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Use the criteria below to filter through the TBC at-bat database (sourced from Retrosheet) since 1903. The resultset will contain a maximum of 100 records except for batter/pitcher matchups in which case, all matchups will appear. Keep in mind that the filters such as day/night and home/away are from the batter's perspective. Data is sorted by most recent date.
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DateBatterTeamAgePitcherTeamAgeMatchFDefOrderInningOutsBRScoreBalStrPitLdoffRimResult#Result DescRBIsWinProb%
2000-07-27Derek JeterRNYA26.031Mark RedmanL26.203MINMatchFSS211---0-0123 N3/FLFly out to 1B0-1.62
2000-07-27Derek JeterRNYA26.031Mark RedmanL26.203MINMatchFSS260---3-5011YND/78Double to 02.90
2000-07-27Derek JeterRNYA26.031Mark RedmanL26.203MINMatchFSS240---0-3022YN63/GGround out to SS0-0.24
2001-05-10Derek JeterRNYA26.318Mark RedmanL27.125MINMatchFSS241---0-4235 N63/GGround out to SS0-0.95
2001-05-10Derek JeterRNYA26.318Mark RedmanL27.125MINMatchFSS211---0-0347 N43/GGround out to 2B0-1.89
2001-05-10Derek JeterRNYA26.318Mark RedmanL27.125MINMatchFSS270---0-4213YNHR/89Home Run to RC13.78
2002-07-17Derek JeterRNYA28.021Mark RedmanL28.193DETMatchFSS261---0-1022 N54(1)3/GDPGround into DP to 3B0-2.58
2002-07-17Derek JeterRNYA28.021Mark RedmanL28.193DETMatchFSS240---0-1336YNKStrikeout swinging0-1.07
2002-07-17Derek JeterRNYA28.021Mark RedmanL28.193DETMatchFSS211---0-0022 N3/G#Ground out to 1B0-1.89
2002-07-17Derek JeterRNYA28.021Mark RedmanL28.193DETMatchFSS290---0-1426 NWWalk011.03
2002-09-06Derek JeterRNYA28.072Mark RedmanL28.244DETMatchFSS241---0-1235 N63/GGround out to SS0-0.68
2002-09-06Derek JeterRNYA28.072Mark RedmanL28.244DETMatchFSS211---0-1134 NKStrikeout swinging0-2.99
2002-09-06Derek JeterRNYA28.072Mark RedmanL28.244DETMatchFSS252---1-1336 NS7.2-H;1-2Single to LF16.70
2005-06-15Derek JeterRNYA30.354Mark RedmanL31.161PITMatchFSS110---0-0145YNS9/L-Single to RF03.89
2005-06-15Derek JeterRNYA30.354Mark RedmanL31.161PITMatchFSS172---2-4213 NS5/G.1-3(E5/TH);B-2Single to 3B01.46
2005-06-15Derek JeterRNYA30.354Mark RedmanL31.161PITMatchFSS151---1-3123 N64(1)3/GDPGround into DP to SS0-2.88
2005-06-15Derek JeterRNYA30.354Mark RedmanL31.161PITMatchFSS122---1-0011 N13/GGround out to P0-2.78
17Derek JeterR  Mark RedmanL  BB/SO:  1/2HBP:  0     60.9%253964  Avg:  .313  5/162b-3b-hr:  1-0-120.60

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