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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Milwaukee,WI
Team Record:  69-93   .426
Result:   7th in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Phil Garner
General Manager:   Sal Bando
Stadium:  County Stadium
Attendance:  1,688,080
Payroll:  $22,948,834
Playoffs:  -

Milwaukee Brewers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Robin Yount (37)
Youngest Player:  Dave Nilsson (23)
Longest Tenure:  Robin Yount (20)
Top Hitter:  Greg Vaughn (20)
Top Pitcher:  Cal Eldred (6)
Top Draft Pick:  Jeff D'Amico (#23)

Roster Continuity:  64.42%
Top Prospect:   Tyrone Hill
American League Standings
NY Yankees8874.5437.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1993-04-06@ CAL1L  1-3-33,635Bill WegmanMark LangstonMark LangstonBill Wegman 13-2
1993-04-07@ CAL2W  3-2-18,817Cal EldredChuck FinleyCal EldredJoe GraheDoug Henry45-1
1993-04-09@ OAK3W  6-5-30,926Jaime NavarroBobby WittJosias ManzanilloKelly DownsDoug Henry10100
1993-04-10@ OAK4L  3-4-26,158Ricky BonesBob WelchBob WelchRicky BonesDennis Eckersley1314-1
1993-04-11@ OAK5L  2-8-21,366Bill WegmanShawn HillegasShawn HillegasBill Wegman 1522-7
1993-04-12vs CAL6L  5-12-53,621 Cal EldredChuck FinleyChuck FinleyCal EldredJulio Valera2034-14
1993-04-14vs CAL7L  2-12-7,948 Jaime NavarroScott SandersonScott SandersonJesse Orosco 2246-24
1993-04-17vs OAK8W  6-3-16,272 Bill WegmanBob WelchBill WegmanBob Welch 2849-21
1993-04-18vs OAK9W  8-0-13,927 Cal EldredShawn HillegasCal EldredShawn Hillegas 3649-13
1993-04-20@ MIN10L  0-10-21,865Jaime NavarroWillie BanksWillie BanksJaime Navarro 3659-23
1993-04-21@ MIN11W  10-8-23,322Ricky BonesKevin TapaniCarlos MaldonadoMike HartleyDoug Henry4667-21
1993-04-22@ MIN12L  4-5-21,376Bill WegmanJim DeshaiesJim DeshaiesBill WegmanRick Aguilera5072-22
1993-04-23vs TEX13W  3-0-14,778 Cal EldredKevin BrownCal EldredKevin BrownJesse Orosco5372-19
1993-04-24vs TEX14L  4-15-15,928 Josias ManzanilloCharlie LeibrandtCharlie LeibrandtJosias Manzanillo 5787-30
1993-04-25vs TEX15L  1-6-14,182 Jaime NavarroKenny RogersKenny RogersJaime Navarro 5893-35
1993-04-26vs MIN16W  10-3-12,311 Ricky BonesKevin TapaniRicky BonesKevin Tapani 6896-28
1993-04-27vs MIN17W  3-2-10,344 Bill WegmanJim DeshaiesBill WegmanJim DeshaiesDoug Henry7198-27
1993-04-28@ CHA18L  2-11-21,031Cal EldredKirk McCaskillKirk McCaskillCal Eldred 73109-36
1993-04-29@ CHA19L  4-7-23,431Mike BoddickerDave StiebDave StiebMike BoddickerScott Radinsky77116-39
1993-04-30@ TEX20W  5-4-34,155Jaime NavarroKenny RogersGraeme LloydBob PattersonDoug Henry82120-38
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1993-05-01@ TEX21W  4-3-28,961Ricky BonesCraig LeffertsGraeme LloydBob PattersonJosias Manzanillo86123-37
1993-05-02@ TEX22L  2-13-31,957Bill WegmanRobb NenRobb NenBill WegmanJeff Bronkey88136-48
1993-05-03@ TEX23L  2-9-14,911Cal EldredKevin BrownKevin BrownCal Eldred 90145-55
1993-05-04vs CHA24W  6-1-13,746 Mike BoddickerKirk McCaskillMike BoddickerKirk McCaskill 96146-50
1993-05-05vs CHA25L  1-3-16,148 Jaime NavarroAlex FernandezScott RadinskyJesse OroscoRoberto Hernandez97149-52
