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Tulane UniversityAmerican Athletic Conference (NCAA Div 1)
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Jack Cressend played for Tulane University (2003)
History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeagueAmerican Athletic Conference LevelNCAA Div 1CategoryCollege Baseball
LocationNew Orleans,Louisiana
Current NicknameGreen Wave
Years Available1965-2018

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
2018Tulane UniversityAmerican Athletic Conference-00--27310.466192228-36-   Travis Jewett--Stats -- Roster
2017Tulane UniversityAmerican Athletic Conference-1311.54227310.466313385-72582Travis Jewett--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2016Tulane UniversityAmerican Athletic Conference-157.68241210.661355243112132David PierceCWS Regionals,#19 in Nation-Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2015Tulane UniversityAmerican Athletic Conference-1311.54235250.58326123625342David PierceCWS RegionalsGreer Field at Turchin StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2014Tulane UniversityConference USA-1018.35723290.442175219-4410146Rick Jones-Greer Field at Turchin StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2013Tulane UniversityConference USA-1113.45830280.517241252-117125Rick Jones-Greer Field at Turchin StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2012Tulane UniversityConference USA-1410.58338200.655353233120365Rick Jones-Greer Field at Turchin StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2011Tulane UniversityConference USA-1014.41731260.544274293-19777Rick Jones-Greer Field at Turchin StadiumStats -- Roster
2010Tulane UniversityConference USA-1014.41732240.57136835216988Rick Jones-Greer Field at Turchin StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2009Tulane UniversityConference USA-1311.54234240.58639330984467Rick Jones-Greer Field at Turchin StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2008Tulane UniversityConference USA-139.59139220.639434311123347Rick JonesCWS RegionalsGreer Field at Turchin StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2007Tulane UniversityConference USA-915.37534260.567335266697101Rick Jones-Greer Field at Turchin StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2006Tulane UniversityConference USA-159.62543210.67241832296329Rick JonesCWS RegionalsGreer Field at Turchin StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2005Tulane UniversityConference USA-246.80055100.84654129025113Rick JonesCo-Conf. Champions, CWS Final-8, #3 in nationGreer Field at Turchin StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2004Tulane UniversityConference USA-219.70041210.661441313128244Rick JonesCWS Super Regionals, #19 in NationGreer Field at Turchin StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2003Tulane UniversityConference USA-2010.66744190.698458289169328Rick JonesConf. Finalists, CWS RegionalsGreer Field at Turchin StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2002Tulane UniversityConference USA-1713.56736270.57144938366553Rick JonesCWS RegionalsGreer Field at Turchin StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2001Tulane UniversityConference USA216.77856130.812639387252-11Rick Jones--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2000Tulane UniversityConference USA206.76938221.63343237359-35Rick Jones--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1999Tulane UniversityConference USA198.70440170.702568361207-   Rick Jones--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1998Tulane UniversityConference USA225.81548150.762593316277-   Rick Jones--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1997Tulane UniversityConference USA197.73140210.656477325152-   Rick Jones--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1996Tulane UniversityConference USA186.75043200.683455310145-   Rick Jones--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1995Tulane UniversityMetro Conference810.44432260.55236332241-   Rick Jones--Stats -- Roster
1994Tulane UniversityMetro Conference00--41250.62145240052-   Rick Jones--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1993Tulane UniversityMetro Conference87.53322310.415330354-24-   Joe Brockhoff--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1992Tulane UniversityMetro Conference99.50039240.61942635769-   Joe Brockhoff--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1991Tulane UniversityMetro Conference128.60036180.66731728037-   Joe Brockhoff--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1990Tulane UniversityMetro Conference416.20019350.352316396-80-   Joe Brockhoff--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1989Tulane UniversityIndependent00--27260.509293294-1-   Joe Brockhoff--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1988Tulane UniversityIndependent00--32180.64035828078-   Joe Brockhoff--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1987Tulane UniversityIndependent00--44180.710470351119-   Joe Brockhoff--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1986Tulane UniversityIndependent00--49150.766470351119-   Joe Brockhoff--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1985Tulane UniversityMetro Conference812.40038220.633502337165-   Joe Brockhoff--Stats -- Roster
1984Tulane UniversityMetro Conference95.64342160.724485306179-   Joe Brockhoff--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1983Tulane UniversityMetro Conference85.61545170.726511306205-   Joe Brockhoff--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1982Tulane UniversityMetro Conference55.50041160.719417268149-   Joe Brockhoff--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1981Tulane UniversityMetro Conference56.45537260.587484367117-   Joe Brockhoff--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1980Tulane UniversityMetro Conference00--29120.707267161106-   Joe Brockhoff--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1979Tulane UniversityMetro Conference00--35130.729224122102-   Joe Brockhoff--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1978Tulane UniversityMetro Conference92.81825180.58118512758-   Joe Brockhoff--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1977Tulane UniversityMetro Conference42.66732100.762158163-5-   Joe Brockhoff--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1976Tulane UniversityMetro Conference21.66724141.6324450-6-   Joe Brockhoff--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1975Tulane UniversityMetro Conference00--24111.686022-22-   Joe Brockhoff--Stats -- Roster
1974Tulane UniversityIndependent00--21120.6366677-11-   Milton Retif--Stats -- Roster
1973Tulane UniversityIndependent00--15130.5364676-30-   Milton Retif--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1972Tulane UniversityIndependent00--2360.7934866-18-   Milton Retif--Stats -- Roster
1971Tulane UniversityIndependent00--16100.61548444-   Milton Retif--Stats -- Roster
1970Tulane UniversityIndependent00--1570.682000-   Milton Retif--Stats -- Roster
1969Tulane UniversityIndependent00--1530.833000-   Milton Retif--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1968Tulane UniversityIndependent00--10100.5005467-13-   Milton Retif--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1967Tulane UniversityIndependent00--8120.4005073-23-   Milton Retif--Stats -- Roster
1966Tulane UniversitySoutheastern Conference47.3641770.708000-   Ben Abadie--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1965Tulane UniversitySoutheastern Conference96.60015100.6004756-9-   Ben Abadie--Stats -- Roster -- Draft