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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  93-69   .574
Result:   1st in National League - Central Division
Manager(s):  Larry Dierker
General Manager:   Gerry Hunsicker
Stadium:  Enron Field
Attendance:  2,904,277
Payroll:  $60,387,667
Playoffs:  Lost in 1st Round (Braves)

Houston Astros affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Mike Jackson (36)
Youngest Player:  Carlos Hernandez (21)
Longest Tenure:  Craig Biggio (14)
Top Hitter:  Lance Berkman (5)
Top Pitcher:  Wade Miller (12)
Top Draft Pick:  Chris Burke (#10)

Roster Continuity:  66.18%
Top Prospect:   Roy Oswalt
National League Standings
St. Louis9369.5740.0
Chi Cubs8874.5435.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2001-04-03vs MIL1W  11-3-36,526 Scott ElartonJimmy HaynesScott ElartonJimmy Haynes 1138
2001-04-04vs MIL2W  8-6-25,092 Jose LimaPaul RigdonJay PowellCurt Leskanic 19910
2001-04-05vs MIL3W  8-2-24,055 Wade MillerBen SheetsWade MillerBen Sheets 271116
2001-04-06vs PIT4W  4-1-27,126 Octavio DotelOmar OlivaresOctavio DotelOmar OlivaresBilly Wagner311219
2001-04-07vs PIT5L  3-5-30,046 Kent BottenfieldBronson ArroyoBronson ArroyoKent BottenfieldMike Williams341717
2001-04-08vs PIT6L  3-9-30,174 Scott ElartonJoe BeimelJoe BeimelScott Elarton 372611
2001-04-10@ MIL7W  3-0-23,577Jose LimaPaul RigdonJose LimaCurt LeskanicBilly Wagner402614
2001-04-11@ MIL8W  7-1-26,021Wade MillerBen SheetsWade MillerBen Sheets 472720
2001-04-12@ MIL9L  4-12-23,599Octavio DotelJeff D'AmicoJeff D'AmicoOctavio Dotel 513912
2001-04-13@ SLN10W  4-2-42,153Kent BottenfieldDarryl KileKent BottenfieldDarryl KileBilly Wagner554114
2001-04-14@ SLN11W  7-4-39,235Scott ElartonRick AnkielScott ElartonRick AnkielBilly Wagner624517
2001-04-15@ SLN12L  5-6-27,993Jose LimaAndy BenesMike JamesJay PowellSteve Kline675116
2001-04-16@ PIT13L  0-3-20,128Wade MillerJimmy AndersonJimmy AndersonWade MillerMike Williams675413
2001-04-18@ PIT14L  4-8-20,339Shane ReynoldsOmar OlivaresBronson ArroyoShane Reynolds 71629
2001-04-20vs SLN15W  10-1-39,152 Scott ElartonRick AnkielScott ElartonRick Ankiel 816318
2001-04-21vs SLN16L  2-9-40,981 Jose LimaMatt MorrisMatt MorrisJose Lima 837211
2001-04-22vs SLN17W  4-3-31,020 Wade MillerDustin HermansonWade MillerGene StechschulteBilly Wagner877512
2001-04-23vs ATL18L  7-9-29,122 Octavio DotelTom GlavineTom GlavineOctavio Dotel 948410
2001-04-24vs ATL19W  11-6-29,216 Shane ReynoldsOdalis PerezShane ReynoldsOdalis PerezKent Bottenfield1059015
2001-04-25vs ATL20L  3-11-31,223 Scott ElartonKevin MillwoodKevin MillwoodScott Elarton 1081017
2001-04-27vs FLO21L  8-9-32,120 Jose LimaBrad PennyAntonio AlfonsecaBilly Wagner 1161106
2001-04-28vs FLO22W  6-4-33,274 Wade MillerRyan DempsterWade MillerRyan Dempster 1221148
