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Gulf Coast Yankees -Gulf Coast League (Rk)
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Darrin Chapin played for Gulf Coast Yankees (1986)
History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeagueGulf Coast League LevelRkCategoryMinor League
Most Recent MLB ParentNew York Yankees
Current Nickname
Years Available1980-2019

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
2019Gulf Coast Yankees -Gulf Coast LeagueNortheastNYA000----072-72--0-Stats -- Roster
2018Gulf Coast Yankees -Gulf Coast LeagueNortheastNYA541935.3527.0203320-1174Edgar Gonzalez-0George M. Steinbrenner FieldStats -- Roster
2017Gulf Coast Yankees -Gulf Coast LeagueNortheastNYA603327.550--210217-71League Champions0George M. Steinbrenner FieldStats -- Roster
2016Gulf Coast Yankees -Gulf Coast LeagueNortheastNYA551936.3458.5413524-1114-0George M. Steinbrenner FieldStats -- Roster
2015Gulf Coast Yankees -Gulf Coast LeagueNorthwestNYA582632.44813.026526504-0George M. Steinbrenner FieldStats -- Roster
2014Gulf Coast Yankees -Gulf Coast LeagueNorthwestNYA603822.633--304230741Tom NietoLost in Finals0George M. Steinbrenner FieldStats -- Roster
2013Gulf Coast Yankees -Gulf Coast LeagueNorthwestNYA602832.4675.0252266-144Tom Nieto-0George M. Steinbrenner FieldStats -- Roster
2012Gulf Coast Yankees -Gulf Coast LeagueNorthNYA603525.5831.0254224303Tom Nieto-0George M. Steinbrenner FieldStats -- Roster
2011Gulf Coast Yankees -Gulf Coast LeagueNorthNYA603723.617--388324641Carlos MendozaLeague Champions0George M. Steinbrenner FieldStats -- Roster
2010Gulf Coast Yankees -Gulf Coast LeagueNorthNYA562432.4298.0275301-266Jody Reed-0George M. Steinbrenner FieldStats -- Roster
2009Gulf Coast Yankees -Gulf Coast LeagueNorthNYA603327.550--21620971Jody ReedLost in Semi-Finals0Yankee ComplexStats -- Roster
2008Gulf Coast Yankees Gulf Coast LeagueNorthNYA583127.5342.0221249-282Jody Reed-0Yankee ComplexStats -- Roster
2007Gulf Coast Yankees Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernNYA594217.712--290194961Jody ReedLeague Champions0Yankee ComplexStats -- Roster
2006Gulf Coast Yankees Gulf Coast LeagueNorthNYA513120.6081.5241176652-0Yankee ComplexStats -- Roster
2005Gulf Coast Yankees Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernNYA533320.623--294201931Oscar AcostaLeague Champions0Yankee ComplexStats -- Roster
2004Gulf Coast Yankees Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernNYA593623.610--257184732Oscar AcostaLeague Champions0Yankee ComplexStats -- Roster
2003Gulf Coast Yankees Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernNYA572631.45610.5241224173Dan Radison-0Yankee ComplexStats -- Roster
2002Gulf Coast Yankees Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernNYA603624.6003.0259229302Manny Crespo-0Yankee ComplexStats -- Roster
2001Gulf Coast Yankees Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernNYA603525.583--298245531Derek SheltonLeague Champions0Yankee ComplexStats -- Roster
2000Gulf Coast Yankees Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernNYA603822.633--311227841Derek SheltonLost in Finals0Yankee ComplexStats -- Roster
1999Gulf Coast Yankees Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernNYA603228.5331.0292271212Ken Dominguez-0Yankee ComplexStats -- Roster
1998Gulf Coast Yankees Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernNYA603426.5672.0293260332Ken Dominguez-0Yankee ComplexStats -- Roster
1997Gulf Coast Yankees Gulf Coast LeagueWesternNYA604020.667--349266831Ken DominguezLost in Semi-Finals0Yankee ComplexStats -- Roster
1996Gulf Coast Yankees Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernNYA583721.638--345256891Ken DominguezLeague Champions0Yankee ComplexStats -- Roster
1995Gulf Coast Yankees Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernNYA583226.5521.5285215703Hector Lopez-0Yankee ComplexStats -- Roster
1994Gulf Coast Yankees Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernNYA582632.44814.5255277-223Hector Lopez-0Yankee ComplexStats -- Roster
1993Gulf Coast Yankees Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernNYA593029.5085.0237277-403Glenn Sherlock-0Yankee ComplexStats -- Roster
1992Gulf Coast Yankees Gulf Coast LeagueSouthernNYA573126.5443.0258192662Gary Denbo-0Yankee ComplexStats -- Roster
1991Gulf Coast Yankees Gulf Coast LeagueCentralNYA592732.4584.5286314-285Ken Dominguez-0Yankee ComplexStats -- Roster
1990Gulf Coast Yankees Gulf Coast LeagueSouthNYA623230.5167.5251221305Glenn Sherlock-0Yankee ComplexStats -- Roster
1989Gulf Coast Yankees Gulf Coast LeagueSouthernNYA634122.651--3372201171Jack GillisLeague Champions0Yankee ComplexStats -- Roster
1988Gulf Coast Yankees Gulf Coast LeagueSouthernNYA634518.714--3232021211Brian ButterfieldLeague Champions0Yankee ComplexStats -- Roster
1987Gulf Coast Yankees Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernNYA633132.49212.025025003Fred Ferreira-0Yankee ComplexStats -- Roster
1986Gulf Coast Yankees Gulf Coast LeagueSouthernNYA623329.5321.0319275443Fred Ferreira-0Yankee ComplexStats -- Roster
1985Gulf Coast Yankees Gulf Coast LeagueSouthernNYA614318.705--3472421051Carlos ToscaLeague Champions0Yankee ComplexStats -- Roster
1984Gulf Coast Yankees Gulf Coast LeagueSouthernNYA632835.44413.0208248-404Jack Gillis-0Yankee ComplexStats -- Roster
1982Gulf Coast Yankees Gulf Coast League-NYA634221.667--3502491011Carlos Tosca-0Yankee ComplexStats -- Roster
1981Gulf Coast Yankees Gulf Coast League-NYA593029.50811.526025467Carlos Tosca-0Yankee ComplexStats -- Roster
1980Gulf Coast Yankees Gulf Coast League-NYA622735.43512.5248317-697Carlos Tosca-0Yankee ComplexStats -- Roster