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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Houston,TX
Team Record:  66-49   .574
Result:   2nd in National League - Central Division
Manager(s):  Terry Collins
General Manager:   Bob Watson
Stadium:  Astrodome
Attendance:  1,561,136
Payroll:  $32,041,500
Playoffs:  -

Houston Astros affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Milt Thompson (35)
Youngest Player:  Mike Hampton (21)
Longest Tenure:  Ken Caminiti (8)
Top Hitter:  Jeff Bagwell (1)
Top Pitcher:  Doug Drabek (4)
Top Draft Pick:  Ramon Castro (#17)

Roster Continuity:  67.07%
Top Prospect:   Phil Nevin
National League Standings
St. Louis5361.46513.0
Chi Cubs4964.43416.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-04-04vs MON1W  6-5-43,440 Pete HarnischJeff FasseroTom EdensJeff Shaw 651
1994-04-05vs MON2L  1-5-16,227 Doug DrabekKen HillKen HillDoug Drabek 710-3
1994-04-06vs MON3L  3-9-17,180 Darryl KileKirk RueterKirk RueterDarryl Kile 1019-9
1994-04-08vs NYN4W  6-3-31,522 Greg SwindellEric HillmanGreg SwindellEric HillmanMitch Williams1622-6
1994-04-09vs NYN5L  2-8-23,872 Pete HarnischBret SaberhagenBret SaberhagenPete Harnisch 1830-12
1994-04-10vs NYN6W  6-1-17,295 Doug DrabekPete SmithDoug DrabekPete Smith 2431-7
1994-04-12@ FLO7W  7-2-43,290Darryl KileRyan BowenDarryl KileRyan BowenTom Edens3133-2
1994-04-13@ FLO8W  4-2-30,225Greg SwindellChris HammondGreg SwindellChris Hammond 35350
1994-04-14@ FLO9L  2-8-26,177Pete HarnischDavid WeathersDavid WeathersPete Harnisch 3743-6
1994-04-15@ NYN10W  8-1-17,800Doug DrabekPete SmithDoug DrabekPete Smith 45441
1994-04-16@ NYN11L  1-9-17,508Brian WilliamsDwight GoodenDwight GoodenBrian WilliamsMike Maddux4653-7
1994-04-17@ NYN12L  2-4-20,951Darryl KileBobby JonesBobby JonesTodd JonesJohn Franco4857-9
1994-04-19@ CHN13W  3-0-27,007Greg SwindellSteve TrachselGreg SwindellSteve TrachselMitch Williams5157-6
1994-04-20@ CHN14W  7-5-18,869Pete HarnischAnthony YoungTom EdensJose BautistaMitch Williams5862-4
1994-04-22@ SLN15L  5-6-30,767Doug DrabekRheal CormierRob MurphyMitch Williams 6368-5
1994-04-23@ SLN16W  15-5-40,113Darryl KileRene ArochaDarryl KileRene Arocha 78735
1994-04-24@ SLN17L  4-5-37,442Greg SwindellAllen WatsonRich RodriguezTom EdensMike Perez82784
1994-04-25vs PIT18W  7-3-16,007 Pete HarnischDenny NeaglePete HarnischDenny Neagle 89818
1994-04-26vs PIT19L  4-7-23,151 Brian WilliamsPaul WagnerMark DeweyTodd JonesRick White93885
1994-04-27vs CHN20W  8-5-15,456 Doug DrabekWillie BanksShane ReynoldsJose Bautista 101938
1994-04-28vs CHN21L  3-5-13,966 Darryl KileMike MorganChuck CrimMitch WilliamsRandy Myers104986
1994-04-29vs SLN22W  4-3-36,090 Greg SwindellRene ArochaMike HamptonRich Rodriguez 1081017
1994-04-30vs SLN23W  15-5-49,927 Pete HarnischAllen WatsonPete HarnischAllen Watson 12310617
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-05-01vs SLN24L  5-6-20,028 Brian WilliamsBob TewksburyBob TewksburyMike HamptonRob Murphy12811216
