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Players whose last name begin with 'KA' who are not in the player listing for Major Leaguers, Minor Leaguers or College Players. This list is for players in our database for other reasons such as players being drafted but with no stats ... GMs, managers and coaches ... Independent League Players ... International players.
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'KA' Full Player Listing

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  • 'KAA' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Chadwick KaalekahiCChadwick KaalekahiNAIA
    2011- 46-1400-SLN
    'KAB' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Mitsuru KabayashiSS-2BMitsuru KabayashiIndy
    Benji KaberPBenji KaberIndy
    'KAC' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Paul Kacera3BPaul D. Kacera-
    1967- 27- 520-SLN
    Andrew KachelCoach----
    George KachiganSCOUTGeorge Kachigan-
    Scott KaczmarOFScott KaczmarIndy
    Walt KaczmarekPWalt Kaczmarek-
    1974-  5-  70-PHI
    'KAD' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Ollie KadeyCOACHOllie Kadey-
    Steve Kadison3BSteven J. Kadison-
    1966- 45- 770-MIN
    Ken KadokuraPKen KadokuraIntl
    Ryuta KadoyaPRyuta KadoyaIntl
    'KAE' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Clint Kaeding3BClint KaedingIndy
    Thomas KaehlerOFThomas Kaehler-
    1968-  6- 108-CHN
    Colin KaepernickPColin Rand Kaepernick -
    2009- 43-1310-CHN
    'KAF' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Jason KafkaPJason KafkaIndy
    Nate KafkaPNathan KafkaIndy
    Eddie KaftanPEddie Kaftan-
    'KAG' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Shigeru KagaPShigeru KagaIntl
    Clint KagamiCClint KagamiIndy
    Kisho KagamiPKisho KagamiIntl
    Yohei KagiyaPYohei KagiyaIntl
    'KAH' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Chris KahlOFChris KahlIndy
    Lou KahnCOACHLouis Kahn Jr.-
    Mike Kahney---Mike Kahney-
    Kalaika Kahoohalahala2B-OFKalaika KahoohalahalaIndy
    Ed KahovecCOACHEd Kahovec-
    Ed KahovecCoach----
    Shawn KahreP-OFShawn KahreIndy
    Casey KahsenCCasey KahsenIndy
    'KAI' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Masahito KaiIFMasahito KaiIntl
    Takuya KaiCTakuya KaiIntl
    Cheng Kai-WenPCheng Kai-WenIntl
    Tomoyuki KaidaPTomoyuki KaidaIntl
    Harrison KainIF-OFHarrison KainIndy
    Trent KainP-OFTrent Kain-
    Ron KainerPRonald Eugene Kainer-
    1976-  4-  72-KCA
    Hiroshi Kaino------Intl
    Doug Kaiser---Doug Kaiser-
    Jack KaiserCOACHJack Kaiser-
    Ken KaiserUMPKenneth John Kaiser-
    Jeff KaitaPJeff Kaita-
    1997- 47-1362-ANA
    Josh KaitforsOF-1BJoshua KaitforsIndy
    Masahide KaizukaOFMasahide KaizukaIntl
    'KAJ' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Ryuichi KajimaeOFRyuichi KajimaeIntl
    Tatsuya KajimotoPTatsuya KajimotoIntl
    Yusuke KajimotoIFYusuke KajimotoIndy
    Takayuki KajitaniSSTakayuki KajitaniIntl
    Ren KajiyaPRen KajiyaIntl
    'KAK' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Shoki Kakihara2BShoki KakiharaIndy
