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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Philadelphia,PA
Team Record:  86-76   .531
Result:   3rd in National League - East Division
Manager(s):  Larry Bowa
General Manager:   Ed Wade
Stadium:  Veterans Stadium
Attendance:  2,259,948
Payroll:  $70,780,000
Playoffs:  -

Philadelphia Phillies affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Dan Plesac (41)
Youngest Player:  Ryan Madson (22)
Longest Tenure:  Mike Lieberthal (10)
Top Hitter:  Jim Thome (5)
Top Pitcher:  Kevin Millwood (10)
Top Draft Pick:  Tim Moss (#85)

Roster Continuity:  67.31%
Top Prospect:   Gavin Floyd
National League Standings
NY Mets6695.41034.5

Chase Utley2003-04-042003L  9-1 vs PHI100000000010000100001st career game
Mike Lieberthal2003-04-052003W  16-1 vs PHI5120012000000007316961003907100th career home run
Placido Polanco2003-04-052003W  16-1 vs PHI54300010010000054752919158244 runs scored
Jimmy Rollins2003-04-052003W  16-1 vs PHI64530030000000033136125123804 runs scored, 3 Doubles, 5 hits
Mike Lieberthal2003-04-082003W  4-3 vs PHI11000000040000073369810039074 walks
Bobby Abreu2003-04-092003W  16-2 vs PHI4420002002100008589231174741474 runs scored
Pat Burrell2003-04-092003W  16-2 vs PHI6230025000200004314188429232 home runs, 5 RBis
Jim Thome2003-04-092003W  16-2 vs PHI62200250002000013841344336936182 home runs, 5 RBis
Dan Plesac2003-04-222003W  5-2 vs PHI000000000000000100010001000th career game
Chase Utley2003-04-242003W  9-1 vs PHI422101400010000221401st career hit, 1st career home run, 1st career RBI
Bobby Abreu2003-04-262003W  10-2 vs PHI4431013101000008749451194851494 runs scored
Marlon Byrd2003-05-062003L  6-5 @ ARI40100001000000026161511st career stolen base
Jim Thome2003-05-062003L  6-5 @ ARI32200240010000014101361340953182 home runs
Pat Burrell2003-05-202003W  11-7 @ NYN4220024001200004674469130832 home runs
Nick Punto2003-05-202003W  11-7 @ NYN2010001000100002450101st career RBI
Bobby Abreu2003-05-282003W  11-3 vs PHI232101300300000900967124502152500th career RBI
Turk Wendell2003-06-042003L  7-2 vs PHI0000000000000005003000500th career game
Jimmy Rollins2003-06-172003W  5-4 vs PHI41420021110000039443328146884 hits
Jim Thome2003-06-212003W  6-5 vs PHI52300220011000014461395351978182 home runs
Marlon Byrd2003-06-262003W  8-1 @ ATL514000000010000594621124 hits
Tomas Perez2003-06-262003W  8-1 @ ATL414100000100000425281119944 hits
Ricky Ledee2003-06-282003W  9-5 @ BAL5220012000300005003364021123500th career game
Placido Polanco2003-06-282003W  9-5 @ BAL60410031000000060258425181324 hits
Jimmy Rollins2003-07-032003W  12-2 vs PHI34210010021000040744629155894 runs scored
Bobby Abreu2003-07-042003L  2-1 vs PHI30100000020000093110001285171561000th career hit
Pat Burrell2003-07-042003L  2-1 vs PHI110000000100000500466933143500th career game
Marlon Byrd2003-07-082003W  13-6 @ MON543101300011000705831824 runs scored
Mike Lieberthal2003-07-082003W  13-6 @ MON50330040000000079877810442373 Doubles
Placido Polanco2003-07-082003W  13-6 @ MON53400110000010061260026186334 hits
Nick Punto2003-07-102003W  7-2 @ NYN51200110000000042111201st career home run
Marlon Byrd2003-07-172003W  5-2 vs PHI514001300100000766942234 hits
Jim Thome2003-07-232003W  3-0 @ CHN311001200120000147314303601001181000th career RBI
Bobby Abreu2003-07-242003W  14-6 @ CHN31100150111001094810241325361585 RBis
Placido Polanco2003-07-242003W  14-6 @ CHN52400040100100062462026193344 hits
Marlon Byrd2003-08-012003W  6-0 vs PHI524200000000000919252654 hits
Carlos Silva2003-08-022003W  10-4 vs PHI10100000000000011310001st career hit
Pat Burrell2003-08-092003W  8-6 @ SFN4230023001100005294869832832 home runs
Jim Thome2003-08-132003W  11-4 vs PHI422002400100000149214443641015182 home runs
Pat Burrell2003-08-222003W  9-4 @ SLN42310230001000053949510133632 home runs, 100th career home run
Jim Thome2003-08-222003W  9-4 @ SLN322002300200000150014533701026182 home runs, 1500th career game
Bobby Abreu2003-08-232003L  5-3 @ SLN52400001001000097510601355531644 hits
Carlos Silva2003-08-252003L  12-1 @ MON20110010001000011920101st career RBI
Ricky Ledee2003-08-262003L  14-10 @ MON52200240002000054135445228232 home runs
Mike Lieberthal2003-08-262003L  14-10 @ MON52400120001000083281810744074 hits
Geoff Geary2003-08-272003L  9-6 @ MON000000000000000100001st career game
Chase Utley2003-08-302003W  4-2 @ NYN00000001000100020151811st career stolen base
Travis Chapman2003-09-092003W  18-5 @ ATL100000000000000100001st career game
Tomas Perez2003-09-092003W  18-5 @ ATL4232015000000004863181411645 RBis
Chase Utley2003-09-092003W  18-5 @ ATL231000100202000292111512 hit by pitches
Jim Thome2003-09-102003L  4-2 @ ATL400000000040000151914703731036184 strikeouts
Mike Lieberthal2003-09-162003W  14-0 vs PHI52200160000000084884011045776 RBis
Bobby Abreu2003-09-192003W  7-3 vs PHI120000000300000100010851365641691000th career game
Mike Lieberthal2003-09-192003W  7-3 vs PHI42200240000000085184411246472 home runs
Tomas Perez2003-09-262003L  6-0 vs PHI300000000000000500325161204500th career game
Anderson Machado2003-09-272003W  7-6 vs PHI000000000000000100001st career game
Ryan Madson2003-09-272003W  7-6 vs PHI000000000000000100001st career game
Jimmy Rollins2003-09-272003W  7-6 vs PHI51210011000000148151833181100100th career stolen base
Jim Thome2003-09-272003W  7-6 vs PHI533102200010000153414863811058182 home runs

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