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Oregon State UniversityPacific-12 Conference (NCAA Div 1)
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Tyler Graham played for Oregon State University (2009)
History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeaguePacific-12 Conference LevelNCAA Div 1CategoryCollege Baseball
Current NicknameBeavers
Years Available1977-2017

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
2017Oregon State UniversityPacific-12 Conference-273.9005660.90340314126211Pat CaseyConf Champions,CWS Regionals,#3 in nation Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2016Oregon State UniversityPacific-12 Conference-1614.53335190.648347222125446Pat Casey  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2015Oregon State UniversityPacific-12 Conference-1910.65539181.684326207119232Pat CaseyCWS RegionalsGoss StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2014Oregon State UniversityPacific-12 Conference-237.76745140.763333166167113Pat CaseyConf Champions,CWS Regionals,#13 in NationGoss StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2013Oregon State UniversityPacific-12 Conference-246.80052130.80037219617615Pat CaseyConf Champions,CWS Final-8,#4 in NationGoss StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2012Oregon State UniversityPacific-12 Conference-1812.60040200.667370265105527Pat CaseyCWS Regionals,#24 in nationGoss StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2011Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference-1710.63038170.691333214119325Pat CaseyCWS Super Regionals,#10 in NationGoss StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2010Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference-1215.44432240.57131327538828Pat CaseyCWS RegionalsGoss StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2009Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference-1512.55637190.661382248134341Pat CaseyCWS RegionalsGoss StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2008Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference-1113.45828240.538316327-11761Pat Casey Goss StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2007Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference-1014.41747180.72345625320369Pat CaseyCollege World Series Champions, #1 in NationGoss StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2006Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference-167.69650160.758463261202112Pat CaseyConf Champions, College World Series Champions, #1 in NationGoss StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2005Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference-195.79246100.82142222619619Pat CaseyCWS Final-8, #7 in nationGoss StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2004Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference-1014.41731220.58537430866675Pat Casey Goss StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2003Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference-717.29225280.472382400-188124Pat Casey Goss StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2002Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference-1014.41731230.57438234042688Pat Casey Goss StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2001Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference1113.45831240.56440038119-70Pat Casey  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2000Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference915.37528270.509419563-144-99Pat Casey  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1999Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference717.29219350.352353446-93-   Pat Casey  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1998Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference159.62535141.714429205224-   Pat Casey  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1997Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference186.75038121.760488161327-   Pat Casey  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1996Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference1410.58332161.66723590145-   Pat Casey  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1995Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference1416.46725241.5101224874-   Pat Casey  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1994Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference228.73335160.68666121-55-   Jack Riley  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1993Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference2010.66732180.64026332231-   Jack Riley  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1992Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference1020.33323300.4341315081-   Jack Riley  Stats -- Roster
1991Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference128.60028200.5832062015-   Jack Riley  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1990Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference159.62530220.57723093137-   Jack Riley  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1989Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference159.62527230.54020410995-   Jack Riley  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1988Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference1410.58330190.612232113119-   Jack Riley  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1987Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference159.62531150.67421797120-   Jack Riley  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1986Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference185.78339150.722304112192-   Jack Riley  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1985Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference1212.50034170.667237129108-   Jack Riley  Stats -- Roster
1984Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference1111.50022230.48991111-20-   Jack Riley  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1983Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference177.70827170.614235104131-   Jack Riley  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1982Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference168.66729150.65921612096-   Jack Riley  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1981Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference117.61129141.67419811583-   Jack Riley  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1980Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference89.47133160.67316411846-   Jack Riley  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1979Oregon State UniversityPacific-10 Conference411.26721190.52565107-42-   Jack Riley  Stats -- Roster
1978Oregon State UniversityPacific-8 Conference69.40022222.500111116-5-   Jack Riley  Stats -- Roster
1977Oregon State UniversityPacific-8 Conference126.66731170.64617712948-   Jack Riley  Stats -- Roster -- Draft