilliam S. Tallman-
    Lenny Tallo---Lenny Tallo-
    Carter TallyOF----
    Cord TalorCOACHCord Talor-
    Dom Talvacchio---Dom Talvacchio-
    'TAM' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Brandon TamPBrandon TamIndy
    Taisho TamaiPTaisho TamaiIntl
    Shigeo TamakiPShigeo TamakiIntl
    Tomotaka TamakiIFTomotaka TamakiIntl
    Yutaka TamakiPYutaka TamakiIntl
    Hiromasa TamanoIFHiromasa TamanoIntl
    Kenta TamayamaPKenta TamayamaIntl
    Yaibel TamayoIFYaibel (Martinez) TamayoIndy
    Michael TamburinoPMichael TamburinoIndy
    Yua TamiyaCYua TamiyaIntl
    Hitoshi TamuraOFHitoshi TamuraIntl
    Ichiro TamuraPIchiro TamuraIntl
    Jo TamuraPJo TamuraIntl
    Tatsuhiro TamuraCTatsuhiro TamuraIntl
    'TAN' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Kojiro TanaboPKojiro TanaboIntl
    Akira TanakaIFAkira TanakaIntl
    Daijiro TanakaOFDaijiro TanakaIntl
    Daisuke TanakaCDaisuke TanakaIntl
    Eisuke TanakaPEisuke TanakaIntl
    Eito Tanaka------Intl
    Hiroto TanakaPHiroto TanakaIntl
    Hiroyasu TanakaIFHiroyasu TanakaIntl
    Kazuki TanakaOFKazuki TanakaIntl
    Kazunori TanakaOFKazunori TanakaIndy
    Kenjiro TanakaPKenjiro TanakaIntl
    Koji Tanaka-------
    Kosuke Tanaka2BKosuke TanakaIntl
    Marcio TanakaSSMarcio Keizo Tanaka-
    Masahiko TanakaCMasahiko TanakaIntl
    Mitsuru TanakaOFMitsuru TanakaIntl
    Mizuki TanakaIFMizuki TanakaIntl
    Norihiko TanakaPNorihiko TanakaIntl
    Seigi TanakaPSeigi TanakaIntl
    Shunta TanakaIFShunta TanakaIntl
    Sohji TanakaPSohji TanakaIntl
    Takashi TanakaPTakashi TanakaIntl
    Takaya TanakaCTakaya TanakaIntl
    Toyoki TanakaPToyoki TanakaIntl
    Yasuhiro TanakaPYasuhiro TanakaIntl
    Yuki TanakaPYuki TanakaIntl
    Yukio TanakaIFYukio TanakaIntl
    Hitoshi TanedaIFHitoshi TanedaIntl
    Atsuki TaneichiPAtsuki TaneichiIntl
    Jorge TangOFJorge TangIndy
    Mark TangenOFMark TangenIndy
    John TangherliniPJohn TangherliniIndy
    Jason TangiPJason TangiIndy
    Reece TanguayCoach----
    Brian TanguyPBrian TanguyIndy
    Hiroya TaniPHiroya TaniIntl
    Tetsuya TaniIFTetsuya TaniIntl
    Yoshitomo TaniOFYoshitomo TaniIntl
    Masaki TanigawaPMasaki TanigawaIntl
    Etsuji TaniguchiPEtsuji Taniguchi-
    Hiro TaniguchiCHironori TaniguchiIndy
    Koichi TaniguchiPKoichi TaniguchiIndy
    Kuniyuki TaniguchiPKuniyuki TaniguchiIntl
    Yuya TaniguchiOFYuya TaniguchiIntl
    Keisuke TanimotoPKeisuke TanimotoIntl
    Shinji TaninakaPShinji TaninakaIntl
    Tappei TaniokaPTappei TaniokaIntl
    Motonobu TanishigeCMotonobu TanishigeIntl
    John TankersleyCOACHJohn Tankersley-
    Talmadge Tanks1BTalmadge L. Tanks-
    1975-  9- 197-MIL
    Jason TannebergPJason Tanneberg-
    1974-  3-  56-NYA
    Bobby Joe TannehillIFBobby Joe TannehillIndy
    Chad TannehillOFChad TannehillIndy
    Jeff TannehillC-OFJeffrey Alan TannehillIndy
    Drew TannerPDrew Tanner-
    Dylan TannerCDylan Tanner-
    James TannerOFJames Tanner-
    1967-  3-  55-DET
    Jordan TannerPJordan Tanner-
    2007- 40-1198-MIL
    Mark Tanner1B-PMark D. Tanner-
    1972- 21- 493-CHN
    Stephen TannerPStephen Tanner-
    1974-  9- 149-PIT
    Thomas TannerOFThomas Tanner-
    1968-  7- 110-CAL
    William TannerPWilliam M. Tanner-
    2004- 49-1470-ATL
