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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Montreal,QC
Team Record:  74-40   .649
Result:   1st in National League - East Division
Manager(s):  Felipe Alou
General Manager:   Kevin Malone
Stadium:  Olympic Stadium
Attendance:  1,276,250
Payroll:  $18,955,000
Playoffs:  -

Montreal Expos affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Randy Milligan (32)
Youngest Player:  Cliff Floyd (21)
Longest Tenure:  Larry Walker, Marquis Grissom (6)
Top Hitter:  Moises Alou (5)
Top Pitcher:  Pedro Martinez (6)
Top Draft Pick:  Hiram Bocachica (#21)

Roster Continuity:  63.74%
Top Prospect:   Cliff Floyd
National League Standings
NY Mets5558.48718.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMON PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-04-04@ HOU1L  5-60-1543,440Jeff FasseroPete HarnischTom EdensJeff Shaw 56-1
1994-04-05@ HOU2W  5-11-1416,227Ken HillDoug DrabekKen HillDoug Drabek 1073
1994-04-06@ HOU3W  9-32-1417,180Kirk RueterDarryl KileKirk RueterDarryl Kile 19109
1994-04-08vs CHN4L  0-42-2447,001 Pedro MartinezSteve TrachselSteve TrachselPedro Martinez 19145
1994-04-09vs CHN5L  3-42-3538,635 Jeff FasseroAnthony YoungDan PlesacJohn WettelandRandy Myers22184
1994-04-10vs CHN6W  8-23-3416,183 Ken HillJose GuzmanKen HillJose Guzman 302010
1994-04-11vs CIN7L  4-93-4412,526 Kirk RueterTom BrowningHector CarrascoGil Heredia 34295
1994-04-12vs CIN8L  1-73-5512,466 Denis BoucherTim PughTim PughDenis Boucher 3536-1
1994-04-13vs CIN9W  3-24-5414,072 Pedro MartinezJose RijoJohn WettelandChuck McElroy 38380
1994-04-15@ COL10L  2-94-6547,213Jeff FasseroArmando ReynosoArmando ReynosoJeff Fassero 4047-7
1994-04-16@ COL11L  3-74-7551,347Ken HillMike HarkeySteve ReedKen Hill 4354-11
1994-04-17@ COL12L  5-64-8555,443Kirk RueterMarvin FreemanMike MunozGil Heredia 4860-12
1994-04-18@ SFN13L  1-24-9516,502Pedro MartinezBryan HickersonMichael JacksonTim Scott 4962-13
1994-04-19@ SFN14W  4-35-9514,474Denis BoucherJohn BurkettMel RojasDave Burba 5365-12
1994-04-20@ SDN15W  4-26-957,095Jeff FasseroScott SandersJeff FasseroScott SandersMel Rojas5767-10
1994-04-21@ SDN16W  5-47-9511,420Ken HillWally WhitehurstKen HillWally WhitehurstMel Rojas6271-9
1994-04-22@ LAN17W  7-68-9336,434Kirk RueterTom CandiottiJeff ShawTom CandiottiMel Rojas6977-8
1994-04-23@ LAN18W  8-69-9339,157Rod HendersonRamon MartinezTim ScottRoger McDowellMel Rojas7783-6
1994-04-24@ LAN19L  1-79-10338,817Pedro MartinezPedro AstacioPedro AstacioPedro Martinez 7890-12
1994-04-26vs SFN20W  7-310-10214,642 Jeff FasseroBill SwiftJeff FasseroBill SwiftMel Rojas8593-8
1994-04-27vs SFN21W  7-111-10211,605 Ken HillMark PortugalKen HillMark Portugal 9294-2
1994-04-29vs SDN22W  3-112-10215,114 Kirk RueterAndy BenesKirk RueterAndy BenesMel Rojas95950
1994-04-30vs SDN23W  5-313-10218,314 Pedro MartinezScott SandersPedro MartinezA.J. SagerMel Rojas100982
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMON PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-05-01vs SDN24W  3-214-10220,626 Jeff FasseroWally WhitehurstJeff ShawTim Mauser 1031003
