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Gulf Coast Phillies -Gulf Coast League (Rk)
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Joe Bisenius played for Gulf Coast Phillies (2009)
History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeagueGulf Coast League LevelRkCategoryMinor League
Most Recent MLB ParentPhiladelphia Phillies
Current Nickname
Years Available1984-2019

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
2019Gulf Coast Phillies -Gulf Coast LeagueNorthwestPHI000----026-26--0-Stats -- Roster
2018Gulf Coast Phillies -Gulf Coast LeagueNorthwestPHI543024.5567.5293266271Roly De ArmasLost in semi-finals0Carpenter ComplexStats -- Roster
2017Gulf Coast Phillies -Gulf Coast LeagueNorthwestPHI583622.621--3102051051Roly De ArmasLost in Semi-Finals0Carpenter ComplexStats -- Roster
2016Gulf Coast Phillies -Gulf Coast LeagueNorthwestPHI584315.741--2941761181Roly De ArmasLost in Finals0Carpenter ComplexStats -- Roster
2015Gulf Coast Phillies -Gulf Coast LeagueNorthwestPHI603624.6004.0249189602Roly De Armas-0Carpenter ComplexStats -- Roster
2014Gulf Coast Phillies -Gulf Coast LeagueNorthwestPHI593623.6101.5276239372Roly De Armas-0Carpenter ComplexStats -- Roster
2013Gulf Coast Phillies -Gulf Coast LeagueNorthwestPHI603030.5003.0267269-22Roly De Armas-0Carpenter ComplexStats -- Roster
2012Gulf Coast Phillies -Gulf Coast LeagueNorthPHI582830.4837.0230220104Roly De Armas-0Carpenter ComplexStats -- Roster
2011Gulf Coast Phillies -Gulf Coast LeagueNorthPHI592732.4589.5252322-705-0Carpenter ComplexStats -- Roster
2010Gulf Coast Phillies -Gulf Coast LeagueNorthPHI563224.571--268219491Roly De ArmasLeague Champions0Carpenter ComplexStats -- Roster
2009Gulf Coast Phillies -Gulf Coast LeagueNorthPHI593128.5251.5215204112Roly De Armas-0Carpenter ComplexStats -- Roster
2008Gulf Coast Phillies Gulf Coast LeagueNorthPHI583325.569--269224451Roly De ArmasLeague Champions0Carpenter ComplexStats -- Roster
2007Gulf Coast Phillies Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernPHI602832.46714.5258266-84Roly De Armas-0Carpenter ComplexStats -- Roster
2006Gulf Coast Phillies Gulf Coast LeagueSouthPHI491831.36714.5180275-953Jim Morris-0Carpenter ComplexStats -- Roster
2005Gulf Coast Phillies Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernPHI512427.4718.0244219253Jim Morris-0Carpenter ComplexStats -- Roster
2004Gulf Coast Phillies Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernPHI603624.6000.5267241261Roly De Armas-0Carpenter ComplexStats -- Roster
2003Gulf Coast Phillies Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernPHI562333.41113.0241294-534Ruben Amaro-0Carpenter ComplexStats -- Roster
2002Gulf Coast Phillies Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernPHI603921.650--265175901Roly De ArmasLeague Champions0Carpenter ComplexStats -- Roster
2001Gulf Coast Phillies Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernPHI603129.5174.0261220413Roly De Armas-0Carpenter ComplexStats -- Roster
2000Gulf Coast Phillies Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernPHI603129.5177.0269252173Ramon Aviles-0Carpenter ComplexStats -- Roster
1999Gulf Coast Phillies Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernPHI602634.4337.0248338-904Ramon Aviles-0Carpenter ComplexStats -- Roster
1984Gulf Coast Phillies Gulf Coast LeagueSouthernPHI632736.42914.0253293-405Roly De Armas-0Carpenter ComplexStats -- Roster