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Use the criteria below to filter through the TBC at-bat database (sourced from Retrosheet) since 1903. The resultset will contain a maximum of 100 records except for batter/pitcher matchups in which case, all matchups will appear. Keep in mind that the filters such as day/night and home/away are from the batter's perspective. Data is sorted by most recent date.
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DateBatterTeamAgePitcherTeamAgeMatchFDefOrderInningOutsBRScoreBalStrPitLdoffRimResult#Result DescRBIsWinProb%
2009-07-18Casey McGeheeRMIL26.279Aaron HarangR31.070CINMatchF3B312---0-0134 NKStrikeout looking0-1.09
2009-07-18Casey McGeheeRMIL26.279Aaron HarangR31.070CINMatchF3B372---4-1044 N9/FFly out to RF0-0.41
2009-07-18Casey McGeheeRMIL26.279Aaron HarangR31.070CINMatchF3B350---4-0033 NKStrikeout looking00.54
2009-07-18Casey McGeheeRMIL26.279Aaron HarangR31.070CINMatchF3B340---1-0022 NS9/L.2-3Single to RF00.38
2010-08-31Casey McGeheeRMIL27.323Aaron HarangR32.114CINMatchF3B512---1-0022 NS9/L.1-2Single to RF0-0.46
2010-08-31Casey McGeheeRMIL27.323Aaron HarangR32.114CINMatchF3B531---1-2257 N9/F.2-3Fly out to RF00.46
2010-09-22Casey McGeheeRMIL27.345Aaron HarangR32.136CINMatchF3B531---10-1112 NS8/G.1-2Single to CF03.57
2010-10-03Casey McGeheeRMIL27.356Aaron HarangR32.147CINMatchF3B520---0-2336YN9/F-Fly out to RF00.39
2011-05-19Casey McGeheeRMIL28.219Aaron HarangR33.010SDNMatchF3B540---0-0011 N63/GGround out to SS0-7.29
2011-05-19Casey McGeheeRMIL28.219Aaron HarangR33.010SDNMatchF3B512---0-0044 N13/GGround out to P0-6.13
2011-05-19Casey McGeheeRMIL28.219Aaron HarangR33.010SDNMatchF3B582---0-0134 N53/GGround out to 3B0-2.66
2011-05-19Casey McGeheeRMIL28.219Aaron HarangR33.010SDNMatchF3B561---0-0112 NS49/GSingle to 2B02.94
2014-04-23Casey McGeheeRMIA31.193Aaron HarangR35.349ATLMatchF3B521---0-0022 N9/FFly out to RF0-1.78
2014-04-23Casey McGeheeRMIA31.193Aaron HarangR35.349ATLMatchF3B570---1-1404YNBBWalk05.78
2014-04-23Casey McGeheeRMIA31.193Aaron HarangR35.349ATLMatchF3B551---0-1246 N9/FFly out to RF0-0.01
2014-04-30Casey McGeheeRMIA31.200Aaron HarangR35.356ATLMatchF3B430---4-0112 N43/G.2-3;Ground out to 2B0-0.22
2014-04-30Casey McGeheeRMIA31.200Aaron HarangR35.356ATLMatchF3B420---0-0347YNS7/LSingle to LF03.30
2014-04-30Casey McGeheeRMIA31.200Aaron HarangR35.356ATLMatchF3B451---7-0033 ND0/LDouble to 0-1.16
2014-06-01Casey McGeheeRMIA31.232Aaron HarangR36.023ATLMatchF3B432---2-2011 N53/GGround out to 3B0-1.05
2014-06-01Casey McGeheeRMIA31.232Aaron HarangR36.023ATLMatchF3B412---0-0022 N8/FFly out to CF0-2.91
2014-06-01Casey McGeheeRMIA31.232Aaron HarangR36.023ATLMatchF3B452---2-2014 N7/FFly out to LF0-5.56
2014-06-01Casey McGeheeRMIA31.232Aaron HarangR36.023ATLMatchF3B452---2-2123 NSB2Stole 2B01.80
22Casey McGeheeR  Aaron HarangR  BB/SO:  1/2HBP:  0     72.2%205272  Avg:  .300  6/202b-3b-hr:  1-0-00-0.53

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