2001-04-29vs FLO23L  5-11-31,376 Shane ReynoldsMatt ClementRicky BonesShane Reynolds 1271252
2001-04-30@ NYN24L  2-8-19,083Scott ElartonSteve TrachselSteve TrachselScott Elarton 129133-4
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2001-05-01@ NYN25L  5-7-25,619Octavio DotelDicky GonzalezTom MartinNelson CruzArmando Benitez134140-6
2001-05-02@ NYN26W  6-5-23,262Jose LimaKevin AppierBilly WagnerArmando Benitez 140145-5
2001-05-04@ MON27W  8-4-6,017Wade MillerJavier VazquezWade MillerJavier Vazquez 148149-1
2001-05-05@ MON28W  4-3-20,541Shane ReynoldsBritt ReamesShane ReynoldsBritt ReamesBilly Wagner1521520
2001-05-06@ MON29W  13-7-6,041Scott ElartonChris PetersScott ElartonAnthony Telford 1651596
2001-05-07vs PHI30L  0-5-31,511 Kent BottenfieldRobert PersonRobert PersonKent Bottenfield 1651641
2001-05-08vs PHI31L  2-3-31,278 Jose LimaAmaury TelemacoAmaury TelemacoMichael JacksonJose Mesa1671670
2001-05-09vs PHI32W  7-6-31,769 Wade MillerBruce ChenBilly WagnerRicky Bottalico 1741731
2001-05-12@ CIN33W  2-1-0Shane ReynoldsRob BellShane ReynoldsRob BellBilly Wagner1761742
2001-05-12@ CIN34L  4-5-33,175Scott ElartonOsvaldo FernandezDanny GravesOctavio Dotel 1801791
2001-05-13@ CIN35W  4-3-19,096Kent BottenfieldJim BrowerKent BottenfieldJim BrowerBilly Wagner1841822
2001-05-14@ CIN36W  6-4-18,683Wade MillerChris ReitsmaRoy OswaltChris ReitsmaBilly Wagner1901864
2001-05-15@ CHN37W  9-7-31,648Jose LimaKevin TapaniMichael JacksonTodd Van PoppelNelson Cruz1991936
2001-05-16@ CHN38W  6-2-31,206Shane ReynoldsJulian TavarezShane ReynoldsJulian Tavarez 20519510
2001-05-17@ CHN39W  4-2-36,014Scott ElartonJason BereRoy OswaltKyle FarnsworthBilly Wagner20919712
2001-05-18vs CIN40L  4-7-36,223 Kent BottenfieldOsvaldo FernandezOsvaldo FernandezKent BottenfieldDanny Graves2132049
2001-05-19vs CIN41W  6-3-41,131 Wade MillerChris ReitsmaWade MillerChris ReitsmaBilly Wagner21920712
2001-05-20vs CIN42L  5-6-36,296 Jose LimaElmer DessensElmer DessensJose LimaDanny Graves22421311
2001-05-21vs SDN43L  6-7-28,119 Shane ReynoldsAdam EatonAdam EatonShane ReynoldsTrevor Hoffman23022010
2001-05-22vs SDN44L  2-6-31,094 Scott ElartonWoody WilliamsWoody WilliamsScott ElartonJay Witasick2322266
2001-05-23vs SDN45L  6-7-34,225 Kent BottenfieldKevin JarvisJay WitasickBilly WagnerTrevor Hoffman2382335
2001-05-25@ LAN46L  1-4-30,141Wade MillerChan Ho ParkChan Ho ParkWade MillerJeff Shaw2392372
2001-05-26@ LAN47L  2-7-38,735Shane ReynoldsLuke ProkopecLuke ProkopecShane Reynolds 241244-3
2001-05-27@ LAN48L  4-5-29,356Scott ElartonDarren DreifortMike FettersRoy Oswalt 245249-4
2001-05-29@ SDN49L  4-5-16,560Kent BottenfieldKevin JarvisKevin JarvisKent BottenfieldTrevor Hoffman249254-5
