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Gulf Coast Braves -Gulf Coast League (Rk)
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Brandon Cunniff played for Gulf Coast Braves (2015)
History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeagueGulf Coast League LevelRkCategoryMinor League
Most Recent MLB ParentAtlanta Braves
Current Nickname
Years Available1977-2018

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
2018Gulf Coast Braves -Gulf Coast LeagueNortheastATL000----000-Nestor Perez-0-Stats -- Roster
2017Gulf Coast Braves -Gulf Coast LeagueNortheastATL593128.5251.5278237412Barrett Kleinknecht-0Champion StadiumStats -- Roster
2016Gulf Coast Braves -Gulf Coast LeagueNortheastATL562828.500--248196521Nestor PerezLost in Semi-Finals0Champion StadiumStats -- Roster
2015Gulf Coast Braves -Gulf Coast LeagueNortheastATL602733.4509.527727342Robinson Cancel-0Champion StadiumStats -- Roster
2014Gulf Coast Braves -Gulf Coast LeagueNortheastATL592930.4925.5287269183Rocket Wheeler-0Champion StadiumStats -- Roster
2013Gulf Coast Braves -Gulf Coast LeagueNortheastATL602634.43310.0248287-394Rocket Wheeler-0Champion StadiumStats -- Roster
2012Gulf Coast Braves -Gulf Coast LeagueNorthATL582137.36214.0221307-866Rocket Wheeler-0Champion StadiumStats -- Roster
2011Gulf Coast Braves -Gulf Coast LeagueNorthATL582434.41412.0268284-166-0Champion StadiumStats -- Roster
2010Gulf Coast Braves -Gulf Coast LeagueNorthATL582731.4666.0267273-65Luis Ortiz-0Champion StadiumStats -- Roster
2009Gulf Coast Braves -Gulf Coast LeagueNorthATL602634.4337.0270275-56Luis Ortiz-0Champion StadiumStats -- Roster
2008Gulf Coast Braves Gulf Coast LeagueNorthATL582929.5004.0260248123Luis Ortiz-0Champion StadiumStats -- Roster
2007Gulf Coast Braves Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernATL601743.28325.5208327-1196Luis Ortiz-0The Ballpark at Disney's Wide World of SportsStats -- Roster
2006Gulf Coast Braves Gulf Coast LeagueNorthATL502327.4609.022822444Luis Ortiz-0Cracker Jack StadiumStats -- Roster
2005Gulf Coast Braves Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernATL522428.4628.5204259-552Luis Ortiz-0Cracker Jack StadiumStats -- Roster
2004Gulf Coast Braves Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernATL592336.39013.0226304-784Ralph Henriquez-0Cracker Jack StadiumStats -- Roster
2003Gulf Coast Braves Gulf Coast LeagueEasternATL603822.633--291220711Ralph HenriquezLeague Champions0Cracker Jack StadiumStats -- Roster
2002Gulf Coast Braves Gulf Coast LeagueEasternATL602832.4675.0262287-253Jim Saul-0Cracker Jack StadiumStats -- Roster
2001Gulf Coast Braves Gulf Coast LeagueEasternATL603030.50011.022722162Rick Albert-0Cracker Jack StadiumStats -- Roster
2000Gulf Coast Braves Gulf Coast LeagueEasternATL602634.43314.0251263-123Rick Albert-0Cracker Jack StadiumStats -- Roster
1999Gulf Coast Braves Gulf Coast LeagueEasternATL602733.45012.026525873Rick Albert-0Cracker Jack StadiumStats -- Roster
1998Gulf Coast Braves Gulf Coast LeagueEasternATL602535.41713.0202250-483Rick Albert-0Cracker Jack StadiumStats -- Roster
1997Gulf Coast Braves Gulf Coast LeagueEasternATL592138.35620.5244342-984Frank Howard-0Cracker Jack StadiumStats -- Roster
1996Gulf Coast Braves Gulf Coast LeagueEasternATL591445.23727.0155293-1384Robert Lucas
Chino Cadahia
-0-Stats -- Roster
1995Gulf Coast Braves Gulf Coast LeagueEasternATL571443.24626.5144314-1704Jim Saul-0-Stats -- Roster
1994Gulf Coast Braves Gulf Coast LeagueEasternATL591346.22025.0163368-2054Jim Saul-0-Stats -- Roster
1993Gulf Coast Braves Gulf Coast LeagueEasternATL583226.5526.5275262132Jim Saul-0-Stats -- Roster
1992Gulf Coast Braves Gulf Coast LeagueEasternATL592237.37313.0205221-164Jim Saul-0-Stats -- Roster
1991Gulf Coast Braves Gulf Coast LeagueCentralATL593029.5081.5271313-422Jim Saul-0-Stats -- Roster
1990Gulf Coast Braves Gulf Coast LeagueSouthATL623329.5326.5267287-203-0-Stats -- Roster
1989Gulf Coast Braves Gulf Coast LeagueSouthernATL633726.5874.0343290533Jim Procopio-0-Stats -- Roster
1988Gulf Coast Braves Gulf Coast LeagueSouthernATL631647.25429.0193327-1348Pedro Gonzalez-0-Stats -- Roster
1987Gulf Coast Braves Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernATL632043.31723.0223346-1235Pedro Gonzalez-0-Stats -- Roster
1986Gulf Coast Braves Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernATL632934.4605.0279267124Pedro Gonzalez-0-Stats -- Roster
1985Gulf Coast Braves Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernATL612635.4266.5225331-1063Pedro Gonzalez-0-Stats -- Roster
1984Gulf Coast Braves Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernATL633132.4925.0287255323Pedro Gonzalez-0-Stats -- Roster
1983Gulf Coast Braves Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernATL603228.5335.0290294-42Pedro Gonzalez-0-Stats -- Roster
1982Gulf Coast Braves Gulf Coast League-ATL633231.50810.0247237104Pedro Gonzalez-0-Stats -- Roster
1981Gulf Coast Braves Gulf Coast League-ATL622834.45215.0227261-348Pedro Gonzalez-0-Stats -- Roster
1980Gulf Coast Braves Gulf Coast League-ATL623725.5972.526125473Pedro Gonzalez-0-Stats -- Roster
1979Gulf Coast Braves Gulf Coast League-ATL542628.4818.0324226984Pedro Gonzalez-0-Stats -- Roster
1978Gulf Coast Braves Gulf Coast League-ATL552530.4558.0241228134Pedro Gonzalez-0-Stats -- Roster
1977Gulf Coast Braves -Gulf Coast League-ATL532231.41516.5234291-575Pedro Gonzalez-0-Stats -- Roster