    Tomoya KakinumaCTomoya KakinumaIntl
    Tetsuya KakiuchiOFTetsuya KakiuchiIntl
    Katsuya KakunakaOFKatsuya KakunakaIntl
    'KAL' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Joseph Kala1BJoseph KalaIndy
    Adam KalafosPAdam KalafosIndy
    Aaron KalbPAaron KalbIndy
    Jon KalbPJon KalbIndy
    Kyle KalbaughP Kyle Michael KalbaughJrCollege
    Neal KalbererPNeal Kalberer-
    1967- 43- 783-MIN
    Eric KalbfleischOF-PEric David KalbfleischIndy
    Jason KalbrenerPJason KalbrenerIndy
    Mike KalchukPMIchael KalchukIndy
    1997- 57-1507-MIA
    Matt KaldonCMatt KaldonIndy
    Shawn KalePShawn Robert KaleIndy
    Eric KalieSSEric Kalie-
    1995- 77-1637-MIA
    Jeff KalilOFJeffrey Michael Kalil-
    1971-  6- 136-CAL
    Mike KalinaOFMichael Lawrence Kalina Indy
    Roger KalinowskiPRoger KalinowskiIndy
    Don KalksteinSCOUTDon Kalkstein-
    Greg KalldinPGreg KalldinIndy
    Sean KalmenPSean M. Kalmen-
    2004- 33- 991-MIN
    Dewey KalmerCOACHDewey Kalmer-
    Duane KalmerC-OFDuane V. Kalmer-
    1966- 18- 346-WS2
    Lawrence KalmusPLawrence Joseph Kalmus -
    1974- 23- 511-MON
    Calvin KalthoffCCalvin Kalthoff-
    Justin KalusaOFJustin KalusaIndy
    'KAM' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Stuart KamCStuart Kannaloa KamIndy
    Yuuya KamadaPYuuya KamadaIntl
    Ken KamakuraPKen KamakuraIntl
    Matt KamalskyPMatt Kamalsky-
    1997- 31- 941-BOS
    Go KamamotoOFGo KamamotoIntl
    Keiji Kamata---Keiji KamataIntl
    Yoshinao KamataPYoshinao KamataIntl
    Jeff KambakCJeff Kambak-
    1983- 25- 621-SEA
    Fumiya KambePFumiya KambeIntl
    Yoshiyuki KameiOFYoshiyuki KameiIntl
    Zack KamermanPZack KamermanIndy
    Bobby KametasPBobby KametasIndy
    Kyohei Kamezawa2BKyohei KamezawaIntl
    Taiga KamichataniPTaiga KamichataniIntl
    Matt KaminePMatt KamineIndy
    Mike Kaminer---Mike Kaminer-
    Kris KaminskaPKris Kaminska-
    1975- 25- 586-LAN
    Albert KaminskiSSAlbert R. Kaminski-
    1970- 17- 411-DET
    Chris KaminskiPChris KaminskiIndy
    John KaminskiPJohn KaminskiIndy
    Christopher KamisPChristopher G. Kamis-
    2002- 15- 435-CIN
    Taichiro KamisakaIFTaichiro KamisakaIntl
    Yasushi KamiuchiPYasushi KamiuchiIntl
    Kazuki KamizatoOFKazuki KamizatoIntl
    Takashi KamoshidaPTakashi KamoshidaIntl
    Tim KampaPTim Kampa-
    1971- 35- 738-SFN
    Eddie Kampcik---Eddie Kampcik-
    Fred KampfPFrederick A. Kampf-
    1968-  4-  72-OAK
    Garry Kamphouse3BGarry John Kamphouse Indy
    Kyle KamppiPKyle KamppiIndy
    Adam Kampsen3BAdam KampsenIndy
    Nick KamzicSCOUTNick Kamzic-
    'KAN' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Hugo KanabushiPHugo KanabushiIntl
    Yuto KanakuboPYuto KanakuboIntl
    Takayuki KanamoriPTakayuki KanamoriIntl
    Logan KanamuCLogan KanamuIndy
    Takahito KanazawaPTakahito KanazawaIntl
    Takeshi KanazawaCTakeshi KanazawaIntl
    Yoshihide KandaPYoshihide KandaIntl
    Keith KandelOFKeith KandelIndy
    Mike KandlerCoach----
    Charles KanePCharles Kane-
    1982- 27- 681-SFN