2001-05-30@ SDN50W  7-4-19,098Wade MillerBobby JonesWade MillerBobby JonesBilly Wagner256258-2
2001-05-31@ SDN51W  8-4-18,021Shane ReynoldsWascar SerranoShane ReynoldsWascar Serrano 2642622
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2001-06-01vs LAN52W  10-9-34,131 Scott ElartonLuke ProkopecOctavio DotelMike Fetters 2742713
2001-06-02vs LAN53W  2-1-38,621 Roy OswaltDarren DreifortRoy OswaltDarren DreifortBilly Wagner2762724
2001-06-03vs LAN54L  8-9-38,038 Kent BottenfieldEric GagneMike FettersOctavio DotelJeff Shaw2842813
2001-06-05@ COL55L  4-9-37,116Wade MillerMike HamptonMike HamptonWade Miller 288290-2
2001-06-06@ COL56L  8-9-36,138Scott ElartonBrian BohanonBrian BohanonScott ElartonJose Jimenez296299-3
2001-06-07@ COL57W  2-1-35,359Shane ReynoldsShawn ChaconShane ReynoldsShawn ChaconMichael Jackson298300-2
2001-06-08@ TEX58W  5-4-47,120Roy OswaltKenny RogersOctavio DotelTim CrabtreeMichael Jackson303304-1
2001-06-09@ TEX59L  4-16-49,603Kent BottenfieldRick HellingRick HellingKent Bottenfield 307320-13
2001-06-10@ TEX60W  6-5-41,936Wade MillerDoug DavisJay PowellJeff ZimmermanMichael Jackson313325-12
2001-06-12@ MIN61L  0-7-12,280Scott ElartonBrad RadkeBrad RadkeScott Elarton 313332-19
2001-06-13@ MIN62L  1-3-13,545Shane ReynoldsEric MiltonEric MiltonShane Reynolds 314335-21
2001-06-14@ MIN63W  8-3-15,601Roy OswaltJoe MaysRoy OswaltJoe Mays 322338-16
2001-06-15vs TEX64L  9-12-43,203 Wade MillerRick HellingPat MahomesJay PowellJeff Zimmerman331350-19
2001-06-16vs TEX65W  2-1-43,245 Tony McKnightDoug DavisNelson CruzTim CrabtreeMichael Jackson333351-18
2001-06-17vs TEX66L  2-6-43,277 Scott ElartonDarren OliverDarren OliverScott Elarton 335357-22
2001-06-18vs COL67W  13-5-31,529 Shane ReynoldsPedro AstacioShane ReynoldsPedro Astacio 348362-14
2001-06-19vs COL68W  6-4-30,020 Roy OswaltShawn ChaconRoy OswaltShawn ChaconBilly Wagner354366-12
2001-06-20vs COL69W  7-2-30,637 Wade MillerRon VilloneWade MillerRon VilloneOctavio Dotel361368-7
2001-06-21vs CIN70L  7-8-32,121 Tony McKnightLance DavisJim BrowerJoe Slusarski 368376-8
2001-06-22vs CIN71L  5-7-34,323 Scott ElartonElmer DessensMark WohlersBilly Wagner 373383-10
2001-06-23vs CIN72W  9-3-40,314 Shane ReynoldsBrian ReithShane ReynoldsBrian Reith 382386-4
2001-06-24vs CIN73W  7-5-34,118 Tim ReddingJose AcevedoOctavio DotelChris NichtingBilly Wagner389391-2
2001-06-25@ ARI74W  6-0-27,230Wade MillerMiguel BatistaWade MillerMiguel Batista 3953914
2001-06-26@ ARI75W  10-7-30,566Dave MlickiNick BierbrodtOctavio DotelNick BierbrodtBilly Wagner4053987
2001-06-27@ ARI76L  5-7-28,802Scott ElartonCurt SchillingCurt SchillingScott Elarton 4104055
2001-06-29@ MIL77L  1-6-40,069Shane ReynoldsBen SheetsBen SheetsShane Reynolds 4114110
2001-06-30@ MIL78W  7-4-42,529Roy OswaltAllen LevraultRoy OswaltAllen Levrault 4184153
