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Players whose last name begin with 'KO' who are not in the player listing for Major Leaguers, Minor Leaguers or College Players. This list is for players in our database for other reasons such as players being drafted but with no stats ... GMs, managers and coaches ... Independent League Players ... International players.
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'KO' Full Player Listing

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  • 'KOB' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Bobby KobaDHBobby KobaIndy
    Ryan KobackPRyan KobackIndy
    Atsushi KobayashiPAtsushi KobayashiIntl
    Futoshi KobayashiPFutoshi KobayashiIntl
    Hironori KobayashiPHironori KobayashiIntl
    Hiroshi KobayashiPHiroshi KobayashiIntl
    Hiroshi Kobayashi------Intl
    Hiroyuki KobayashiPHiroyuki KobayashiIntl
    Kanei KobayashiPKanei KobayashiIntl
    Keisuke KobayashiPKeisuke KobayashiIntl
    Kenji KobayashiPKenji KobayashiIntl
    Maimu KobayashiOFMaimu Kobayashi-
    Masato KobayashiPMasato KobayashiIntl
    Noriyuki KobayashiPNoriyuki KobayashiIndy
    Ryokan KobayashiPRyokan KobayashiIndy
    Seiji KobayashiCSeiji KobayashiIntl
    Yoshihiro Kobayashi1BYoshihiro KobayashiIndy
    KobeH KobeIndy
    Takumi KobeHTakumi KobeIntl
    Jeffrey KoberPJeffrey Kober-
    1993- 63-1599-CLE
    Kyle KobernusPKyle KobernusIndy
    James KobiSSJames M. Kobi-
    1966- 16- 303-HOU
    Rick Kobsik1BRichard KobsikIndy
    Hiroto KobukataIFHiroto KobukataIntl
    James KobyltOFJames Kobylt-
    'KOC' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Dustin KocaOFDustin KocaIndy
    Alex KochCoach----
    James KochCJames Richard Koch-
    1969- 37- 841-CLE
    James KochLFJames B. Koch-
    2010- 36-1100-COL
    Lawrence KochPLawrence Alvin Koch-
    1967-  8- 150-SLN
    Rich Koch---Rich Koch-
    Richard KochPRichard Koch-
    1971-  2-  36-CHN
    Thomas KochIFThomas Joseph KochIndy
    Tyler KochPTyler KochIndy
    Tyler KochCOACHTyler Koch-
    Koichi KochindaPKoichi KochindaIndy
    John KochmanskyCOACHJohn Kochmansky-
    K Kockenmesiter---K Kockenmesiter-
    Kevin KocksCOACHKevin Kocks-
    Alex KocolCoach----
    Robert KocolOFRobert Kocol-
    1977-  3-  55-CHA
    James KocoloskiSSJames Kocoloski-
    1969-  2-  46-MON
    'KOE' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    James Koebler1BJames Koebler-
    1991- 22- 586-TEX
    Sean KoechelerPSean Koecheler-
    2008- 50-1500-ARI
    Bob KoehlerCOACH----
    Jim KoehlerCJames F. KoehlerIndy
    Justin KoehlerPJustin Koehler-
    Kyle KoehlerCoach----
    Robert KoehlerPRobert A. Koehler-
    1967- 10- 185-WS2
    Ronald KoehlerPRonald Koehler-
    1966- 28- 551-DET
    Jayson KoehnPJayson KoehnIndy
    Brad KoenigPBrad Andrew KoenigIndy
    Fred KoenigPFred Koenig-
    Josh KoenigCoach----
    Keith KoenigIFKeith Edward KoenigIndy
    Mark KoenigIFMark KoenigIndy
    Richard KoenigOFRichard Koenig-
    1972- 15- 345-HOU
    Scott KoenigsCOACHScott Koenigs-
    Larry KoentoppCoach----
    Harvey KoepfCFred Harvey Koepf-
    Nathan Koepke1BNathan Koepke-
    1995- 60-1533-NYA
    Bob KoeppelP-OFRobert D. Koeppel-
    1972-  1-   1-MIN
    James KoeringPJames A. Koering-
    1969- 17- 391-MIN
    Jim KoernerOFJim Koerner-
    Jerry KoesterOFGerald KoesterIndy
    'KOF' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Mike KofferPMike Koffer-
    1987- 32- 833-DET
    'KOG' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Hide KogaMGRHide Koga-
    Yudai KogaCYudai KogaIntl
    Steven KogutCSteven C. Kogut-
