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Gulf Coast Astros -Gulf Coast League (Rk)
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History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeagueGulf Coast League LevelRkCategoryMinor League
Most Recent MLB ParentHouston Astros
Current Nickname
Years Available1977-2019

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
2019Gulf Coast Astros -Gulf Coast LeagueEastHOU512526.4903.5227514-2874No playoffs0-Stats -- Roster
2018Gulf Coast Astros -Gulf Coast LeagueEastHOU552728.49112.5211227-162Wladimir Sutil-0The Ballpark of the Palm BeachesStats -- Roster
2017Gulf Coast Astros -Gulf Coast LeagueEastHOU542727.5006.0230240-103Wladimir Sutil-0The Ballpark of the Palm BeachesStats -- Roster
2016Gulf Coast Astros -Gulf Coast LeagueNortheastHOU532231.4154.5168233-655Marty Malloy-0Osceola County StadiumStats -- Roster
2015Gulf Coast Astros -Gulf Coast LeagueNortheastHOU601941.31717.5189265-764Marty Malloy-0Osceola County StadiumStats -- Roster
2014Gulf Coast Astros -Gulf Coast LeagueNortheastHOU602832.4677.0257292-354Marty Malloy-0Osceola County StadiumStats -- Roster
2013Gulf Coast Astros -Gulf Coast LeagueNortheastHOU602733.4509.0272289-173Edgar Alfonzo-0Osceola County StadiumStats -- Roster
2012Gulf Coast Astros -Gulf Coast LeagueEastHOU592831.4756.5227240-133Ed Romero-0Osceola County StadiumStats -- Roster
2011Gulf Coast Astros -Gulf Coast LeagueEastHOU542034.37018.0239280-415-0Osceola County StadiumStats -- Roster
2010Gulf Coast Astros -Gulf Coast LeagueEastHOU562036.35717.0216325-1095Omar Lopez-0Osceola County StadiumStats -- Roster
2009Gulf Coast Astros -Gulf Coast LeagueEastHOU561838.32120.5253368-1155Omar Lopez-0Osceola County StadiumStats -- Roster
1998Gulf Coast Astros Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernHOU602238.36714.0237316-794Julio Linares-0-Stats -- Roster
1997Gulf Coast Astros Gulf Coast LeagueWesternHOU602436.40016.0236348-1124Julio Linares-0-Stats -- Roster
1996Gulf Coast Astros Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernHOU593128.5256.5263247162Bobby Ramos-0-Stats -- Roster
1995Gulf Coast Astros Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernHOU583226.5521.5268228402Bobby Ramos-0-Stats -- Roster
1994Gulf Coast Astros Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernHOU594118.695--3412161251Bobby RamosLeague Champions0-Stats -- Roster
1993Gulf Coast Astros Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernHOU593524.593--286252341Julio LinaresLost in Finals0-Stats -- Roster
1992Gulf Coast Astros Gulf Coast LeagueCentralHOU602733.45014.5212236-243Julio Linares-0-Stats -- Roster
1991Gulf Coast Astros Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernHOU602733.4506.0247303-564Julio Linares-0-Stats -- Roster
1990Gulf Coast Astros Gulf Coast LeagueNorthHOU633330.5245.0342275674-0-Stats -- Roster
1989Gulf Coast Astros Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernHOU631647.25424.0213351-1386Julio Linares-0-Stats -- Roster
1988Gulf Coast Astros Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernHOU632835.44411.0253259-63Julio Linares-0-Stats -- Roster
1987Gulf Coast Astros Gulf Coast LeagueSouthernHOU623230.5167.5307266413Julio Linares-0-Stats -- Roster
1986Gulf Coast Astros Gulf Coast LeagueSouthernHOU633429.5400.5299273261Julio Linares-0-Stats -- Roster
1985Gulf Coast Astros Gulf Coast LeagueSouthernHOU612437.39319.0226288-625Julio Linares-0-Stats -- Roster
1984Gulf Coast Astros Gulf Coast LeagueSouthernHOU633627.5715.029929452Jose Tartabull-0-Stats -- Roster
1983Gulf Coast Astros Gulf Coast LeagueSouthernHOU612932.47510.5333263704Jose Tartabull-0-Stats -- Roster
1982Gulf Coast Astros Gulf Coast League-HOU622042.32321.5251361-11010Jose Tartabull-0-Stats -- Roster
1979Gulf Coast Astros Gulf Coast League-HOU523319.635--272224481Julio Linares-0-Stats -- Roster
1978Gulf Coast Astros Gulf Coast League-HOU542331.4269.523723435Julio Linares-0-Stats -- Roster
1977Gulf Coast Astros -Gulf Coast League-HOU542232.40717.0254274-206Julio Linares-0-Stats -- Roster