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Players whose last name begin with 'CA' who are not in the player listing for Major Leaguers, Minor Leaguers or College Players. This list is for players in our database for other reasons such as players being drafted but with no stats ... GMs, managers and coaches ... Independent League Players ... International players.
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'CA' Full Player Listing

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  • 'CAB' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Juan CabaPJuan Carlos Caba-
    2019-  0-   0-MIA
    Alfredo CaballeroPAlfredo CaballeroIndy
    Bryan CaballeroSSBryan CaballeroIndy
    Jose CaballeroCJose CaballeroIndy
    Lupe Caballero2BLupe CaballeroIndy
    Ramon CaballeroOFRamon R. Caballero-
    Robert CaballeroOFRobert R. Caballero-
    1970- 20- 479-BOS
    Ivan Caballos---Ivan Caballos-
    Henry CabanPHenry Caban-
    1999- 49-1452-NYA
    RJ CabelaPRJ Cabela-
    Matt CabezonCMatt Cabezon-
    Phillip Cabibi2BPhillip Cabibi-
    1967- 45- 810-LAN
    Jason CablePJason CableIndy
    2003- 25- 746-SEA
    John CableC-IFJohn Robert CableIndy
    Tanner CablePTanner CableIndy
    2013- 26- 775-TOR
    John CabralPJohn P. Cabral.-
    1968- 35- 768-DET
    Ryan CabralPRyan CabralIndy
    Juan CabrejaCOACHJuan Cabreja-
    Edward CabreraPEdward CabreraIndy
    Esteban CabreraPEsteban Jose Cabrera-
    2019-  0-   0-PHI
    Freilin CabreraSSFreilin Manuel Cabrera-
    2019-  0-   0-MIA
    Jesael CabreraPJesael Otoniel Cabrera-
    Jose CabreraOFJose Cabrera-
    2005- 14- 437-ATL
    Juan Cabrera3BJuan CabreraIndy
    Juan CabreraPJuan CabreraJrCollege
    2016- 32- 968-NYA
    Martin CabreraSCOUTMartin Cabrera-
    Ruben CabreraSCOUTRuben Cabrera-
    Tony Cabrera3BTony Cabrera-
    1973-  8- 174-SFN
    Victor CabrerraPVictor CabrerraIndy
    'CAC' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Paul CaccavalePPaul CaccavaleIndy
    Babe Caccia-------
    Frank CacciatoreCOACHFrank Cacciatore-
    Tyler CacciatoriPTyler Cacciatori-
    Mike CacciotiPMike CacciotiIndy
    Andres CaceresPAndres Caceres Jr.Indy
    Gerardo CaceresSSGerardo CaceresIndy
    'CAD' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Aurelio Cadabia1B-CAurelio Cadabia-
    1977-  7- 150-CLE
    Mike CadahiaCMike Cadahia-
    Shane CadaretPShane CadaretIndy
    John CaddellCOACHJohn Caddell-
    Ralph CadimaPRalph Cadima-
    1995- 69-1601-KCA
    Tevin CadolaPTevin CadolaIndy
    Steven CadoretPSteven CadoretIndy
    Kevin CadresPKevin CadresIndy
    Scott CadwalladerOFScott CadwalladerIndy
    John CadyP----
    'CAE' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Jim Caeran---Jim Caeran-
    'CAF' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Chris CafaloneCOACHChris Cafalone-
    Jonathan CaffarellaOFJonathan Caffarella-
    Jim CaffertyIFJames Henry CaffertyIndy
    Chris CaffreyIFChris CaffreyIndy
    Martin CaffreyPMartin P. Caffrey-
    Paul CaffreyOF-PPaul Gerard Caffrey-
    1973-  2-  23-KCA
    'CAH' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Robert CahallPRobert Cahall-
    1975- 16- 379-NYA
    Kerry CahillSSKerry Cahill-
    1986- 43- 873-ATL
    Michael CahillPMichael Cahill-
    1967- 27- 516-HOU
    Phil CahillCPhil CahillIndy
    Richard CahillPRichard Cahill-
    1973-  5-  82-BAL
    Gary CahoonPGary CahoonIndy
    'CAI' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Ryan CailPRyan Cail-
    1995- 73-1622-LAN
    Chad CailletCOACHChad Caillet-
    James CaillouetCJames Caillouet-
    Jordan Caillouet3BJordan CaillouetIndy
    Brian CainOF-PBrian CainIndy
    Butch Cain---Butch Cain-
    Jake CainPJake Cain-
    James Cain3BJames Cain-
    1965- 21- 405-PHI
    Roger CainOFRoger Cain-
    1967-  2-  32-KC1
    Steve CainPSteve Cain-
    1969- 27- 643-SE1
    Steve CainPSteve CainIndy
    Thomas CainPThomas L. Cain-
    1970-  2-  35-MIN
    Wes CainPWes CainIndy
    1999- 40-1200-MON
    Roger CainzosPRoger Cainzos-
    'CAJ' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Cristian CajigasSSCristian Cajigas-
    2000- 43-1290-NYN
    'CAK' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Brian CakebreadSCOUTBrian Cakebread-
    Josh Cakebread2BJosh CakebreadIndy
    'CAL' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Fred CalaiconeCoach----
    Gene CalamariPGene Calamari-
    Charlie CalamiaSSCharlie CalamiaIndy
    Ryan CalbyPRyan CalbyIndy
    Matt CalcagniOFMatt CalcagniIndy
    Todd CalcamuggioCTodd Calcamuggio-
    Chris CalcianoSCOUTChris Calciano-
    Russell CaldarellaOF-SSRussell Caldarella-
    1969-  8- 188-SLN
    Kent CalderanSSKent Delano Calderan -
    1969-  5-  97-SLN
    Carlos CalderonCCarlos Calderon-
    1984-  3-  61-MIL
    Francesco Calderon1B----
    Leonidas CalderonPLeonidas Calderon-
    2000- 28- 830-ANA
    Martin CalderonSSMartin Calderon-
