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Players whose last name begin with 'NA' who are not in the player listing for Major Leaguers, Minor Leaguers or College Players. This list is for players in our database for other reasons such as players being drafted but with no stats ... GMs, managers and coaches ... Independent League Players ... International players.
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'NA' Full Player Listing

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  • 'NAA' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Roy NaasPRoy Naas-
    1977-  5- 106-DET
    'NAB' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Miguel NabasIFMiguel NabasIndy
    Tsubasa NabatamePTsubasa NabatameIntl
    David NabereznySSDavid Naberezny-
    1971- 25- 593-PIT
    Bryan NaborsPBryan Nabors-
    1979- 28- 706-KCA
    'NAC' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Nick NaccaratoOFNick Naccarato-
    Christian Naccari3BChristian NaccariIndy
    Fred NachbarOFFred Nachbar-
    1972- 28- 631-MIL
    Ron NacierioOFRon Nacierio-
    1979- 30- 737-CHA
    Michael NackordPMichael NackordIndy
    'NAD' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Demetrio NadalSSDemetrio Nadal-
    Dennis NadeauSSDennis Nadeau-
    1970- 25- 593-CAL
    Joe NadeauPJoe NadeauIndy
    Mason NadolneyIF----
    Erick NadonPErick NadonIndy
    'NAE' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Nick NaegeleOF-PNick NaegeleIndy
    Rob NaegelePRobert J. Naegele IVIndy
    Steve NaeglePSteve Naegle-
    1984-  3-  69-MIL
    'NAG' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Kyohei NagaeIFKyohei NagaeIntl
    Kazuhiko NagaiOFKazuhiko Nagai-
    Ryota NagaiPRyota NagaiIntl
    Satoshi NagaiPSatoshi NagaiIntl
    Tomohiro NagaiPTomohiro NagaiIntl
    Yasuo NagaikeIFYasuo NagaikeIntl
    Katsuhiro NagakawaPKatsuhiro NagakawaIntl
    Shohji NagaminePShohji NagamineIntl
    Shoji NaganoPShoji NaganoIntl
    Soichiro NagaoIFSoichiro NagaoIndy
    Hideki NagaokaIFHideki NagaokaIntl
    Hideki NagasakaPHideki NagasakaIndy
    Kenji NagasakaCKenji NagasakaIntl
    Kenya NagasakaCKenya NagasakaIntl
    Shinichi NagasakiPShinichi NagasakiIntl
    Masahiro NagataIFMasahiro NagataIntl
    Masaru NagataCMasaru NagataIntl
    James NageleisenOFJames R. Nageleisen-
    1969- 26- 612-ATL
    Browning NaglePBrowning Kenneth Nagle-
    1991- 51-1314-CAL
    Phil NaglePPhil Nagle-
    1983- 25- 631-ATL
    Brian NagoreCBrian Nagore-
    2000- 45-1330-ANA
    Joe NagyOFJoseph J. Nagy-
    1971- 31- 691-PIT
    'NAH' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Joseph NahayPJoseph Nahay-
    1974- 22- 491-CHA
    Alex NahigianCOACHAlex Nahigian-
    'NAI' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Devan NailIF----
    Yuta NaitoOFYuta NaitohIntl
    'NAJ' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Johnny NajarPJohnny NajarIndy
    Craig NajarianCOACHCraig Najarian-
    'NAK' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Yusuke NakabayashiPYusuke NakabayashiIntl
    Evan Nakagawa------Indy
    Hayate Nakagawa------Intl
    Hiroki NakagawaIFHiroki NakagawaIntl
    Keita Nakagawa1B-3BKeita NakagawaIntl
    Koh NakagawaPKoh NakagawaIntl
    Koo Nakagawa------Intl
    Kota NakagawaPKota NakagawaIntl
