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Gulf Coast Orioles -Gulf Coast League (Rk)
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History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeagueGulf Coast League LevelRkCategoryMinor League
Most Recent MLB ParentBaltimore Orioles
Current Nickname
Years Available1991-2019

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
2019Gulf Coast Orioles -Gulf Coast LeagueSouthBAL000----028-28--0-Stats -- Roster
2018Gulf Coast Orioles -Gulf Coast LeagueSouthBAL551342.23620.0173274-1014Carlos Tosca-0Ed Smith StadiumStats -- Roster
2017Gulf Coast Orioles -Gulf Coast LeagueSouthBAL602832.4678.0283317-342Carlos Tosca-0Ed Smith StadiumStats -- Roster
2016Gulf Coast Orioles -Gulf Coast LeagueSouthBAL592732.4585.0250234164Orlando Gomez-0Ed Smith StadiumStats -- Roster
2015Gulf Coast Orioles -Gulf Coast LeagueSouthBAL593425.5767.5248194542Orlando Gomez-0Ed Smith StadiumStats -- Roster
2014Gulf Coast Orioles -Gulf Coast LeagueSouthBAL602931.4837.0210248-383Orlando Gomez-0Twin Lakes ParkStats -- Roster
2013Gulf Coast Orioles -Gulf Coast LeagueSouthBAL603030.5005.022522502Orlando Gomez-0Twin Lakes ParkStats -- Roster
2012Gulf Coast Orioles -Gulf Coast LeagueSouthBAL602535.4179.0186253-674Ramon Sambo-0Twin Lakes ParkStats -- Roster
2011Gulf Coast Orioles -Gulf Coast LeagueSouthBAL603822.633--260167931Lost in Semi-Finals0Twin Lakes ParkStats -- Roster
2010Gulf Coast Orioles -Gulf Coast LeagueSouthBAL592534.4248.5225259-344Angel Santos-0Twin Lakes ParkStats -- Roster
2009Gulf Coast Orioles -Gulf Coast LeagueSouthBAL563026.5364.5243202412Ramon Sambo-0Ed Smith StadiumStats -- Roster
2008Gulf Coast Orioles Gulf Coast LeagueSouthBAL551441.25522.5212322-1105Jesus Alfaro-0Ed Smith StadiumStats -- Roster
2007Gulf Coast Orioles Gulf Coast LeagueSouthernBAL563224.5715.0281250312Ramon Sambo-0Ed Smith StadiumStats -- Roster
2003Gulf Coast Orioles Gulf Coast LeagueSouthernBAL603228.5331.5282243392Jesus Alfaro-0Ed Smith StadiumStats -- Roster
2002Gulf Coast Orioles Gulf Coast LeagueSouthernBAL602436.40013.0206286-806Jesus Alfaro-0Ed Smith StadiumStats -- Roster
2001Gulf Coast Orioles Gulf Coast LeagueWesternBAL562234.39313.5214251-375Jesus Alfaro-0Ed Smith StadiumStats -- Roster
2000Gulf Coast Orioles Gulf Coast LeagueWesternBAL562531.44613.0266307-414Jesus Alfaro-0Ed Smith StadiumStats -- Roster
1999Gulf Coast Orioles Gulf Coast LeagueWesternBAL593128.5255.530329763Jesus Alfaro-0Ed Smith StadiumStats -- Roster
1998Gulf Coast Orioles Gulf Coast LeagueWesternBAL602832.4676.0289323-344Butch Davis-0Ed Smith StadiumStats -- Roster
1997Gulf Coast Orioles Gulf Coast LeagueNorthwestBAL602733.4509.0226251-255Butch Davis-0Ed Smith StadiumStats -- Roster
1996Gulf Coast Orioles Gulf Coast LeagueNorthwestBAL603624.6001.0271238332Tommy Shields-0Ed Smith StadiumStats -- Roster
1995Gulf Coast Orioles Gulf Coast LeagueNorthwestBAL593425.5762.5260223372Julio Garcia-0Ed Smith StadiumStats -- Roster
1994Gulf Coast Orioles Gulf Coast LeagueWesternBAL592336.39024.0222323-1015Oneri Fleita-0Ed Smith StadiumStats -- Roster
1993Gulf Coast Orioles Gulf Coast LeagueWesternBAL583028.5179.0200251-514Oneri Fleita-0Ed Smith StadiumStats -- Roster
1992Gulf Coast Orioles Gulf Coast LeagueSouthernBAL582929.5005.5238251-135Phillip Wellman-0Ed Smith StadiumStats -- Roster
1991Gulf Coast Orioles Gulf Coast LeagueSouthernBAL593524.593--283230531Ed NapoleonLost in Finals0Ed Smith StadiumStats -- Roster