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+    Level: MLB
Location:  St. Louis,MO
Team Record:  87-75   .537
Result:   3rd in National League - East Division
Manager(s):  Joe Torre
General Manager:   Dal Maxvill
Stadium:  Busch Stadium II
Attendance:  2,844,977
Payroll:  $22,615,334
Playoffs:  -

St. Louis Cardinals affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Ozzie Smith (38)
Youngest Player:  Allen Watson (22)
Longest Tenure:  Ozzie Smith (12)
Top Hitter:  Gregg Jefferies (14)
Top Pitcher:  Bob Tewksbury (18)
Top Draft Pick:  Alan Benes (#16)

Roster Continuity:  60.46%
Top Prospect:   Allen Watson
National League Standings
St. Louis8775.53710.0
Chi Cubs8478.51913.0
NY Mets59103.36438.0

Rene Arocha1993-04-091993W  8-2 vs SLN300000000020000100001st career game
Gregg Jefferies1993-04-091993W  8-2 vs SLN42200240001000062164955285822 home runs
Bernard Gilkey1993-04-181993L  10-6 @ SDN5241000010100002392041369394 hits
Donovan Osborne1993-04-181993L  10-6 @ SDN2010001000100003580101st career RBI
Tom Urbani1993-04-211993L  11-2 vs SLN000000000000000100001st career game
Ray Lankford1993-05-021993L  4-3 @ ATL40000000004000036737133174944 strikeouts
Erik Pappas1993-05-211993W  10-8 @ PIT50200001010000014110411st career stolen base
Todd Zeile1993-05-291993L  7-4 vs SLN4011001000000005004553521429500th career game
Ozzie Smith1993-05-301993W  10-4 vs SLN52410141000000022522154237005474 hits
Hector Villanueva1993-06-031993W  9-2 @ CIN513101500010000189109257215 RBis
Gregg Jefferies1993-06-121993W  13-3 vs SLN53420130000000067371260313994 hits
Ray Lankford1993-06-131993L  3-1 vs SLN30100001011000040240835193100100th career stolen base
Gerald Perry1993-06-131993L  3-1 vs SLN2110011000000001000768543631401000th career game
Erik Pappas1993-06-141993W  8-3 vs SLN311001200110000332911211st career home run
Ozzie Smith1993-06-171993W  11-10 @ CHN51530060000001022672176237135506 RBis, 3 Doubles, 5 hits
Gregg Jefferies1993-06-191993W  6-4 @ CHN524100020000000679721613171014 hits, 100th career stolen base
Ray Lankford1993-06-191993W  6-4 @ CHN511000100040000408414351961014 strikeouts
Rene Arocha1993-06-231993W  4-3 @ FLO3010002000100001210201st career hit, 1st career RBI
Bernard Gilkey1993-06-301993W  9-3 vs SLN5141000000000002872671891454 hits
Bernard Gilkey1993-07-011993W  14-5 vs SLN4341000101000002882711891464 hits
Brian Jordan1993-07-011993W  14-5 vs SLN422001500000010755463295 RBis
Allen Watson1993-07-081993W  7-1 vs SLN200000000010000100001st career game
Brian Jordan1993-07-101993W  9-3 vs SLN424001300000000846584194 hits
Rob Murphy1993-07-151993W  4-2 vs SLN0000000000000005002000500th career game
Brian Jordan1993-07-191993W  4-0 @ ATL42300220000000089701045102 home runs
Lee Guetterman1993-07-211993L  14-2 @ ATL10110010000000033010101st career hit, 1st career RBI
Rod Brewer1993-07-241993L  9-8 @ COL1110011000000001276212601st career home run
Todd Zeile1993-07-251993W  5-4 @ COL62400120001000054750941251304 hits
Rod Brewer1993-08-021993W  5-3 vs SLN3020002101000001346412911st career stolen base
Allen Watson1993-08-041993W  10-2 vs SLN301000000010000510001st career hit
Brian Jordan1993-08-051993W  16-6 vs SLN634101300000000103891156114 hits
Todd Zeile1993-08-051993W  16-6 vs SLN44310020021000055752443262304 runs scored
Luis Alicea1993-08-071993W  4-1 vs SLN20100020000002030920758962 sacrifice flies
Brian Jordan1993-08-071993W  4-1 vs SLN413020000000000105941157110 Triples
Brian Jordan1993-08-101993W  4-2 @ PIT422002201000000107961359112 home runs
Allen Watson1993-08-191993W  3-2 vs SLN202200100000000850101st career RBI
Ray Lankford1993-08-221993L  3-0 vs SLN400000000040000446437372061044 strikeouts
Tom Urbani1993-08-311993W  7-6 vs SLN2110000000000001210001st career hit
Rich Batchelor1993-09-031993L  6-1 vs SLN000000000000000100001st career game
Tripp Cromer1993-09-071993L  14-13 @ CIN110000000000000100001st career game
Steve Dixon1993-09-071993L  14-13 @ CIN000000000000000100001st career game
Gregg Jefferies1993-09-071993L  14-13 @ CIN634000230000000737801673461234 hits, 3 stolen bases
Lonnie Maclin1993-09-071993L  14-13 @ CIN401000000010000110001st career game, 1st career hit
Lonnie Maclin1993-09-071993W  15-2 @ CIN410000110010010210111st career stolen base, 1st career RBI
Gerald Perry1993-09-071993W  15-2 @ CIN4430001001100001050787553691404 runs scored
Mark Whiten1993-09-071993W  15-2 @ CIN544004120000000042437142182344 home runs, 4 runs scored, 12 RBis, 4 hits
Ozzie Smith1993-09-091993W  9-4 @ SFN51400020100000023342256237315624 hits
Gregg Jefferies1993-09-141993L  12-9 vs SLN524001300000000743811683511234 hits
Mark Whiten1993-09-141993L  12-9 vs SLN42200240000000043037844187352 home runs
Gregg Jefferies1993-09-151993W  5-4 vs SLN312000230200000744813683531263 stolen bases
Marc Ronan1993-09-211993L  13-3 @ CHN100000000010000100001st career game
Bernard Gilkey1993-09-241993W  9-5 @ FLO44310010021000035835728133534 runs scored
Geronimo Pena1993-09-291993L  1-0 @ NYN6011000000401002551801677364 strikeouts
Tripp Cromer1993-09-301993L  3-2 @ NYN402000000000000920001st career hit
Marc Ronan1993-10-011993L  4-2 vs SLN201000000010000510001st career hit

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