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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Houston,TX
Team Record:  84-78   .519
Result:   2nd in National League - Central Division
Manager(s):  Jimy Williams
General Manager:   Gerry Hunsicker
Stadium:  Minute Maid Park
Attendance:  2,517,357
Payroll:  $63,448,417
Playoffs:  -

Houston Astros affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Craig Biggio (36)
Youngest Player:  Carlos Hernandez (22)
Longest Tenure:  Craig Biggio (15)
Top Hitter:  Lance Berkman (4)
Top Pitcher:  Roy Oswalt (3)
Top Draft Pick:  Derick Grigsby (#29)

Roster Continuity:  65.89%
Top Prospect:   Carlos Hernandez
National League Standings
St. Louis9765.599--
Chi Cubs6795.41430.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2002-04-02vs MIL1L  3-9-42,262 Wade MillerBen SheetsBen SheetsWade Miller 39-6
2002-04-03vs MIL2W  15-2-23,381 Roy OswaltRuben QuevedoRoy OswaltRuben Quevedo 18117
2002-04-04vs MIL3W  6-3-21,528 Shane ReynoldsJamey WrightShane ReynoldsJamey Wright 241410
2002-04-05vs SLN4L  1-5-27,189 Dave MlickiWoody WilliamsGene StechschulteDave Mlicki 25196
2002-04-06vs SLN5L  4-8-36,255 Carlos HernandezMatt MorrisMatt MorrisNelson Cruz 29272
2002-04-07vs SLN6W  7-6-28,206 Wade MillerDarryl KileRicky StoneLuther Hackman 36333
2002-04-08@ COL7W  8-4-50,392Roy OswaltDenny NeagleRoy OswaltDenny Neagle 44377
2002-04-09@ COL8L  5-10-30,153Shane ReynoldsJohn ThomsonJohn ThomsonShane Reynolds 49472
2002-04-10@ COL9L  1-4-29,552Dave MlickiShawn ChaconShawn ChaconDave MlickiJose Jimenez5051-1
2002-04-12@ SLN10L  3-7-34,120Wade MillerMatt MorrisMatt MorrisWade Miller 5358-5
2002-04-13@ SLN11L  1-2-41,552Roy OswaltDarryl KileJason IsringhausenRicky Stone 5460-6
2002-04-14@ SLN12W  5-4-38,609Shane ReynoldsGarrett StephensonShane ReynoldsGarrett StephensonBilly Wagner5964-5
2002-04-16@ CIN13W  8-3-15,853Dave MlickiJose AcevedoDave MlickiJose Acevedo 67670
2002-04-17@ CIN14W  7-2-14,527Carlos HernandezJimmy HaynesCarlos HernandezJimmy Haynes 74695
2002-04-18@ CIN15L  4-5-15,848Roy OswaltChris ReitsmaGabe WhiteNelson Cruz 78744
2002-04-19vs SFN16L  2-3-32,028 Shane ReynoldsLivan HernandezLivan HernandezShane ReynoldsRobb Nen80773
2002-04-20vs SFN17L  9-13-35,969 Tim ReddingRuss OrtizRuss OrtizTim ReddingRobb Nen8990-1
2002-04-21vs SFN18W  4-0-32,305 Dave MlickiRyan JensenDave MlickiRyan Jensen 93903
2002-04-23@ FLO19L  3-4-5,175Carlos HernandezJosh BeckettVladimir NunezBrandon Puffer 96942
2002-04-24@ FLO20W  7-4-5,951Roy OswaltRyan DempsterRoy OswaltRyan DempsterBilly Wagner103985
2002-04-25@ FLO21L  4-5-5,367Shane ReynoldsA.J. BurnettA.J. BurnettShane ReynoldsVladimir Nunez1071034
2002-04-26@ ATL22L  0-9-25,249Tim ReddingTom GlavineTom GlavineTim Redding 107112-5
