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Texas A&M UniversitySoutheastern Conference (NCAA Div 1)
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Rick Luecken played for Texas A&M University
History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeagueSoutheastern Conference LevelNCAA Div 1CategoryCollege Baseball
LocationCollege Station,Texas
Current NicknameAggies
Years Available1970-2018
Drafted Players (All)256

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
2018Texas A&M UniversitySoutheastern ConferenceWestern00--36210.63221011793-   Rob Childress--Stats -- Roster
2017Texas A&M UniversitySoutheastern ConferenceWestern1614.53336210.632389269120433Rob ChildressCWS Final-8,#10 in nation-Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2016Texas A&M UniversitySoutheastern ConferenceWestern2010.66749160.75447123323824Rob ChildressConf Champions,CWS Super Regionals,#8 in Nation-Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2015Texas A&M UniversitySoutheastern ConferenceWestern2313.63950140.78142424118325Rob ChildressCWS Super Regionals,#13 in NationOlsen FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2014Texas A&M UniversitySoutheastern ConferenceWestern1416.46736260.58131125358631Rob ChildressCWS RegionalsOlsen FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2013Texas A&M UniversitySoutheastern ConferenceWestern1316.44834290.54027824731634Rob ChildressCWS RegionalsOlsen FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2012Texas A&M UniversityBig 12 Conference-168.66743180.705354216138216Rob ChildressCWS Regionals,#19 in nationOlsen FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2011Texas A&M UniversityBig 12 Conference-198.70442180.70040525215329Rob ChildressConf Champions,CWS Final-8,#7 in NationOlsen FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2010Texas A&M UniversityBig 12 Conference-1412.53843211.67240030199420Rob ChildressConf Champions,CWS RegionalsOlsen FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2009Texas A&M UniversityBig 12 Conference-1413.51937240.607423315108615Rob ChildressCWS RegionalsOlsen FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2008Texas A&M UniversityBig 12 Conference-198.70446190.708516333183118Rob ChildressCWS Super Regionals, #12 in NationOlsen FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2007Texas A&M UniversityBig 12 Conference-1313.50048190.71646531714856Rob ChildressConf Champions, CWS Super-Regionals, #12 in NationOlsen FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2006Texas A&M UniversityBig 12 Conference-620.23125301.45524124101066Rob Childress-Olsen FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2005Texas A&M UniversityBig 12 Conference-918.33330251.54527722849945Mark Johnson-Olsen FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2004Texas A&M UniversityBig 12 Conference-1412.53842220.656455293162517Mark JohnsonCWS Super Regionals, #20 in NationOlsen FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2003Texas A&M UniversityBig 12 Conference-198.70445190.703417302115215Mark JohnsonCWS Regionals , #14 in NationOlsen FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2002Texas A&M UniversityBig 12 Conference-1314.48135240.59335328172852Mark Johnson-Olsen FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2001Texas A&M UniversityBig 12 Conference1515.50033270.55032729433-76Mark Johnson--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2000Texas A&M UniversityBig 12 Conference1119.36723350.397308321-13-122Mark Johnson--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1999Texas A&M UniversityBig 12 Conference236.79352180.743591359232-   Mark Johnson--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1998Texas A&M UniversityBig 12 Conference219.70046200.697501329172-   Mark Johnson--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1997Texas A&M UniversityBig 12 Conference1911.63339220.639319177142-   Mark Johnson--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1996Texas A&M UniversitySouthwest Conference1212.50037210.638364213151-   Mark Johnson--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1995Texas A&M UniversitySouthwest Conference159.62544221.667522218304-   Mark Johnson--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1994Texas A&M UniversitySouthwest Conference612.33331220.58525016783-   Mark Johnson--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1993Texas A&M UniversitySouthwest Conference153.83353110.828498226272-   Mark Johnson--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1992Texas A&M UniversitySouthwest Conference2214.61141200.672315171144-   Mark Johnson--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1991Texas A&M UniversitySouthwest Conference138.61944230.657328220108-   Mark Johnson--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1990Texas A&M UniversitySouthwest Conference1110.52443170.71721871147-   Mark Johnson--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1988Texas A&M UniversitySouthwest Conference174.81052150.77638365318-   Mark Johnson--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1987Texas A&M UniversitySouthwest Conference147.66744221.667432171261-   Mark Johnson--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1986Texas A&M UniversitySouthwest Conference165.76245230.662336107229-   Mark Johnson--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1985Texas A&M UniversitySouthwest Conference129.57139160.70932186235-   Mark Johnson--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1984Texas A&M UniversitySouthwest Conference138.61941210.66121599116-   Tom Chandler--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1983Texas A&M UniversitySouthwest Conference417.19024210.53321212488-   Tom Chandler--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1982Texas A&M UniversitySouthwest Conference1010.50033191.63519911980-   Tom Chandler--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1981Texas A&M UniversitySouthwest Conference1010.50035161.68622641185-   Tom Chandler--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1980Texas A&M UniversitySouthwest Conference176.73938140.73121796121-   Tom Chandler--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1979Texas A&M UniversitySouthwest Conference1310.56530200.60018268114-   Tom Chandler--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1978Texas A&M UniversitySouthwest Conference195.79239160.70922113091-   Tom Chandler--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1977Texas A&M UniversitySouthwest Conference184.81837160.69821613185-   Tom Chandler--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1976Texas A&M UniversitySouthwest Conference156.71440130.75521312786-   Tom Chandler--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1975Texas A&M UniversitySouthwest Conference177.70832151.681102112-10-   Tom Chandler--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1974Texas A&M UniversitySouthwest Conference177.70831130.70515633123-   Tom Chandler--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1973Texas A&M UniversitySouthwest Conference98.5291990.679453312-   Tom Chandler--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1972Texas A&M UniversitySouthwest Conference108.55627130.675492227-   Tom Chandler--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1971Texas A&M UniversitySouthwest Conference126.6673190.775813546-   Tom Chandler--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1970Texas A&M UniversitySouthwest Conference134.7652590.735014-14-   Tom Chandler--Stats -- Roster -- Draft