    Greg KaneCGregory E. Kane-
    1974-  3-  49-BOS
    Jason Kane3BJason T. KaneIndy
    Jim KaneSCOUTJim Kane-
    Jim KaneCOACHJim Kane-
    Mike KaneCoach----
    Ryan KaneOF-1BRyan KaneIndy
    Tanner KanePTanner KaneJrCollege
    Travis KanePTravis KaneIndy
    Kazuyuki KanedaPKazuyuki KanedaIntl
    Masahiko KanedaPMasahiko KanedaIntl
    Soichiro KanedaOFSoichiro KanedaIndy
    Masashi KanehiraPMasashi KanehiraIntl
    Ryan KanekebergPRyan Kanekeberg-
    2000- 24- 719-PIT
    Chihiro KanekoPChihiro KanekoIntl
    Kazuki KanekoIFKazuki KanekoIntl
    Keisuke KanekoIFKeisuke KanekoIntl
    Makoto KanekoIFMakoto KanekoIntl
    Takeshi KanekoPTakeshi KanekoIntl
    Yohei KanekoOFYohei KanekoIntl
    Yuji KanekoOFYuji KanekoIntl
    Danny KanellPDaniel Paul KanellIndy
    1995- 25- 702-NYA
    Hiroshi KanemotoPHiroshi KanemotoIndy
    Tomoaki KanemotoOFTomoaki KanemotoIntl
    Daiyu KanemuraPDaiyu KanemuraIntl
    Satoru KanemuraPSatoru KanemuraIntl
    Norihito KanetoPNorihito KanetoIntl
    Min-Ho KangCMin-Ho Kang-
    Shota KanoPShota KanoIndy
    Keisuke KanohCKeisuke KanohIntl
    Andy KanozaSSAndrew A. Kanoza-
    1971- 27- 621-DET
    Jeff KantnorCJeff Kantnor-
    1983- 31- 745-NYN
    Joe KantzPJoseph KantzIndy
    'KAO' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Chih-Kang Kao KaoCChih-Kang Kao Kao-
    'KAP' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Jesse KapelluschSCOUTJesse Kapellusch-
    Scott KaplaPScott KaplaIndy
    1992- 43-1204-DET
    Al KaplanUMPAllan Kaplan-
    Evan KaplanPEvan Kaplan-
    Jordan KaplanP-OF----
    Josh KaplanPJosh KaplanIndy
    Justin KaplanP----
    Seth KaplanCoach----
    Spencer Kapp1B-OFSpencer M. Kapp-
    Chris KappesCOACHChris Kappes-
    'KAR' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Mike KarabinCOACHMike Karabin-
    Dave KaraffSCOUTDave Karaff-
    Yuki KarakawaPYuki KarakawaIntl
    Chris KaramCoach----
    Manabu Karamochi2BManabu KaramochiIndy
    Wataru KarashimaPWataru KarashimaIntl
    Daniel KarasinskiPDaniel KarasinskiIndy
    Trevor KardellOFTrevor Kardell-
    Jason KaregeannesSCOUTJason Karegeannes-
    Jason KarkennyPJason KarkennyNAIA
    Mickey KarkutPMichael Karkut-
    1966- 43- 752-NYA
    Robert KarlblomOFRobert Karlblom-
    1965- 25- 491-CHA
    Kurt KarleIFKurt KarleIndy
    Brian KarletCOACHBrian Karlet-
    Dennis KarlinPDennis Karlin-
    1986- 11- 260-TEX
    Francis KarmelichCFrancis P. Karmelich-
    1970-  3-  58-WS2
    Steve KarolewskiIFSteve KarolewskiIndy
    Peter Karoly1BPeter KarolyIndy
    Julian KarpPJulian Karp-
    1966- 21- 410-NYA
    Mike KarpelCoach----
    Jeff KarpellOFJeff KarpellIndy
    Larry KarpinskiPLawrence Karpinski-
    1993- 36-1000-PHI
    Palmer KarrOFPalmer KarrIndy
    Jack KarrakerPJack KarrakerIndy
    Evan KarrePEvan KarreIndy
    Jonathan KarsPJonathan KarsIndy
    Jon KarsosCOACHJon Karsos-
    Dan KarstHDan KarstIndy
    Wes Kartch3BWes KartchIndy
    'KAS' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Dennis KasCOACHDennis Kas-
    Shoki KasaharaPShoki KasaharaIntl