2002-04-27@ ATL23W  6-3-33,006Dave MlickiKevin MillwoodDave MlickiKevin MillwoodBilly Wagner113115-2
2002-04-28@ ATL24W  7-1-31,018Carlos HernandezAlbie LopezCarlos HernandezAlbie Lopez 1201164
2002-04-30vs MON25L  1-5-28,178 Roy OswaltJavier VazquezJavier VazquezRoy Oswalt 1211210
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2002-05-01vs MON26L  4-5-25,535 Shane ReynoldsTony ArmasTony ArmasOctavio DotelMatt Herges125126-1
2002-05-02vs MON27W  8-2-25,788 Tim ReddingCarl PavanoTim ReddingCarl Pavano 1331285
2002-05-03vs NYN28L  3-11-31,329 Dave MlickiPedro AstacioPedro AstacioDave Mlicki 136139-3
2002-05-04vs NYN29W  3-1-34,807 Carlos HernandezJeff D'AmicoCarlos HernandezJeff D'AmicoBilly Wagner139140-1
2002-05-05vs NYN30W  12-1-36,083 Roy OswaltAl LeiterRoy OswaltAl Leiter 15114110
2002-05-07@ PHI31L  4-7-12,321Shane ReynoldsTerry AdamsCarlos SilvaHipolito PichardoJose Mesa1551487
2002-05-08@ PHI32L  3-5-13,216Tim ReddingBrandon DuckworthJose MesaNelson Cruz 1581535
2002-05-09@ PHI33L  1-3-12,476Dave MlickiRandy WolfRandy WolfDave MlickiJose Mesa1591563
2002-05-10@ PIT34L  1-5-19,197Carlos HernandezJimmy AndersonJimmy AndersonCarlos Hernandez 160161-1
2002-05-11@ PIT35L  2-4-35,834Roy OswaltJosh FoggJosh FoggRoy OswaltMike Williams162165-3
2002-05-12@ PIT36W  5-1-20,202Shane ReynoldsDavid WilliamsShane ReynoldsDavid Williams 1671661
2002-05-13vs PHI37W  17-3-27,324 Tim ReddingBrandon DuckworthTim ReddingBrandon Duckworth 18416915
2002-05-14vs PHI38W  5-1-26,536 Dave MlickiRandy WolfOctavio DotelRandy WolfBilly Wagner18917019
2002-05-15vs PHI39W  6-2-27,707 Carlos HernandezVicente PadillaCarlos HernandezVicente Padilla 19517223
2002-05-16vs PIT40W  3-1-26,277 Roy OswaltJosh FoggRoy OswaltBrian BoehringerBilly Wagner19817325
2002-05-17vs PIT41W  7-4-28,861 Shane ReynoldsDavid WilliamsRicky StoneRon VilloneOctavio Dotel20517728
2002-05-18vs PIT42W  2-1-34,921 Tim ReddingKris BensonOctavio DotelSean Lowe 20717829
2002-05-19vs PIT43L  3-5-34,259 Dave MlickiKip WellsKip WellsDave MlickiMike Williams21018327
2002-05-21@ SLN44L  1-3-33,442Carlos HernandezJason SimontacchiJason SimontacchiCarlos HernandezJason Isringhausen21118625
2002-05-22@ SLN45L  2-3-32,481Roy OswaltDarryl KileDave VeresRicky Stone 21318924
2002-05-23@ SLN46L  4-5-38,772Shane ReynoldsMatt MorrisLuther HackmanOctavio DotelJason Isringhausen21719423
2002-05-24vs CHN47L  4-5-30,059 Tim ReddingJon LieberPat MahomesBilly WagnerJoe Borowski22119922
2002-05-25vs CHN48L  1-5-36,384 Dave MlickiKerry WoodKerry WoodDave Mlicki 22220418
2002-05-26vs CHN49W  7-5-37,546 Carlos HernandezJason BereOctavio DotelJeff FasseroBilly Wagner22920920
2002-05-27vs SLN50L  3-4-30,543 Roy OswaltDarryl KileGene StechschulteRoy OswaltJason Isringhausen23221319