    Taishi Nakagawa3B-1BTaishi NakagawaIntl
    Taiki NakagoPTaiki NakagoIntl
    Hiroyuki NakahamaOFHiroyuki NakahamaIntl
    Naoki NakahigashiOFNaoki NakahigashiIntl
    Daisuke NakaiIFDaisuke NakaiIntl
    Satoshi NakajimaCSatoshi NakajimaIntl
    Dave NakamaCOACHDavid M. Nakama-
    Kazuki NakamotoIFKazuki NakamotoIntl
    Akira NakamuraOF-1BAkira NakamuraIntl
    Hayato NakamuraPHayato NakamuraIntl
    Issei NakamuraOFIssei NakamuraIntl
    Koichi Nakamura2BKoichi NakamuraIntl
    Koji NakamuraOFKoji NakamuraIntl
    Kyohei NakamuraPKyohei NakamuraIntl
    Masato NakamuraOFMasato NakamuraIntl
    Mike NakamuraPMike Nakamura-
    Mitsuo NakamuraPMitsuo NakamuraIndy
    Shogo Nakamura3B-2BShogo NakamuraIntl
    Shosei NakamuraCShosei NakamuraIntl
    Taichi NakamuraOFTaichi NakamuraIndy
    Takeshi NakamuraCTakeshi NakamuraIntl
    Takeya NakamuraIFTakeya NakamuraIntl
    Toshiya NakamuraPToshiya NakamuraIntl
    Yasuhiro NakamuraPYasuhiro NakamuraIntl
    Yuhei NakamuraCYuhei NakamuraIntl
    Yuta NakamuraPYuta NakamuraIntl
    Yutaka NakamuraOFYutaka NakamuraIntl
    George Nakanishi2BGeorge NakanishiIndy
    Kenta NakanishiOFKenta NakanishiIntl
    Eiichi NakanoCEiichi NakanoIntl
    Takumu Nakano------Intl
    Hikaru NakaoPHikaru NakaoIntl
    Toshihiro NakaoHToshihiro NakaoIntl
    Oscar NakaoshiPOscar NakaoshiIntl
    Shogo NakashimaPShogo NakashimaIntl
    Takuya NakashimaSSTakuya NakashimaIntl
    Toshiya NakashimaOFToshiya NakashimaIntl
    Kenichi NakataPKenichi NakataIntl
    Ren NakataPRen NakataIntl
    Ryoji Nakata1BRyoji NakataIntl
    Sho NakataPSho NakataIntl
    Shota NakataCShota NakataIntl
    Jin NakataniCJin NakataniIntl
    Masahiro NakataniOFMasahiro NakataniIntl
    Tsubasa NakataniIFTsubasa NakataniIntl
    Shunta NakatsukaPShunta NakatsukaIntl
    Masayuki NakayamaPMasayuki NakayamaIndy
    Shinya NakayamaPShinya NakayamaIntl
    Shota NakayamaOFShota NakayamaIntl
    Shota NakazakiPShota NakazakiIntl
    Yuta NakazakiPYuta NakazakiIntl
    Atsushi NakazatoPAtsushi NakazatoIntl
    Masato NakazawaPMasato NakazawaIntl
    Tadaatsu NakazawaIFTadaatsu NakazawaIntl
    Alyssa NakkenCOACHAlyssa Nakken-
    'NAL' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Anthony NalepaPAnthony NalepaIndy
    Jason Nall---Jason NallIndy
    Randy NallOFRandal Lee Nall-
    1974-  2-  26-KCA
    Gavin NaluPGavin Nalu-
    'NAM' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Josh NamPJosh Nam-
    Stephen Nam1B-2BStephen Nam-
    2002- 47-1392-SDN
    Kenny NamannyCoach----
    Hidetaka Namiki------Intl
    'NAN' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Du Nan------Indy
    Jason Nance1BJason Nance-
    2007- 30- 915-SEA
    Terry NancePTerry Nance-
    1973-  6- 112-LAN
    Matt NandinSS-2BMatt NandinIndy
    'NAO' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Daisuke NaoePDaisuke NaoeIntl
    'NAP' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Ray NapientekCOACHRay Napientek-
    Brogan NapierIFBrogan Napier-
    Jim NapierCJames Carol Napier-
    Lee NaplinPLee NaplinIndy
    Ed NapoleonCOACHEdward George Napoleon-
    Louie Napoleon2B-OFLouie NapoleonIndy
    Steven NapoliOFSteven Napoli-
    1967- 49- 857-LAN
    Alphonse NapolitanoPAlphonse David NapolitanoIndy