    1999- 22- 680-CHN
    Robby CalderonCOACHRobby Calderon-
    Steven CalderonOFSteven CalderonNAIA
    Tony CalderonIFTony CalderonIndy
    Andrew CalderoneOFAndrew CalderoneIndy
    Jim CalderoneIFJim CalderoneIndy
    Bruce CaldwellPBruce Caldwell-
    1972- 27- 617-NYN
    Carmen Caldwell1B-OFCarmen Caldwell-
    1973- 28- 621-SLN
    Cornell CaldwellOFCornell Caldwell-
    1989- 67-1454-MON
    Donald CaldwellOFDonald Caldwell-
    1998- 37-1100-CIN
    Grady CaldwellOFGrady CaldwellIndy
    Jeff CaldwellOFJeff Caldwell-
    1990- 99-1489-HOU
    Josh CaldwellPJosh CaldwellIndy
    Kelton CaldwellOF-PKelton CaldwellIndy
    Ken Caldwell3BKenneth W. Caldwell-
    1967-  4-  65-WS2
    Larry CaldwellOFLarry Caldwell-
    1967- 26- 498-HOU
    Mason CaldwellPMason CaldwellIndy
    Patrick CaldwellPPatrick Caldwell-
    2005- 26- 799-NYA
    Ronald CaldwellPRonald Caldwell-
    1980- 10- 217-TEX
    Seth CaldwellP----
    2018- 29- 871-ANA
    Javier CaleroPJavier CaleroIndy
    Harrison CaleyCHarrison Caley-
    Jeff CalfapietraCOACHJeff Calfapietra-
    Joe CalfapietraCOACHJoe Calfapietra-
    Gary CalhounCOACHGary Lee Calhoun-
    John CalhounIFJohn Calhoun-
    NIck CalhounCoach----
    Roy CalhounPRoy Calhoun-
    1984- 16- 328-MON
    Steven CalhounPSteven Paul CalhounIndy
    T.C. CalhounCOACHT.C. Calhoun-
    Will Calhoun3BWill CalhounIndy
    Bill CaliCoach----
    Caleb Cali3BCaleb Cali-
    Burt CallOFBurt Call-
    Brian CallahanPBrian CallahanIndy
    1995- 25- 680-OAK
    Brian CallahanCOACHBrian Callahan-
    Dan CallahanCOACHDan Callahan-
    James CallahanPJames CallahanIndy
    Jim CallahanCoach----
    John CallahanCOACHJohn Callahan-
    Justin CallahanPJustin CallahanIndy
    Mark Callahan---Mark Callahan-
    Michael Callahan---Michael Callahan-
    Mike CallahanCoach----
    Ryan CallahanIFRyan Callahan-
    Ryan CallahanOFRyan Callahan-
    Sean CallahanPSean CallahanIndy
    Sean CallahanCoach----
    Todd CallahanPWesley Todd CallahanIndy
    Adam CallanSSAdam CallanIndy
    Thomas CallanSSThomas Callan-
    1967- 33- 622-CLE
    Dave CallawaySCOUTDave Callaway-
    Christian CallejaPChristian Anthony CallejaIndy
    Chance CallihanPChance Callihan-
    Nick CalliniCOACHNick Callini-
    Alfred CallisPAlfred S. Callis-
    1972-  1-  19-DET
    James CallisonOFJames Callison-
    1969- 42- 901-WS2
    Travis CallowayCTravis CallowayIndy
    Jon CalmesPJon Calmes-
    2001- 32- 958-MIL
    Eric CaltonPEric D. CaltonIndy
    Robert CaltonPRobert Calton-
    1990- 53-1316-LAN
    Charles CalverPCharles R. Calver-
    1968- 67- 909-LAN
    D.J. CalvertIFD.J. CalvertJrCollege
    Danny CalvertPDanny Calvert-
    2004- 18- 527-CLE
    Louis CalvertPLouis Calvert-
    1985-  3-  58-MON
    Reece CalvertPReece CalvertIndy
    Wilfredo CalvinoSCOUTWilfredo Calvino-
    Jorge CalvoSCOUTJorge Calvo-
    John CalziaPJohn L. Calzia-
    1972- 22- 510-HOU
    'CAM' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Carlos CamachoPCarlos CamachoIndy
    Conner CamachoPConner CamachoIndy
    Jeremy CamachoSSJeremy Camacho-
    2006- 45-1338-SEA
    Joe CamachoCOACHJoseph Gomes Camacho-
    Jose CamachoIFJose CamachoIndy
    Kevin CamachoPKevin CamachoIndy
    2004- 47-1414-ATL
    Vladimir CamachoPVladimir CamachoIndy
    Andrew Camardella1BAndrew CamardellaIndy
    Dimitri CamarenoPDimitri CamarenoIndy
    Rolando CamarenoCOACHRolando Camareno-
    Joe CambriaSCOUTJoseph Carl Cambria -
    Vince CameraOFVince Camera-
    Archie CameronPArchibald F. Cameron-
    1970-  4-  79-WS2
    Brad CameronSCOUTBrad Cameron-
    Dorian CameronIFDorian R. CameronIndy
    1998- 44-1321-SFN
    Jeremy CameronPJeremy CameronIndy
    Michael CameronPMichael B. Cameron -
    1975-  3-  51-CHN
    William CameronOFWilliam Cameron-
    1970-  6- 136-BAL
    Curtis CamilliPCurtis CamilliIndy
    Julio CamilloSCOUTJulio Camillo-
    Julian CamiloSCOUTJulian Camilo-
    Andrew CamioloPAndrew CamioloIndy
    Chris Cammack3BChris Cammack-
    1971-  8- 132-BAL
    Brenden CampCoach----
    Joe Camp1BJoe Camp-
    1971- 46- 801-LAN
    Landon Camp3BLandon CampIndy
    Walter CampPWalter Camp-
    1989-  8- 202-MON
    William CampPWilliam M. Camp-
    1969-  5-  88-CLE
    Frank CampagnaUMPFrank J. Campagna-
    Mike CampagnoPMike CampagnoIndy
    Joseph CampanarioP-OFJoseph Campanario-
    1968- 26- 592-SFN
    Ed CampanielloOFEdward L. CampanielloIndy
    Adam Campbell3BAdam Campbell-
    2004- 45-1351-BOS
    Allen Campbell-------
    Bob CampbellUMPRobert Campbell-
    Brian CampbellPBrian CampbellIndy
    Bus CampbellSCOUTBus Campbell-
    Chad CampbellPChad CampbellIndy
    Chris CampbellCoach----
    Chuck CampbellPCharles Campbell-
    1999- 44-1311-MIN
    Darrin Campbell---Darrin Campbell-
    Dayle Campbell1B-OFDayle C. Campbell-
    1968-  1-  13-CAL
    Don CampbellPDonald Ray Campbell-
    1970- 34- 764-KCA