2002-05-28vs SLN51L  1-4-25,376 Shane ReynoldsMatt MorrisMatt MorrisShane ReynoldsJason Isringhausen23321716
2002-05-29vs SLN52W  10-5-27,182 Wade MillerGarrett StephensonTim ReddingGarrett Stephenson 24322221
2002-05-31@ CHN53W  4-1-38,169Carlos HernandezJason BereCarlos HernandezJason BereBilly Wagner24722324
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2002-06-01@ CHN54W  7-3-39,644Roy OswaltMark PriorRoy OswaltMark PriorOctavio Dotel25422628
2002-06-02@ CHN55L  2-4-37,643Shane ReynoldsMatt ClementMatt ClementShane ReynoldsAntonio Alfonseca25623026
2002-06-03@ ARI56L  4-10-31,447Tim ReddingCurt SchillingCurt SchillingTim Redding 26024020
2002-06-04@ ARI57W  6-4-37,194Wade MillerRick HellingPedro BorbonBret PrinzBilly Wagner26624422
2002-06-05@ ARI58L  4-5-35,498Carlos HernandezRandy JohnsonBrian AndersonJim Mann 27024921
2002-06-07@ OAK59L  3-5-17,453Roy OswaltMark MulderMark MulderRoy OswaltBilly Koch27325419
2002-06-08@ OAK60L  1-5-27,115Shane ReynoldsAaron HarangAaron HarangShane Reynolds 27425915
2002-06-09@ OAK61L  6-7-35,065Tim ReddingTim HudsonBilly KochOctavio Dotel 28026614
2002-06-10vs CHN62W  4-2-30,035 Wade MillerKerry WoodWade MillerKerry WoodBilly Wagner28426816
2002-06-11vs CHN63L  5-9-30,060 Carlos HernandezJason BereKyle FarnsworthPedro Borbon 28927712
2002-06-12vs CHN64W  5-4-29,012 Roy OswaltMark PriorRoy OswaltJuan CruzBilly Wagner29428113
2002-06-14vs TEX65L  6-9-36,290 Tim ReddingDave BurbaJay PowellNelson CruzRandy Flores30029010
2002-06-15vs TEX66W  4-0-41,149 Wade MillerIsmael ValdezWade MillerIsmael Valdez 30429014
2002-06-16vs TEX67W  7-6-41,733 Carlos HernandezKenny RogersBilly WagnerJohn Rocker 31129615
2002-06-17@ MIL68L  2-5-25,947Roy OswaltJose CabreraJose CabreraRoy OswaltMike DeJean31330112
2002-06-18@ MIL69L  1-7-17,195Kirk SaarloosBen SheetsBen SheetsKirk Saarloos 3143086
2002-06-19@ MIL70L  1-8-24,128Tim ReddingGlendon RuschGlendon RuschTim Redding 315316-1
2002-06-20@ MIL71W  9-3-23,278Wade MillerJamey WrightWade MillerJamey Wright 3243195
2002-06-21vs SEA72L  0-8-32,048 Carlos HernandezJamie MoyerJamie MoyerCarlos Hernandez 324327-3
2002-06-22vs SEA73W  3-2-35,422 Roy OswaltRafael SorianoRicky StoneJohn Halama 327329-2
2002-06-23vs SEA74L  5-10-32,584 Kirk SaarloosJoel PineiroJoel PineiroKirk Saarloos 332339-7
2002-06-25vs ARI75W  7-3-31,076 Tim ReddingCurt SchillingBilly WagnerMike Myers 339342-3
2002-06-26vs ARI76L  1-9-31,447 Wade MillerRandy JohnsonRandy JohnsonWade Miller 340351-11
2002-06-27vs ARI77W  7-4-29,320 Nelson CruzRick HellingOctavio DotelByung-Hyun Kim 347355-8
2002-06-28@ TEX78W  6-5-36,471Roy OswaltChan Ho ParkRoy OswaltChan Ho ParkBilly Wagner353360-7
2002-06-29@ TEX79W  8-5-44,708Kirk SaarloosDave BurbaBrandon PufferJay PowellBilly Wagner361365-4
