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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  80-82   .494
Result:   3rd in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Buck Martinez
General Manager:   Gord Ash
Stadium:  SkyDome
Attendance:  1,915,438
Payroll:  $76,895,999
Playoffs:  -

Toronto Blue Jays affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Dan Plesac (39)
Youngest Player:  Felipe Lopez (21)
Longest Tenure:  Carlos Delgado (9)
Top Hitter:  Carlos Delgado (6)
Top Pitcher:  Chris Carpenter (18)
Top Draft Pick:  Gabe Gross (#15)

Roster Continuity:  76.65%
Top Prospect:   Vernon Wells
American League Standings
NY Yankees9565.594--
Tampa Bay62100.38334.0

Carlos Delgado2001-04-042001W  11-8 @ TBA53300340001000083282219360953 home runs
Ryan Freel2001-04-042001W  11-8 @ TBA000000000000000100001st career game
Ryan Freel2001-04-052001W  11-0 @ TBA401000001000000210001st career hit
Carlos Delgado2001-04-062001W  13-4 @ NYA23200250020100083482419561552 home runs, 5 RBis
Ryan Freel2001-04-062001W  13-4 @ NYA512000020010000330021st career stolen base
Ryan Freel2001-04-082001L  16-5 @ NYA401000100000000550121st career RBI
Bob File2001-04-142001W  5-4 vs TOR000000000000000100001st career game
Shannon Stewart2001-04-142001W  5-4 vs TOR41110010010000050059547224121500th career game
Pasqual Coco2001-04-202001W  12-4 @ KCA000000000000000100001st career game
Carlos Delgado2001-04-202001W  12-4 @ KCA44300340010000084683520062353 home runs, 4 runs scored, 200th career home run
Raul Mondesi2001-04-202001W  12-4 @ KCA523002501010000102911271915961642 home runs, 5 RBis
Brad Fullmer2001-04-272001W  12-4 vs TOR41400020000001041441459255114 hits
Raul Mondesi2001-04-272001W  12-4 vs TOR442100110200000103411331926001654 runs scored
Jose Cruz2001-04-292001W  2-0 vs TOR5010000000000005004468824950500th career game
Luis Lopez2001-04-292001W  2-0 vs TOR000000000100000100001st career game
Alex Gonzalez2001-05-012001W  5-4 @ OAK51100110004000076166568287674 strikeouts
Carlos Delgado2001-05-032001L  3-2 @ OAK62200220003000085784520262852 home runs
Raul Mondesi2001-05-042001W  8-3 @ SEA424202600000000104111441956081662 home runs, 6 RBis, 4 hits
Brad Fullmer2001-05-052001L  7-5 @ SEA41420120000000042142461258114 hits
Luis Lopez2001-05-052001L  7-5 @ SEA101000000000000410001st career hit
Darrin Fletcher2001-05-062001W  11-3 @ SEA422002300000000109194511251822 home runs
Luis Lopez2001-05-132001L  7-5 vs TOR411001100000001721101st career home run, 1st career RBI
Carlos Delgado2001-05-152001W  9-3 @ ANA52300230000000086785620663452 home runs
Alex Gonzalez2001-05-232001W  9-6 vs TOR52400021000000078068771302714 hits
Jose Cruz2001-06-032001L  5-4 vs TOR40300003010000051946589255563 stolen bases
Raul Mondesi2001-06-052001W  13-1 vs TOR544001100000000106911731986191714 runs scored, 4 hits
Homer Bush2001-06-132001W  12-5 vs TOR534101100010000283282989454 hits
Shannon Stewart2001-06-132001W  12-5 vs TOR543000210100000552663492491314 runs scored
Jose Cruz2001-06-152001W  9-3 @ MON53400121000000052847590261574 hits
Chris Michalak2001-06-172001L  4-1 @ MON101010000000200610001st career hit
Homer Bush2001-06-202001W  6-5 @ BAL311000110012000289291992472 hit by pitches
Raul Mondesi2001-06-222001W  4-3 @ BOS41100110002000010841191200625173200th career home run
Cesar Izturis2001-06-232001W  9-6 @ BOS411000000000000110001st career game, 1st career hit
Cesar Izturis2001-06-262001W  3-1 vs TOR302000011000000430011st career stolen base
Brian Bowles2001-06-272001L  7-3 vs TOR000000000000000100001st career game
Raul Mondesi2001-06-292001W  8-4 vs TOR522002600020000109011972026311742 home runs, 6 RBis
Cesar Izturis2001-06-302001L  7-5 vs TOR413100100000000870111st career RBI
Shannon Stewart2001-06-302001L  7-5 vs TOR504000010000000567681502511324 hits
Brad Fullmer2001-07-042001W  8-1 @ TBA51420010000000047147066279124 hits
Raul Mondesi2001-07-052001W  7-4 @ TBA501000100040000109612012036341764 strikeouts
Brad Fullmer2001-07-062001L  10-7 vs TOR41200150001001047347267284125 RBis
Cesar Izturis2001-07-072001W  9-8 vs TOR53300122000000015121351st career home run
Chris Carpenter2001-07-172001L  1-0 @ NYN2010000000100002310001st career hit
Jose Cruz2001-07-202001W  10-4 @ NYA52300230001000055951095281652 home runs
Alex Gonzalez2001-07-222001L  7-3 @ NYA32200220010000083073775328782 home runs
Shannon Stewart2001-07-262001L  6-3 @ BOS201000130200000587704502521373 stolen bases
Felipe Lopez2001-08-032001W  10-1 vs TOR512100100010000120101st career game, 1st career hit, 1st career RBI
Jose Cruz2001-08-052001W  5-4 vs TOR43310230000000057452598286692 home runs
Jose Cruz2001-08-112001W  7-6 @ ANA624102201020000579531101289692 home runs, 4 hits, 100th career home run
Brad Fullmer2001-08-122001L  6-5 @ ANA4120011000000005004967129414500th career game
Jose Cruz2001-08-142001W  6-3 vs TOR522002400010001581533103293692 home runs
Chris Latham2001-08-162001L  8-4 vs TOR400000000040000853521564 strikeouts
Felipe Lopez2001-08-162001L  8-4 vs TOR31100001000000011100411st career stolen base
Jeff Frye2001-08-172001W  11-3 vs TOR42411130000000066162116194544 hits
Darrin Fletcher2001-08-192001L  8-4 vs TOR3110011000000011168100011954721000th career hit
Felipe Lopez2001-08-232001W  6-2 @ MIN42301120000000016141611st career home run
Darrin Fletcher2001-09-022001W  11-0 vs TOR3221015000000101180100912055825 RBis
Felipe Lopez2001-09-042001W  14-0 vs TOR533012500000000272431322 home runs, 5 RBis
Jose Cruz2001-09-182001W  8-5 vs TOR500000000040000604550109303714 strikeouts
Alex Gonzalez2001-09-182001W  8-5 vs TOR42300240011000087378382346822 home runs
Josh Phelps2001-09-222001W  8-7 vs TOR310000110010000500111st career stolen base, 1st career RBI

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