    1968-  4-  64-NYA
    'KOH' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Zach KohanSSZach Kohan-
    2003- 42-1238-MIL
    Bill KohlPWilliam B. Kohl-
    1967- 19- 371-CLE
    Don KohlerSCOUTDon Kohler-
    Garrett KohlerPGarrett Kohler-
    2003- 31- 931-LAN
    Joe KohlerIFJoe Kohler-
    Kenny KohlerCKenny Kohler-
    1980- 36- 795-MIN
    Kerry KohlerCKerry Kohler-
    1982-  7- 166-CLE
    Paul KohlerCPaul Thomas KohlerIndy
    Evan KohliPEvan KohliIndy
    Brian KohlscheenSCOUTBrian Kohlscheen-
    Pico KohnPPico Kohn-
    Randolph KohnCRaldolph Caldwell Kohn-
    1967-  4-  74-LAN
    Kazuhiro KohnoOFKazuhiro KohnoIndy
    Yuuki KohnoOFYuuki KohnoIntl
    Pat KohorstPPatrick Mark KohorstIndy
    Ed KohoutPEd KohoutIndy
    Scott KohoutPScott KohoutIndy
    Takuya KohriCTakuya KohriIntl
    Acey KohrogiSCOUTAcey Kohrogi-
    'KOI' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Hideo KoikePHideo KoikeIntl
    Masaaki KoikeOFMasaaki KoikeIntl
    Shota KoikeCShota KoikeIntl
    Hirotaka KoishiPHirotaka KoishiIntl
    'KOJ' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Phill KojackPPhill KojackIndy
    Masaya KojimaOFMasaya KojimaIntl
    Shinjiro KojimaPShinjiro KojimaIntl
    Shuhei KojimaOFShuhei KojimaIntl
    Tatsuya KojimaPTatsuya KojimaIntl
    'KOK' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Chris KokalySS-3BChris KokalyIndy
    Chris KokindaIFChris KokindaIndy
    Steve KokorPSteven Eric Kokor-
    1966-  2-  30-CHA
    Pat KokoraSSPat Kokora-
    1988- 55-1318-NYN
    Ryan KokoraPRyan KokoraNAIA
    2014- 35-1063-ATL
    Demetre KokorisCOACHDemetre Kokoris-
    Michael KokoszkaPMichael KokoszkaJrCollege
    Tsubasa KokubaPTsubasa KokubaIntl
    Hiroki KokuboIFHiroki KokuboIntl
    Tetsuya KokuboIFTetsuya KokuboIntl
    Youhei KokuboOFYouhei KokuboIndy
    'KOL' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    William KolarikPWilliam Kolarik-
    1973-  5-  88-SFN
    John KolasinskiCoach----
    Brian KolbSSBrian KolbIndy
    Damien KolbOFDamien Kolb-
    1995- 54-1446-CLE
    Mike KolbachIFMike KolbachIndy
    Steve KolbertPBuffao,NY-
    Trevor KoleIFTrevor Kole-
    Mason KoleanPMason Kolean-
    Paul KolesnikowOFPaul Kolesnikow-
    1975-  6-  96-CAL
    Jonny KoleticPJonathan David Koletic-
    Steve KolinskyOFSteve Kolinsky-
    Kenny KolkhorstC-1BKenny Kolkhorst-
    1974-  2-  43-SFN
    Jared KollarPJared Kollar-
    Gary KollmanSSGary R. Kollman-
    1966- 14- 277-SFN
    William Kollman3BWilliam Kollman-
    1966- 32- 618-CLE
    Kevin KollmanspergerPKevin Kollmansperger-
    1981-  5- 112-CHA
    Ken KollmyerPKenneth E. Kollmyer-
    1972-  1-  20-SFN
    Edward KoloOFEdward Kolo-
    1979- 33- 789-SEA
    Karl Kolseth1BKarl Dickey Kolseth-
    Michael KoltakPMichael KoltakIndy
    Jake KoltermanPJake Scott KoltermanNAIA
    2014- 33- 983-COL
    Gary KolumbusOFGary P. Kolumbus-
    1966-  2-  24-WS2
    'KOM' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Teppei KomaiCTeppei KomaiIntl
    Naoki Komatsu3BNaoki KomatsuIndy
    Satoshi KomatsuPSatoshi KomatsuIntl
    Takeshi KomatsuPTakeshi KomatsuIntl
    Wally KomatsubaraSCOUTWalter Isamu Komatsubara -
    Hitoto Komazuki------Intl
    Shinji KomiyamaCShinji KomiyamaIntl
    Takanori KomoriPTakanori KomoriIntl
    Kirk Komstadius3BKirk Komstadius-
    1979-  6- 133-OAK
    'KON' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Devin KonarikPDevin KonarikJrCollege
    Jacob KonczykCJacob Konczyk-
    Christian KondoIFChristian Michael Kondo-
    Cody Kondo1BCody Kondo-
    Hiroki KondoHHiroki KondoIndy