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2002-07-01@ CIN80L  5-7-32,233Carlos HernandezJimmy HaynesJimmy HaynesCarlos HernandezDanny Graves366372-6
2002-07-02@ CIN81W  6-5-19,562Wade MillerJoey HamiltonOctavio DotelDanny GravesBilly Wagner372377-5
2002-07-03@ CIN82W  11-4-19,488Roy OswaltChris ReitsmaRoy OswaltChris Reitsma 3833812
2002-07-04@ PIT83W  8-6-25,962Peter MunroJoe BeimelPedro BorbonJoe Beimel 3913874
2002-07-05@ PIT84L  3-4-24,556Tim ReddingKris BensonMike FettersPedro BorbonMike Williams3943913
2002-07-06@ PIT85W  10-2-26,578Nelson CruzKip WellsNelson CruzKip Wells 40439311
2002-07-07@ PIT86W  6-1-23,348Wade MillerJimmy AndersonWade MillerJimmy Anderson 41039416
2002-07-11vs CIN87W  4-3-32,037 Roy OswaltElmer DessensRoy OswaltElmer DessensBilly Wagner41439717
2002-07-12vs CIN88W  6-3-30,154 Wade MillerRyan DempsterWade MillerRyan DempsterBilly Wagner42040020
2002-07-13vs CIN89W  2-1-38,431 Peter MunroJimmy HaynesPeter MunroScott SullivanOctavio Dotel42240121
2002-07-14vs CIN90L  3-8-31,242 Tim ReddingJared FernandezJared FernandezTim ReddingDanny Graves42540916
2002-07-15vs PIT91L  4-5-29,204 Nelson CruzKris BensonSean LoweBilly WagnerMike Williams42941415
2002-07-16vs PIT92L  3-7-27,042 Roy OswaltJosh FoggJosh FoggRoy OswaltBrian Boehringer43242111
2002-07-17@ MIL93W  7-3-20,155Wade MillerGlendon RuschWade MillerGlendon Rusch 43942415
2002-07-18@ MIL94W  4-2-30,149Peter MunroJamey WrightPedro BorbonJamey WrightBilly Wagner44342617
2002-07-19@ CHN95L  0-5-38,566Nelson CruzMark PriorMark PriorNelson Cruz 44343112
2002-07-20@ CHN96W  3-2-39,298Kirk SaarloosCarlos ZambranoKirk SaarloosCarlos ZambranoBilly Wagner44643313
2002-07-21@ CHN97L  2-3-37,541Roy OswaltJon LieberJeff FasseroTim ReddingAntonio Alfonseca44843612
2002-07-22vs MIL98W  3-1-27,515 Wade MillerGlendon RuschWade MillerGlendon RuschBilly Wagner45143714
2002-07-23vs MIL99W  7-4-25,750 Peter MunroJamey WrightPeter MunroJamey WrightOctavio Dotel45844117
2002-07-24vs MIL100L  8-12-26,755 Nelson CruzRuben QuevedoRuben QuevedoBrandon PufferLuis Vizcaino46645313
2002-07-25vs PIT101W  8-0-26,027 Kirk SaarloosKris BensonKirk SaarloosKris Benson 47445321
2002-07-26vs PIT102W  4-3-32,115 Dave MlickiJosh FoggBilly WagnerScott Sauerbeck 47845622
2002-07-27vs PIT103W  3-0-38,896 Roy OswaltJimmy AndersonRoy OswaltJimmy AndersonBilly Wagner48145625
2002-07-28vs PIT104W  4-0-35,144 Wade MillerKip WellsWade MillerKip Wells 48545629
2002-07-30@ NYN105W  16-3-33,492Kirk SaarloosJeff D'AmicoKirk SaarloosJeff D'Amico 50145942
2002-07-31@ NYN106L  0-10-39,423Dave MlickiShawn EstesShawn EstesDave Mlicki 50146932
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2002-08-01@ NYN107W  3-1-29,865Roy OswaltPedro AstacioRoy OswaltPedro AstacioBilly Wagner50447034