1993-05-07vs BOS26L  0-1-15,058 Bill WegmanDanny DarwinDanny DarwinBill WegmanJeff Russell97150-53
1993-05-08vs BOS27W  6-3-25,150 Cal EldredPaul QuantrillCal EldredPaul QuantrillDoug Henry103153-50
1993-05-09vs BOS28W  6-0-20,398 Mike BoddickerJoe HeskethMike BoddickerJoe Hesketh 109153-44
1993-05-11@ NYA29L  1-5-15,267Jaime NavarroMike WittMike WittJaime Navarro 110158-48
1993-05-12@ NYA30W  4-1-14,087Bill WegmanJimmy KeyBill WegmanJimmy KeyDoug Henry114159-45
1993-05-13@ NYA31L  2-4-14,124Cal EldredJim AbbottJim AbbottCal EldredSteve Farr116163-47
1993-05-14vs CLE32W  5-2-14,633 Mike BoddickerCliff YoungMike BoddickerCliff YoungDoug Henry121165-44
1993-05-15vs CLE33L  5-9-31,171 Ricky BonesCharles NagyDennis CookRicky Bones 126174-48
1993-05-16vs CLE34W  5-3-20,028 Jaime NavarroMike BieleckiJaime NavarroMike BieleckiDoug Henry131177-46
1993-05-18vs DET35L  1-5-13,369 Cal EldredMark LeiterMark LeiterCal Eldred 132182-50
1993-05-19vs DET36L  6-8-12,751 Mike BoddickerJohn DohertyJohn DohertyMike BoddickerMike Henneman138190-52
1993-05-20vs DET37L  2-6-21,424 Bill WegmanDavid WellsDavid WellsBill Wegman 140196-56
1993-05-21@ BAL38W  9-3-46,145Jaime NavarroMike MussinaJaime NavarroMike Mussina 149199-50
1993-05-22@ BAL39L  4-5-46,177Ricky BonesBen McDonaldMark WilliamsonCarlos Maldonado 153204-51
1993-05-23@ BAL40W  9-1-46,564Cal EldredFernando ValenzuelaCal EldredFernando Valenzuela 162205-43
1993-05-24@ TOR41L  1-4-50,494Mike BoddickerDave StewartDave StewartMike BoddickerDuane Ward163209-46
1993-05-25@ TOR42L  2-4-50,504Bill WegmanJuan GuzmanJuan GuzmanBill WegmanDuane Ward165213-48
1993-05-26@ TOR43W  8-1-50,483Jaime NavarroJack MorrisJaime NavarroJack Morris 173214-41
1993-05-27@ TOR44W  9-3-50,487Ricky BonesAl LeiterRicky BonesAl Leiter 182217-35
1993-05-28vs KCA45W  5-1-19,201 Cal EldredKevin AppierCal EldredKevin Appier 187218-31
1993-05-29vs KCA46L  5-6-26,308 Mike BoddickerMark GardnerBill SampenJim AustinJeff Montgomery192224-32
1993-05-30vs KCA47W  8-2-16,678 Bill WegmanHipolito PichardoBill WegmanHipolito Pichardo 200226-26
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1993-06-01@ SEA48W  10-0-12,158Jaime NavarroChris BosioJaime NavarroChris Bosio 210226-16
1993-06-02@ SEA49L  3-6-16,517Cal EldredDave FlemingJeff NelsonCal EldredNorm Charlton213232-19
1993-06-03@ KCA50L  5-6-22,673Mike BoddickerMark GardnerMark GardnerMike BoddickerJeff Montgomery218238-20
1993-06-04@ KCA51L  2-3-25,427Bill WegmanHipolito PichardoBilly BrewerBill WegmanJeff Montgomery220241-21
1993-06-05@ KCA52W  8-2-27,437Ricky BonesDavid ConeRicky BonesDavid Cone 228243-15
1993-06-06@ KCA53L  7-8-23,996Jaime NavarroChris HaneyRusty MeachamJim Austin 235251-16
1993-06-07vs SEA54W  5-3-11,896 Cal EldredDave FlemingCal EldredDave FlemingDoug Henry240254-14
1993-06-08vs SEA55W  2-1-15,929 Mike BoddickerTim LearyJim AustinTim LearyDoug Henry242255-13
1993-06-09vs SEA56L  1-6-16,598 Bill WegmanRandy JohnsonRandy JohnsonBill Wegman 243261-18
1993-06-10vs NYA57L  1-3-23,277 Ricky BonesBob WickmanBob WickmanRicky BonesSteve Farr244264-20
