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Gulf Coast ExposGulf Coast League (Rk)
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Richard Westover played for Gulf Coast Expos (1996)
History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeagueGulf Coast League LevelRkCategoryMinor League
Most Recent MLB ParentMontreal Expos
Current Nickname
Years Available1977-2004

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
2004Gulf Coast Expos Gulf Coast LeagueEasternMON602238.36714.0216304-884Arturo DeFreitas-0-Stats -- Roster
2003Gulf Coast Expos Gulf Coast LeagueEasternMON582533.43112.0205252-474Bob Henley-0-Stats -- Roster
2002Gulf Coast Expos Gulf Coast LeagueEasternMON602832.4675.0222256-344Andy Skeels-0-Stats -- Roster
2001Gulf Coast Expos Gulf Coast LeagueEasternMON602040.33321.0184317-1334Dave Dangler-0-Stats -- Roster
2000Gulf Coast Expos Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernMON601743.28321.0210351-1414Steve Phillips-0-Stats -- Roster
1999Gulf Coast Expos Gulf Coast LeagueEasternMON602931.48310.0215264-492Billy Masse-0-Stats -- Roster
1998Gulf Coast Expos Gulf Coast LeagueEasternMON593227.5425.5219207122Frank Kremblas-0-Stats -- Roster
1997Gulf Coast Expos Gulf Coast LeagueEasternMON602535.41717.0241231103Luis Dorante-0-Stats -- Roster
1996Gulf Coast Expos Gulf Coast LeagueEasternMON594118.695--303229741Jim GabellaLost in Semi-Finals0-Stats -- Roster
1995Gulf Coast Expos Gulf Coast LeagueEasternMON562135.37519.0195275-803Luis Dorante-0-Stats -- Roster
1994Gulf Coast Expos Gulf Coast LeagueEasternMON593524.5933.0266227392Nelson Norman-0-Stats -- Roster
1993Gulf Coast Expos Gulf Coast LeagueEasternMON582731.46611.5249239103Nelson Norman-0-Stats -- Roster
1992Gulf Coast Expos Gulf Coast LeagueEasternMON593524.593--243209341Nelson NormanLost in Finals0-Stats -- Roster
1991Gulf Coast Expos Gulf Coast LeagueCentralMON603228.533--276280-41Keith SniderLeague Champions0-Stats -- Roster
1990Gulf Coast Expos Gulf Coast LeagueSouthMON634023.635--3332181151Lorenzo BundyLost in Finals0-Stats -- Roster
1989Gulf Coast Expos Gulf Coast LeagueSouthernMON632835.44413.0262312-505Jerry Weinstein-0-Stats -- Roster
1988Gulf Coast Expos Gulf Coast LeagueSouthernMON632439.38121.0218318-1006Dave Jauss-0-Stats -- Roster
1987Gulf Coast Expos Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernMON632142.33322.0253344-914Jethro McIntyre-0-Stats -- Roster
1986Gulf Coast Expos Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernMON623329.5320.5263276-132Mike Easom-0-Stats -- Roster
1977Gulf Coast Expos -Gulf Coast League-MON541935.35220.0221310-898Ray Bellino-0-Stats -- Roster