    Zach TannerIFZach Dwight TannerIndy
    Leslie TanonaOFLeslie A. Tanona-
    1967-  4-  75-DET
    Hidenori TanoueCHidenori TanoueIntl
    Tommy TanousSCOUTTommy Tanous-
    Gene TanselliCoach----
    Michael TanseyOFMichael Kenneth TanseyIndy
    Calvin TantonOFCalvin TantonIndy
    1994- 65-1580-LAN
    Charles TantonOFCharles Tanton-
    1986- 29- 719-BAL
    'TAO' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Zhang Tao------Indy
    Sal TaorminaCoach----
    'TAP' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Omar Tapia------Indy
    Nick TaplettP----
    Phillip TapleyPPhillip Tapley-
    2002- 28- 847-SFN
    Walter TappanSSWalter Van Dorn Tappan-
    Jon TapperPJonathan Seth TapperIndy
    'TAR' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Joe TaralloPJoseph TaralloIndy
    Bobby Tarantino---Bobby Tarantino-
    Marc Tarantola3BMarc TarantolaIndy
    Derek TarapackiPDerek Tarapacki-
    2005- 35-1046-TOR
    Adam TaraskaCOACHAdam Taraska-
    Peter TaraskevichPPeter Jonathan Taraskevich-
    2003- 27- 808-MIN
    Jecid TarazonaCFJecid Tarazona-
    2011- 47-1421-MIL
    Ryan TarbertCRyan Tarbert-
    Donnie TarbuttonPDonnie TarbuttonIndy
    Chris TargacPChris Targac-
    1991- 73-1547-NYA
    Dan TargersonCDan TargersonIndy
    Shawn TarggartIFShawn Targgart-
    Fernando TarinPFernando L. Tarin-
    1974-  4-  72-PHI
    Tory TarletonCTory Andrew TarletonIndy
    Graysen TarlowCGraysen Tarlow-
    John TarminoOFJohn Tarmino-
    Andrew TarnoffPAndrew Brett TarnoffIndy
    Bob TarpeyCOACHBob Tarpey-
    Andy Tarpley3B-OFAndy Neil TarpleyIndy
    1995- 59-1517-TOR
    Aaron TarrCOACHAaron Tarr-
    Andrew TarrerOFAndrew Cameron Tarrer-
    William TartPWilliam B. Tart-
    2009- 33-1008-BOS
    Mike TarterOFMichael TarterIndy
    1990- 16- 426-ATL
    Andre TarverOFAndre TarverJrCollege
    2019- 15- 443-SDN
    Larry TarverCLawrence Tarver-
    1969-  4-  77-PHI
    'TAS' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Ryan Tash3BRyan TashIndy
    Wolfie Tash3BWolfie W. Tash-
    2013- 39-1173-CHA
    Shotaro TashiroOFShotaro TashiroIntl
    Dylan TashjianOFDylan TashjianNAIA
    Charles TasiauxPCharles Tasiaux-
    1999- 31- 943-TOR
    Jonathan Tasis1BJonathan TasisIndy
    Paul TaskerC-3BPaul W. Tasker-
    1976-  5-  66-CLE
    Gerald TassaPGerald Tassa-
    1970-  4-  95-BAL
    Aaron TassanoSCOUTAaron Tassano-
    Joseph TassoneCJoseph F. Tassone-
    1966- 17- 322-KC1
    Jude Tassone2BJude T. Tassone-
    1972- 20- 465-CAL
    'TAT' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Terry TataUMPTerry Anthony Tata-
    Alex TatePAlexander TateIndy
    Donnell TateSS-CDonnell Tate-
    1995- 21- 564-CAL
    Freddie TateOFFred L. Tate-
    1971-  9- 201-MIL
    Gene TateSSGene Tate-
    1968- 22- 499-CAL
    Jake TatePJacob Scott Tate-
    Jarod TatePJarod Tate-
    2000- 40-1192-CHA
    Jonathan TatePJonathan Tate-
    1968- 24- 544-CIN
    Naoyuki TateishiPNaoyuki TateishiIntl
    John TatemPJohn Tatem-
    1972- 19- 456-BAL
    Soichiro TateokaIFSoichiro TateokaIntl
    Shohei TateyamaPShohei TateyamaIntl
    Dan TatingCOACHDan Tating-
    Grayson TatrowOFGrayson TatrowJrCollege
    Ryosuke TatsumiOFRyosuke TatsumiIntl
    Shingo TatsumiPShingo TatsumiIntl