    Frank Campbell1B-OFFrank Campbell-
    1991- 55-1395-OAK
    Graham CampbellPGraham CampbellIndy
    Harris CampbellOFHarris Campbell-
    1982- 13- 280-PHI
    Henry CampbellSSHenry Campbell-
    1975- 17- 403-NYA
    Ian CampbellPIan CampbellIndy
    Jack CampbellPJack Campbell-
    Jacob CampbellCJacob Mark CampbellIndy
    Jamie CampbellPJamie Campbell-
    1982- 15- 296-PHI
    Jeff CampbellPJohn Jeffry Campbell-
    1967- 34- 644-SFN
    Jeff CampbellPJeff Campbell-
    1974- 10- 234-KCA
    Jesse CampbellCJesse Campbell-
    1971- 30- 667-WS2
    Jim CampbellEXECJames A. Campbell-
    Joe CampbellSCOUTJoe Campbell-
    Joe CampbellPJoseph William CampbellIndy
    2005- 49-1448-ARI
    Jude CampbellOFJude Campbell-
    1995- 58-1509-NYA
    Ken CampbellCoach----
    Kirby CampbellOFKirby Anthony CampbellIndy
    Ky Campbell---Ky Campbell-
    Kyle CampbellCoach----
    Logan CampbellPLogan CampbellIndy
    Mark CampbellP-OFMark Campbell-
    Matt CampbellPMatt CampbellIndy
    Michael CampbellCMichael CampbellIndy
    Michael CampbellPMichael Campbell-
    1969-  8- 149-CIN
    Michael Campbell3BMichael Campbell-
    1978-  1-  22-CHN
    Michael CampbellPMichael Campbell-
    1984- 12- 282-PIT
    Mike Campbell1BMike CampbellIndy
    Miles CampbellPMiles Campbell-
    1994- 38-1069-CHA
    Oliver CampbellPHenry Oliver Campbell-
    Rex CampbellCRex Campbell-
    1968- 15- 342-DET
    Scott CampbellSCOUTScott Campbell-
    Scott CampbellPScott Campbell-
    1981- 25- 639-MIL
    Sean CampbellPSean CampbellIndy
    Sean CampbellPSean Campbell-
    Thomas CampbellPThomas CampbellIndy
    Tommy CampbellOFTommy Campbell-
    1967-  1-  19-NYN
    Tyler CampbellIFTyler Scott CampbellIndy
    Dominic CampeauC-DHDominic CampeauIndy
    Joe CampiseSCOUTJoe Campise-
    John CampoCoach----
    Angel CamposUMPAngel Hernandez Campos-
    Erick CamposPErick CamposIndy
    Ryan CamposCRyan Campos-
    Steve CamposPSteve Campos-
    1989- 20- 508-PHI
    Robert CamposanoOFRobert A. CamposanoIndy
    Michael CamusoPMichael R. Camuso-
    1972- 14- 333-SLN
    Donald CamyPDonald John Camy-
    1967-  9- 167-KC1
    'CAN' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Isaac Canada---Isaac CanadaIndy
    Romel CanadaOFRomel William Canada-
    1966- 13- 259-LAN
    Chad CanalP-OFChad CanalIndy
    Sergio CanalesPSergio CanalesIndy
    Jon CanazonCoach----
    Rob CancelPRob CancelIndy
    Efren CancholaPEfren CancholaIndy
    Kevin CandelariaCKevin Candelaria-
    1996- 28- 823-MIL
    Jonathan CandelierCJonathan CandelierIndy
    Thomas CanedayPThomas Caneday-
    Chris Canedo3B-2BChris CanedoIndy
    Donald CanedoSSDonald Canedo-
    1979- 27- 678-SDN
    Gary CanepaPGary Charles Canepa-
    1969- 21- 496-CHN
    Dan CanevariCOACHDan Canevari-
    Nick CanevariPNick CanevariJrCollege
    Gary CanfieldPGary Canfield-
    1984- 34- 764-NYN
    Glen CanfieldCGlen Canfield-
    1971- 33- 714-NYN
    Daniel CanianoPDaniel Caniano-
    Matt CaninoCOACHMatt Canino-
    Brandon Canizares3BBrandon CanizaresNAIA
    Aidan CannIFAidan Cann-
    Alex CannPAlex CannIndy
    John Cann1BJohn CannIndy
    Pete CannCPeter Taylor CannIndy
    Stu CannIFStuart A. Cann-
    Bob CannadyPBob Cannady-
    Steve CannadyOFSteve Cannady-
    1971- 36- 750-BAL
    Chris CannanIFChris Cannan-
    Cosimo Cannella1BCosimo CannellaIndy
    Thomas CannellaCoach----
    Brett CannonPBrett CannonIndy
    Bruce Cannon3B-SSBruce A. Cannon -
    1969-  5- 110-BAL
    Casey CannonPCasey CannonIndy
    Chandler Cannon-------
    DJ CannonCoach----
    Elvin CannonOFElvin Cannon-
    1997- 51-1431-NYN
    James CannonPJames Cannon-
    1971- 11- 122-SFN
    Mike Cannone---Mike Cannone-
    Matt Cano3BMatt CanoIndy
    Raul CanoPRaul A. Cano-
    Luis CanonicoSSLuis A. CanonicoIndy
    Jordan CantalamessaIFJordan CantalamessaIndy
    Paul CantaneseOFPaul Cantanese-
    1976-  7- 154-MIN
    Anthony CantasanoCAnthony Francisco CantasanoIndy
    Joe CantillonCOACHJoseph D. Cantillon-
    Jeremy CantrellCOACHJeremy Cantrell-
    Adrian Cantu3BR. Adrian CantuIndy
    Al CantwellCoach----
    John CantyPJohn A. Canty-
    1968- 25- 556-HOU
    'CAO' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Tim CaoPTim Cao-
    'CAP' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    James CapehartOFJames G. Capehart-
    1969- 18- 417-OAK
    Kitt Capell-------
    Anthony CapellaPAnthony Joseph CapellaIndy
    Charles CapelloPCharles Capello-
    1970- 14- 323-MIL
    Nick CapitoPNicholas Capito IIIIndy
    Matt CapkaIFMatt CapkaIndy
    Brandon CaplesPBrandon Caples-
    Adam CapodieciCAdam CapodieciIndy
    Thomas CapowskiSSThomas E. Capowski-
    1965- 11- 205-PHI
    Peter CappelliCPeter Franklin Cappelli-
    1967- 25- 478-NYN
    Vince CappelliCoach----
    Bill Capps2BBill Capps-
    1970- 41- 863-CHN
    Zachary Capps---Zachary CappsIndy
