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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  68-94   .420
Result:   4th in National League - West Division
Manager(s):  Dusty Baker
General Manager:   Bob Quinn
Stadium:  Candlestick Park
Attendance:  1,413,922
Payroll:  $34,605,225
Playoffs:  -

San Francisco Giants affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Mel Hall (35)
Youngest Player:  Wilson Delgado (20)
Longest Tenure:  Robby Thompson (11)
Top Hitter:  Barry Bonds (4)
Top Pitcher:  Mark Leiter (21)
Top Draft Pick:  Matt White (#7)

Roster Continuity:  57.33%
Top Prospect:   Shawn Estes
National League Standings
San Diego9171.562--
LA Dodgers9072.5561.0
SF Giants6894.42023.0

Steve Bourgeois1996-04-031996L  15-2 @ ATL000000000000000100001st career game
Glenallen Hill1996-04-041996W  7-1 @ ATL40000000004000059850389286774 strikeouts
Osvaldo Fernandez1996-04-051996W  7-1 @ FLO300000000000000100001st career game
Mark Carreon1996-04-071996W  14-7 @ FLO5442026000000006244416023092 home runs, 4 runs scored, 6 RBis, 4 hits
Barry Bonds1996-04-101996W  11-5 @ HOU423101500100000143414462948753425 RBis
Glenallen Hill1996-04-101996W  11-5 @ HOU42310250010000060451091294772 home runs, 5 RBis
Marvin Benard1996-04-131996W  3-2 vs SFN51400001001000016191424 hits
Marcus Jensen1996-04-141996L  6-2 vs SFN301000000100000110001st career game, 1st career hit
Bill Mueller1996-04-181996L  7-6 @ CHN100000000000000100001st career game
Bill Mueller1996-04-191996L  10-6 @ CHN101000000000000210001st career hit
Matt Williams1996-04-261996L  3-0 vs SFN40100000002000010381000228663281000th career hit
Barry Bonds1996-04-271996W  6-3 vs SFN422002300020000144914613018873462 home runs, 300th career home run
Jay Canizaro1996-04-281996W  10-4 vs SFN100000000010000100001st career game
Barry Bonds1996-04-301996W  9-4 @ SDN522002600010000145114663038963472 home runs, 6 RBis
Osvaldo Fernandez1996-05-031996L  5-3 vs SFN201000000010000810001st career hit
Tom Lampkin1996-05-081996W  10-7 @ SLN54310010010000022491745104 runs scored
Mark Carreon1996-05-111996W  12-7 @ PIT6233002000000006534736525393 Doubles
Glenallen Hill1996-05-121996W  7-2 @ PIT53400110000000062953596312804 hits
Stan Javier1996-05-221996L  4-3 vs SFN5011000000400001114771322811584 strikeouts
Mark Leiter1996-06-021996W  8-1 @ MON40000000014000013780504 strikeouts
Steve Scarsone1996-06-031996W  6-3 @ CIN500000000040000231145176734 strikeouts
Keith Williams1996-06-071996L  9-4 vs SFN100000000000000100001st career game
Mark Carreon1996-06-091996W  9-0 vs SFN50330020000000067649266263103 Doubles
Keith Williams1996-06-091996W  9-0 vs SFN101000000000000210001st career hit
Barry Bonds1996-06-131996W  12-8 vs SFN534001200000000148815083109203544 hits
Shawon Dunston1996-06-151996L  4-3 vs SFN41210120001000011791139100461147100th career home run
Marvin Benard1996-06-181996W  9-8 vs SFN311000010410100636111064 walks
Tom Lampkin1996-06-191996W  7-4 vs SFN622101500100000241105954105 RBis
Robby Thompson1996-06-211996L  8-7 @ ATL623300000020000127711741174491013 Doubles
Barry Bonds1996-06-261996L  3-2 @ FLO301000010100000150015183129243591500th career game
