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University of California-IrvineBig West Conference (NCAA Div 1)
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Sean Tracey played for University of California-Irvine
History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeagueBig West Conference LevelNCAA Div 1CategoryCollege Baseball
Current NicknameAnteaters
Years Available1970-2019
Drafted Players (All)102

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
2019University of California-IrvineBig West Conference-00----------965046-   Ben Orloff--Stats -- Roster
2018University of California-IrvineBig West Conference-1311.54232240.571288255333107Mike Gillespie-Anteater BallparkStats -- Roster -- Draft
2017University of California-IrvineBig West Conference-915.37523330.411292337-457161Mike Gillespie-Anteater BallparkStats -- Roster -- Draft
2016University of California-IrvineBig West Conference-1113.45831250.55428828358118Mike Gillespie-Anteater BallparkStats -- Roster -- Draft
2015University of California-IrvineBig West Conference-159.62533230.58930127328350Mike Gillespie-Anteater BallparkStats -- Roster -- Draft
2014University of California-IrvineBig West Conference-159.62541250.62128722463323Mike GillespieCWS Final-8,#8 in NationAnteater BallparkStats -- Roster -- Draft
2013University of California-IrvineBig West Conference-1512.55633220.60028721077480Mike Gillespie-Anteater BallparkStats -- Roster -- Draft
2012University of California-IrvineBig West Conference-1311.54231250.55426020555489Mike Gillespie-Anteater BallparkStats -- Roster -- Draft
2011University of California-IrvineBig West Conference-168.66739160.709331179152227Mike GillespieCWS Super Regionals,#16 in NationAnteater BallparkStats -- Roster -- Draft
2010University of California-IrvineBig West Conference-177.70839210.650397293104239Mike GillespieConf Finalist,CWS RegionalsAnteater BallparkStats -- Roster -- Draft
2009University of California-IrvineBig West Conference-222.91745150.750432291141118Mike GillespieConf Champions,CWS Regionals,#10 in NationAnteater BallparkStats -- Roster -- Draft
2008University of California-IrvineBig West Conference-1410.58342180.700372250122312Mike GillespieCWS Super Regionals, #11 in NationAnteater BallparkStats -- Roster -- Draft
2007University of California-IrvineBig West Conference-156.71447170.734431286145212Dave SerranoCWS Final-8, #4 in NationAnteater BallparkStats -- Roster -- Draft
2006University of California-IrvineBig West Conference-1110.52436240.60030825454343Dave SerranoCWS RegionalsAnteater BallparkStats -- Roster -- Draft
2005University of California-IrvineBig West Conference-1011.47631250.55431823583554Dave Serrano-Anteater BallparkStats -- Roster -- Draft
2004University of California-IrvineBig West Conference-1011.47634231.59632827157431John SavageCWS RegionalsAnteater BallparkStats -- Roster -- Draft
2003University of California-IrvineBig West Conference-813.38121350.375225269-445134John Savage-Anteater BallparkStats -- Roster
2002University of California-IrvineBig West Conference-1410.58333260.55935134110580-Anteater BallparkStats -- Roster -- Draft
1992University of California-IrvineBig West Conference1014.41723270.460139142-3-   Mike Gerakos--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1991University of California-IrvineBig West Conference615.28624320.42992109-17-   Mike Gerakos--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1990University of California-IrvineBig West Conference1011.47634250.57658105-47-   Mike Gerakos--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1989University of California-IrvineBig West Conference615.28620351.3644683-37-   Mike Gerakos--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1988University of California-IrvineBig West Conference912.42930281.5171579463-   Mike Gerakos--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1987University of California-IrvinePacific Coast Athletic Conference138.61927261.509105161-56-   Mike Gerakos--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1986University of California-IrvinePacific Coast Athletic Conference912.42920262.43561114-53-   Mike Gerakos--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1985University of California-IrvinePacific Coast Athletic Conference1116.40724311.43618461123-   Mike Gerakos--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1984University of California-IrvineSouthern California Baseball Association1117.39323341.40481081-   Mike Gerakos--Stats -- Roster
1983University of California-IrvineSouthern California Baseball Association1711.60725250.500685513-   Mike Gerakos--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1982University of California-IrvineSouthern California Baseball Association1117.39328291.491000-   Mike Gerakos--Stats -- Roster
1981University of California-IrvineSouthern California Baseball Association1315.46431230.574000-   Mike Gerakos--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1980University of California-IrvineSouthern California Baseball Association199.67937251.5971316566-   Steve Hertz--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1979University of California-IrvineSouthern California Baseball Association819.29622371.37354054-   Steve Hertz--Stats -- Roster
1978University of California-IrvineSouthern California Baseball Association1017.37017281.378615110-   Eddie Allen--Stats -- Roster
1977University of California-IrvineIndyDiv200--30230.56628028-   Eddie Allen--Stats -- Roster
1976University of California-IrvineIndyDiv200--24201.545472918-   Tom Spence--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1975University of California-IrvineIndyDiv200--15270.35731031-   Tom Spence--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1974University of California-IrvineIndyDiv200--4880.85715910257-   Gary Adams--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1973University of California-IrvineIndyDiv200--44120.7867698-22-   Gary Adams--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1972University of California-IrvineIndyDiv200--32201.6154045-5-   Gary Adams--Stats -- Roster
1971University of California-IrvineIndyDiv200--31171.6463059-29-   Gary Adams--Stats -- Roster
1970University of California-IrvineIndyDiv200--33123.733000-   Gary Adams--Stats -- Roster