    Hiroki Kondo------Intl
    Hiroki KondoPHiroki KondoIntl
    Kensuke KondoCKensuke KondoIntl
    Ren Kondo------Intl
    Taisuke KondoPTaisuke KondoIntl
    Kazuki KondohPKazuki KondohIntl
    Ryan KondratowiczPRyan Kondratowicz-
    Ryan KondratowizPRyan KondratowizIndy
    Josh KonecekPJosh Konecek-
    Bill KonecnyPBill KonecnyIndy
    Kameron KonertCoach----
    Chuck KoneySCOUTCharles E. Koney-
    Hiroki KongohPHiroki KongohIntl
    Dave KonigsmarkIFDave KonigsmarkIndy
    Rick Konik1BRick Konik-
    1967-  5-  87-WS2
    Sho KonishiOFSho KonishiIndy
    Jordan KonkenPJordan KonkenIndy
    Justin KonnickCOACHJustin Konnick-
    Ryuta KonnoPRyuta KonnoIntl
    James KonoSSJames KonoIndy
    Kazuhiro KonoOFKazuhiro KonoIndy
    Toshimasa KontaOFToshimasa KontaIntl
    Quin KonuszewskiPQuin Konuszewski-
    'KOO' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Andrew KoocherCOACHAndrew Koocher-
    Colin KooglerOF-PColin Koogler-
    Brian Kooiman3BBrian KooimanIndy
    Matt KookerPMatt Kooker-
    Houston Koon-------
    Kenneth KoonOFKenneth Koon-
    1988- 71-1427-TOR
    Reece KoonPReece KoonJrCollege
    John KoonigPJohn Koonig-
    1999- 42-1267-CHA
    Josh KoonsPJosh KoonsIndy
    Tim KoonsPTimothy Lee KoonsIndy
    Colby KoontzPColby Koontz-
    Daniel KoontzSSDaniel Koontz-
    1970- 23- 557-MIN
    John KoontzSS-2BJohn Koontz-
    1983-  1-  15-SDN
    Robert KoontzSCOUTRobert Koontz-
    TK Koontz---TK KoontzIndy
    Bob KoopmannCoach----
    James Koosa1BJames L. Koosa-
    1966- 49- 795-MIN
    Steve KooshkalisPSteve Kooshkalis-
    1971- 28- 641-BOS
    Kevin KooymanCKevin P. Kooyman-
    1970-  2-  34-LAN
    William Kooyman3BWilliam C. Kooyman-
    1972- 10- 233-LAN
    'KOP' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    James KopatzCJames Kopatz-
    1976-  4-  78-SLN
    Ed KopffCoach----
    John Kopicky---John KopickyIndy
    Kevin KoppCKevin W. Kopp-
    1975- 36- 676-SFN
    Troy KoppCTroy Kopp-
    1990- 15- 409-MON
    Kyle KoppenhoeferPKyle David KoppenhoeferIndy
    Michael KoppessPMichael Koppess-
    1975- 19- 434-SDN
    Kevin KoppleCoach----
    Henry KoppsOFHenry Kopps-
    1968- 11- 241-CIN
    Boris KopylowPBoris Kopylow-
    1969- 35- 815-MON
    Jeff KopytaPJeffrey Paul Kopyta-
    'KOR' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Jim Korczynski---Jim Korczynski-
    Joseph KordoskySSJoseph Kordosky-
    1975- 17- 397-MIN
    Art Kores3BArthur Emil Kores-
    J.J. KorfSSJ.J. Korf-
    Takuya Kori------Intl
    Ray KornCOACHRay Korn-
    George Korompilas1BGeorge Korompilas-
    Lawrence Korpisch1BLawrence Korpisch-
    1967- 11- 100-BAL
    Patrick KorsnickOFPatrick Korsnick-
    1968- 44- 861-CIN
    Brian Korson---Brian Korson-
    Evan KorsonPEvan KorsonIndy
    Josh KorsonCJosh Korson-
    Justin KortessisPJustin KortessisIndy
    Conor KortmannCOACHConor Kortmann-
    'KOS' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Fred Kos1BFrederick J. Kos-
    1966-  6-  84-BAL
    Yusuke KosaiOFYusuke KosaiIntl
    Makoto KosakaIFMakoto KosakaIntl
    Wade KosakowskiPWade Kosakowski-
    1984- 24- 605-OAK
    Greg KoscUMPGregory John Kosc-
    Seth KoschakOFSeth Ramsey Koschak-
    1970- 11- 263-BOS
    John KosciakSCOUTJohn Kosciak-
    Shota KosekiCShota KosekiIntl
    Charles Koselke1BCharles G. Koselke-
    1968-  6- 109-WS2
    Takanori KoshigoePTakanori KoshigoeIndy
    Darren KoshkoPDarren John KoshkoIndy
    Kevin KoskiOFKevin Michael KoskiIndy
    Michael Koski2BMichael Koski-
    1968- 28- 636-SFN
    Josh KoskyPJosh Kosky-
    Richard KoslickSSRichard Stephen Koslick-