    Tony CappuccilliCTony CappucilliIndy
    Jim CapraCOACHJim Capra-
    Joe CaprettaC----
    Tim CapstrawCoach----
    Bob CaputoCOACHBob Caputo-
    Tom Caputo3BTom CaputoIndy
    'CAR' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Joe CaracoUMPJoseph Caraco-
    Gary CaralettoOFGary Caraletto-
    1975-  2-  41-ATL
    Vic CarapazzaUMPVictor Joseph Carapazza-
    Alex Carasco2BAlex CarascoIndy
    Doug CarawayCDoug CarawayIndy
    Hugo CarballozaPHugo Carballoza-
    1983- 13- 282-MIN
    Joe CarboneCOACHJoe Carbone-
    Joe CarboneCoach----
    Joe Carbone2BJoseph B. Carbone-
    1971- 24- 556-KCA
    Joseph CarbonePJoseph Carbone-
    River CarbonePRiver CarboneIndy
    Kevin CarbySS Kevin K. CarbIndy
    2006- 25- 764-NYA
    Darrell Card3BDarrell CardIndy
    Mark CardaciOFMark Cardaci-
    1982- 22- 550-MIN
    Joey CardamonPJoey CardamonIndy
    James CardasisOFJames J. Cardasis-
    1969-  7- 152-LAN
    Jim CardelloHJim CardelloIndy
    Andrew CardenCOACHAndrew Carden-
    Austin CardenPAustin CardenIndy
    Michael CardenPMichael J. CardenIndy
    Rick CardenPRichard L. Carden-
    1969- 19- 450-SFN
    Scott CardenCoach----
    Zach CardenPZach Carden-
    Alfonso CardenasPAlfonso CardenasIndy
    Jeff CardenasIFJeff CardenasIndy
    Jonny CardenasCOACHJonny Cardenas-
    Oscar CardenasSSOscar Cardenas-
    1979- 10- 209-TEX
    Robert CarderaPRobert CarderaIndy
    1991- 35- 927-NYN
    Cole CardeyPSteven Cardey-
    Eddie CardieriCOACHEddie Cardieri-
    Alex CardonaPAlex CardonaJrCollege
    Jose CardonaPJose Cardona-
    2003- 47-1384-COL
    Anthony CardozaPAnthony Cardoza-
    1966-  2-  36-MIN
    Carlos CardozaCOACHCarlos Cardoza-
    Dennis CardozaSCOUTDennis Cardoza-
    Phillip CardwellIF-OFPhillip Cardwell-
    1967-  7-  86-ATL
    Sam CarelCoach----
    Fred CarellaCoach----
    Victor CarerraPVictor CarerraIndy
    Alan CareyPAlan CareyIndy
    Allen CareyPAllen CareyIndy
    Brodie CareyIFBrodie CareyJrCollege
    Daniel CareyPDaniel Gene Carey-
    1967-  2-  24-NYN
    David CareyPDavid P. Carey-
    1971-  4-  77-MON
    Garrett CareyIFGarrett Rene CareyIndy
    Hal Carey2BHal Carey-
    John CareyCoach----
    Michael CareyIFMichael CareyJrCollege
    Mike CareyPMike CareyIndy
    1998- 23- 676-CHN
    P.J. CareyCPaul Jerome Carey-
    Sean CareyPSean CareyIndy
    Don CarfinoSSDon Carfino-
    1981- 15- 291-MIL
    Leonard CargillPLeonard R. Cargill-
    1967- 36- 676-SFN
    David Cargo1BDavid Cargo-
    1971- 21- 490-KCA
    Brian CariePBrian Carie-
    1988- 49-1232-CIN
    Rafael CarielSCOUTRafael Cariel-
    Larry Carino2BLarry Carino-
    1970-  5- 103-HOU
    William CarinoCWilliam A. Carlo-
    1966-  3-  40-SLN
    Greg CarlIFGreg CarlIndy
    Shany CarlePShany Carle-
    2002- 45-1337-MIA
    William CarletonPWilliam Carleton-
    1971- 15- 350-WS2
    Scott CarleyPScott Carley-
    1993- 63-1601-NYA
    Shane CarleyPShane CarleyIndy
    John CarlilePJohn CarlileIndy
    Morgan CarlilePMorgan Carlile-
    2004- 48-1417-NYN
    Brian CarlinOFBrian Carlin-
    1991- 30- 795-CIN
    Kyle CarlinPKyle Carlin-
    1965- 29- 550-LAN
    Mark Carlin2BMark CarlinIndy
    Thomas CarlinCoach----
    Zack CarlinoIF-PZack CarlinoIndy
    Donnie CarlislePDonnie Carlisle-
    1989- 49-1253-CIN
    Eric CarlisleOFEric Carlisle-
    1994- 52-1397-NYA
    Matt CarlockPMatthew Carlock-
    1997- 38-1145-OAK
    Rafael Carlot3BRafael CarlotJrCollege
    2007- 50-1443-MIA
    Mark Carlozzi---Mark Carlozzi-
    Chuck CarlsonSCOUTChuck Carlson-
    Danny CarlsonPDanny Carlson-
    Derek CarlsonCOACHDerek Carlson-
    Ira CarlsonPIra CarlsonIndy
    Jason CarlsonIFJason CarlsonIndy
    Kevin CarlsonCKevin CarlsonIndy
    Mark CarlsonUMPMark Christopher Carlson-
    Nicholas CarlsonPNicholas Carlson-
    1997- 42-1262-MIA
    Patrick CarlsonPPatrick Carlson-
    Randy CarlsonCOACHRandy Carlson-
    Richard CarlsonOFRichard Carlson-
    1967-  3-  59-NYN
    Robert CarlsonPRobert Carlson-
    1965- 25- 485-SLN
    Tyler CarlsonOFTyler Ray CarlsonJrCollege
    Glenn CarltonPGlenn Carlton-
    Greg Carlton---Greg Carlton-
    Michael CarltonOFMichael Carlton-
    1990- 37- 981-CIN
    Nick CarlucciCNick Carlucci-
    Ken CarmackPKen Carmack-
    1968-  6-  90-NYA
    Chris CarmainP-1BChris CarmainIndy
    Aaron CarmanIFAaron CarmanIndy
    Stephen CarmardaPStephen Carmarda-
    1986-  5- 124-LAN
    Aaron Carmen3BAaron CarmenIndy
    Alberto Carmenates2BAlberto CarmenatesIndy
    Bruce Carmichael2B-SSBruce Irving Carmichael-
    1966- 27- 525-CHN
    John Carmichael---John Carmichael-
    Wayne CarmichaelPWayne Carmichael-
    1974-  8- 140-KCA
    Roger CarminePRoger Carmine-
    1969-  8- 152-BAL
    Chris Carminucci3BChris CarminucciIndy
    Zack Carmody3BZack CarmodyIndy
    Brad CarmonPBrad CarmonIndy
    Freddy CarmonaCAlfred CarmonaIndy
    Louie CarmonaSSLouie CarmonaIndy
    Christian Carmouche------Indy
