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Use the criteria below to filter through the TBC at-bat database (sourced from Retrosheet) since 1903. The resultset will contain a maximum of 100 records except for batter/pitcher matchups in which case, all matchups will appear. Keep in mind that the filters such as day/night and home/away are from the batter's perspective. Data is sorted by most recent date.
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DateBatterTeamAgePitcherTeamAgeMatchFDefOrderInningOutsBRScoreBalStrPitLdoffRimResult#Result DescRBIsWinProb%
1983-08-04Ed RomeroRMIL25.238Bud BlackL26.035KCAMatchFSS772---2-6000 ND7Double to LF00.17
1983-08-04Ed RomeroRMIL25.238Bud BlackL26.035KCAMatchFSS750---1-4000YN8Fly out to CF0-0.82
1983-08-04Ed RomeroRMIL25.238Bud BlackL26.035KCAMatchFSS720---1-4000YN4/PPopout to 2B0-1.39
1983-08-09Ed RomeroRMIL25.243Bud BlackL26.040KCAMatchFSS721---0-1000 NFC1.3XH(152);B-1Fielder's Choice to P01.83
1983-08-09Ed RomeroRMIL25.243Bud BlackL26.040KCAMatchFSS741---0-4000 N7/SF.3-HSac fly to LF17.05
1983-08-09Ed RomeroRMIL25.243Bud BlackL26.040KCAMatchFSS761---2-6000 ND7Double to LF01.44
1983-08-09Ed RomeroRMIL25.243Bud BlackL26.040KCAMatchFSS780---2-8000 N5/LLineout to 3B0-0.29
1984-07-28Ed RomeroRMIL26.231Bud BlackL27.028KCAMatchFSS110---0-0000YN53Ground out to 3B0-2.61
1984-07-28Ed RomeroRMIL26.231Bud BlackL27.028KCAMatchFSS130---0-0000 ND.1-3Double to 015.41
1984-07-28Ed RomeroRMIL26.231Bud BlackL27.028KCAMatchFSS151---2-1000 NDDouble to 0-1.69
1984-07-28Ed RomeroRMIL26.231Bud BlackL27.028KCAMatchFSS162---3-1000 NKStrikeout swinging02.47
1984-08-08Ed RomeroRMIL26.242Bud BlackL27.039KCAMatchFSS171---3-0000 NDDouble to 0-0.55
1984-08-08Ed RomeroRMIL26.242Bud BlackL27.039KCAMatchFSS151---1-0000 NS.2-3Single to C0-1.09
1984-08-08Ed RomeroRMIL26.242Bud BlackL27.039KCAMatchFSS131---1-0000 N63Ground out to SS0-0.21
1984-08-08Ed RomeroRMIL26.242Bud BlackL27.039KCAMatchFSS110---0-0000YN4Fly out to 2B0-2.45
1985-09-08Ed RomeroRMIL27.273Bud BlackL28.070KCAMatchFRF840---2-5000 N9Fly out to RF0-0.41
1985-09-08Ed RomeroRMIL27.273Bud BlackL28.070KCAMatchFRF822---0-1000 N8Fly out to CF00.65
1986-08-14Ed RomeroRBOS28.248Bud BlackL29.045KCAMatchFSS940---5-5000YN7Fly out to LF0-3.07
1986-08-14Ed RomeroRBOS28.248Bud BlackL29.045KCAMatchFSS952---6-5000 N63Ground out to SS01.10
1986-08-14Ed RomeroRBOS28.248Bud BlackL29.045KCAMatchFSS972---7-6000 ND9/L3Double to RF0-0.42
1987-08-09Ed RomeroRBOS29.243Bud BlackL30.040KCAMatchF3B722---0-3000 N4/LLineout to 2B0-0.41
1988-10-02Ed RomeroRBOS30.297Bud BlackL31.094CLEMatchF2B892---5-6033 N43Ground out to 2B0-10.66
1990-06-07Ed RomeroRDET32.180Bud BlackL32.342CLEMatchF3B862---3-0000 NW.1-2Walk00.32
1990-06-07Ed RomeroRDET32.180Bud BlackL32.342CLEMatchF3B841---2-0000 N4/PPopout to 2B0-0.38
1990-06-07Ed RomeroRDET32.180Bud BlackL32.342CLEMatchF3B822---0-0000 N6/PPopout to SS0-2.39
25Ed RomeroR  Bud BlackL  BB/SO:  1/1HBP:  0     100.0%033  Avg:  .304  7/232b-3b-hr:  6-0-010.06

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