2002-08-02@ MON108L  1-3-7,691Peter MunroBritt ReamesBritt ReamesPeter MunroScott Stewart50547332
2002-08-03@ MON109W  5-3-12,157Wade MillerBartolo ColonWade MillerT.J. TuckerBilly Wagner51047634
2002-08-04@ MON110W  5-4-20,027Kirk SaarloosJavier VazquezKirk SaarloosJavier VazquezBilly Wagner51548035
2002-08-06vs FLO111W  2-0-28,898 Dave MlickiJosh BeckettDave MlickiJosh BeckettBilly Wagner51748037
2002-08-07vs FLO112W  7-2-26,847 Roy OswaltA.J. BurnettRoy OswaltA.J. Burnett 52448242
2002-08-08vs FLO113L  3-4-28,147 Peter MunroJulian TavarezJulian TavarezPeter MunroBraden Looper52748641
2002-08-09vs ATL114L  5-6-41,416 Wade MillerDamian MossTim SpooneybargerNelson CruzJohn Smoltz53249240
2002-08-10vs ATL115W  8-5-43,332 Kirk SaarloosJason MarquisKirk SaarloosJason MarquisBilly Wagner54049743
2002-08-11vs ATL116L  3-13-41,092 Dave MlickiKevin MillwoodKevin MillwoodDave Mlicki 54351033
2002-08-12@ CHN117W  9-6-39,999Roy OswaltKerry WoodRoy OswaltKerry WoodBilly Wagner55251636
2002-08-13@ CHN118W  5-4-29,641Peter MunroMatt ClementPeter MunroMatt ClementBilly Wagner55752037
2002-08-14@ CHN119W  4-3-34,493Wade MillerCarlos ZambranoWade MillerCarlos ZambranoRicky Stone56152338
2002-08-15@ CHN120L  4-6-37,836Kirk SaarloosMark PriorJeff FasseroKirk SaarloosAntonio Alfonseca56552936
2002-08-16@ CIN121L  3-9-22,691Dave MlickiBrian MoehlerBrian MoehlerDave Mlicki 56853830
2002-08-17@ CIN122W  6-1-25,967Roy OswaltShawn EstesRoy OswaltJoey Hamilton 57453935
2002-08-18@ CIN123L  1-2-20,117Carlos HernandezJimmy HaynesGabe WhiteRicky Stone 57554134
2002-08-19@ CIN124W  7-5-16,660Wade MillerJared FernandezWade MillerJared FernandezBilly Wagner58254636
2002-08-20vs CHN125L  12-14-32,663 Kirk SaarloosCarlos ZambranoWill CunnaneBrandon PufferAntonio Alfonseca59456034
2002-08-21vs CHN126W  4-0-27,582 Carlos HernandezMark PriorCarlos HernandezMark PriorOctavio Dotel59856038
2002-08-22vs CHN127W  9-1-29,152 Roy OswaltSteve SmythRoy OswaltSteve Smyth 60756146
2002-08-23vs CIN128W  6-4-37,469 Peter MunroShawn EstesPeter MunroShawn EstesBilly Wagner61356548
2002-08-24vs CIN129L  3-5-34,286 Wade MillerJimmy HaynesDanny GravesTom Gordon 61657046
2002-08-25vs CIN130W  1-0-33,018 Kirk SaarloosRyan DempsterKirk SaarloosRyan DempsterPedro Borbon61757047
2002-08-27vs SDN131L  6-11-21,771 Carlos HernandezMike BynumJeremy FikacDave Mlicki 62358142
2002-08-28vs SDN132W  2-1-25,339 Roy OswaltJake PeavyRoy OswaltJake PeavyBilly Wagner62558243
2002-08-29vs SDN133W  5-0-22,485 Peter MunroBrian LawrencePeter MunroBrian LawrenceOctavio Dotel63058248
2002-08-30vs LAN134W  8-4-30,046 Wade MillerAndy AshbyWade MillerAndy Ashby 63858652
2002-08-31vs LAN135L  0-4-29,652 Kirk SaarloosOmar DaalOmar DaalKirk Saarloos 63859048
