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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Denver,CO
Team Record:  83-79   .512
Result:   3rd in National League - West Division
Manager(s):  Don Baylor
General Manager:   Bob Gebhard
Stadium:  Coors Field
Attendance:  3,891,014
Payroll:  $34,918,490
Playoffs:  -

Colorado Rockies affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Milt Thompson (37)
Youngest Player:  Neifi Perez (21)
Longest Tenure:  Darren Holmes, Eric Young, Andres Galarraga, Curtis Leskanic, Dante Bichette, Vinny Castilla, Steve Reed, Mike Munoz, David Nied, Bruce Ruffin, Armando Reynoso, Lance Painter, Jayhawk Owens (4)
Top Hitter:  Andres Galarraga (1)
Top Pitcher:  Kevin Ritz (25)
Top Draft Pick:  Jake Westbrook (#21)

Roster Continuity:  81.69%
Top Prospect:   Derrick Gibson
National League Standings
San Diego9171.562--
LA Dodgers9072.5561.0
SF Giants6894.42023.0

Dante Bichette1996-04-151996W  11-9 vs COL524001401000000832876127503884 hits, 500th career RBI
Vinny Castilla1996-04-161996L  10-6 vs COL4220024000000013303124815062 home runs
Andres Galarraga1996-04-161996L  10-6 vs COL21000000001200013211382203767822 hit by pitches
Quinton McCracken1996-04-161996L  10-6 vs COL1011000000000001110001st career hit
Andres Galarraga1996-04-201996L  4-3 @ NYN42310230001000013241387205774822 home runs
Quinton McCracken1996-04-231996W  4-3 @ CHN4010001000100001740101st career RBI
Larry Walker1996-04-241996L  10-8 vs COL512001220010000824835141501116500th career RBI
Eric Young1996-04-251996L  7-1 vs COL311000030100000407349171191013 stolen bases, 100th career stolen base
Andres Galarraga1996-04-271996W  6-5 vs COL30000020001102013311394206779822 sacrifice flies
Eric Young1996-04-271996W  6-5 vs COL625100011100001409355171191035 hits
Andres Galarraga1996-05-031996W  9-5 vs COL40000000004000013351396207780824 strikeouts
Dante Bichette1996-05-041996W  17-5 vs COL542100000110001848895128511924 runs scored
Mike Farmer1996-05-041996W  17-5 vs COL000000000000000100001st career game
Andres Galarraga1996-05-041996W  17-5 vs COL52300270001000113361399209787822 home runs, 7 RBis
Mike Farmer1996-05-071996L  6-5 @ ATL301000000000000210001st career hit
Dante Bichette1996-05-141996W  5-3 @ CIN312001500010010857907129519925 RBis
Mark Thompson1996-05-191996W  10-3 vs COL4021001000200003070101st career RBI
Larry Walker1996-05-211996W  12-10 vs COL5441126000000008438581465211202 home runs, 4 runs scored, 6 RBis, 4 hits
Larry Walker1996-05-221996W  6-3 vs COL3231200201000008448611465211220 Triples
Quinton McCracken1996-05-251996W  7-5 vs COL1011002110001003570411st career stolen base
Andres Galarraga1996-06-011996W  2-0 @ PIT20000001001200013591423214808852 hit by pitches
Eric Young1996-06-041996L  16-8 @ HOU342100110101000440387201351144 runs scored
Garvin Alston1996-06-061996W  14-7 @ HOU100000000000000100001st career game
Larry Walker1996-06-081996W  13-12 vs COL4440022101000008578721495281262 home runs, 4 runs scored, 4 hits
Ryan Hawblitzel1996-06-091996L  8-3 vs COL000000000000000100001st career game
Andres Galarraga1996-06-101996L  10-9 vs COL51300150001000013681436216820865 RBis
Ellis Burks1996-06-121996W  8-0 vs COL514200300010000107311261495841204 hits
Dante Bichette1996-06-181996L  12-8 vs COL522002400010001888952138553982 home runs
Walt Weiss1996-06-181996L  12-8 vs COL401000000010000100081413247691000th career game
Ellis Burks1996-06-191996W  7-6 vs COL432002200100000108011351535901202 home runs
Dante Bichette1996-06-221996L  5-4 @ PHI311001210110000891956139557100100th career stolen base
Ellis Burks1996-06-231996W  7-4 @ PHI423002400100000108311421565961202 home runs
Harvey Pulliam1996-06-231996W  7-4 @ PHI400000000140000633051304 strikeouts
Andres Galarraga1996-06-271996W  13-1 vs COL43310280010000013821452221833872 home runs, 8 RBis
Eric Young1996-06-291996L  13-10 vs COL514000200000000464429211511194 hits
Dante Bichette1996-06-301996W  16-15 vs COL6251014100100008999721435681015 hits