1993-06-11vs NYA58L  4-5-20,563 Jaime NavarroMelido PerezMelido PerezDoug HenrySteve Farr248269-21
1993-06-12vs NYA59W  9-1-33,241 Cal EldredJeff JohnsonCal EldredJeff Johnson 257270-13
1993-06-13vs NYA60L  5-9-21,932 Mike BoddickerJimmy KeyJimmy KeyMike BoddickerSteve Howe262279-17
1993-06-14vs BAL61L  5-8-17,000 Bill WegmanRick SutcliffeRick SutcliffeBill WegmanGregg Olson267287-20
1993-06-15vs BAL62L  2-4-23,954 Ricky BonesJamie MoyerJamie MoyerRicky BonesBrad Pennington269291-22
1993-06-16vs BAL63W  7-2-20,427 Jaime NavarroMike MussinaJaime NavarroMike Mussina 276293-17
1993-06-18@ DET64W  6-3-29,490Cal EldredMark LeiterCal EldredMark LeiterDoug Henry282296-14
1993-06-19@ DET65L  7-10-38,584Bill WegmanDavid WellsDavid WellsBill Wegman 289306-17
1993-06-20@ DET66L  3-7-27,963Ricky BonesJohn DohertyJohn DohertyRicky Bones 292313-21
1993-06-21@ CLE67L  0-3-11,336Jaime NavarroTom KramerTom KramerJaime NavarroJeremy Hernandez292316-24
1993-06-22@ CLE68L  2-3-16,987Cal EldredCliff YoungHeathcliff SlocumbCal EldredDerek Lilliquist294319-25
1993-06-23@ CLE69L  1-3-12,662Bill WegmanJose MesaJose MesaBill WegmanJeremy Hernandez295322-27
1993-06-24@ CLE70W  5-3-13,225Ricky BonesMark ClarkRicky BonesMark ClarkDoug Henry300325-25
1993-06-25vs TOR71W  6-5-39,308 Jaime NavarroDave StewartMike FettersDanny Cox 306330-24
1993-06-26vs TOR72L  2-3-45,173 Cal EldredJuan GuzmanJuan GuzmanCal EldredDuane Ward308333-25
1993-06-27vs TOR73L  4-5-45,580 Bill WegmanJack MorrisJack MorrisBill WegmanDuane Ward312338-26
1993-06-28@ BOS74L  3-4-27,982Ricky BonesPaul QuantrillGreg HarrisDoug Henry 315342-27
1993-06-29@ BOS75W  7-6-30,395Jaime NavarroAaron SeleMike FettersGreg HarrisDoug Henry322348-26
1993-06-30@ BOS76L  2-12-28,050Angel MirandaDanny DarwinDanny DarwinAngel Miranda 324360-36
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1993-07-02@ MIN77L  10-11-24,073Cal EldredJim DeshaiesLarry CasianMike Fetters 334371-37
1993-07-03@ MIN78W  3-1-26,948Ricky BonesKevin TapaniRicky BonesKevin TapaniDoug Henry337372-35
1993-07-04@ MIN79L  3-4-25,484Jaime NavarroEddie GuardadoEddie GuardadoJaime NavarroRick Aguilera340376-36
1993-07-05vs TEX80L  4-5-22,459 Angel MirandaBrian BohanonMike SchoolerGraeme LloydBob Patterson344381-37
1993-07-06vs TEX81L  1-11-26,854 Bill WegmanCharlie LeibrandtCharlie LeibrandtBill Wegman 345392-47
1993-07-07vs TEX82W  7-6-20,951 Cal EldredKevin BrownDoug HenryCraig Lefferts 352398-46
1993-07-08vs MIN83W  15-3-14,419 Ricky BonesKevin TapaniRicky BonesKevin Tapani 367401-34
1993-07-09vs MIN84L  6-10-26,969 Jaime NavarroEddie GuardadoCarl WillisJaime Navarro 373411-38
1993-07-10vs MIN85W  5-4-37,769 Angel MirandaScott EricksonDoug HenryRick Aguilera 378415-37
1993-07-11vs MIN86W  5-4-35,911 Cal EldredWillie BanksCal EldredWillie BanksDoug Henry383419-36
1993-07-15vs CHA87L  4-6-29,000 Ricky BonesAlex FernandezAlex FernandezMike FettersScott Radinsky387425-38
1993-07-16vs CHA88L  3-4-29,830 Cal EldredWilson AlvarezScott RadinskyCal EldredRoberto Hernandez390429-39
1993-07-17vs CHA89L  4-9-49,774 Jaime NavarroJack McDowellJack McDowellJaime Navarro 394438-44