    Shotaro Kasahara------Intl
    Taiga KasaharaPTaiga KasaharaIntl
    Takamasa KasaiPTakamasa KasaiIntl
    Kris KasarjianOFKris Nubar KasarjianIndy
    2004- 13- 393-SEA
    Shunsuke KasayaPShunsuke KasayaIntl
    Toshihiro KasePToshihiro KaseIntl
    Andy KaselPAndy KaselIndy
    Robert KaserPRobert Kaser-
    1981- 10- 227-PIT
    Michael KashubaPMichael Kashuba-
    1998- 37-1115-SEA
    Anthony KaskaddenIFAnthony KaskaddenIndy
    Sean KasmarSSSean F. Kasmar-
    2002- 32- 972-SLN
    Andrew KasparekCAndrew KasparekIndy
    2000- 48-1405-PIT
    Keith KasparovitchPKeith Kasparovitch-
    1968- 34- 753-DET
    John Kasper3BJohn Kasper-
    1967-  2-  31-CLE
    Len Kasper1BLen Kasper-
    1979- 25- 626-CHA
    Mike KassOFMichael KassIndy
    Joseph KassanavoidPJoseph KassanavoidIndy
    Bradley KastPBradley Kast-
    1978- 19- 490-KCA
    David KasterPDavid A. Kaster-
    1971-  1-   4-HOU
    Matt KasterPMatt KasterIndy
    Greg KastnerPGregory A. Kastner-
    1973-  9- 202-ATL
    Shinsuke KasugaIFShinsuke KasugaIntl
    'KAT' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Ed KatalinasSCOUTEdward G. Katalinas-
    Atsushi KataokaIFAtsushi KataokaIntl
    Yasuyuki KataokaIFYasuyuki KataokaIntl
    Fred KatawczikPFred Katawczik-
    Hiroshi KatayamaPHiroshi KatayamaIntl
    Gabe Katich---Gabe KatichIndy
    Joe KatinPJoe KatinIndy
    Masashi KatoPMasashi KatoIntl
    Masayoshi KatoIFMasayoshi KatoIntl
    Shohei KatoOFShohei KatoIntl
    Shuhei Kato------Intl
    Takayuki KatoPTakayuki KatoIntl
    Takuma KatoCTakuma KatoIntl
    Takuya Kato------Intl
    Akihiko KatohIFAkihiko KatohIntl
    Daisuke KatohPDaisuke KatohIntl
    Ken KatohCKen KatohIntl
    Kosuke KatohPKosuke KatohIntl
    Mikinori KatohPMikinori KatohIntl
    Ryota KatohCRyota KatohIntl
    Shinichi KatohPShinichi KatohIntl
    Takayuki KatohPTakayuki KatohIntl
    Takeharu KatohPTakeharu KatohIntl
    Tatsuhito KatohPTatsuhito KatohIntl
    Tatsuo KatohPTatsuo KatohIntl
    John Katrosh1B-OFJohn M. Katrosh-
    1971- 38- 766-MIN
    Shin KatsubeOFShin KatsubeIndy
    Kazuya Katsuki1B-3BKazuya KatsukiIntl
    Ryoji KatsukiPRyoji KatsukiIntl
    Ryota KatsukiPRyota KatsukiIntl
    Shoki Katsumata1B-3BShoki KatsumataIntl
    Akiyoshi KatsunoPAkiyoshi KatsunoIntl
    Iori KatsuraCIori KatsuraIntl
    Ikuro KatsuragiOFIkuro KatsuragiIntl
    Joel Katte3BJoel Katte-
    1995- 52-1393-CAL
    Keisuke KattohPKeisuke KattohIntl
    Ray KattsOFRaymond Katts-
    1974-  5- 104-CHA
    Joe KatuskaSCOUTJoe Katuska-
    Evan Katz---Evan KatzIndy
    Greg Katz2BGreg KatzIndy
    Monroe KatzSCOUTMonroe Katz-
    Travis KatzenmeierUMPTravis Dean Katzenmeier-
    Eric KatzmanPEric KatzmanIndy
    'KAU' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Rob KauffmanIFRob Kauffman-
    1976- 24- 559-NYN
    Ari KaufmanPAri KaufmanIndy
    Brandon Kaufman---Brandon KaufmanIndy
    Kurt KaufmanPKurt KaufmanIndy
    Will KaufmanCOACHWill Kaufman-
    Ryan KaupIFRyan KaupIndy
    Daniel KauplaPDaniel G. Kaupla-
    1972-  5- 100-DET
    William KautzerPWilliam J. Kautzer-