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2002-09-01vs LAN136L  1-2-28,891 Carlos HernandezHideo NomoHideo NomoCarlos HernandezEric Gagne63959247
2002-09-02@ TEX137L  2-7-24,468Jeriome RobertsonChan Ho ParkChan Ho ParkJeriome Robertson 64159942
2002-09-03@ SDN138W  6-2-14,562Roy OswaltBrian LawrenceRoy OswaltBrian LawrenceBilly Wagner64760146
2002-09-04@ SDN139L  1-5-15,147Peter MunroBrett TomkoBrett TomkoPeter Munro 64860642
2002-09-05@ SDN140W  5-0-12,849Wade MillerJake PeavyBilly WagnerJonathan Johnson 65360647
2002-09-06@ LAN141L  2-3-47,138Kirk SaarloosHideo NomoPaul QuantrillOctavio DotelEric Gagne65560946
2002-09-07@ LAN142W  6-1-30,626Carlos HernandezOmar DaalCarlos HernandezOmar Daal 66161051
2002-09-08@ LAN143W  6-2-42,934Roy OswaltKazuhisa IshiiRoy OswaltKazuhisa Ishii 66761255
2002-09-09vs COL144W  6-5-28,330 Peter MunroMike HamptonBrad LidgeRandy Flores 67361756
2002-09-10vs COL145W  11-4-24,812 Wade MillerDenny NeagleWade MillerDenny Neagle 68462163
2002-09-11vs COL146L  6-8-29,185 Kirk SaarloosAaron CookAaron CookKirk SaarloosJose Jimenez69062961
2002-09-12vs SLN147W  6-3-26,365 Carlos HernandezChuck FinleyOctavio DotelDave VeresBilly Wagner69663264
2002-09-13vs SLN148L  2-3-33,672 Roy OswaltJason SimontacchiRick WhiteTom GordonJason Isringhausen69863563
2002-09-14vs SLN149L  1-2-39,333 Peter MunroWoody WilliamsWoody WilliamsPeter MunroJason Isringhausen69963762
2002-09-15vs SLN150W  8-0-32,456 Wade MillerMatt MorrisWade MillerMatt Morris 70763770
2002-09-17@ MIL151L  4-5-15,412Kirk SaarloosBen SheetsBen SheetsKirk SaarloosLuis Vizcaino71164269
2002-09-18@ MIL152W  3-1-16,349Brad LidgeGlendon RuschBrandon PufferGlendon RuschBilly Wagner71464371
2002-09-19@ MIL153L  4-5-14,768Roy OswaltWayne FranklinWayne FranklinRoy OswaltMike DeJean71864870
2002-09-20@ SLN154L  3-9-34,990Peter MunroWoody WilliamsRick WhitePeter Munro 72165764
2002-09-21@ SLN155W  6-3-40,365Wade MillerMatt MorrisWade MillerMatt Morris 72766067
2002-09-22@ SLN156L  3-7-38,706Kirk SaarloosChuck FinleyChuck FinleyKirk Saarloos 73066763
2002-09-23vs MIL157W  8-6-23,742 Dave MlickiGlendon RuschBrandon PufferGlendon RuschBilly Wagner73867365
2002-09-24vs MIL158L  1-3-30,468 Roy OswaltWayne FranklinWayne FranklinRoy OswaltMike DeJean73967663
2002-09-25vs MIL159W  7-5-27,602 Peter MunroNick NeugebauerNelson CruzValerio de los SantosBilly Wagner74668165
2002-09-27@ SFN160L  1-2-41,385Wade MillerJason SchmidtJason SchmidtWade MillerRobb Nen74768364
2002-09-28@ SFN161L  2-5-41,045Kirk SaarloosKirk RueterKirk RueterJeriome RobertsonRobb Nen74968861
2002-09-29@ SFN162L  0-7-40,944Roy OswaltRyan JensenRyan JensenRoy Oswalt 74969554

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