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St. Lucie MetsFlorida State League (A+)
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History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeagueFlorida State League LevelA+CategoryMinor League
Most Recent MLB ParentNew York Mets
LocationPort St. Lucie,Florida
Current NicknameMets
Years Available1988-2019

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
2019St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueSouthNYN1346866.50713.55201034-5144Chad KreuterNo playoffs82,581-Stats -- Roster
2018St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueSouthNYN1305476.41519.5433527-946Chad Kreuter-98,823First Data FieldStats -- Roster
2017St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueSouthNYN1386375.45713.5555665-1106Chad Kreuter-132,359First Data FieldStats -- Roster
2016St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueSouthNYN1357461.548--588508801Luis RojasLost in Semi-Finals96,556Tradition FieldStats -- Roster
2015St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueSouthNYN1386870.4937.555354945Luis Rojas-99,044Tradition FieldStats -- Roster
2014St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueSouthNYN1387662.5515.5643666-234Ryan Ellis-94,650Digital Domain ParkStats -- Roster
2013St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueSouthNYN1317160.5426.0570518522Ryan Ellis-98,664Digital Domain ParkStats -- Roster
2012St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueSouthNYN1358352.615--6135111021Ryan EllisLost in Semi-Finals92,044Digital Domain ParkStats -- Roster
2011St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueSouthNYN1407268.5143.5625606192Pedro LopezLost in Finals105,379Digital Domain ParkStats -- Roster
2010St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueSouthNYN1386276.44917.5590692-1025Edgardo Alfonzo-100,921Digital Domain ParkStats -- Roster
2009St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueSouthNYN1346668.49312.0609560494Tim Teufel-95,598Tradition FieldStats -- Roster
2008St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1345381.39621.0517637-1206Tim Teufel-93,626Tradition FieldStats -- Roster
2007St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1396871.4897.5618656-383Frank CacciatoreLost in Semi-Finals91,069Tradition FieldStats -- Roster
2006St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1397762.5542.0608546621Gary CarterLeague Champions100,518Tradition FieldStats -- Roster
2005St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1346668.49311.564164104Tim Teufel-91,382Tradition FieldStats -- Roster
2004St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1296465.49610.555755255Tim Teufel-41,374Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
2003St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1397762.554--566505611Ken OberkfellLeague Champions49,684Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
2002St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1407169.50711.0693660333Ken Oberkfell-57,365Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
2001St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1396376.45319.0590594-46Ron Johnson-51,125Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
2000St. Lucie MetsFlorida State League-NYN1398158.5833.570261389-Dave Engle-0Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
1999St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1386870.4935.0625637-123Howard Freiling-82,631Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
1998St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1367066.5158.062362302Roy SilverLeague Champions87,181Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
1997St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1355481.40025.0512574-626John Gibbons-154,670Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
1996St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1337162.534--517505122John GibbonsLeague Champions124,174Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
1995St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1346173.45525.5484504-204Chris Maloney-100,055Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
1994St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1367165.5225.5578544342Mike Ramsey-108,283Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
1993St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1307852.600--5934671261Terry KennedyLost in Finals123,275Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
1992St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN693534.5074.0520507132John Tamargo
Dave Bialas
Lost in 1st Round121,763Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
1991St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1317259.5507.0433404292John TamargoLost in Semi-Finals155,946Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
1990St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1347658.56717.06415091323Tim BlackwellLost in 1st Round65,597Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
1989St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEasternNYN1347955.590--579483961Dave BialasLost in Semi-Finals66,041Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
1988St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEasternNYN1397465.5322.0537521162Clint HurdleLeague Champions68,150Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster