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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Queens,NY
Team Record:  88-74   .543
Result:   2nd in National League - East Division
Manager(s):  Willie Randolph
General Manager:   Omar Minaya
Stadium:  Shea Stadium
Attendance:  3,853,955
Payroll:  $115,231,663
Playoffs:  -

New York Mets affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Julio Franco (48)
Youngest Player:  Carlos Gomez (21)
Longest Tenure:  Tom Glavine, Pedro Feliciano, Jose Reyes (5)
Top Hitter:  David Wright (4)
Top Pitcher:  John Maine (12)
Top Draft Pick:  Eddie Kunz (#42)

Roster Continuity:  65.85%
Top Prospect:   Mike Pelfrey
National League Standings
NY Mets8874.5431.0

Joe Smith2007-04-012007W  6-1 @ SLN000000000000000100001st career game
Carlos Beltran2007-04-042007W  10-0 @ SLN522002400010000117912842057692282 home runs
Jose Reyes2007-04-062007W  11-1 @ ATL623020400000000440531341921574 Triples
Moises Alou2007-04-172007W  8-1 @ PHI3320023001100001851201932112351032 home runs
Jose Reyes2007-04-182007W  9-2 @ FLO624200100000000449544341971644 hits
Carlos Beltran2007-04-192007W  11-3 @ FLO624201200010000119013002077802304 hits
Carlos Beltran2007-04-212007W  7-2 vs NYN524110200000000119213052077822304 hits
Jose Reyes2007-04-252007L  11-5 vs NYN524200000000000456555352011684 hits
Carlos Beltran2007-04-302007L  9-6 vs NYN514001110010000120013162097862324 hits
Carlos Gomez2007-05-132007W  9-1 vs NYN422100010010000120011st career game, 1st career hit, 1st career stolen base
David Wright2007-05-132007W  9-1 vs NYN41210003011000041947170273503 stolen bases
Carlos Gomez2007-05-162007W  8-1 vs NYN402100200000000340211st career RBI
Endy Chavez2007-05-192007W  10-7 vs NYN52410010100000060146916158674 hits
David Wright2007-05-192007W  10-7 vs NYN23200241030000042547973282522 home runs
Paul LoDuca2007-05-252007W  6-2 @ FLO50400000000000093399773426184 hits
Carlos Delgado2007-05-262007W  7-2 @ FLO533002500010000175617514121315102 home runs, 5 RBis
Carlos Delgado2007-05-292007W  5-4 vs NYN422002300101000175817544141319112 home runs
Paul LoDuca2007-05-302007L  3-0 vs NYN402100000010000936100073426191000th career hit
Julio Franco2007-06-032007L  4-1 vs NYN1000000000100002500257217311862802500th career game
Carlos Gomez2007-06-102007L  15-7 @ DET51100130002000022121731st career home run
Carlos Delgado2007-06-152007W  2-0 @ NYA400000000040000177317644171326114 strikeouts
Jose Reyes2007-06-152007W  2-0 @ NYA313001230100000500609362151913 stolen bases, 500th career game
John Maine2007-06-242007W  10-2 vs NYN0000001000002103340101st career RBI
Carlos Beltran2007-06-292007W  5-2 @ PHI522002200010000125113582158092392 home runs
Carlos Beltran2007-06-302007W  8-3 @ PHI534002300010000125213622178122392 home runs, 4 hits
Mike Pelfrey2007-07-012007L  5-3 @ PHI2010000000000001010001st career hit
Carlos Delgado2007-07-052007W  6-2 @ HOU414100100100000179117864201334114 hits
Jose Reyes2007-07-072007W  5-3 @ HOU71200001011000052163237219200200th career stolen base
David Wright2007-07-072007W  5-3 @ HOU82400120002000046853083309614 hits
John Maine2007-07-242007W  8-4 vs NYN1110012000002003951301st career home run
David Wright2007-08-022007W  12-4 @ MIL53410110000000049055786325674 hits
Carlos Delgado2007-08-032007W  6-2 @ CHN111100100400000181618114241347114 walks
Moises Alou2007-08-042007L  6-2 @ CHN3220022001100001878204832312461042 home runs
Luis Castillo2007-08-052007W  8-3 @ CHN52410002000000013611560233383174 hits
Shawn Green2007-08-082007W  4-3 vs NYN4140000000000001913197032610561604 hits
David Wright2007-08-112007L  7-5 vs NYN42300230000000049856789332682 home runs
Moises Alou2007-08-122007W  10-4 vs NYN4330024000100001885205632612521042 home runs
David Wright2007-08-142007W  5-4 @ PIT4120000000000005005698933268500th career game
Carlos Beltran2007-08-192007W  8-2 @ WAS332002400100010128113882278382432 home runs
Carlos Beltran2007-08-212007W  7-6 vs NYN313101500100000128213912288432435 RBis
Lastings Milledge2007-08-222007L  7-5 vs NYN400000000040000907574134 strikeouts
Jose Reyes2007-08-222007L  7-5 vs NYN511000030010000560682422332233 stolen bases
David Wright2007-08-222007L  7-5 vs NYN12000011040000050757889338694 walks
Paul LoDuca2007-09-042007W  11-7 @ CIN523002700000000994105078453192 home runs, 7 RBis
Willie Collazo2007-09-052007L  7-0 @ CIN000000000000000100001st career game
Jose Reyes2007-09-112007L  13-5 vs NYN513300000010000578699432342313 Doubles
Paul LoDuca2007-09-122007W  4-3 vs NYN4010000000100011000105679457191000th career game
Paul LoDuca2007-09-192007W  8-4 @ WAS2000002000100201006106179463192 sacrifice flies
Paul LoDuca2007-09-212007W  9-6 @ FLO5141000000000001008106679463194 hits
Moises Alou2007-09-252007L  10-9 vs NYN5141003000100001922211233112741054 hits
Shawn Green2007-09-252007L  10-9 vs NYN3120001000000001947200032810701622000th career hit
Carlos Muniz2007-09-252007L  10-9 vs NYN000000000000000100001st career game
Jose Reyes2007-09-252007L  10-9 vs NYN523002400000000591713452422342 home runs
Carlos Beltran2007-09-262007L  9-6 vs NYN422002300110000131614292358722502 home runs
Lastings Milledge2007-09-292007W  13-0 vs NYN53300230000000011490115142 home runs

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