1994-05-02vs LAN25W  10-515-10213,262 Ken HillKevin GrossKen HillKevin GrossMel Rojas1131058
1994-05-03vs LAN26L  4-1015-11215,413 Rod HendersonOrel HershiserOrel HershiserRod Henderson 1171152
1994-05-04vs LAN27W  5-416-11216,875 Kirk RueterTom CandiottiMel RojasTodd Worrell 1221193
1994-05-06@ ATL28L  0-516-12248,808Pedro MartinezGreg MadduxGreg MadduxPedro Martinez 122124-2
1994-05-07@ ATL29L  1-216-13349,157Jeff FasseroTom GlavineTom GlavineJeff Fassero 123126-3
1994-05-08@ ATL30W  1-017-13248,742Ken HillJohn SmoltzKen HillJohn SmoltzJohn Wetteland124126-2
1994-05-09vs NYN31L  4-517-14213,194 Kirk RueterFrank SeminaraRoger MasonMel RojasJohn Franco128131-3
1994-05-10vs NYN32L  2-317-15413,158 Butch HenryBret SaberhagenDoug LintonJohn Wetteland 130134-4
1994-05-11vs NYN33W  4-318-15218,511 Pedro MartinezPete SmithPedro MartinezPete SmithMel Rojas134137-3
1994-05-13vs SLN34W  9-119-15219,427 Jeff FasseroVicente PalaciosJeff FasseroVicente PalaciosJohn Wetteland1431385
1994-05-14vs SLN35L  3-619-16218,181 Ken HillRheal CormierRheal CormierKen HillMike Perez1461442
1994-05-15vs SLN36W  9-820-16230,471 Kirk RueterAllen WatsonJohn WettelandRich Rodriguez 1551523
1994-05-16@ PHI37W  4-121-16228,236Butch HenryCurt SchillingButch HenryCurt SchillingMel Rojas1591536
1994-05-17@ PHI38L  5-621-17236,233Pedro MartinezTommy GreeneDoug JonesJohn Wetteland 1641595
1994-05-18@ PHI39W  6-122-17241,032Jeff FasseroDanny JacksonJeff FasseroDanny Jackson 17016010
1994-05-20@ PIT40W  5-323-17230,804Ken HillSteve CookeKen HillAlejandro PenaJohn Wetteland17516312
1994-05-21@ PIT41L  0-623-18228,022Kirk RueterJon LieberJon LieberKirk Rueter 1751696
1994-05-22@ PIT42W  3-224-18239,037Pedro MartinezDenny NeaglePedro MartinezDenny NeagleJohn Wetteland1781717
1994-05-23@ FLO43L  2-324-19230,508Jeff FasseroPat RappPat RappJeff FasseroRobb Nen1801746
1994-05-24@ FLO44W  11-125-19226,598Butch HenryCharlie HoughButch HenryCharlie Hough 19117516
1994-05-25@ FLO45W  3-126-19225,025Ken HillMark GardnerKen HillMark GardnerJohn Wetteland19417618
1994-05-27vs COL46W  4-227-19222,882 Gabe WhiteLance PainterGabe WhiteLance PainterJohn Wetteland19817820
1994-05-28vs COL47L  2-327-20230,452 Pedro MartinezMarvin FreemanBruce RuffinTim ScottKent Bottenfield20018119
1994-05-29vs COL48W  4-328-20226,774 Jeff FasseroDavid NiedTim ScottBruce Ruffin 20418420
1994-05-30@ CIN49L  3-728-21227,875Ken HillJose RijoJose RijoKen Hill 20719116
1994-05-31@ CIN50L  4-528-22225,046Butch HenryJohn RoperPete SchourekJeff Shaw 21119615
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMON PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-06-01@ CIN51W  10-929-22223,653Gabe WhiteKevin JarvisTim ScottHector CarrascoPedro Martinez22120516
1994-06-03@ CHN52W  3-130-22226,037Jeff FasseroKevin FosterJeff ShawChuck CrimJohn Wetteland22420618
1994-06-04@ CHN53W  6-131-22237,187Pedro MartinezWillie BanksPedro MartinezWillie Banks 23020723
1994-06-05@ CHN54W  10-532-22234,181Ken HillSteve TrachselGil HerediaDave Otto 24021228