    Kazuyoshi Tatsunami3BKazuyoshi TatsunamiIntl
    Shota TatsutaP685523Intl
    Eric TatumPEric Tatum-
    1998- 31- 928-PIT
    Jon TatumCOACHJon Tatum-
    Patrick TatumPPatrick Tatum-
    1968- 10- 206-OAK
    Terry TatumOFTerry Tatum-
    'TAU' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Jason TaulmanPJason Lynn TaulmanIndy
    Fumimaru Taura------Intl
    'TAV' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Chris TavaresOF-2BChris TavaresIndy
    Chris TavaresOFChris TavaresIndy
    John TavaresSS-2BJohn Joseph TavaresIndy
    Paul TavaresSCOUTPaul Tavares-
    Ambioris TavarezSSAmbioris Angel Tavarez-
    2021-  0-   0-ATL
    Ramon TavarezIFRamon TavarezIndy
    Angelo TavelliIFAngelo TavelliIndy
    Danny TaverasC-OFDanny Alexander TaverasIndy
    Franklin TaverasSCOUTFranklin Taveras-
    John TaverasSSJohn Joseph TavaresIndy
    Will TavisCOACHWill Tavis-
    'TAW' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Shinsaburo TawataPShinsaburo TawataIntl
    Jason TawneyCoach----
    'TAY' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Brad TaylesPBrad Tayles-
    1992- 40-1110-NYA
    Adam TaylorCOACHAdam Taylor-
    Adam TaylorOFAdam TaylorIndy
    Adrian TaylorSSAdrian Taylor-
    1995- 28- 781-HOU
    Albert TaylorPAlbert M. Taylor-
    1970- 21- 496-LAN
    Alec TaylorOF----
    Alex TaylorCAlex TaylorIndy
    Alexander TaylorPAlexander Taylor-
    1972- 18- 417-HOU
    Amir TaylorOFAmir Taylor-
    1996- 70-1655-NYA
    Anthony TaylorOFAnthony B. Taylor-
    1973- 30- 652-ATL
    Ben Taylor1BBenjamin Harrison Taylor-
    Bill TaylorIFBill Taylor-
    1972-  3-  66-CLE
    Billy TaylorOFWilliam M. Taylor-
    1973-  1-   7-CAL
    Bo TaylorC----
    Brian TaylorOFBrian TaylorIndy
    Brody TaylorPBrody Dallas TaylorIndy
    2003- 47-1401-ARI
    Bruce TaylorOFBruce Taylor-
    1966- 30- 587-BAL
    Buck TaylorCoach----
    Carl TaylorPCarl Taylor-
    1979-  3-  67-PIT
    Charles TaylorPCharles L. Taylor-
    1969- 24- 554-HOU
    Charley TaylorPCharles L. Taylor-
    Charlie TaylorCCharles Thornton Taylor-
    Chris TaylorPChristopher B. Taylor-
    Christopher TaylorOFChristopher Taylor-
    1998- 48-1406-NYN
    Chuck TaylorPCharles D. Taylor-
    2001- 47-1398-MIA
    Cody TaylorCCody TaylorIndy
    Cole TaylorPCole TaylorIndy
    Cord Taylor-------
    Dave TaylorCoach----
    David TaylorPDavid Taylor-
    1987- 53-1203-NYA
    David TaylorPDavid Taylor-
    1996- 87-1717-TBA
    Dean TaylorEXECDean Taylor-
    Derric TaylorOFDerric Taylor-
    1988- 44-1141-DET
    Donnie TaylorPDonnie TaylorIndy
    Dustin TaylorPDustin TaylorIndy
    Edward TaylorPEdward TaylorIndy
    1994- 55-1454-TOR
    Eric TaylorPEric Taylor-
    1991- 53-1343-NYA
    Frank TaylorOFFrank Taylor-
    1985-  4-  77-MON
    Gary TaylorRFGary Taylor-
    2006- 49-1474-SLN
    Gerald Taylor1B-PGerald Tyrone Taylor-
    1975- 11- 254-HOU
    Hubert TaylorPHubert Taylor-
    1978- 24- 578-ATL
    Jack TaylorPJack W. Taylor-
    Jackson TaylorIFJackson Taylor-
    Jacob TaylorIFJacob TaylorIndy
    2005- 35-1056-MIA
    Jake Taylor1BJake TaylorIndy
    Jake TaylorCoach----
    James TaylorPJames TaylorIndy
    James Taylor3B-OFJames Taylor-
    1966-  1-  17-NYN
    James TaylorPJames M. Taylor-
    1974-  2-  40-DET