    1973-  4-  93-CHA
    'KAV' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Ethan KavanaghIFEthan Kavanagh-
    Leo KavanaghSSLeo Daniel Kavanagh-
    Ryan KavanaghPRyan Kavanagh-
    Matt KavanaughC-OFMatthew KavanaughIndy
    Richard KavanaughPRichard Kavanaugh-
    1971- 16- 376-CLE
    Ron KavanaughPRonald F. Kavanaugh Jr.-
    1970- 11- 177-BAL
    Tyler KavanaughCTyler Kavanaugh-
    Andy Kavulich---Andy Kavulich-
    Joe KavulichUMPJoseph Kavulich-
    'KAW' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Ryu KawabataPRyu KawabataIntl
    Shingo KawabataIFShingo KawabataIntl
    Takayoshi KawabataOFTakayoshi KawabataIntl
    Naoto Kawada1BNaoto KawadaIndy
    Konosuke Kawagishi------Indy
    Tsuyoshi KawagishiPTsuyoshi KawagishiIntl
    Hidetaka KawagoePHidetaka KawagoeIntl
    Seiji KawagoePSeiji KawagoeIntl
    Kenji KawaguchiOFKenji KawaguchiIntl
    Tomoya KawaguchiPTomoya KawaguchiIntl
    Hiroyuki KawaharaPHiroyuki KawaharaIntl
    Junichi KawaharaPJunichi KawaharaIntl
    Kosei KawaharaCKosei KawaharaIndy
    Ryuichi KawaharaPRyuichi KawaharaIntl
    Masahiro KawaiIFMasahiro KawaiIntl
    Susumu KawaiPYudai KawaiIntl
    Takashi KawaiPTakashi KawaiIntl
    Yudai KawaiPYudai KawaiIntl
    Tetsuro KawajiriPTetsuro KawajiriIntl
    Hisashi KawakakuPHisashi KawakakuIndy
    Shin KawakamiOFShintaro KawakamiIndy
    Daisuke KawamotoPDaisuke KawamotoIntl
    Ryohei KawamotoCRyohei KawamotoIntl
    Yasuyuki KawamotoPYasuyuki KawamotoIntl
    Takeo KawamuraPTakeo KawamuraIntl
    Tommy KawamuraCOACHTommy Kawamura-
    Mototsugu KawanakaIFMototsugu KawanakaIntl
    Genki KawanoCGenki KawanoIntl
    Hidekazu KawanoPHidekazu KawanoIntl
    Masato KawanoPMasato KawanoIntl
    Ryusei KawanoPRyusei KawanoIntl
    Kenjiro KawasakiPKenjiro KawasakiIntl
    Nariaki KawasakiOFNariaki KawasakiIntl
    Takahiro KawasakiPTakahiro KawasakiIndy
    Yusuke KawasakiPYusuke KawasakiIntl
    Hikaru KawaseIFHikaru KawaseIntl
    Keizoh KawashimaSSKeizoh KawashimaIntl
    Ryo KawashimaPRyo KawashimaIntl
    Hisashi KawataIFHisashi KawataIntl
    Takaya KawauchiPTakaya KawauchiIntl
    Kevin KaweckiPKevin KaweckiIndy
    'KAY' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Bob Kay---Bob Kay-
    Chris KayCChristopher William KayIndy
    Jayden KayIF---JrCollege
    Daisuke KayajimaIFDaisuke KayajimaIntl
    Shinya KayamaPShinya KayamaIntl
    Ryan KayodaPRyan KayodaNAIA
    Nick KaysOFNick KaysIndy
    Bryan Kayser1BBryan Carl Keyser-
    2002- 50-1475-CHN
    'KAZ' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Ren KazahariPRen KazahariIntl
    John KazanasSCOUTJohn Kazanas-
    John KazanasCoach----
    Harry KazanjianC-OFHarry Kazanjian-
    1980-  4-  68-SFN
    Nick KazarianPNick Kazarian-
    328 record(s)
    Player Name Name of the player. If not linked, then no profile on the site Pos Defensive Position Proper Name Given name, if available HiLvl Highest Level Reached Draft Info Year-DraftRound-Overall-Drafted by Team Abbreviation. Click the link to view picks for that round. Indicates most recent draft instance