    Scott CarnahanCOACHScott Carnahan-
    Anthony CarnavaleCAnthony Carnavale-
    1986- 28- 694-SEA
    Michael CarnazzoIFMichael Carnazzo-
    Gary Carnegie3B-OFChristopher Gary Carnegie-
    1965- 60- 802-BAL
    Dan CarnevaleSCOUTDan Carnevale-
    Cam CarneyPCameron CarneyIndy
    Daniel Carney1BDaniel J. Carney-
    2010- 50-1517-MIA
    John CarneyPJohn Carney-
    Kevin CarneyOFKevin Carney-
    1973-  4-  68-CAL
    Reginald Carney1BReginald Carney-
    1969-  7- 142-KCA
    Ronald CarnuttOFRonald Carnutt-
    1968- 23- 520-PHI
    Rayshelon CarolinaOFRayshelon CarolinaIndy
    Jason Caroll---Jason Caroll-
    Marco CarollaCoach----
    Dan CarolloCDan Carollo-
    Andrew CaronCAndrew Mark CaronIndy
    Dustin CaropresoCDustin Alan Caropreso Indy
    Kyle Carothers1BKyle CarothersIndy
    Jay CarpCJay CarpIndy
    Arthur CarpenterPArthur D. Carpenter-
    1970-  9- 166-SFN
    Bob CarpenterEXECBob Carpenter-
    Brian CarpenterOFBrian A. Carpenter-
    2001- 48-1427-NYA
    DJ CarpenterPDaniel CarpenterJrCollege
    2018- 15- 437-PHI
    Forrest CarpenterPForest CarpenterIndy
    Jeff CarpenterSSJeff Carpenter-
    1968- 19- 424-NYA
    Ridge CarpenterOFRidge CarpenterIndy
    2007- 32- 983-BOS
    Rob CarpenterCoach----
    Rob CarpenterOFRobert Bruce Carpenter Jr.-
    1993- 66-1623-CHN
    Will CarpenterIFWill Carpenter-
    Paul Carpentier3BPaul Carpentier-
    1990- 60-1404-MON
    Jeff CarperSSJeff CarperIndy
    Jorge CarpinteroPJorge Enrique Carpintero-
    2021-  0-   0-LAN
    Alec CarrIFAlec CarrJrCollege
    Chris Carr1BChris CarrIndy
    Cory CarrPCory CarrIndy
    Dale Carr1B-OFDale E. Carr-
    1974- 13- 301-SLN
    DJ CarrPD.J. CarrIndy
    Flynn CarrOFFlynn Carr-
    1985- 11- 255-HOU
    Gerald CarrPGerald Carr-
    1968- 19- 432-CAL
    Jason CarrIFJason CarrIndy
    Justin CarrOFJustin Lee CarrIndy
    Kevin CarrP-OFKevin Carr-
    1971- 10- 242-NYA
    Kevin CarrCKevin CarrIndy
    Kevin CarrIFKevin CarrIndy
    Kyle CarrOF-PKyle Carr-
    Matt CarrPMatt CarrIndy
    Ryan CarrPRyan CarrIndy
    Steve CarrPSteve CarrIndy
    Will CarrPWill CarrIndy
    Joel CarranzaCJoel CarranzaIndy
    2007- 23- 695-TBA
    Carl CarraraPCarl CarraraIndy
    Roberto CarrascoCoach----
    Ben CarrawayPBen Carraway-
    Nick CarrellPNick CarrellIndy
    Nelson CarrenoCNelson Carreno-
    1997- 35-1059-CHA
    John CarreonPJohn Carreon-
    2000- 34-1022-BOS
    Carlos CarreraPCarlos E. CarreraIndy
    Chris CarreraOFChris CarreraIndy
    Derek CarrierSSDerek Carrier-
    1975- 20- 458-DET
    Lorenzo CarrierOFLorenzo Carrier-
    Trent CarrierP-OFTrent CarrierIndy
    Chris CarriganPChris CarriganIndy
    Sam CarriganUMPHerve Samuel Carrigan-
    Stephen CarriganSSStephen Carrigan-
    1970- 36- 801-CIN
    Ricky CarrigerPRichard A. Carriger-
    1975- 11- 258-ATL
    Matt CarriggPMatt Carrigg-
    Alfredo CarrilloCoach----
    Anthony CarrilloPAnthony CarrilloIndy
    Chris CarrilloCoach----
    Darrell CarrilloCOACHDarrell Carrillo-
    David CarrilloCDavid Grigolla CarrilloIndy
    Jon CarrilloCJonathan CarrilloIndy
    Nestor CarrilloCoach----
    Nick CarrilloIF-PNick CarrilloIndy
    Michael CarringerPMichael Carringer-
    1980-  3-  54-LAN
    Bobby CarringtonPBobby CarringtonIndy
    Jamal Carrington1BJamal CarringtonIndy
    Jackson Carrion2BJackson CarrionIndy
    John CarrionCoach----
    Reyes CarrionSS-2BReyes Carrion-
    Yoanny CarrizoIF----
    Aaron CarrollCOACHAaron Carroll-
    Collin CarrollIFCollin CarrollIndy
    Daniel Carroll1BDaniel Carroll-
    1967- 31- 593-DET
    Edward CarrollOFEdward J. Carroll-
    1974- 28- 589-DET
    James CarrollPJames E. Carroll-
    1966-  3-  57-SFN
    James Carroll2BJames Carroll-
    1966-  6-  97-CLE
    James CarrollPJames A. CarrollIndy
    1996- 43-1281-COL
    Jeremy CarrollCOACHJeremy Carroll-
    Jimmie Carroll2BJimmie Randall Carroll-
    1965- 18- 360-CHA
    John CarrollOFJohn Carroll-
    John CarrollPJohn J. Carroll-
    1967- 17- 330-SLN
    Jonathan CarrollCJonathan Carroll-
    2000- 34-1028-NYA
    Justin CarrollCJustin K. CarrollIndy
    Kevin CarrollP-CKevin CarrollIndy
    Leonard CarrollCLeonard J. Carroll-
    1968- 17- 373-NYN
    Mark CarrollOFMark Carroll-
    1991-  5- 148-BOS
    Parke CarrollEXECParke Carroll-
    Pat CarrollCOACHPat Carroll-
    Ryan CarrollPJames Ryan Carroll Indy
    2001- 15- 453-BOS
    Sean CarrollPSean CarrollIndy
    Shane CarrollPShane Carroll-
    Will CarrollPWill CarrollIndy
    William CarrollOFWilliam O. Carroll-
    1968- 10- 150-DET
    William CarrollPWilliam Carroll-
    1994- 64-1576-TOR
    Rex Carrow2BRexford R. Carrow-
    1972- 19- 435-PHI
    Mike Carruthers1BMichael Lynn Carruthers-
    1968- 15- 330-CLE
    Doug CarsonSSDouglas W. Carson-
    1967-  3-  52-PIT
    Robert CarsonIF-OFRobert D. Carson-
    1967-  9- 161-NYA
    Bill Cartagena1BBill CartagenaIndy