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2001-07-01@ MIL79W  6-1-38,485Wade MillerPaul RigdonWade MillerPaul Rigdon 4244168
2001-07-02@ MIL80W  6-4-33,182Tim ReddingJimmy HaynesTim ReddingJimmy HaynesBilly Wagner43042010
2001-07-03vs ARI81W  6-5-40,982 Scott ElartonCurt SchillingDave MlickiCurt SchillingBilly Wagner43642511
2001-07-04vs ARI82L  2-3-41,216 Shane ReynoldsRandy JohnsonRandy JohnsonShane ReynoldsByung-Hyun Kim43842810
2001-07-05vs ARI83W  5-1-35,112 Roy OswaltRobert EllisRoy OswaltRobert Ellis 44342914
2001-07-06@ KCA84W  8-3-23,905Wade MillerDan ReichertWade MillerDan ReichertNelson Cruz45143219
2001-07-07@ KCA85W  10-8-22,020Tim ReddingPaul ByrdMichael JacksonPaul ByrdBilly Wagner46144021
2001-07-08@ KCA86W  14-5-14,951Scott ElartonChad DurbinRon VilloneChad Durbin 47544530
2001-07-12vs SDN87L  4-7-31,597 Shane ReynoldsBobby JonesBobby JonesShane ReynoldsTrevor Hoffman47945227
2001-07-13vs SDN88W  11-3-34,020 Roy OswaltWoody WilliamsRoy OswaltWoody Williams 49045535
2001-07-14vs SDN89L  6-8-41,042 Wade MillerKevin JarvisKevin JarvisWade MillerTrevor Hoffman49646333
2001-07-15vs CLE90W  5-3-39,127 Tim ReddingJake WestbrookTim ReddingJake WestbrookBilly Wagner50146635
2001-07-16vs CLE91W  10-8-30,834 Scott ElartonCharles NagyRon VilloneJohn Rocker 51147437
2001-07-17vs CLE92L  4-10-32,284 Shane ReynoldsBartolo ColonBartolo ColonShane Reynolds 51548431
2001-07-18vs SLN93W  17-11-33,016 Roy OswaltMike MatthewsRon VilloneLuther Hackman 53249537
2001-07-19vs SLN94L  1-4-38,523 Wade MillerMatt MorrisMatt MorrisWade MillerMike Timlin53349934
2001-07-20vs CHN95W  5-2-43,163 Tim ReddingJon LieberTim ReddingJon LieberBilly Wagner53850137
2001-07-21vs CHN96L  4-5-43,208 Dave MlickiKevin TapaniKyle FarnsworthRon VilloneTom Gordon54250636
2001-07-22vs CHN97W  3-0-43,011 Shane ReynoldsJason BereShane ReynoldsJason BereBilly Wagner54550639
2001-07-23vs CHN98L  2-6-42,958 Roy OswaltKerry WoodKerry WoodRoy Oswalt 54751235
2001-07-24@ SLN99W  2-1-37,307Wade MillerMatt MorrisWade MillerMatt MorrisBilly Wagner54951336
2001-07-25@ SLN100L  2-10-36,685Tim ReddingDustin HermansonDustin HermansonTim Redding 55152328
2001-07-26@ PIT101W  3-2-30,245Dave MlickiJason SchmidtDave MlickiJason SchmidtBilly Wagner55452529
2001-07-27@ PIT102L  2-3-38,463Shane ReynoldsJoe BeimelJoe BeimelShane ReynoldsMike Williams55652828
2001-07-28@ PIT103L  8-9-32,977Roy OswaltBronson ArroyoOmar OlivaresBilly Wagner 56453727
2001-07-28@ PIT104W  12-3-38,295Tony McKnightJimmy AndersonTony McKnightJimmy Anderson 57654036
2001-07-29@ PIT105L  1-4-37,166Wade MillerTodd RitchieTodd RitchieWade MillerMike Williams57754433
2001-07-31vs NYN106W  3-2-33,006 Dave MlickiGlendon RuschNelson CruzJerrod Riggan 58054634