Barry Bonds1996-06-301996L  7-4 vs SFN504000100000000150415243139263594 hits
Steve Bourgeois1996-07-061996L  7-3 @ SDN302100100010000820101st career hit, 1st career RBI
Dax Jones1996-07-111996L  8-3 @ LAN100000000000000100001st career game
Shawn Estes1996-07-131996W  7-0 @ LAN311000000010000410001st career hit
Jacob Cruz1996-07-181996L  8-3 vs SFN400000000030000100001st career game
Jacob Cruz1996-07-191996W  5-4 vs SFN412001100010000221101st career hit, 1st career home run, 1st career RBI
Robby Thompson1996-07-191996W  5-4 vs SFN111000000400000129711851194561024 walks
Marvin Benard1996-07-201996W  7-6 vs SFN5240012010000008987421144 hits
Shawn Estes1996-07-231996L  9-6 vs SFN211000100010000620101st career RBI
Rod Beck1996-07-281996W  10-3 vs SFN10100010000000032140101st career RBI
Jay Canizaro1996-08-041996L  7-6 @ HOU401100000020000510001st career hit
Jay Canizaro1996-08-051996L  4-3 vs SFN300000100010010610101st career RBI
Glenallen Hill1996-08-061996L  3-2 vs SFN40000000004000064254998315824 strikeouts
Bill Mueller1996-08-071996W  9-2 vs SFN422000100000010540101st career RBI
Desi Wilson1996-08-071996W  9-2 vs SFN000000000000000100001st career game
Osvaldo Fernandez1996-08-091996W  8-6 @ SLN4010001000200002640101st career RBI
Desi Wilson1996-08-091996W  8-6 @ SLN513000100000000330101st career hit, 1st career RBI
Jay Canizaro1996-08-101996L  7-1 @ SLN311001100010000951201st career home run
Dax Jones1996-08-111996L  5-3 @ SLN311000001100000810001st career hit
Dax Jones1996-08-141996L  4-3 @ PIT4120101000000001030101st career RBI
Dax Jones1996-08-181996L  7-6 @ PHI4120012010100001151301st career home run
Marvin Benard1996-08-201996L  7-3 vs SFN400000000040000114104524214 strikeouts
Glenallen Hill1996-08-201996L  7-3 vs SFN41100120003000065456710032282100th career home run
Doug Mirabelli1996-08-271996L  3-2 vs SFN100000000000000100001st career game
Doug Mirabelli1996-09-011996L  6-5 @ NYN311100000100000210001st career hit
Rick Wilkins1996-09-031996L  9-2 @ MON4041002000000005834416921884 hits
Dax Jones1996-09-061996W  2-0 @ CIN4010000100000002291511st career stolen base
Desi Wilson1996-09-071996L  7-5 @ CIN41200110010000021121601st career home run
Barry Bonds1996-09-111996W  4-2 vs SFN422002400000000156715833319793672 home runs
Dan Carlson1996-09-131996L  9-0 vs SFN000000000000000100001st career game
Barry Bonds1996-09-151996L  11-9 vs SFN210000120400000157215843319813714 walks
Marcus Jensen1996-09-151996L  11-9 vs SFN301000100110000520101st career RBI
Chris Hook1996-09-171996W  9-7 vs SFN1010001000000005410101st career hit, 1st career RBI
Glenallen Hill1996-09-191996W  11-4 vs SFN313101501200000684598104342835 RBis
Steve Soderstrom1996-09-221996W  7-3 vs SFN300000000010000100001st career game
Wilson Delgado1996-09-241996L  6-2 @ LAN310000000021000100001st career game
Wilson Delgado1996-09-251996L  7-5 @ LAN401000000010000210001st career hit
Wilson Delgado1996-09-261996W  6-1 @ LAN412000100000000330101st career RBI
Wilson Delgado1996-09-291996L  12-3 @ COL301000110011000680211st career stolen base
Doug Mirabelli1996-09-291996L  12-3 @ COL301000100120000940101st career RBI

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