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Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern Conference (NCAA Div 1)
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Jack Lazorko played for Mississippi State University (1986)
History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeagueSoutheastern Conference LevelNCAA Div 1CategoryCollege Baseball
Current NicknameBulldogs
Years Available1984-2018

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
2018Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern ConferenceWestern00--36240.600805624- Andy Cannizaro  Stats -- Roster
2017Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern ConferenceWestern1713.56736240.60037335320321Andy CannizaroCWS Super Regionals,#14 in nation Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2016Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern ConferenceWestern219.70044181.710405249156115John CohenCWS Super Regionals,#10 in Nation Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2015Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern ConferenceWestern822.26724300.44428527967131John Cohen Dudy Noble FieldStats -- Roster
2014Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern ConferenceWestern1812.60039240.61931122685328John CohenCWS RegionalsDudy Noble FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2013Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern ConferenceWestern1614.53351200.718414255159310John CohenCollege World Series Finalist,#2 in NationDudy Noble FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2012Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern ConferenceWestern1614.53340240.62528621967322John CohenConf Champions,CWS Regionals,#22 in nationDudy Noble FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2011Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern ConferenceWestern1416.46734230.59636928980218John CohenCWS Super Regionals,#17 in NationDudy Noble FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2010Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern ConferenceWestern624.20023330.411412440-28671John Cohen Dudy Noble FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2009Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern ConferenceWestern1119.36725290.463356387-31692John Cohen Dudy Noble FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2008Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern ConferenceWestern921.30023330.411351441-906127Ron Polk Dudy Noble FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2007Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern ConferenceWestern1513.53638220.63341733285217Ron PolkCWS Final-8, #8 in NationDudy Noble FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2006Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern ConferenceWestern1217.41437230.617410302108535Ron PolkCWS RegionalsDudy Noble FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2005Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern Conference-1316.44842220.656382274108425Ron PolkCWS Regionals, #22 in nationDudy Noble FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2004Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern ConferenceWestern1317.43335240.59337931465433Ron PolkCWS RegionalsDudy Noble FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2003Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern ConferenceWestern1712.58642201.677416281135320Ron PolkCWS Regionals , #24 in NationDudy Noble FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2002Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern ConferenceWestern1415.48334240.586388240148450Ron Polk Dudy Noble FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2001Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern Conference1713.56739240.619378274104-25Pat McMahon  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2000Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern Conference1710.63041200.672513331182-17Pat McMahon  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1999Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern Conference1914.57642210.667596292304- Pat McMahon  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1998Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern Conference1415.48342230.646542373169- Pat McMahon  Stats -- Roster
1997Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern Conference1911.63347210.691561374187- Ron Polk  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1996Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern Conference1713.56738240.613444326118- Ron Polk  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1995Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern Conference1116.40734250.576335235100- Ron Polk  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1994Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern Conference1512.55636230.61028525827- Ron Polk  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1993Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern Conference1712.58641210.661351190161- Ron Polk  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1992Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern Conference159.62540220.645576213363- Ron Polk  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1991Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern Conference129.57142210.66728223646- Ron Polk  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1990Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern Conference179.65450210.70446198363- Ron Polk  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1989Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern Conference205.80054140.79451756461- Ron Polk  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1988Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern Conference1710.63044200.68839752345- Ron Polk  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1987Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern Conference1713.56739220.639310143167- Ron Polk  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1986Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern Conference1215.44434210.618308107201- Ron Polk  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1985Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern Conference168.66750150.769487127360- Ron Polk  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1984Mississippi State UniversitySoutheastern Conference197.73145160.738441119322- Ron Polk  Stats -- Roster -- Draft