Eric Young1996-06-301996W  16-15 vs COL532000160100000465431211521256 stolen bases
Jamey Wright1996-07-031996W  3-2 @ SFN300000000010000100001st career game
Andres Galarraga1996-07-041996L  9-4 @ LAN40000000004000013891459222836874 strikeouts
Dante Bichette1996-07-111996W  8-5 vs COL6240015200000009079821445731045 RBis, 4 hits
Eric Young1996-07-111996W  8-5 vs COL431000010002000473440211571302 hit by pitches
Vinny Castilla1996-07-121996W  13-12 vs COL5230025000000004044056320282 home runs, 5 RBis
Andres Galarraga1996-07-121996W  13-12 vs COL22100010001200013931460222837872 hit by pitches
Angel Echevarria1996-07-151996W  7-3 vs COL100000000000000100001st career game
Eric Young1996-07-151996W  7-3 vs COL514100100000000477449221621304 hits
Jamey Wright1996-07-171996W  4-3 vs COL211100000000000410001st career hit
Angel Echevarria1996-07-181996L  9-2 @ SDN101000100000000210101st career hit, 1st career RBI
Roger Bailey1996-07-201996W  5-4 @ SDN1110011000001004941501st career home run
Dante Bichette1996-07-231996W  11-10 vs COL4240013011000009199941455791074 hits
Andres Galarraga1996-07-231996W  11-10 vs COL42300240010000014041475226847892 home runs
Eric Young1996-07-231996W  11-10 vs COL524100300100000485461231691324 hits
Ellis Burks1996-07-241996W  7-6 vs COL534201200000100111011751636161274 hits
Quinton McCracken1996-07-241996W  7-6 vs COL504000200010000804202064 hits
Vinny Castilla1996-07-251996L  10-8 vs COL5230023000000004174236821382 home runs
Andres Galarraga1996-07-271996W  10-6 vs COL52300250001000014081484228855892 home runs, 5 RBis
Quinton McCracken1996-07-271996W  10-6 vs COL411001200010000834712361st career home run
Dante Bichette1996-07-311996L  6-2 @ MON40100000000000092710001475851071000th career hit
John Vander Wal1996-08-011996L  4-1 @ CHN0000000000000005002062411913500th career game
Ellis Burks1996-08-041996W  6-1 @ CHN523102300010000112011881666221302 home runs
Eric Young1996-08-091996W  6-4 @ ATL51100000000000050047924175138500th career game
Andres Galarraga1996-08-101996W  9-7 @ ATL52200230000000014211501233868912 home runs
John Burke1996-08-131996L  5-0 @ FLO000000000000000100001st career game
Vinny Castilla1996-08-161996W  8-4 @ CIN52400120000000043644274228104 hits
Dante Bichette1996-08-201996W  5-4 vs COL62200230000000094410191515991122 home runs
Eric Young1996-08-211996W  10-2 vs COL514000210000000511492251801424 hits
Andres Galarraga1996-08-221996W  10-5 vs COL43300250001000014331521238881932 home runs, 5 RBis
Eric Young1996-08-221996W  10-5 vs COL414000110000010512496251811434 hits
Vinny Castilla1996-08-251996W  13-9 vs COL52300240000000044645778237112 home runs
Dante Bichette1996-08-281996W  10-9 vs COL12000000040000095210271536041144 walks
Eric Anthony1996-08-301996L  7-4 @ SLN32200220010000061943975260222 home runs
Neifi Perez1996-08-311996L  2-1 @ SLN400000000010001100001st career game
Kevin Ritz1996-09-021996W  8-3 @ PIT31100110001000091211711st career home run
Larry Walker1996-09-021996W  8-3 @ PIT2110000010120008758921535431322 hit by pitches
John Burke1996-09-071996L  5-4 @ HOU101000100000000710101st career hit, 1st career RBI
Alan Cockrell1996-09-071996L  5-4 @ HOU100000000010000100001st career game
Neifi Perez1996-09-071996L  5-4 @ HOU400000010030100400011st career stolen base
Alan Cockrell1996-09-081996W  5-2 @ HOU000000100000010200101st career RBI
Terry Jones1996-09-081996W  5-2 @ HOU000000000000000100001st career game
Alan Cockrell1996-09-101996W  9-8 vs COL101100000000000410101st career hit
Robbie Beckett1996-09-121996W  16-8 vs COL000000000000000100001st career game
Ellis Burks1996-09-121996W  16-8 vs COL524101510000000115512381746541395 RBis, 4 hits
Neifi Perez1996-09-121996W  16-8 vs COL422000200000000520211st career hit, 1st career RBI
Andres Galarraga1996-09-151996W  11-4 vs COL52200240002000014551547245901982 home runs
Terry Jones1996-09-191996L  11-4 @ SFN111000000000000910001st career hit
Terry Jones1996-09-221996L  7-3 @ SFN3000001000000101130101st career RBI

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