1994-05-03@ PIT25W  7-4-9,790Doug DrabekZane SmithDoug DrabekZane SmithMitch Williams13511619
1994-05-04@ PIT26W  7-4-10,121Darryl KileSteve CookeDarryl KileRandy Tomlin 14212022
1994-05-05@ CIN27W  8-6-24,620Greg SwindellJose RijoMitch WilliamsJeff BrantleyJohn Hudek15012624
1994-05-06@ CIN28L  3-4-27,482Pete HarnischTim PughTim PughPete HarnischHector Carrasco15313023
1994-05-07@ CIN29L  7-11-26,735Brian WilliamsJohn SmileyJohn SmileyBrian Williams 16014119
1994-05-08@ CIN30W  5-0-27,174Doug DrabekErik HansonDoug DrabekErik Hanson 16514124
1994-05-09@ LAN31L  8-9-36,260Darryl KileTom CandiottiAl OsunaMitch Williams 17315023
1994-05-10@ LAN32L  4-5-36,766Greg SwindellRamon MartinezJim GottDave Veres 17715522
1994-05-11@ LAN33L  0-1-35,587Shane ReynoldsPedro AstacioPedro AstacioShane Reynolds 17715621
1994-05-13vs COL34W  4-2-29,962 Doug DrabekMarvin FreemanDoug DrabekMarvin Freeman 18115823
1994-05-14vs COL35L  2-4-23,037 Darryl KileDavid NiedDavid NiedDarryl KileBruce Ruffin18316221
1994-05-15vs COL36L  0-4-21,004 Greg SwindellArmando ReynosoArmando ReynosoGreg Swindell 18316617
1994-05-16vs SFN37W  3-2-13,179 Shane ReynoldsBryan HickersonDave VeresBryan HickersonMitch Williams18616818
1994-05-17vs SFN38L  2-5-17,458 Pete HarnischBill SwiftBill SwiftPete HarnischRod Beck18817315
1994-05-18vs SFN39W  4-2-15,098 Doug DrabekMark PortugalDoug DrabekMark PortugalJohn Hudek19217517
1994-05-19vs SDN40W  9-5-12,115 Darryl KileA.J. SagerTom EdensJose Martinez 20118021
1994-05-20vs SDN41W  2-1-28,305 Greg SwindellAndy AshbyGreg SwindellAndy AshbyJohn Hudek20318122
1994-05-21vs SDN42W  4-2-21,719 Shane ReynoldsAndy BenesShane ReynoldsAndy BenesMitch Williams20718324
1994-05-22vs SDN43L  6-7-20,257 Pete HarnischScott SandersPedro MartinezMitch WilliamsTrevor Hoffman21319023
1994-05-24@ ATL44W  8-0-49,402Doug DrabekTom GlavineDoug DrabekTom Glavine 22119031
1994-05-25@ ATL45L  5-6-40,747Darryl KileJohn SmoltzMike BieleckiDave Veres 22619630
1994-05-26@ ATL46W  8-5-45,976Greg SwindellSteve AveryGreg SwindellMike StantonJohn Hudek23420133
1994-05-27@ PHI47W  4-2-41,013Shane ReynoldsShawn BoskieShane ReynoldsShawn BoskieJohn Hudek23820335
1994-05-28@ PHI48W  7-5-40,523Brian WilliamsDanny JacksonBrian WilliamsAndy CarterTodd Jones24520837
1994-05-29@ PHI49L  2-4-52,390Doug DrabekDavid WestDavid WestDoug DrabekDoug Jones24721235
1994-05-30vs FLO50W  4-3-29,854 Darryl KileChris HammondTom EdensRobb Nen 25121536
1994-05-31vs FLO51W  5-3-14,173 Greg SwindellMark GardnerDave VeresRichie LewisJohn Hudek25621838
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-06-01vs FLO52L  2-3-17,055 Shane ReynoldsDavid WeathersDavid WeathersShane ReynoldsRobb Nen25822137
1994-06-03vs PHI53W  4-2-31,280 Brian WilliamsDavid WestBrian WilliamsDavid WestJohn Hudek26222339
1994-06-04vs PHI54W  5-1-23,455 Doug DrabekBobby MunozDoug DrabekBobby Munoz 26722443
1994-06-05vs PHI55W  4-2-20,694 Darryl KileMike WilliamsDarryl KileMike WilliamsJohn Hudek27122645
1994-06-06@ MON56L  5-10-14,322Greg SwindellButch HenryButch HenryGreg SwindellJohn Wetteland27623640
1994-06-07@ MON57L  2-3-17,283Shane ReynoldsGabe WhiteGil HerediaDave VeresJohn Wetteland27823939
1994-06-08@ MON58W  9-2-17,289Brian WilliamsJeff FasseroBrian WilliamsJeff Fassero 28724146
1994-06-10vs ATL59L  2-5-38,435 Doug DrabekJohn SmoltzJohn SmoltzDoug DrabekGreg McMichael28924643
1994-06-11vs ATL60W  7-6-37,857 Darryl KileSteve AveryTodd JonesGreg McMichael 29625244
1994-06-12vs ATL61L  1-3-36,658 Greg SwindellGreg MadduxGreg MadduxGreg Swindell 29725542
1994-06-13@ SFN62L  4-5-15,164Shane ReynoldsWilliam VanLandinghamWilliam VanLandinghamShane ReynoldsRod Beck30126041
1994-06-14@ SFN63W  7-4-15,115Brian WilliamsSalomon TorresBrian WilliamsSalomon TorresJohn Hudek30826444
1994-06-15@ SFN64W  7-2-18,178Doug DrabekJohn BurkettDoug DrabekJohn Burkett 31526649
1994-06-16@ SFN65W  6-3-16,126Darryl KileMark PortugalDarryl KileMark PortugalJohn Hudek32126952
1994-06-17@ SDN66L  2-3-16,693Greg SwindellAndy BenesAndy BenesGreg SwindellTrevor Hoffman32327251
1994-06-18@ SDN67W  6-1-31,815Shane ReynoldsMike CampbellShane ReynoldsMike Campbell 32927356
1994-06-19@ SDN68L  1-5-17,450Brian WilliamsScott SandersScott SandersBrian WilliamsTrevor Hoffman33027852
1994-06-20@ COL69W  5-4-50,671Doug DrabekGreg HarrisDoug DrabekGreg HarrisJohn Hudek33528253
1994-06-21@ COL70L  0-8-56,913Darryl KileDavid NiedDavid NiedDarryl Kile 33529045
1994-06-22@ COL71L  5-14-50,887Greg SwindellLance PainterLance PainterGreg Swindell 34030436
1994-06-24vs LAN72W  16-4-34,550 Shane ReynoldsRamon MartinezShane ReynoldsRamon Martinez 35630848
1994-06-25vs LAN73L  2-4-28,247 Brian WilliamsPedro AstacioPedro AstacioBrian WilliamsTodd Worrell35831246
1994-06-26vs LAN74L  4-5-27,122 Doug DrabekKevin GrossKevin GrossDoug DrabekTodd Worrell36231745
1994-06-27vs CIN75W  7-6-21,197 Darryl KileErik HansonTodd JonesJeff Brantley 36932346
1994-06-28vs CIN76L  3-5-24,016 Greg SwindellJohn SmileyJohn SmileyGreg SwindellJeff Brantley37232844
1994-06-29vs CIN77W  3-1-24,477 Shane ReynoldsJose RijoDave VeresChuck McElroyJohn Hudek37532946
1994-06-30vs CHN78W  5-3-27,552 Pete HarnischKevin FosterPete HarnischKevin FosterTodd Jones38033248
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-07-01vs CHN79L  2-3-33,323 Doug DrabekSteve TrachselSteve TrachselDoug DrabekRandy Myers38233547
1994-07-02vs CHN80W  5-4-28,423 Darryl KileWillie BanksShane ReynoldsChuck Crim 38733948
1994-07-03vs CHN81W  12-6-27,711 Greg SwindellMike MorganGreg SwindellMike Morgan 39934554
1994-07-04@ SLN82W  13-6-24,627Brian WilliamsAllen WatsonBrian WilliamsAllen Watson 41235161
1994-07-05@ SLN83W  3-1-26,840Pete HarnischVicente PalaciosPete HarnischVicente PalaciosJohn Hudek41535263
1994-07-06@ SLN84W  7-6-32,036Doug DrabekRick SutcliffeTodd JonesRich RodriguezJohn Hudek42235864
1994-07-07@ CHN85W  9-3-31,877Darryl KileWillie BanksDarryl KileWillie Banks 43136170