    John NapolitanoPJohn Napolitano-
    1979-  8- 175-CLE
    Richard NapolitanoPRichard P. Napolitano-
    1968-  7- 138-CLE
    Larry NappUMPLarry Albert Napadano-
    'NAR' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Hiroshi Narahara2B-SSHiroshi NaraharaIntl
    Ramon NaranjoSCOUTRamon Naranjo-
    Michael Narcavage3B-1BMichael NarcavageIndy
    Santiago NarciandiCSantiago Narciandi-
    1999- 33-1011-NYA
    Aaron NardoneOFAaron NardoneIndy
    Anthony NarducciPAnthony NarducciIndy
    Toshihide NarimotoPToshihide NarimotoIntl
    Kakeru NaritaPKakeru NaritaIntl
    Mike NarkterPMike Narkter-
    1994- 36- 995-MIN
    Uday NarottamPUday Narottam-
    Johnny NarronCOACHJohn A. Narron Jr.-
    Samuel NarronCSamuel R. Narron-
    1967- 12- 187-NYN
    Yoshihasa NarusePYoshihasa NaruseIntl
    Frank Narvaez---Frank Narvaez-
    'NAS' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Danny Nash---Danny Nash-
    David NashCDavid NashIndy
    Kerry NashPKerry Nash-
    1977- 31- 717-PHI
    Kyle NashPKyle Nash-
    2003- 48-1419-PHI
    Lloyd NashOF----
    Preston NashSSPreston Nash-
    1966- 25- 496-BAL
    Scott NashHScott NashIndy
    Todd NashOFTodd Nash-
    1986-  9- 222-BAL
    Trent NashSSTrenton NashIndy
    Ralph NasifIFRalph E. Nasif-
    Shawn NasinOFMichael Shawn NasinIndy
    Todd NaskedovCOACHTodd Naskedov-
    Mike NassisiCOACHMike NassisiIndy
    Chris NastasiIFChris NastasiIndy
    Joe NastasiPJoe Nastasi-
    Takumi NasunoPTakumi NasunoIntl
    'NAT' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Jeff NatchezOFJeffrey C. Natchez-
    1971-  6- 134-DET
    Stahl Nathan-------
    David NathansonPDavid NathansonIndy
    Skip NathansonCOACHScott Nathanson-
    Ross NatoliCOACHRoss Natoli-
    Caleb NatovIFCaleb Joseph NatovIndy
    'NAU' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Jaylon NaudenIFJaylon Nauden-
    Herbert Nauert2BHerbert Nauert-
    1985- 10- 241-NYN
    Paul NauertUMPPaul Edward Nauert-
    Gerry NaughtonOFGerry James NaughtonIndy
    Tony NaultCTony NaultIndy
    'NAV' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Matt NavalPMatt NavalIndy
    Willie NavarettePWillie Navarette-
    1988- 56-1327-PHI
    Alejandro Navarrette3BAlejandro NavaretteIndy
    Anastoshio Navarro3BAnastoshio Navarro-
    1990- 77-1467-HOU
    Norberto NavarroCNorberto Navarro-
    2007- 23- 723-NYN
    Norberto Navarro---Norberto NavarroIndy
    Ramon NavarroSSRamon A. NavarroIndy
    2004- 37-1093-DET
    Robert NavarroPRobert Navarro-
    1990- 33- 881-MON
    Jose NavasUmp----
    Gary NaveCoach----
    Luke NavigatoIF---Indy
    Mike NavratilOFMike NavratilIndy
    'NAW' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Keith NawrockiPKeith T. NawrockiIndy
    Phil Nawrocki---Phil Nawrocki-
    'NAY' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Isaiah NaylorPIsaiah Naylor-
    'NAZ' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Roland Nazzar---Roland Nazzar-
    190 record(s)
    Player Name Name of the player. If not linked, then no profile on the site Pos Defensive Position Proper Name Given name, if available HiLvl Highest Level Reached Draft Info Year-DraftRound-Overall-Drafted by Team Abbreviation. Click the link to view picks for that round. Indicates most recent draft instance