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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Toronto,ON
Team Record:  80-82   .494
Result:   3rd in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  John Gibbons
General Manager:   J.P. Ricciardi
Stadium:  Rogers Centre
Attendance:  1,977,949
Payroll:  $45,719,500
Playoffs:  -

Toronto Blue Jays affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Greg Myers (39)
Youngest Player:  Chad Gaudin (22)
Longest Tenure:  Roy Halladay (8)
Top Hitter:  Russ Adams (30)
Top Pitcher:  Josh Towers (19)
Top Draft Pick:  Ricky Romero (#6)

Roster Continuity:  62.73%
Top Prospect:   Brandon League
American League Standings
NY Yankees9567.5860.0
Tampa Bay6795.41428.0

Contract data is available from the mid 2000s until the present day. Shaded records are players who signed multi-year contracts. The list of contracts may not be complete. Visit the Data Store if you're interested in purchasing the contract data.
Player NameContract Signed byStartEndLengthValuePer YearContract Notes
Russ AdamsToronto Blue Jays200520051$ 316,000 
Miguel BatistaToronto Blue Jays200420063$ 13,100,000$ 4.37m
David BushToronto Blue Jays200520051$ 327,000 
Frank CatalanottoToronto Blue Jays200520062$ 5,400,000$ 2.70mContract extension
Gustavo ChacinToronto Blue Jays200520051$ 316,000 
Vinnie ChulkToronto Blue Jays200520051$ 326,000 
Andy DominiqueToronto Blue Jays200520051$ 300,000 
Scott DownsToronto Blue Jays200520051$ 300,000 Minor League Contract
Jason FrasorToronto Blue Jays200520051$ 332,500 
Chad GaudinToronto Blue Jays200520051$ 300,000 
John-Ford GriffinToronto Blue Jays200520051$ 300,000 
Gabe GrossToronto Blue Jays200520051$ 300,000 
Roy HalladayToronto Blue Jays200420074$ 42,000,000$ 10.50mAvoided arbitration
Aaron HillToronto Blue Jays200520051$ 300,000 Contract purchased from minors
Shea HillenbrandToronto Blue Jays200520051$ 3,870,000 
Eric HinskeToronto Blue Jays200320075$ 14,750,000$ 2.95m$0.5m signing bonus
Ken HuckabyToronto Blue Jays200520051$ 300,000 Minor league contract
Orlando HudsonToronto Blue Jays200520051$ 365,000 
Reed JohnsonToronto Blue Jays200520051$ 342,000 
Corey KoskieMilwaukee Brewers200520073$ 17,000,000$ 5.67m
Brandon LeagueToronto Blue Jays200520051$ 316,000 
Ted LillyToronto Blue Jays200420052$ 5,000,000$ 2.50m
Shaun MarcumToronto Blue Jays200520051$ 300,000 Contract purchased from minors
John McDonaldTexas Rangers200520051$ 400,000 
Dustin McGowanToronto Blue Jays200520051$ 300,000 
Frank MenechinoToronto Blue Jays200520051$ 650,000 Option year for 2006
Greg MyersToronto Blue Jays200520051$ 700,000 Minor league contract
Guillermo QuirozToronto Blue Jays200520051$ 300,000 
Alex RiosToronto Blue Jays200520051$ 331,000 
Scott SchoeneweisToronto Blue Jays200520062$ 5,250,000$ 2.63m
Justin SpeierToronto Blue Jays200520062$ 4,150,000$ 2.08m
Josh TowersToronto Blue Jays200520051$ 358,000 
Pete WalkerToronto Blue Jays200520051$ 400,000 Minor League Contract
Vernon WellsToronto Blue Jays200320075$ 14,700,000$ 2.94m$0.85m Signing bonus
Matt WhitesideToronto Blue Jays200520051$ 300,000 Minor league contract
Gregg ZaunToronto Blue Jays200520051$ 950,000 

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