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University of Illinois-ChicagoHorizon League (NCAA Div 1)
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Curtis Granderson played for University of Illinois-Chicago (2013)
History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeagueHorizon League LevelNCAA Div 1CategoryCollege Baseball
Current NicknameFlames
Years Available1968-2018

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
2018University of Illinois-ChicagoHorizon League-00--39170.696000-   Mike Dee  Stats -- Roster
2017University of Illinois-ChicagoHorizon League-228.73339170.696339174165199Mike DeeConf Champions,CWS Regionals Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2016University of Illinois-ChicagoHorizon League-1512.55625300.45516816264192Mike Dee  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2015University of Illinois-ChicagoHorizon League-228.73329220.569325259661156Mike Dee  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2014University of Illinois-ChicagoHorizon League-1713.56724270.471338311272254Mike Dee Les Miller FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2013University of Illinois-ChicagoHorizon League-1311.54227280.491273281-83220Mike Dee Les Miller FieldStats -- Roster
2012University of Illinois-ChicagoHorizon League-1217.41423340.404294366-724231Mike DeeConf ChampionsLes Miller FieldStats -- Roster
2011University of Illinois-ChicagoHorizon League-167.69628260.519279286-72218Mike Dee Les Miller FieldStats -- Roster
2010University of Illinois-ChicagoHorizon League-159.62524300.444424447-233220Mike Dee Les Miller FieldStats -- Roster
2009University of Illinois-ChicagoHorizon League-176.73929230.558332281511133Mike DeeConf FinalistsLes Miller FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2008University of Illinois-ChicagoHorizon League-176.73935220.614379322571160Mike DeeConf Champions, CWS RegionalsLes Miller FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2007University of Illinois-ChicagoHorizon League-216.77835210.62534426381199Mike DeeConf Champions, CWS RegionalsLes Miller FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2006University of Illinois-ChicagoHorizon League-227.75935200.6364062411651133Mike Dee Les Miller FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2005University of Illinois-ChicagoHorizon League-146.70038211.6444293281011147Mike DeeConf. Champions, CWS RegionalsLes Miller FieldStats -- Roster
2004University of Illinois-ChicagoHorizon League-148.63634190.6423982501481156Mike Dee Les Miller FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2003University of Illinois-ChicagoHorizon League-156.71439180.684399423571173Mike DeeConf. Champs, CWS RegionalsLes Miller FieldStats -- Roster
2002University of Illinois-ChicagoHorizon League146.70039160.709397228169-136Mike Dee  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2001University of Illinois-ChicagoMid-Western Collegiate Conference137.65032280.53335733324-219Mike Dee  Stats -- Roster
2000University of Illinois-ChicagoMid-Western Collegiate Conference126.66733260.55937833840-204Mike Dee  Stats -- Roster
1999University of Illinois-ChicagoMid-Western Collegiate Conference612.33318300.375245141104-   Mike Dee  Stats -- Roster
1998University of Illinois-ChicagoMid-Western Collegiate Conference316.15811250.3061468363-   Dean Refakes  Stats -- Roster
1997University of Illinois-ChicagoMid-Western Collegiate Conference816.33315250.37518310479-   Dean Refakes  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1996University of Illinois-ChicagoMid-Western Collegiate Conference1210.54523260.469250147103-   Dean Refakes  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1995University of Illinois-ChicagoMid-Western Collegiate Conference79.43821280.42926018377-   Dean Refakes  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1994University of Illinois-ChicagoMid-Western Collegiate Conference1311.54222310.41522814187-   Dean Refakes  Stats -- Roster
1993University of Illinois-ChicagoMidwest Collegiate Conference138.61931260.544335198137-   Dean Refakes  Stats -- Roster
1992University of Illinois-ChicagoMidwest Collegiate Conference1210.54523270.4601671634-   Dean Refakes  Stats -- Roster
1991University of Illinois-ChicagoMidwest Collegiate Conference84.66725320.439237275-38-   Dean Refakes  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1990University of Illinois-ChicagoAssociation of Mid-Continent Universities83.72733240.579318122196-   Dean Refakes  Stats -- Roster
1989University of Illinois-ChicagoAssociation of Mid-Continent Universities54.55633290.53215811246-   Dean Refakes   Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1988University of Illinois-ChicagoAssociation of Mid-Continent Universities66.50027290.482284170114-   Dean Refakes  Stats -- Roster
1987University of Illinois-ChicagoAssociation of Mid-Continent Universities00--00--000-   Dean Refakes  Stats -- Roster
1986University of Illinois-ChicagoAssociation of Mid-Continent Universities66.50026260.500276161115-     Stats -- Roster
1985University of Illinois-ChicagoAssociation of Mid-Continent Universities35.37528411.4061295871-   Dean Refakes  Stats -- Roster
1984University of Illinois-ChicagoAssociation of Mid-Continent Universities56.45519351.35294112-18-   Dean Refakes  Stats -- Roster
1983University of Illinois-ChicagoAssociation of Mid-Continent Universities00--16351.314000-   Dean Refakes  Stats -- Roster
1982University of Illinois-ChicagoIndependent00--25460.352123142-19-   Dick Ward  Stats -- Roster
1981University of Illinois-ChicagoIndependent00--11290.2756774-7-   Dick Ward  Stats -- Roster
1980University of Illinois-ChicagoIndependent00--11331.25066188-122-   Dick Ward  Stats -- Roster
1979University of Illinois-ChicagoIndependent00--14202.4121408852-   Les Miller  Stats -- Roster
1978University of Illinois-ChicagoChicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference73.70011161.40779079-   Les Miller  Stats -- Roster
1977University of Illinois-ChicagoChicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference00--10271.270000-   Les Miller  Stats -- Roster
1976University of Illinois-ChicagoChicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference00--15280.349000-   Les Miller  Stats -- Roster
1975University of Illinois-ChicagoChicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference00--19180.514000-   Les Miller  Stats -- Roster
1974University of Illinois-ChicagoChicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference00--14220.389000-   Les Miller  Stats -- Roster
1973University of Illinois-ChicagoChicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference00--10200.333000-   Les Miller  Stats -- Roster
1972University of Illinois-ChicagoChicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference00--10180.357000-   Les Miller  Stats -- Roster
1971University of Illinois-ChicagoChicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference52.71419122.6138396-13-   Les Miller  Stats -- Roster
1970University of Illinois-ChicagoChicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference52.7141470.667000-   Les Miller  Stats -- Roster
1969University of Illinois-ChicagoChicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference102.8331540.789000-   Les Miller  Stats -- Roster
1968University of Illinois-ChicagoChicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference111.9172170.75022792135-   Les Miller  Stats -- Roster