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Use the criteria below to filter through the TBC at-bat database (sourced from Retrosheet) since 1903. The resultset will contain a maximum of 100 records except for batter/pitcher matchups in which case, all matchups will appear. Keep in mind that the filters such as day/night and home/away are from the batter's perspective. Data is sorted by most recent date.
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DateBatterTeamAgePitcherTeamAgeMatchFDefOrderInningOutsBRScoreBalStrPitLdoffRimResult#Result DescRBIsWinProb%
1999-07-31Cristian GuzmanLMIN21.132Al LevineR31.070ANAMatchFSS290---8-0011YN9/F89XDFly out to RF00.03
2000-05-24Cristian GuzmanLMIN22.064Al LevineR32.002ANAMatchFSS2100---5-6235YN13/GGround out to P0-8.79
2000-05-25Cristian GuzmanLMIN22.065Al LevineR32.003ANAMatchFSS282---1-2011 N64(1)/FO.2-3Ground out to SS0-4.50
2000-09-15Cristian GuzmanLMIN22.178Al LevineR32.116ANAMatchFSS230---2-8112 N7/L7Lineout to LF0-2.30
2000-09-15Cristian GuzmanLMIN22.178Al LevineR32.116ANAMatchFSS211---0-5235 N43/GGround out to 2B0-4.02
2001-05-29Cristian GuzmanLMIN23.069Al LevineR33.007ANAMatchFSS1112---4-4112 NSSingle to 01.66
2001-09-01Cristian GuzmanLMIN23.164Al LevineR33.102ANAMatchFSS280---9-9011YN63/GGround out to SS0-4.85
2002-05-25Cristian GuzmanLMIN24.065Al LevineR34.003ANAMatchFSS2131---3-3033 N54(1)/FOGround out to 3B0-7.82
2003-08-17Cristian GuzmanLMIN25.149Al LevineR35.087KCAMatchFSS971---3-5336 N46(1)/FO/G.2-3Ground out to 2B00.33
2003-08-21Cristian GuzmanLMIN25.153Al LevineR35.091KCAMatchFSS970---3-3213 N13/SH/BG.2-3;1-2Sac bunt to P01.41
2003-08-24Cristian GuzmanLMIN25.156Al LevineR35.094KCAMatchFSS952---5-1325 YCS2(26)Caught Stealing 2B00.92
2003-08-24Cristian GuzmanLMIN25.156Al LevineR35.094KCAMatchFSS940---4-1235YN3/GGround out to 1B01.35
2004-04-21Cristian GuzmanLMIN26.031Al LevineR35.334DETMatchFSS972---7-11011 N63/GGround out to SS0-0.08
2004-09-10Cristian GuzmanLMIN26.173Al LevineR36.111DETMatchFSS681---4-1325 N8/LLineout to CF00.30
2004-09-13Cristian GuzmanLMIN26.176Al LevineR36.114DETMatchFSS682---4-1011 N3/GGround out to 1B0-0.01
2005-05-06Cristian GuzmanLWAS27.046Al LevineR36.349SFNMatchFSS791---9-3112 N6/PPopout to SS00.04
16Cristian GuzmanL  Al LevineR  BB/SO:  0/0HBP:  0     58.3%202848  Avg:  .071  1/142b-3b-hr:  0-0-00-1.65

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