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2001-08-01vs NYN107L  2-8-33,124 Tim ReddingBruce ChenRick WhiteMichael Jackson 58255428
2001-08-02vs NYN108W  4-3-34,257 Pedro AstacioSteve TrachselMike WilliamsJerrod Riggan 58655729
2001-08-03vs MON109W  6-2-31,134 Shane ReynoldsTony ArmasShane ReynoldsTony Armas 59255933
2001-08-04vs MON110W  4-1-38,769 Roy OswaltTomo OhkaRoy OswaltTomo Ohka 59656036
2001-08-05vs MON111W  4-1-36,240 Wade MillerBobby MunozRon VilloneBobby MunozBilly Wagner60056139
2001-08-07@ ATL112L  5-6-35,648Dave MlickiGreg MadduxGreg MadduxNelson CruzSteve Karsay60556738
2001-08-08@ ATL113W  2-1-31,201Shane ReynoldsTom GlavineMichael JacksonJose CabreraBilly Wagner60756839
2001-08-09@ ATL114W  6-5-30,499Roy OswaltJohn BurkettOctavio DotelKerry Ligtenberg 61357340
2001-08-10@ FLO115W  7-2-13,360Pedro AstacioA.J. BurnettPedro AstacioA.J. Burnett 62057545
2001-08-11@ FLO116L  5-13-20,134Brian PowellRyan DempsterRyan DempsterBrian Powell 62558837
2001-08-12@ FLO117W  10-5-13,330Dave MlickiMatt ClementDave MlickiMatt Clement 63559342
2001-08-13vs CHN118W  9-5-39,056 Shane ReynoldsJason BereShane ReynoldsJason Bere 64459846
2001-08-14vs CHN119L  1-3-40,055 Roy OswaltJulian TavarezDavid WeathersRon VilloneTom Gordon64560144
2001-08-15vs CHN120L  1-5-41,469 Pedro AstacioJon LieberJon LieberPedro Astacio 64660640
2001-08-16vs PIT121W  4-3-26,518 Wade MillerJoe BeimelWade MillerJoe BeimelBilly Wagner65060941
2001-08-17vs PIT122W  6-5-37,363 Dave MlickiTony McKnightDave MlickiTony McKnightBilly Wagner65661442
2001-08-18vs PIT123W  3-0-41,955 Carlos HernandezJimmy AndersonCarlos HernandezJimmy AndersonOctavio Dotel65961445
2001-08-19vs PIT124W  12-2-35,915 Roy OswaltTodd RitchieRoy OswaltTodd Ritchie 67161655
2001-08-21@ PHI125W  8-2-20,647Pedro AstacioNelson FigueroaPedro AstacioNelson Figueroa 67961861
2001-08-22@ PHI126L  1-2-21,288Wade MillerRobert PersonRobert PersonWade MillerJose Mesa68062060
2001-08-23@ PHI127W  2-1-16,062Carlos HernandezBrandon DuckworthMichael JacksonJose SantiagoBilly Wagner68262161
2001-08-24@ PIT128W  5-1-37,324Roy OswaltJimmy AndersonRoy OswaltJimmy Anderson 68762265
2001-08-25@ PIT129L  2-8-37,665Dave MlickiTodd RitchieTodd RitchieDave Mlicki 68963059
2001-08-26@ PIT130W  3-1-34,850Ron VilloneDavid WilliamsRon VilloneDavid WilliamsBilly Wagner69263161
2001-08-28vs CIN131W  6-4-31,796 Wade MillerLance DavisWade MillerJim BrowerBilly Wagner69863563
2001-08-29vs CIN132W  6-2-31,594 Carlos HernandezElmer DessensNelson CruzElmer Dessens 70463767
2001-08-30vs CIN133W  6-1-34,220 Roy OswaltDennys ReyesRoy OswaltDennys Reyes 71063872
2001-08-31@ MIL134W  3-2-26,486Dave MlickiJamey WrightMike WilliamsJamey WrightBilly Wagner71364073