1994-06-06vs HOU55W  10-533-22214,322 Butch HenryGreg SwindellButch HenryGreg SwindellJohn Wetteland25021733
1994-06-07vs HOU56W  3-234-22217,283 Gabe WhiteShane ReynoldsGil HerediaDave VeresJohn Wetteland25321934
1994-06-08vs HOU57L  2-934-23217,289 Jeff FasseroBrian WilliamsBrian WilliamsJeff Fassero 25522827
1994-06-09@ NYN58W  9-035-23216,775Pedro MartinezDwight GoodenPedro MartinezDwight Gooden 26422836
1994-06-10@ NYN59W  6-436-23219,924Ken HillBobby JonesKen HillBobby JonesJohn Wetteland27023238
1994-06-11@ NYN60W  7-437-23229,307Kirk RueterMauro GozzoGil HerediaMauro GozzoJohn Wetteland27723641
1994-06-12@ NYN61L  4-537-24228,429Gabe WhitePete SmithJosias ManzanilloMel RojasJohn Franco28124140
1994-06-13vs PIT62W  10-238-24217,236 Jeff FasseroDenny NeagleJeff FasseroDenny Neagle 29124348
1994-06-14vs PIT63W  12-739-24215,781 Pedro MartinezZane SmithPedro MartinezZane SmithJohn Wetteland30325053
1994-06-15vs PIT64W  13-240-24221,269 Ken HillPaul WagnerKen HillPaul WagnerButch Henry31625264
1994-06-17vs PHI65L  8-1040-25230,235 Kirk RueterShawn BoskiePaul QuantrillJohn WettelandDoug Jones32426262
1994-06-18vs PHI66L  4-840-26228,354 Gabe WhiteDanny JacksonDanny JacksonGabe White 32827058
1994-06-19vs PHI67L  0-1340-27215,092 Jeff FasseroBobby MunozBobby MunozJeff Fassero 32828345
1994-06-20@ SLN68W  8-441-27227,658Pedro MartinezRick SutcliffeJeff ShawRob MurphyMel Rojas33628749
1994-06-21@ SLN69L  4-541-28230,940Ken HillOmar OlivaresRob MurphyJohn Wetteland 34029248
1994-06-22@ SLN70W  6-442-28230,257Kirk RueterBob TewksburyKirk RueterBob TewksburyJohn Wetteland34629650
1994-06-24vs FLO71W  9-043-28225,266 Butch HenryPat RappButch HenryPat RappMel Rojas35529659
1994-06-25vs FLO72W  7-344-28222,040 Jeff FasseroCharlie HoughGil HerediaCharlie Hough 36229963
1994-06-26vs FLO73L  1-644-29226,875 Pedro MartinezMark GardnerMark GardnerPedro MartinezRobb Nen36330558
1994-06-27vs ATL74W  7-245-29245,291 Ken HillGreg MadduxKen HillGreg Maddux 37030763
1994-06-28vs ATL75W  8-746-29240,623 Kirk RueterTom GlavineMel RojasSteve Bedrosian 37831464
1994-06-29vs ATL76L  2-646-30245,960 Butch HenryJohn SmoltzJohn SmoltzButch Henry 38032060
1994-06-30@ SFN77W  7-347-30216,399Jeff FasseroSalomon TorresJeff FasseroSalomon Torres 38732364
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMON PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-07-01@ SFN78L  7-1447-31240,036Pedro MartinezJohn BurkettRich MonteleoneGil Heredia 39433757
1994-07-02@ SFN79W  10-948-31222,617Ken HillBuddy BlackKen HillDave BurbaJohn Wetteland40434658
1994-07-03@ SFN80L  5-848-32223,567Kirk RueterMark PortugalMark PortugalKirk RueterRod Beck40935455
1994-07-04@ LAN81W  5-149-32254,859Butch HenryRamon MartinezButch HenryRamon MartinezMel Rojas41435559
1994-07-05@ LAN82L  1-249-33232,449Jeff FasseroPedro AstacioIsmael ValdezJohn Wetteland 41535758
1994-07-06@ LAN83W  4-250-33237,741Pedro MartinezKevin GrossTim ScottTodd WorrellMel Rojas41935960
1994-07-07@ SDN84W  7-051-33210,728Ken HillAndy AshbyKen HillAndy Ashby 42635967
1994-07-08@ SDN85W  14-052-33214,386Kirk RueterAndy BenesKirk RueterAndy Benes 44035981
