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Arizona AthleticsArizona League (Rk)
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Arnold Leon played for Arizona Athletics (2011)
History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeagueArizona League LevelRkCategoryMinor League
Most Recent MLB ParentOakland Athletics
Current Nickname
Years Available1988-2018

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
2018Arizona Athletics -Arizona LeagueEastOAK000----000- 0 Stats -- Roster
2017Arizona Athletics -Arizona LeagueEastOAK562630.4648.028027913Webster Garrison 0Papago Park Sports FacilityStats -- Roster
2016Arizona Athletics -Arizona LeagueEastOAK532924.547--295268271Webster Garrison 0Papago Park Sports FacilityStats -- Roster
2015Arizona Athletics -Arizona LeagueEastOAK562432.4298.5225274-495Ruben Escalera 0Papago Park Sports FacilityStats -- Roster
2014Arizona Athletics -Arizona LeagueEastOAK552728.4916.5274306-324Ruben Escalera 0Papago Park Sports FacilityStats -- Roster
2013Arizona Athletics -Arizona LeagueEastOAK552530.45516.0267283-165Marcus Jensen 0Papago Park Sports FacilityStats -- Roster
2012Arizona Athletics -Arizona LeagueEastOAK543717.685--3932651281Marcus JensenLost in Finals0Papago Park Sports FacilityStats -- Roster
2011Arizona Athletics -Arizona LeagueEastOAK562729.48214.0289350-614 0Papago Park Sports FacilityStats -- Roster
2010Arizona Athletics -Arizona LeagueEastOAK563026.5365.0276263132Marcus Jensen 0Papago Park Sports FacilityStats -- Roster
2009Arizona Athletics -Arizona LeagueEastOAK562234.39317.0254353-995Marcus Jensen 0 Stats -- Roster
2008Arizona Athletics Arizona League-OAK562135.37518.0303348-457Ruben Escalera 0 Stats -- Roster
2007Arizona Athletics -Arizona League-OAK562531.44612.0302340-387Ruben Escalera 0 Stats -- Roster
2006Arizona Athletics Arizona League-OAK552431.43612.0252342-906Ruben Escalera 0 Stats -- Roster
2005Arizona Athletics Arizona League-OAK563026.5369.0300317-173Ruben Escalera 0 Stats -- Roster
2004Arizona Athletics Arizona League-OAK563422.6073.0314254602Ruben EscaleraLost in Finals0 Stats -- Roster
2003Arizona Athletics Arizona League-OAK401327.32517.0251311-609Ruben Escalera 0 Stats -- Roster
2002Arizona Athletics Arizona League-OAK561937.33916.0338351-137Darrin Garner 0 Stats -- Roster
2001Arizona Athletics Arizona League-OAK563521.625--311244671Ricky NelsonLeague Champions0 Stats -- Roster
2000Arizona Athletics Arizona League-OAK542925.5379.540334459-John Kuehl 0 Stats -- Roster
1999Arizona Athletics Arizona League-OAK563917.696--3842501341John KuehlLeague Champions0 Stats -- Roster
1998Arizona Athletics Arizona League-OAK562927.51813.0353334193John Kuehl 0 Stats -- Roster
1997Arizona Athletics Arizona League-OAK562927.5185.5407349583Juan Navarette 0 Stats -- Roster
1996Arizona Athletics Arizona League-OAK563323.5893.0362293692Juan Navarette 0 Stats -- Roster
1995Arizona Athletics Arizona League-OAK563719.661--329238911Juan Navarette 0 Stats -- Roster
1994Arizona Athletics Arizona League-OAK563224.5712.0265235302Tony DeFrancesco 0 Stats -- Roster
1993Arizona Athletics Arizona League-OAK553520.636--353289641Bruce Hines 0 Stats -- Roster
1992Arizona Athletics Arizona League-OAK563422.607--310249611Bruce Hines 0 Stats -- Roster
1991Arizona Athletics Arizona League-OAK603921.650--411334771Dick Scott 0 Stats -- Roster
1990Arizona Athletics Arizona League-OAK532627.49110.0292309-174Gary Jones 0 Stats -- Roster
1989Arizona Athletics Arizona League-OAK562927.51812.0383288952Casey Parsons 0 Stats -- Roster
1988Arizona Athletics Arizona League-OAK583424.586--392326661Dave Hudgens 0 Stats -- Roster