1994-07-08@ CHN86L  5-6-30,301Greg SwindellMike MorganJose BautistaJohn Hudek 43636769
1994-07-09@ CHN87L  3-7-38,370Brian WilliamsAnthony YoungAnthony YoungBrian Williams 43937465
1994-07-10@ CHN88W  5-3-35,401Pete HarnischKevin FosterPete HarnischKevin FosterJohn Hudek44437767
1994-07-14@ PIT89L  2-8-15,847Darryl KileJon LieberJon LieberDarryl Kile 44638561
1994-07-15@ PIT90L  8-11-19,185Greg SwindellDenny NeagleRavelo ManzanilloShane ReynoldsMike Dyer45439658
1994-07-16@ PIT91W  7-1-30,595Pete HarnischZane SmithPete HarnischZane Smith 46139764
1994-07-17@ PIT92W  9-0-23,290Doug DrabekPaul WagnerShane ReynoldsPaul Wagner 47039773
1994-07-18vs SLN93W  15-12-24,012 Brian WilliamsAllen WatsonMike HamptonBryan EversgerdTodd Jones48540976
1994-07-19vs SLN94L  0-10-25,338 Darryl KileVicente PalaciosVicente PalaciosDarryl Kile 48541966
1994-07-20vs SLN95W  2-0-29,442 Greg SwindellBob TewksburyGreg SwindellBob TewksburyJohn Hudek48741968
1994-07-21vs PIT96W  13-6-27,659 Pete HarnischZane SmithPete HarnischZane Smith 50042575
1994-07-22vs PIT97L  1-4-37,002 Doug DrabekRick WhiteRavelo ManzanilloDoug DrabekMike Dyer50142972
1994-07-23vs PIT98W  11-0-41,262 Shane ReynoldsSteve CookeShane ReynoldsSteve Cooke 51242983
1994-07-24vs PIT99W  13-1-36,874 Darryl KileJon LieberDarryl KileJon Lieber 52543095
1994-07-25@ CIN100L  4-7-28,693Greg SwindellJohn SmileyJohn SmileyGreg SwindellHector Carrasco52943792
1994-07-26@ CIN101W  6-5-35,595Pete HarnischJose RijoTodd JonesJohnny Ruffin 53544293
1994-07-27@ CIN102W  7-1-37,258Doug DrabekJohn RoperBrian WilliamsScott Service 54244399
1994-07-29@ LAN103L  5-7-42,757Shane ReynoldsPedro AstacioIsmael ValdezJohn Hudek 54745097
1994-07-30@ LAN104L  1-6-50,880Darryl KileKevin GrossKevin GrossDarryl Kile 54845692
1994-07-31@ LAN105L  1-7-43,231Greg SwindellRamon MartinezRamon MartinezGreg Swindell 54946386
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-08-01vs COL106L  3-8-22,256 Pete HarnischLance PainterLance PainterPete Harnisch 55247181
1994-08-02vs COL107W  3-1-22,574 Doug DrabekGreg HarrisDoug DrabekGreg Harris 55547283
1994-08-03vs COL108W  2-1-18,320 Shane ReynoldsDavid NiedTodd JonesBruce Ruffin 55747384
1994-08-04vs COL109W  6-2-30,053 Darryl KileKevin RitzDarryl KileKevin Ritz 56347588
1994-08-05vs SFN110W  12-4-44,297 Greg SwindellMark PortugalGreg SwindellMark Portugal 57547996
1994-08-06vs SFN111W  8-7-48,945 Pete HarnischWilliam VanLandinghamPete HarnischWilliam VanLandinghamDave Veres58348697
1994-08-07vs SFN112W  7-4-28,870 Doug DrabekBill SwiftDoug DrabekBill SwiftTodd Jones590490100
1994-08-09vs SDN113L  3-4-24,371 Shane ReynoldsAndy AshbyAndy AshbyShane ReynoldsTrevor Hoffman59349499
1994-08-10vs SDN114W  3-1-21,942 Darryl KileAndy BenesDarryl KileAndy BenesTodd Jones596495101
1994-08-11vs SDN115L  6-8-25,379 Greg SwindellJoey HamiltonJoey HamiltonGreg SwindellTrevor Hoffman60250399

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