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University of Central OklahomaMid-America Intercollegiate Athletic Association (NCAA Div 2)
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History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeagueMid-America Intercollegiate Athletic Association LevelNCAA Div 2CategoryCollege Baseball
Current NicknameBronchos
Years Available1977-2018
Drafted Players (All)5

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
2018University of Central OklahomaMid-America Intercollegiate Athletic Association2511.69437210.638317319-2-   John Martin--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2017University of Central OklahomaMid-America Intercollegiate Athletic Association2016.55637211.63836432242-   John Martin-Wendell Simmons FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2016University of Central OklahomaMid-America Intercollegiate Athletic Association2117.55330220.57744240834-   John Martin-Wendell Simmons FieldStats -- Roster
2015University of Central OklahomaMid-America Intercollegiate Athletic Association1421.40019260.4223043031-   Dax Leone-Wendell Simmons FieldStats -- Roster
2014University of Central OklahomaMid-America Intercollegiate Athletic Association2614.65037170.685443237206-   Dax Leone-Wendell Simmons FieldStats -- Roster
2013University of Central OklahomaMid-America Intercollegiate Athletic Association2316.59029190.60432527154-   Dax Leone-Wendell Simmons FieldStats -- Roster
2012University of Central OklahomaIndyDiv200--31170.646386261125-   Dax Leone-Wendell Simmons FieldStats -- Roster
2011University of Central OklahomaLone Star Conference1319.40624230.51130328023-   Dax Leone-Wendell Simmons FieldStats -- Roster
2010University of Central OklahomaLone Star Conference1026.27813290.310249365-116-   Wendell Simmons-Wendell Simmons FieldStats -- Roster
2009University of Central OklahomaLone Star Conference1026.27813290.31017494051344-   Wendell Simmons-Broncho FieldStats -- Roster
2008University of Central OklahomaLone Star Conference1026.27813290.310496365131-   Wendell Simmons-Wendell Simmons FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2007University of Central OklahomaLone Star Conference187.72040181.69017732881485-   Wendell Simmons-Broncho FieldStats -- Roster
2006University of Central OklahomaLone Star Conference186.75040200.667480334146-   Wendell Simmons-Broncho FieldStats -- Roster
2005University of Central OklahomaLone Star Conference205.80044150.746453230223-   Wendell Simmons-Broncho FieldStats -- Roster
2004University of Central OklahomaLone Star Conference138.61933160.673392208184-   Wendell Simmons-Wendell Simmons FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2003University of Central OklahomaLone Star Conference214.84044130.772451237214-   Wendell Simmons-Broncho FieldStats -- Roster
2002University of Central OklahomaLone Star Conference212.91346100.821474258216-   Wendell Simmons-Broncho FieldStats -- Roster
2001University of Central OklahomaLone Star Conference213.87540150.727521319202-   Wendell Simmons-Broncho FieldStats -- Roster
2000University of Central OklahomaLone Star Conference119.55027180.60034725196-   Wendell Simmons-Broncho FieldStats -- Roster
1999University of Central OklahomaLone Star Conference133.81332130.711382170212-   Wendell Simmons-Broncho FieldStats -- Roster
1998University of Central OklahomaLone Star Conference166.72737140.725362138224-   Wendell Simmons-Broncho FieldStats -- Roster
1997University of Central OklahomaLone Star Conference146.70042210.667537328209-   Wendell Simmons-Broncho FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
1996University of Central OklahomaLone Star Conference713.35023260.469315119196-   Wendell Simmons-Broncho FieldStats -- Roster
1995University of Central OklahomaLone Star Conference1213.48027250.519314176138-   Wendell Simmons-Broncho FieldStats -- Roster
1994University of Central OklahomaLone Star Conference153.83339140.736425211214-   Wendell Simmons-Broncho FieldStats -- Roster
1993University of Central OklahomaLone Star Conference713.35015310.326164195-31-   Wendell Simmons-Broncho FieldStats -- Roster
1992University of Central OklahomaLone Star Conference87.53327260.50927623937-   Wendell Simmons-Broncho FieldStats -- Roster
1991University of Central OklahomaLone Star Conference00--21320.396119171-52-   Bobby Hunt-Broncho FieldStats -- Roster
1990University of Central OklahomaLone Star Conference00--13180.4195173-22-   Bobby Hunt-Broncho FieldStats -- Roster
1989University of Central OklahomaLone Star Conference00--24280.462945242-   Bobby Hunt-Broncho FieldStats -- Roster
1988University of Central OklahomaLone Star Conference00--13290.310000-   Bobby Hunt-Broncho FieldStats -- Roster
1987University of Central OklahomaLone Star Conference00--19280.404000-   Bobby Hunt-Broncho FieldStats -- Roster
1986University of Central OklahomaNAIA Independent00--31190.620000-   Bobby Hunt-Broncho FieldStats -- Roster
1985University of Central OklahomaNAIA Independent00--26150.634000-   Bobby Hunt-Broncho FieldStats -- Roster
1984University of Central OklahomaNAIA Independent00--3980.830000-   Bobby Hunt-Broncho FieldStats -- Roster
1983University of Central OklahomaNAIA Independent00--34190.642000-   Bobby Hunt-Broncho FieldStats -- Roster
1982University of Central OklahomaNAIA Independent00--28220.560000-   Bobby Hunt-Broncho FieldStats -- Roster
1981University of Central OklahomaNAIA Independent00--17210.447000-   Bobby Hunt-Broncho FieldStats -- Roster
1980University of Central OklahomaNAIA Independent00--22180.550000-   Bobby Hunt-Broncho FieldStats -- Roster
1979University of Central OklahomaNAIA Independent00--10220.313000-   Bobby Hunt-Broncho FieldStats -- Roster
1978University of Central OklahomaNAIA Independent00--17290.370120158-38-   Bobby Hunt-Broncho FieldStats -- Roster
1977University of Central OklahomaNAIA Independent00--22170.564000-   Bobby Hunt-Broncho FieldStats -- Roster