    1968- 27- 601-NYA
    Craig KoslowskiPCraig Koslowski-
    1981- 18- 459-MON
    Nate KosocPNate KosocIndy
    John KossickPJohn Kossick-
    1978-  5- 114-CHN
    Paul KostacopoulosCOACHPaul Kostacopoulos-
    Matt KostalosPMatthew KostalosIndy
    William KostbraPWilliam Kostbra-
    1970- 27- 638-NYA
    Ty KostersIFTy KostersJrCollege
    David Kostival3BDavid A. Kostival -
    1969- 21- 504-SDN
    Yota KosugiPYota KosugiIntl
    Bucky KosykPBucky KosykIndy
    Mike KoszewskiOFMike Koszewski-
    'KOT' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Douglas KotarOFDouglas Kotar-
    1970- 16- 382-CIN
    JJ KotarakOFJared Kotarak-
    Justin KotarskiOFJustin KotarskiIndy
    Ron Kotecki---Ron Kotecki-
    Stephen Kotenda2BStephen Kotenda-
    1974-  3-  63-BOS
    Dwight KotilaCoach----
    Ross Kott1B-OFRoss KottIndy
    Shaun KottPShaun Kott-
    2000- 49-1423-LAN
    Ryan KottkeCRyan KottkeIndy
    Mason KottmeyerPMason Kottmeyer-
    Matt KottmeyerPMatt Tyler KottmeyerIndy
    Michael Kotzin1BMichael J. Kotzin-
    1967-  2-  33-DET
    'KOU' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Chris Kougias1BChris Kougias-
    1966- 33- 630-WS2
    Bill KounsPWilliam Alvin Kouns-
    1970- 17- 407-BOS
    Jon KourieOFJonathan Kourie Indy
    Sam KourschakSSSam Kourschak-
    Dimitri KourtisPDimitri KourtisIndy
    'KOV' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Kyle KovachPKyle Joseph Kovach-
    Alexander KovacsC-1BAlexander Kovacs-
    Jesse KovacsSSJesse KovacsIndy
    2004- 31- 932-PHI
    Nic KovacsPNic KovacsIndy
    Zack KovalchikOFZack Kovalchik-
    Tyler Kovalewich---Tyler KovalewichIndy
    John KovalikPJohn KovalikIndy
    Jim KovalskyCJames Howard Kovalsky-
    1966- 16- 315-PIT
    Pete KovandaPPete KovandaIndy
    Doug KovashCOACHDoug Kovash-
    Billy KovatchOFBilly KovatchIndy
    Fred KovnerOFFrederick Murray Kovner-
    1965-  2-  37-CHA
    'KOW' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Christian KowalchukPChristian KowalchukIndy
    Mike KowalikPMichael D. Kowalik-
    1970- 10- 241-OAK
    Curt KowalskiPCurt Kowalski-
    1978-  6- 142-BAL
    Michael KowalskiPMichael R. Kowalski-
    1969-  5- 100-NYN
    Robert KowalskiPRobert Kowalski-
    1969- 27- 633-PIT
    Robert Kowalski2BRobert Kowalski-
    1983-  4-  89-CLE
    Ryan KowalskiOF-SSRyan Christopher KowalskiIndy
    Chris Kowilcik1BChris KowilcikIndy
    Robert KownackiSSRobert J. Kownacki-
    1976-  8- 187-LAN
    'KOY' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Shinichiro KoyamaPShinichiro KoyamaIntl
    Yoshio KoyamaCYoshio KoyamaIntl
    Yuki KoyamaPYuki KoyamaIntl
    Eiichi KoyanoIFEiichi KoyanoIntl
    'KOZ' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Eric KozakCEric KozakIndy
    Reiji Kozawa------Intl
    Eric KozelC-OFEric KozelIndy
    Ken KozilPKen Kozil-
    1966- 41- 740-CHA
    Thomas KoziolIFThomas Vincent Koziol-
    1966-  6- 103-HOU
    Oliver KozloskiC-OFOliver Kozloski-
    1966-  5-  69-HOU
    Jesse KozlowskiPJesse M. Kozlowski-
    2001- 43-1298-SLN
    Les KozlowskiPLes Kozlowski-
    1970- 22- 525-WS2
    Perry KozlowskiPPerry Kozlowski-
    1971-  9- 117-BAL
    Nick KozoleIFNick Andrew KozoleIndy
    Kaito KozonoIFKaito KozonoIntl
    291 record(s)
    Player Name Name of the player. If not linked, then no profile on the site Pos Defensive Position Proper Name Given name, if available HiLvl Highest Level Reached Draft Info Year-DraftRound-Overall-Drafted by Team Abbreviation. Click the link to view picks for that round. Indicates most recent draft instance