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2001-09-01@ MIL135L  3-4-28,818Shane ReynoldsRocky CoppingerChad FoxMichael Jackson 71664472
2001-09-02@ MIL136W  1-0-38,140Wade MillerMac SuzukiWade MillerMac SuzukiBilly Wagner71764473
2001-09-03@ CIN137L  2-3-18,612Ron VilloneElmer DessensScott SullivanOctavio DotelDanny Graves71964772
2001-09-04@ CIN138W  7-1-16,255Roy OswaltDennys ReyesRoy OswaltDennys Reyes 72664878
2001-09-05@ CIN139W  10-3-16,001Dave MlickiChris ReitsmaDave MlickiChris Reitsma 73665185
2001-09-06vs MIL140L  3-4-31,895 Shane ReynoldsRocky CoppingerChad FoxBilly WagnerCurt Leskanic73965584
2001-09-07vs MIL141W  5-3-35,527 Wade MillerMac SuzukiWade MillerMac SuzukiBilly Wagner74465886
2001-09-08vs MIL142L  2-7-41,033 Ron VilloneRuben QuevedoRuben QuevedoRon Villone 74666581
2001-09-09vs MIL143W  8-0-35,091 Roy OswaltJeff D'AmicoRoy OswaltJeff D'Amico 75466589
2001-09-18@ SFN144W  3-2-40,901Roy OswaltRuss OrtizMike WilliamsRobb NenBilly Wagner75766790
2001-09-19@ SFN145W  10-3-40,322Dave MlickiLivan HernandezDave MlickiLivan Hernandez 76767097
2001-09-20@ SFN146W  5-4-40,470Wade MillerKirk RueterOctavio DotelRobb NenBilly Wagner77267498
2001-09-21vs CHN147L  4-12-42,621 Ron VilloneJuan CruzCarlos ZambranoRon Villone 77668690
2001-09-22vs CHN148W  8-4-43,167 Shane ReynoldsKevin TapaniShane ReynoldsKevin Tapani 78469094
2001-09-23vs CHN149W  7-6-43,057 Tim ReddingJon LieberMike WilliamsDavid WeathersBilly Wagner79169695
2001-09-24vs SLN150W  9-3-36,766 Dave MlickiMatt MorrisDave MlickiMatt Morris 800699101
2001-09-25vs SLN151L  2-3-39,715 Wade MillerWoody WilliamsWoody WilliamsWade Miller 802702100
2001-09-26vs SLN152L  1-5-44,203 Ron VilloneDarryl KileDarryl KileRon Villone 80370796
2001-09-27@ CHN153W  6-5-38,154Shane ReynoldsKevin TapaniShane ReynoldsKevin TapaniBilly Wagner80971297
2001-09-28@ CHN154L  2-6-36,573Roy OswaltJon LieberJon LieberRoy Oswalt 81171893
2001-09-29@ CHN155L  2-6-37,641Dave MlickiKerry WoodKerry WoodDave Mlicki 81372489
2001-09-30@ CHN156L  6-7-38,438Wade MillerJason BereScott ChiassonRon VilloneKyle Farnsworth81973188
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2001-10-02vs SFN157L  1-4-43,548 Shane ReynoldsKirk RueterKirk RueterShane ReynoldsRobb Nen82073585
2001-10-03vs SFN158L  8-11-43,630 Tim ReddingJason SchmidtJason SchmidtNelson Cruz 82874682
2001-10-04vs SFN159L  2-10-43,734 Dave MlickiRuss OrtizRuss OrtizDave MlickiBrian Boehringer83075674
2001-10-05@ SLN160W  2-1-39,323Wade MillerWoody WilliamsMichael JacksonGene StechschulteBilly Wagner83275775
2001-10-06@ SLN161L  6-10-43,251Ron VilloneDustin HermansonMike TimlinRon VilloneSteve Kline83876771
2001-10-07@ SLN162W  9-2-47,518Shane ReynoldsDarryl KileShane ReynoldsDarryl Kile 84776978

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