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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Boston,MA
Team Record:  95-67   .586
Result:   2nd in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Terry Francona
General Manager:   Theo Epstein
Stadium:  Fenway Park
Attendance:  3,048,250
Payroll:  $133,390,035
Playoffs:  Lost in ALCS (Tampa Bay)

Boston Red Sox affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Mike Timlin (42)
Youngest Player:  Mike Bowden (21)
Longest Tenure:  Tim Wakefield (14)
Top Hitter:  Dustin Pedroia (3)
Top Pitcher:  Jon Lester (7)
Top Draft Pick:  Casey Kelly (#30)

Roster Continuity:  82.18%
Top Prospect:   Clay Buchholz
American League Standings
Tampa Bay9765.599--
NY Yankees8973.5498.0

Contract data is available from the mid 2000s until the present day. Shaded records are players who signed multi-year contracts. The list of contracts may not be complete. Visit the Data Store if you're interested in purchasing the contract data.
Player NameContract Signed byStartEndLengthValuePer YearContract Notes
David AardsmaBoston Red Sox200820081$ 403,250 
Jeff BaileyBoston Red Sox200820081$ 400,000 Contract purchased from minors
Jason BayPittsburgh Pirates200620094$ 18,250,000$ 4.56m$1m signing bonus
Josh BeckettBoston Red Sox200720093$ 30,000,000$ 10.00mExtension signed during 2006 season, club option for 2010
Mike BowdenBoston Red Sox200820081$ 390,000 Contract purchased from minors
Clay BuchholzBoston Red Sox200820081$ 396,000 
Paul ByrdCleveland Indians200820081$ 7,500,000 Exercised by Indians
Chris CarterBoston Red Sox200820081$ 390,000 
Sean CaseyBoston Red Sox200820081$ 800,000 
Kevin CashBoston Red Sox200820081$ 400,000 
Bartolo ColonBoston Red Sox200820081$ 1,250,000 Minor league contract
Alex CoraBoston Red Sox200720082$ 4,000,000$ 2.00m
Bryan CoreyBoston Red Sox200820081$ 390,000 
Coco CrispBoston Red Sox200720093$ 15,500,000$ 5.17mClub option for 2010 ($1m)
Manny DelcarmenBoston Red Sox200820081$ 421,000 
J.D. DrewBoston Red Sox200720115$ 70,000,000$ 14.00m
J.D. DrewLos Angeles Dodgers200520095$ 55,000,000$ 11.00mExercised escape clause to leave contract after 2006
Jacoby EllsburyBoston Red Sox200820081$ 406,000 
Devern HansackBoston Red Sox200820081$ 390,000 
Craig HansenBoston Red Sox200520084$ 4,400,000$ 1.10mOut of the draft
Mark KotsayOakland Athletics200720082$ 15,000,000$ 7.50mExtension to existing contract
George KottarasBoston Red Sox200820081$ 390,000 
Jon LesterBoston Red Sox200820081$ 421,500 
Javier LopezBoston Red Sox200820081$ 840,000 Avoided arbitration
Mike LowellBoston Red Sox200820103$ 37,500,000$ 12.50m$1.5m signing bonus
Jed LowrieBoston Red Sox200820081$ 390,000 Contract purchased from minors
Julio LugoBoston Red Sox200720104$ 36,000,000$ 9.00m2011 vesting option. Released in 2009
Justin MastersonBoston Red Sox200820081$ 390,000 Contract purchased from minors
Daisuke MatsuzakaBoston Red Sox200720126$ 52,000,000$ 8.67m$1m signing bonus out of Japan
Brandon MossBoston Red Sox200820081$ 390,000 
Hideki OkajimaBoston Red Sox200720082$ 2,500,000$ 1.25mClub option for 2009, signed out of Japan
David OrtizBoston Red Sox200720104$ 52,000,000$ 13.00mClub option for 2011 ($12.5m) $2m signing bonus
Jonathan PapelbonBoston Red Sox200820081$ 775,000 
David PauleyBoston Red Sox200820081$ 390,000 
Dustin PedroiaBoston Red Sox200820081$ 457,000 
Manny RamirezBoston Red Sox200120088$ 160,000,000$ 20.00m$16m signing bonus with 2009-2010 club options, eliminated in trade to Dodgers in 2008.
David RossCincinnati Reds200720082$ 4,500,000$ 2.25mAvoided arbitration. Club option for 2009, released before end of contract
Chris SmithBoston Red Sox200820081$ 390,000 Contract purchased from minors
Kyle SnyderBoston Red Sox200820081$ 835,000 Avoided arbitration
Julian TavarezBoston Red Sox200820081$ 3,850,000 Option year of 2007 contract
Joe ThurstonBoston Red Sox200820081$ 390,000 
Mike TimlinBoston Red Sox200820081$ 3,000,000 
Jon Van EveryBoston Red Sox200820081$ 390,000 Minor league contract
Jason VaritekBoston Red Sox200520084$ 40,000,000$ 10.00m$4m signing bonus
Gil VelazquezBoston Red Sox200820081$ 390,000 Minor League Contract
Tim WakefieldBoston Red Sox200820081$ 4,000,000 Recurring club options each time club exercises previous option
Kevin YoukilisBoston Red Sox200820081$ 3,000,000 Avoided arbitration
Charlie ZinkBoston Red Sox200820081$ 390,000 Contract purchased from minors

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