    Joel CartagenaPJoel Cartagena-
    1989- 47-1206-KCA
    Levi CartasCFLevi CartasNAIA
    2009- 35-1052-KCA
    Francisco Cartaya---Francisco Cartaya-
    Abel CarterIF----
    Adolph CarterSSAdolph Carter-
    1969- 27- 625-HOU
    Ajani CarterOFAjani Carter-
    1994- 46-1260-MIN
    Barry CarterSSBarry L. Carter-
    1966-  1-   2-NYN
    Bob CarterSCOUTBob Carter-
    Bryan CarterOFBryan CarterIndy
    Clay CarterPClay Carter-
    1981-  5- 105-CHN
    Colin CarterPColin Orman Carter-
    2005- 10- 317-ATL
    Corey CarterCFCorey A. Carter-
    2002- 38-1139-PHI
    Craig CarterSSCraig W. Carter-
    1997- 33-1012-ATL
    Damion CarterOFDamion Carter-
    2006- 46-1364-COL
    Darious CarterSSDarious Carter-
    1992- 50-1406-TEX
    David CarterOFDavid B. Carter-
    1974-  5- 108-NYA
    David CarterPDavid Carter-
    1980- 34- 779-CIN
    David CarterOFDavid Carter Jr.Indy
    Dennis CarterPDennis Carter-
    1983-  7- 163-SDN
    Devin CarterOFDevin CarterIndy
    Dick CarterOF-PRichard Joseph Carter-
    Dwayne CarterPDwayne S. Carter-
    2001- 37-1103-BAL
    Ethan CarterPEthan CarterIndy
    Gary CarterPGary Leon Carter-
    1967- 21- 403-WS2
    George CarterOFGeorge Carter-
    1967- 52- 877-NYN
    Gregory CarterCGregory L. Carter-
    Gregory CarterPGregory Carter-
    1986-  9- 215-PHI
    Irving CarterPIrvingRooseveltCarter-
    2021-  5- 152-TOR
    James Carter3BJames Carter-
    1968-  1-  17-DET
    Jesse CarterCJesse Carter-
    1970- 13- 318-NYN
    John Carter1B-OFJohn Carter-
    1978- 23- 569-SLN
    Josh CarterOFJosh CarterIndy
    Justin Carter1B-OFJustin CarterIndy
    Keith CarterCKeith CarterIndy
    Kentaus CarterCoach----
    Kit CarterPKit CarterIndy
    Kyle CarterOFKyle CarterIndy
    Lenny CarterPLenny CarterIndy
    Madison CarterIFMadison CarterIndy
    Matt CarterPMatt CarterIndy
    Michael CarterCFMichael Carter-
    2013- 17- 525-CIN
    Michael CarterSS-3BMichael Carter-
    1968- 36- 781-CIN
    Mike CarterCoach----
    Paul CarterPPaul CarterIndy
    Randall CarterSSRandall Carter-
    1977-  8- 165-CHN
    Ray CarterSSRay Carter-
    1984- 29- 707-PHI
    Richard CarterPRichard Carter-
    1970- 11- 250-MON
    Ryan CarterCoach----
    Sammy Carter1BSammy CarterIndy
    Scott CarterPScott Carter-
    1985- 25- 641-CAL
    Stephen CarterOFSteven Michael CarterIndy
    Thomas Carter-------
    Timothy Carter------Indy
    Tod CarterPTod Carter-
    1977- 24- 589-ATL
    Trey CarterCTrey CarterIndy
    Willie CarterOFWillie CarterIndy
    Zac CarterOF-1BZac CarterIndy
    Rico CartesSCOUTRico Cartes-
    Billy CarthelOF-IFWilliam A. Carthel-
    1967- 14- 162-CLE
    Andrew CartierPAndrew CartierIndy
    Stephen CartierOFStephen Mark Cartier -
    1972- 27- 612-TEX
    James CartlidgeOFJames N. Cartlidge-
    1966-  8- 153-CIN
    Alexander CartwrightEXECAlexander Joy Cartwright, Jr.-
    Jim CartwrightPJim CartwrightIndy
    Michael CartyOFMichael Carty-
    1965- 34- 623-NYN
    Tom CartyCOACHTom Carty-
    Tom CartyCoach----
    Bryan CarusoCBryan Frederick CarusoIndy
    Cory CarusoPCory CarusoIndy
    2011- 50-1513-MIA
    Gino CarusoPEugene Joseph CarusoIndy
    John CarusoCJohn Caruso-
    2000- 38-1124-KCA
    John CarusoPJohn A. Caruso-
    1971- 30- 676-PIT
    Phil CarusoCoach----
    Robert Caruso1BRobert Caruso-
    2002- 49-1447-BOS
    Tony CarusoCoach----
    Ty Caruso---Ty Caruso-
    Doug CarvalhoOFDouglas E. Carvalho-
    1972- 10- 231-CHN
    Mark CarvalhoCoach----
    Tyler CarvalhoPJoseph Tyler CarvalhoJrCollege
    2015- 25- 759-KCA
    Clint CarverCOACHClint Carver-
    Dane CarverCDane CarverIndy
    Jared CarverCJared Carver-
    Jerrell Carver1BJerrell CarverIndy
    1995- 59-1518-NYN
    Rick CarverCoach----
    Ryan Carville---Ryan Carville-
    Charles CarvisPCharles Carvis-
    1975- 27- 610-MIN
    Greg CaryPGreg Cary-
    1981-  5-  76-NYN
    Robert CarySSRobert Cary-
    1969- 50- 972-NYN
    Trae CaryPTrae CaryIndy
    'CAS' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Roosevelt Casado------Indy
    Amaury Casana3BAmaury CasanoIndy
    Jair CasanovaOFJair Ronnier Casanova-
    2021-  0-   0-ATL
    Robert Casanova2BRobert Casanova-
    1976-  4-  85-PHI
    Rolando CasanovaSCOUTRolando Casanova-
    Kelly CasaresPKelly CasaresIndy
    Armando CasasPArmando CasasIndy
    Brandon CasasPBrandon CasasIndy
    Daniel CasasCDaniel CasasIndy
    Dimitri CasasPDimitri Casas-
    2013- 38-1141-PHI
    Joshua CasasPJoshua Casas-
    2006- 40-1203-SDN
    Tony CasasCOACHTony Casas-
    Gregg CascaesIF-OFGregg C. CascaesIndy
    Joseph CascioneSS-2BJoseph CascioneIndy
    Cage CasconePCage CasconeIndy
    Bob CasePBob CaseIndy
    Fred CaseC-OFFred CaseIndy
    Jackson CaseOFJackson Case-
    Jim CaseCOACHJim Case-
    Keith Case-------
    Richard CasePRichard Howard Case-
    1970- 14- 329-CAL
    William CasePWilliam L. Case-
    1974- 16- 370-CAL