    James TaylorCJames Taylor-
    1978- 27- 644-LAN
    Jason TaylorOFJason Taylor-
    1997- 24- 735-BAL
    Javier TaylorPJavier TaylorIndy
    Jay TaylorPJay Taylor-
    2006- 41-1218-COL
    Jeremy TaylorPJeremy Taylor-
    1997- 53-1461-CHN
    Joe Bob TaylorUMPJoe Bob Taylor-
    John TaylorPJohn E. Taylor-
    2001- 42-1250-MON
    John TaylorSSJohn Edward Taylor-
    1965-  6- 103-WS2
    Jon TaylorOFJon Taylor-
    1985- 17- 318-KCA
    Jonathan TaylorPJonathan TaylorIndy
    Joseph Taylor3BJoseph TaylorIndy
    Josh TaylorIFJosh Taylor-
    Keith TaylorIFKeith Taylor-
    Kent TaylorSSKent Taylor-
    1974-  4-  76-MON
    Kevin TaylorPKevin Taylor-
    1989- 47-1213-DET
    Lee TaylorHLee TaylorIndy
    Leo TaylorHLeo Thomas Taylor-
    Lucas TaylorOFLucas TaylorIndy
    Luke TaylorPLuke Taylor-
    Luke TaylorPLucas C. Taylor-
    2002- 33- 988-BOS
    Mark TaylorPMark Taylor-
    1976- 10- 163-PHI
    Maurice TaylorOFMaurice Taylor-
    1991- 42-1101-SFN
    Merle TaylorPMerle Dennis Taylor-
    1968- 24- 546-CHN
    Mike TaylorPMike TaylorIndy
    Mike Taylor1B-3BMike TaylorIndy
    Nathan Taylor---Nathan Taylor-
    Norman TaylorPNorman R. Taylor-
    1968- 42- 847-KCA
    Parker TaylorPParker Taylor-
    Paul TaylorPPaul TaylorIndy
    Pete TaylorCoach----
    Petey TaylorIFPeyton Marshall Taylor-
    Phillip Taylor1BPhillip TaylorIndy
    Randy TaylorSCOUTRandy Taylor-
    Rashad TaylorOFRashad Taylor-
    2006- 35-1057-PHI
    Reid TaylorPReid Taylor-
    Ricky TaylorSCOUTRicky Taylor-
    Riley TaylorPRiley Taylor-
    Robert TaylorPRobert Taylor-
    1968-  1-  18-PIT
    Robert TaylorSSRobert W. Taylor-
    1974-  9- 193-SDN
    Ron TaylorPRonald E. Taylor-
    1968- 23- 516-ATL
    Ryan Taylor2BRyan TaylorIndy
    Scott TaylorPScott TaylorIndy
    Scott TaylorPScott TaylorIndy
    Scott TaylorPScott Taylor-
    1969-  5- 101-WS2
    Shawn TaylorOFShawn Taylor-
    Steve TaylorSCOUTSteve Taylor-
    Steve TaylorPSteve Taylor-
    1970- 24- 567-KCA
    Steve TaylorOFSteve Taylor-
    1985- 21- 545-NYA
    T.D. Taylor3BT.D. TaylorIndy
    Ted Taylor3B-OFTheodore R. Taylor-
    1967-  9- 176-PIT
    Terry TaylorOFTerry Lee Taylor-
    1966-  3-  52-CLE
    Thomas TaylorSSThomas Taylor-
    1995- 37-1028-TOR
    Tim Taylor3BTim TaylorIndy
    Tod TaylorPTod Taylor-
    1980-  2-  33-NYA
    Todd TaylorCTodd A Taylor-
    1992- 15- 430-MIN
    Tom TaylorOFThomas TaylorIndy
    Tom TaylorSSTom Taylor-
    1967- 26- 503-CLE
    Tony TaylorCAnthony TaylorIndy
    Will TaylorOFWilliam Edward Taylor-
    2021- 19- 554-TEX
    William TaylorIFWilliam Taylor-
    1974- 17- 389-ATL
    William TaylorOFWilliam Taylor-
    1974-  9- 198-MIL
    Zak TaylorC-IFZak TaylorIndy
    Rixon Taylor-WingroveCRixon James Taylor-Wingrove-
    2018-  0-   0-PHI
    Chad TayonPChad Eric TayonIndy
    'TAZ' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Masahiro TazakiPMasahiro TazakiIntl
    414 record(s)
    Player Name Name of the player. If not linked, then no profile on the site Pos Defensive Position Proper Name Given name, if available HiLvl Highest Level Reached Draft Info Year-DraftRound-Overall-Drafted by Team Abbreviation. Click the link to view picks for that round. Indicates most recent draft instance