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UT Rio Grande ValleyWestern Athletic Conference (NCAA Div 1)
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Jim Tyrone played for UT Rio Grande Valley (-)
History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeagueWestern Athletic Conference LevelNCAA Div 1CategoryCollege Baseball
Current NicknameVaqueros
Years Available1965-2018

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
2018UT Rio Grande ValleyWestern Athletic Conference-00--26280.481988414- Derek Matlock0202Stats -- Roster
2017UT Rio Grande ValleyWestern Athletic Conference-717.29226280.481315354-398251Manny Mantrana0202Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2016UT Rio Grande ValleyWestern Athletic Conference-1014.41721280.429220259-3910281Manny Mantrana0202Stats -- Roster
2015UT Rio Grande ValleyWestern Athletic Conference-620.23121301.412288322-3410269Manny Mantrana02Edinburg Baseball StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2014UT Rio Grande ValleyWestern Athletic Conference-1710.63027300.474249268-192214Manny Mantrana02Edinburg Baseball StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2013UT Rio Grande ValleyGreat West Conference-1710.63028300.483312283293214Manny Mantrana02Edinburg Baseball StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2012UT Rio Grande ValleyGreat West Conference-1612.57130220.577335292432229Manny Mantrana02Edinburg Baseball StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2011UT Rio Grande ValleyGreat West Conference-1018.35721320.396315368-536270Manny Mantrana02Edinburg Baseball StadiumStats -- Roster
2010UT Rio Grande ValleyGreat West Conference-918.33322320.407378400-227268Manny Mantrana02Edinburg Baseball StadiumStats -- Roster
2009UT Rio Grande ValleyIndependent-00--14410.255321547-226-296Manny Mantrana02Edinburg Baseball StadiumStats -- Roster
2006UT Rio Grande ValleyIndependent-00--24290.453274329-55-144Willie Gawlik02Edinburg Baseball StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2005UT Rio Grande ValleyIndependent-00--15390.278241459-218-174Willie Gawlik02Edinburg Baseball StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2004UT Rio Grande ValleyIndependent-00--16280.364253325-72-115Willie Gawlik02Edinburg Baseball StadiumStats -- Roster
2003UT Rio Grande ValleyIndependent00--21330.389319421-102-203Willie Gawlik0202Stats -- Roster
2001UT Rio Grande ValleyIndependent00--12400.231251389-138-256Reggie Tredaway 0202Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2000UT Rio Grande ValleyIndependent00--31191.62038930386-222Reggie Tredaway 0202Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1999UT Rio Grande ValleyIndependent00--30220.57733828850- Reggie Tredaway 0202Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1998UT Rio Grande ValleySun Belt Conference1115.42318320.3602822811- Reggie Tredaway 0202Stats -- Roster
1997UT Rio Grande ValleySun Belt Conference1412.53830220.577312196116- Al Ogletree0202Stats -- Roster
1996UT Rio Grande ValleySun Belt Conference1115.42325300.45528421767- Al Ogletree0202Stats -- Roster
1995UT Rio Grande ValleySun Belt Conference819.29617370.315236270-34- Al Ogletree0202Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1994UT Rio Grande ValleySun Belt Conference420.16711390.220219221-2- Al Ogletree0202Stats -- Roster
1993UT Rio Grande ValleySun Belt Conference516.23823330.411183264-81- Al Ogletree0202Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1992UT Rio Grande ValleySun Belt Conference613.31630220.57722019525- Al Ogletree0202Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1991UT Rio Grande ValleyAmerican South Conference135.72237210.63827722156- Al Ogletree0202Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1990UT Rio Grande ValleyAmerican South Conference510.33330240.55621812989- Al Ogletree0202Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1989UT Rio Grande ValleyAmerican South Conference69.40026270.49117513441- Al Ogletree0202Stats -- Roster
1988UT Rio Grande ValleyAmerican South Conference89.47133250.56921014466- Al Ogletree0202Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1987UT Rio Grande ValleyIndependent00--40200.667362103259- Al Ogletree0202Stats -- Roster
1986UT Rio Grande ValleyIndependent00--42190.689224111113- Al Ogletree0202Stats -- Roster
1985UT Rio Grande ValleyIndependent00--39200.6611405882- Al Ogletree0202Stats -- Roster
1984UT Rio Grande ValleyIndependent00--31270.53413510431- Al Ogletree0202Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1983UT Rio Grande ValleyIndependent00--64191.771299119180- Al Ogletree0202Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1982UT Rio Grande ValleyIndependent00--28280.500000- Al Ogletree0202Stats -- Roster
1981UT Rio Grande ValleyIndependent00--32220.59317710176- Al Ogletree0202Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1980UT Rio Grande ValleyIndependent00--61180.77231195216- Al Ogletree0202Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1979UT Rio Grande ValleyIndependent00--52120.81320210597- Al Ogletree0202Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1978UT Rio Grande ValleyIndependent00--52170.754235103132- Al Ogletree0202Stats -- Roster
1977UT Rio Grande ValleyIndependent00--45300.600288139149- Al Ogletree0202Stats -- Roster
1976UT Rio Grande ValleyIndependent00--53210.716022-22- Al Ogletree0202Stats -- Roster
1975UT Rio Grande ValleyIndependent00--6370.9001157540- Al Ogletree0202Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1974UT Rio Grande ValleyIndependent00--50110.8205763-6- Al Ogletree0202Stats -- Roster
1973UT Rio Grande ValleyIndependent00--31170.6464449-5- Al Ogletree0202Stats -- Roster
1972UT Rio Grande ValleyIndependent00--40160.714876126- Al Ogletree0202Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1971UT Rio Grande ValleyIndependent00--4490.8301017625- Al Ogletree0202Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1970UT Rio Grande ValleyIndependent00--32120.727042-42- Al Ogletree0202Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1969UT Rio Grande ValleyIndependent00--24110.686000- Al Ogletree0202Stats -- Roster
1968UT Rio Grande ValleyIndependent00--18120.600000- Larry Ensminger0202Stats -- Roster
1967UT Rio Grande ValleyIndependent00--18160.529000- Larry Ensminger0202Stats -- Roster
1966UT Rio Grande ValleyIndependent00--15100.600000- Larry Ensminger0202Stats -- Roster
1965UT Rio Grande ValleyIndependent00--16100.6151429547- Chuck Young0202Stats -- Roster