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Salt LakePacific Coast League (AAA)
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Nick Franklin played for Salt Lake (2017)
History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeaguePacific Coast League LevelAAACategoryMinor League
Most Recent MLB ParentLos Angeles Angels
LocationSalt Lake City,Utah
Current NicknameBees
Years Available1977-2018

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
2018Salt Lake BeesPacific Coast LeaguePacific SouthernANA000----000- 0 Stats -- Roster
2017Salt Lake BeesPacific Coast LeaguePacific SouthernANA1427270.5071.0801762392Keith Johnson 483,202Smith's BallparkStats -- Roster
2016Salt Lake BeesPacific Coast LeaguePacific SouthernANA1426379.4449.5615780-1654Keith Johnson 503,659 Stats -- Roster
2015Salt Lake BeesPacific Coast LeaguePacific SouthernANA1445886.40320.0697823-1264Dave Anderson 470,760 Stats -- Roster
2014Salt Lake BeesPacific Coast LeaguePacific SouthernANA1446084.41721.0788885-974Keith Johnson 470,565Spring Mobile BallparkStats -- Roster
2013Salt Lake BeesPacific Coast LeaguePacific NorthernANA1447866.542--809832-231Lost in finals531,221Spring Mobile BallparkStats -- Roster
2012Salt Lake BeesPacific Coast LeaguePacific NorthernANA1447371.5078.0795799-43Keith Johnson 515,633Spring Mobile BallparkStats -- Roster
2011Salt Lake BeesPacific Coast LeaguePacific NorthernANA1446282.43115.0755866-1114Keith Johnson 437,769Spring Mobile BallparkStats -- Roster
2010Salt Lake BeesPacific Coast LeaguePacific NorthANA1447371.5071.5818792262Bobby Mitchell 510,484Spring Mobile BallparkStats -- Roster
2009Salt Lake BeesPacific Coast LeaguePacific NorthANA1437271.5031.5752777-253Bobby Mitchell 492,321Spring Mobile BallparkStats -- Roster
2008Salt Lake BeesPacific Coast LeaguePacific NorthANA1448460.583--808750581Bobby MitchellLost in Semi-Finals500,780Franklin Covey FieldStats -- Roster
2007Salt Lake BeesPacific Coast LeaguePac-NorthANA1437469.517--767783-161Brian HarperLost in Semi-Finals460,845Franklin Covey FieldStats -- Roster
2006Salt Lake BeesPacific Coast LeaguePacific NorthANA1448163.563--798739591Brian HarperLost in 1st Round451,938Franklin Covey FieldStats -- Roster
2005Salt Lake StingersPacific Coast LeaguePacific NorthANA1447965.5491.0820799212Dino Ebel 437,686Franklin Covey FieldStats -- Roster
2004Salt Lake StingersPacific Coast LeagueNorthernANA1445688.38928.0785900-1154Mike Brumley 448,153Franklin Covey FieldStats -- Roster
2003Salt Lake StingersPacific Coast LeagueNorthernANA1436875.4765.5725747-223Mike Brumley 474,647Franklin Covey FieldStats -- Roster
2002Salt Lake StingersPacific Coast LeagueCentralANA1447866.542--797729681Mike BrumleyLost in Finals460,839Franklin Covey FieldStats -- Roster
2001Salt Lake StingersPacific Coast LeagueCentralANA1437964.5524.08207161042Garry Templeton 470,849Franklin Covey FieldStats -- Roster
2000Salt Lake BuzzPacific Coast LeagueNorthMIN1439053.629--10167952211Phil RoofLost in Finals511,423Franklin Covey FieldStats -- Roster
1999Salt Lake BuzzPacific Coast LeagueSouthMIN1417368.518--81480772Phil RoofLost in Semi-Finals505,547Franklin Covey FieldStats -- Roster
1998Salt Lake BuzzPacific Coast LeagueSouthMIN1437964.552--787750372Phil Roof 554,719Franklin Covey FieldStats -- Roster
1997Salt Lake BuzzPacific Coast LeagueNorthernMIN1437271.5037.5889855344Phil Roof 578,107Franklin Covey FieldStats -- Roster
1996Salt Lake BuzzPacific Coast LeagueSouthernMIN1447866.5427.0855798572Phil RoofLost in Semi-Finals621,027Franklin Covey FieldStats -- Roster
1995Salt Lake BuzzPacific Coast LeagueNorthernMIN1447965.5493.5831773582Phil RoofLost in Finals637,332Franklin Covey FieldStats -- Roster
1994Salt Lake BuzzPacific Coast LeagueNorthernMIN1447470.5144.09418341072Scott UllgerLost in Semi-Finals713,224Franklin Covey FieldStats -- Roster
1984Salt Lake GullsPacific Coast LeagueNorthernSEA1407466.529--805790151Bobby FloydLost in Semi-Finals167,803Derks FieldStats -- Roster
1983Salt Lake GullsPacific Coast LeagueNorthernSEA1426775.4728.0894927-333Bobby Floyd 280,130Derks FieldStats -- Roster
1982Salt Lake GullsPacific Coast LeagueSouthernSEA1437370.51012.0794859-653Bobby FloydLost in Semi-Finals255,671Derks FieldStats -- Roster
1981Salt Lake GullsPacific Coast LeagueSouthernCAL1346371.47032.0770852-823Moose Stubing 205,353Derks FieldStats -- Roster
1980Salt Lake GullsPacific Coast LeagueSouthernCAL1427765.5428.0718728-103Moose Stubing 203,346Derks FieldStats -- Roster
1979Salt Lake GullsPacific Coast LeagueSouthernCAL1488068.5416.0844777672Jimy WilliamsLeague Champions214,825Derks FieldStats -- Roster
1978Salt Lake GullsPacific Coast LeagueEasternCAL1377265.5264.5783794-113Deron JohnsonLost in Semi-Finals207,440Derks FieldStats -- Roster
1977Salt Lake GullsPacific Coast LeagueEastCAL1397465.5326.5920841792Jimy Williams 0 Stats -- Roster