    Tyler CasertaOFTyler CasertaIndy
    Andrew Casey---Andrew Casey-
    Brian CaseyPBrian Casey-
    1992- 47-1316-DET
    Charles CaseyPCharles Casey-
    1965- 38- 680-KC1
    Christopher CaseyPChristopher G. Casey-
    2001- 35-1060-LAN
    Daniel CaseyPDaniel John Casey-
    1980-  3-  53-MIN
    Howard CaseyPHoward Casey-
    1969-  2-  43-SFN
    Jake CaseyP----
    James CaseyPJames Casey-
    1980-  8- 185-TEX
    John CaseyCOACHJohn Casey-
    Kevin CaseyOFKevin C. Casey-
    1967- 25- 485-CLE
    Mike CaseyHMike CaseyIndy
    Patrick CaseyCOACHPatrick Casey-
    Rashard CaseyOFRashard Casey-
    1997- 55-1482-TOR
    Sean CaseyOFSean CaseyIndy
    Shane CaseyOFShane CaseyIndy
    Tate CaseyPTate B. Casey-
    2004- 19- 571-MIN
    Will CaseyPWill Casey.Indy
    2007- 38-1149-ATL
    Anthony CashPAnthony CashIndy
    Donovan CashIFDonovan Cash-
    Douglas CashSSDouglas S. Cash-
    1969- 34- 792-BAL
    Jason Cash1BJason Cash-
    1991- 30- 777-ATL
    Jax CashC-PJax Cash-
    Stephen CashSSStephen Cash-
    1970-  4-  73-NYN
    Michael CashaOFMichael Casha-
    1980- 24- 619-BAL
    Frank CashenEXECJohn Francis Cashen-
    Brian CashmanEXECBrian McGuire Cashman-
    John CashmanPJohn Joseph Cashman Jr.-
    1965- 14- 263-WS2
    Tim CashmanSSTim Cashman-
    1974- 34- 649-CAL
    Tom CashmanIFTom CashmanIndy
    Jayson Casiano1BJayson Casiano-
    1999- 49-1445-LAN
    Alex CasillasPAlex CasillasIndy
    Alvin CasillasPAlvin Casillas-
    1993- 50-1368-CAL
    David CasillasPDavid CasillasIndy
    Roy CasoSS-2BRoy Caso-
    1983- 35- 794-NYN
    Tony CasoliPTony CasoliIndy
    Thomas CasonOFThomas Cason-
    1971- 15- 358-BOS
    Kyle CasperOF-PKyle Casper-
    Max CasperIFMax CasperIndy
    Pat CassadayOF-PPatrick A. Cassady-
    1970- 31- 720-PIT
    Brad CassadySSBradley Jason CassadyIndy
    Hop CassadyCOACHHoward Albert Cassady-
    Robert CassadyIFRobert R. Cassady -
    1966- 30- 577-HOU
    Gerald CassardCOACHGerald Cassard-
    Rick Cassata3BRick Cassata-
    1969-  5-  94-WS2
    Michael CassavellaPMichael CassavellaJrCollege
    Allen CassellCOACHAllen Cassell-
    Charles CassellPCharles Cassell-
    1976-  7-  73-CAL
    Tom CassellSSThomas M. Cassell-
    1971-  5- 113-BOS
    Xavier Casserilla3BXavier Casserilla-
    2021- 20- 601-SLN
    Chris CassidyPChris CassidyJrCollege
    2006- 30- 895-BAL
    Kevin CassidyPKevin William CassidyIndy
    Mickey CassidyPMickey CassidyIndy
    Mike CassidyCOACHMike Cassidy-
    Ray CastaldiOFRaymond S. Castaldi-
    1972- 17- 407-PIT
    Gerard CastaldoC-SSGerald J. Castaldo-
    1969- 22- 526-MON
    Ismael CastanedaPIsmael Castaneda-
    1991- 80-1570-LAN
    Luis CastanedaIFLuis Enrique Castaneda-
    Rafael Castaneda3B-1BRafael Castaneda-
    Trey CastanedaPTrey Castaneda-
    Miguel CastanoSSMiguel CastanoIndy
    Jose CastanonIFJose CastanonIndy
    Nick CastellanaC-OFNick Castellana-
    Mike CastellaniPMichael Anthony CastellaniIndy
    Anthony CastellanoOFAnthony CastellanoIndy
    Mike Castellano3BMike CastellanoIndy
    Cayden CastellanosPCayden Castellanos-
    Craig CastellanosPCraig Castellanos-
    1991- 33- 859-HOU
    Thomas CastellarPThomas Castellar-
    1968-  4-  78-DET
    Frank CastelliCoach----
    Brandon CastelliniIF-PBrandon Castellini-
    Brian CastelloPBrian CastelloIndy
    Alex Castellvi---Alex Castellvi-
    2001- 40-1201-TOR
    Stew CasterlineC-PStew Casterline-
    1970- 55- 921-PIT
    Bob CastiglionePRobert Joseph Castiglione-
    1966- 32- 625-MIN
    Luis CastilioCLuis Castilio-
    1995- 54-1442-NYN
    Arthur CastilloOFArthur E. Castillo-
    1973-  4-  77-MIN
    Ben CastilloPBenjamin L. Castillo-
    1972- 15- 343-CIN
    Bernardo Castillo2BBernardo Castillo-
    1970- 17- 410-CHN
    Brian CastilloPBrian CastilloIndy
    Felix CastilloPFelix Castillo-
    1998- 37-1102-SDN
    Fernando CastilloHFernando Antonio CastilloIndy
    Frank CastilloPFrank Castillo-
    1989- 34- 880-HOU
    Gabe CastilloCSergio Gabe Castillo-
    George CastilloPGeorge CastilloIndy
    Geremias CastilloOFGeremias Castillo-
    2019-  0-   0-SFN
    Isaac Castillo2BIsaac Castillo-
    2006- 44-1324-MIN
    Jeremy CastilloOFJeremy Castillo-
    1999- 40-1209-CHA
    Jose CastilloPJose Castillo-
    1993- 73-1663-CHN
    Jose CastilloPJose CastilloIndy
    Josh CastilloPJosh Castillo-
    Juan Castillo------Indy
    Matt CastilloOFMatthew L. Castillo-
    2002- 31- 918-KCA
    Tommy CastilloOFTommy Castillo-
    Wilmer CastilloSCOUTWilmer Castillo-
    Cody CastlePCody CastleIndy
    Peter CastlePPeter Castle-
    1970-  3-  63-PIT
    William CastleSSWilliam Castle-
    1967- 19- 375-DET
    John CastleberrySCOUTJohn Castleberry-
    Mike CastleberryPMike Castleberry-
    1998- 29- 864-MON
    Robert CastleberryOFRobert C. Castleberry-
    1976- 11- 242-DET
    Steve Castleberry3BSteve Castleberry-
    1982- 20- 509-PHI
    Colter CastlemanPColter Castleman-
    Logan CastlemanOFLogan Castleman-
    Kelly CastlesPKelly C. Castles-
    2001- 43-1289-COL
    Ken CastlesPKen Castles-
    1976- 22- 506-DET
    Matt CastlesPMatt Castles-
    1990- 35- 943-SFN
    Wyatt Castoe-------
    Brandon CastoleniaPBrandon CastoliniaIndy
    Bernard CastonOFBernard CastonIndy
    Mike CastrignanoPMichael CastrignanoIndy
    Adrian CastroSSArian Bienvenido Castro-
    2019-  0-   0-CIN
    Alan CastroCAlan William Castro-
    1969- 31- 722-OAK
    Andres CastroIFAndres Castro-
    Antonio CastroOFAntonio Castro-
    1974-  2-  25-NYN
    Bobby CastroPHBobby Christopher CastroIndy
    Cameron CastroCOACHCameron Castro-
    Cameron CastroCoach----
    Carlos Castro3BCarlos Castro-
    2009- 46-1390-TOR
    Chris CastroPChris Castro-
    1989- 21- 532-ATL
    Cody CastroIFCody CastroIndy
    Dorian CastroPDorian Castro BarrosIndy
    Edward CastroPEdward Castro-
    1978- 24- 589-MIN
    James CastroPJames Castro-
    1992- 45-1260-DET
    Jean CastroIFJean CastroIndy
    Jesus CastroCJesus David Castro-
    2021-  0-   0-SDN
    Jonathan CastroPJonathan Castro-
    1994- 49-1331-CHN
    Jose CastroPJose CastroJrCollege
    Julio CastroPJulio Cesar Castro (Gonzalez)Indy
    Moises CastroPMoises Castro-
    Octavio CastroPManuel Octavio Castro-
    2021-  0-   0-SDN
    Ramon Castro2B-SSRamon J. Castro-
    2002- 44-1317-CHA
    Shane CastroCShane CastroIndy
    Spencer CastroCSpencer CastroIndy
    Stephen CastroPStephen CastroIndy
    Wilmer CastroOFWilmer Jose Castro-
    2021-  0-   0-TEX
    Casey CastropPCasey CastropIndy
    Corey CaswellCCorey CaswellIndy
    Trey CaswellCOACHTrey Caswell-
    'CAT' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Jason CatalaRFJason Catala-
    2002- 43-1284-SDN
    Pedro CatalaOF-SSPedro CatalaIndy
    Chad CatalanoPChad A. CatalanoIndy
    2003- 32- 941-SDN
    Frank CatalanoOFFrank Catalano-
    1971- 10- 234-DET
    Peter Catalanotte1BPeter Catalanotte-
    1971-  7- 105-WS2
    AJ CatanesePA.J. Catanese-
    Joe CatanesePJoseph D. CataneseIndy
    Chris CatanosoPChristian P. CatanosoIndy
    Sheldon CatchotPSheldon J. CatchotIndy
    2005- 12- 365-CHA
    John CateCOACHJohn Cate-
    Raul CatedralPRaul (Hernandez) CatedralIndy
    Joe CatesPJoseph Cates-
    2006- 30- 903-SDN
    Kim Cates1BJames Kim Cates-
    1971-  1-  11-DET
    Stephen CatesPSteven Russell Cates-
    1968-  1-  12-PHI
    Victor CatesCOACHVictor Cates-
    Billy CatherOFWilliam Gregory CatherIndy
    2008- 33- 991-WAS
    Jon CatoPJon CatoJrCollege
    Joseph CatomerPJoseph James Catomer-
    2000- 39-1153-CHN
    Kyle CatrettOFKyle CatrettIndy
    Cory CattaneoPCory Cattaneo-
    1996- 54-1522-CHN
    Ryan CattellCRyan Dale CattellIndy
    Nick Catucci---Nick Catucci-
    'CAU' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Greg CaublePGreg CaubleIndy
    Michael CaublePMichael Joseph Cauble-
    William CaudellCWilliam Marshall Caudell -
    1968- 11- 247-SLN
    Grant CaudillCGrant Caudill-
    Ken CaudleC-3BKenneth B. Caudle-
    1969-  4-  87-BAL
    Sylvester CaudleOFSylvester R. Caudle-
    1970- 11- 271-BAL
    Russell CauleyPRussell P. Cauley-
    1971-  3-  72-NYA
    Jeff CaulfieldCoach----
    Mike CaulfieldCOACHMike Caulfield-
    Thomas CaulfieldPThomas CaulfieldIndy
    Jerry Causey1BJerry Robert Causey-
    1965- 13- 256-HOU
    Kevin CauseyUMPKevin Michael Causey-
    Mike CauseyPMichael David CauseyIndy
    2002- 21- 615-CIN
    'CAV' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Gary CavalloPGary G. Cavallo-
    1971-  1-  23-MIL
    Joey CavalloPJoey CavalloIndy
    Jake Cavana2B---JrCollege
    Carl CavanaughPCarl E. Cavanaugh-
    1970- 24- 579-DET
    Michael CavanaughSSMichael J. Cavanaugh-
    1968-  3-  56-MIN
    Michael Cavazos3BMichael CavazosIndy
    David CavazzaPDavid Cavazza-
    1969- 23- 537-OAK
    Rich CavazzaPRich CavazzaIndy
    Dick CavenaughUMPRichard P. Cavenaugh-
    Drew CavenderPDrew Mark CavenderIndy
    Connor CaverlyCConnor Caverly-
    Chris CavesC-OFChris CavesIndy
    James CavigliaCJames Caviglia-
    1970- 53- 917-PIT
    'CAW' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Brian CawaringOFBrian Solomon Cawaring-
    1995- 56-1468-SEA
    Jerome CawleyCJerome F. Cawley-
    1965- 43- 725-MIN
    'CAY' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Ollie CaylorCOACHOliver Perry Caylor-
    Daniel Cayton2B-SSDaniel CaytonIndy
    'CAZ' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Steven CazaresPSteven CazaresIndy
    Manuel Cazarin-------
    841 record(s)
    Player Name Name of the player. If not linked, then no profile on the site Pos Defensive Position Proper Name Given name, if available HiLvl Highest Level Reached Draft Info Year-DraftRound-Overall-Drafted by Team Abbreviation. Click the link to view picks for that round. Indicates most recent draft instance