1994-07-09@ SDN86W  5-153-33213,286Butch HenryScott SandersButch HenryScott Sanders 44536085
1994-07-10@ SDN87W  8-254-33115,848Jeff FasseroJoey HamiltonJeff FasseroJoey HamiltonMel Rojas45336291
1994-07-14vs SFN88L  3-854-34136,026 Pedro MartinezBuddy BlackBuddy BlackPedro Martinez 45637086
1994-07-15vs SFN89L  3-754-35228,031 Butch HenryMark PortugalMark PortugalButch Henry 45937782
1994-07-16vs SFN90L  2-454-36238,801 Ken HillJohn BurkettJohn BurkettKen HillRod Beck46138180
1994-07-17vs SFN91L  4-654-37228,245 Jeff FasseroWilliam VanLandinghamWilliam VanLandinghamJeff FasseroRod Beck46538778
1994-07-18vs SDN92W  9-255-37218,119 Kirk RueterBill KruegerKirk RueterBill KruegerTim Scott47438985
1994-07-19vs SDN93W  4-356-37223,773 Pedro MartinezAndy AshbyPedro MartinezAndy AshbyJohn Wetteland47839286
1994-07-20vs SDN94W  5-257-37220,572 Butch HenryAndy BenesButch HenryAndy BenesJohn Wetteland48339489
1994-07-22vs LAN95W  8-258-37132,253 Ken HillPedro AstacioKen HillPedro Astacio 49139695
1994-07-23vs LAN96W  2-059-37135,831 Jeff FasseroTom CandiottiJeff FasseroTom CandiottiJohn Wetteland49339697
1994-07-24vs LAN97W  7-460-37134,402 Kirk RueterKevin GrossKirk RueterKevin GrossJohn Wetteland500400100
1994-07-25@ ATL98W  6-461-37143,596Pedro MartinezJohn SmoltzPedro MartinezMark WohlersJohn Wetteland506404102
1994-07-26@ ATL99W  5-362-37149,324Butch HenryGreg MadduxButch HenryGreg MadduxJohn Wetteland511407104
1994-07-27@ ATL100L  1-462-38149,333Ken HillKent MerckerKent MerckerKen HillGreg McMichael512411101
1994-07-29@ FLO101W  8-463-38139,338Gil HerediaRich ScheidJeff ShawRichie Lewis 520415105
1994-07-30@ FLO102W  7-364-38135,327Kirk RueterMark GardnerTim ScottMark GardnerJohn Wetteland527418109
1994-07-31@ FLO103W  13-465-38129,300Pedro MartinezDavid WeathersPedro MartinezDavid WeathersGabe White540422118
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMON PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-08-01vs SLN104W  3-266-38130,359 Butch HenryVicente PalaciosJohn WettelandRich Rodriguez 543424119
1994-08-02vs SLN105W  5-467-38137,553 Ken HillTom UrbaniKen HillTom UrbaniJohn Wetteland548428120
1994-08-03vs SLN106W  8-368-38130,541 Gil HerediaRheal CormierGil HerediaRheal Cormier 556431125
1994-08-04vs SLN107L  3-768-39139,044 Kirk RueterBob TewksburyBob TewksburyKirk Rueter 559438121
1994-08-05@ PHI108W  5-069-39133,642Pedro MartinezDavid WestPedro MartinezDavid West 564438126
1994-08-06@ PHI109W  4-370-39141,699Butch HenryFernando ValenzuelaJohn WettelandDoug JonesJeff Shaw568441127
1994-08-07@ PHI110W  6-471-39145,346Ken HillBobby MunozKen HillBobby MunozMel Rojas574445129
1994-08-08@ PIT111W  3-272-39116,722Gil HerediaSteve CookeGil HerediaSteve CookeJohn Wetteland577447130
1994-08-09@ PIT112W  4-373-39118,183Kirk RueterJon LieberKirk RueterJon LieberJohn Wetteland581450131
1994-08-10@ PIT113W  4-074-39115,690Pedro MartinezDenny NeaglePedro MartinezDenny NeagleJohn Wetteland585450135
1994-08-11@ PIT114L  0-474-40116,896Butch HenryZane SmithZane SmithButch Henry 585454131

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