1993-07-18vs CHA90L  1-3-46,853 Angel MirandaJason BereScott RadinskyDoug HenryRoberto Hernandez395441-46
1993-07-19@ TEX91L  3-5-40,676Ricky BonesNolan RyanNolan RyanRicky BonesTom Henke398446-48
1993-07-20@ TEX92L  1-5-25,046Cal EldredKevin BrownKevin BrownCal Eldred 399451-52
1993-07-22@ CHA93L  2-7-29,684Jaime NavarroJack McDowellJack McDowellJaime Navarro 401458-57
1993-07-23@ CHA94W  3-2-33,875Angel MirandaJason BereJesse OroscoRoberto HernandezDoug Henry404460-56
1993-07-24@ CHA95L  5-6-42,175Ricky BonesRod BoltonScott RadinskyMike Fetters 409466-57
1993-07-25@ CHA96W  7-3-38,324Cal EldredAlex FernandezCal EldredAlex Fernandez 416469-53
1993-07-26vs BOS97W  3-2-24,645 Rafael NovoaRoger ClemensGraeme LloydJeff Russell 419471-52
1993-07-27vs BOS98W  3-2-18,869 Jaime NavarroDanny DarwinJaime NavarroDanny DarwinJesse Orosco422473-51
1993-07-28vs BOS99L  4-8-26,770 Angel MirandaJohn DopsonGreg HarrisAngel Miranda 426481-55
1993-07-29vs BOS100L  3-7-27,105 Ricky BonesAaron SeleAaron SeleRicky Bones 429488-59
1993-07-30@ NYA101L  4-8-23,385Cal EldredScott KamienieckiScott KamienieckiCal EldredSteve Howe433496-63
1993-07-31@ NYA102L  4-5-30,140Rafael NovoaJimmy KeyBob WickmanGraeme Lloyd 437501-64
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1993-08-01@ NYA103W  9-2-35,938Jaime NavarroMelido PerezJaime NavarroMelido Perez 446503-57
1993-08-02@ BAL104L  5-7-46,834Angel MirandaFernando ValenzuelaMark WilliamsonGraeme LloydGregg Olson451510-59
1993-08-03@ BAL105L  8-13-45,617Ricky BonesJamie MoyerTodd FrohwirthRicky Bones 459523-64
1993-08-04@ BAL106L  6-8-45,451Cal EldredArthur RhodesArthur RhodesCal EldredGregg Olson465531-66
1993-08-05@ BAL107L  1-3-46,541Rafael NovoaBen McDonaldBen McDonaldRafael Novoa 466534-68
1993-08-06@ TOR108L  10-11-50,517Jaime NavarroJack MorrisAl LeiterDoug Henry 476545-69
1993-08-07@ TOR109W  7-1-50,506Angel MirandaTodd StottlemyreAngel MirandaTodd Stottlemyre 483546-63
1993-08-08@ TOR110W  5-2-50,510Ricky BonesPat HentgenRicky BonesPat Hentgen 488548-60
1993-08-10vs CLE111W  5-4-20,497 Cal EldredJose MesaDoug HenryEric Plunk 493552-59
1993-08-11vs CLE112L  5-7-18,173 Rafael NovoaTom KramerJerry DiPotoJesse OroscoDerek Lilliquist498559-61
1993-08-12vs CLE113L  6-8-20,521 Jaime NavarroJeff MutisJerry DiPotoCarlos MaldonadoEric Plunk504567-63
1993-08-13vs DET114W  6-1-0 Angel MirandaBuddy GroomAngel MirandaBuddy Groom 510568-58
1993-08-13vs DET115W  7-1-27,074 Ricky BonesTom BoltonRicky BonesTom Bolton 517569-52
1993-08-14vs DET116L  1-5-45,003 Teddy HigueraMike MooreMike MooreTeddy HigueraMike Henneman518574-56
1993-08-15vs DET117W  6-4-26,186 Cal EldredJohn DohertyCal EldredJohn DohertyCarlos Maldonado524578-54
1993-08-16@ OAK118L  1-4-20,562Rafael NovoaTodd Van PoppelTodd Van PoppelRafael NovoaDennis Eckersley525582-57
1993-08-17@ OAK119L  3-6-17,650Jaime NavarroSteve KarsaySteve KarsayJaime NavarroDennis Eckersley528588-60
1993-08-18@ OAK120L  1-2-21,158Angel MirandaRon DarlingRon DarlingAngel MirandaDennis Eckersley529590-61
1993-08-19@ CAL121L  4-5-18,436Ricky BonesMark LangstonJoe GraheGraeme Lloyd 533595-62
1993-08-20@ CAL122W  7-2-26,495Cal EldredPhil LeftwichCal EldredSteve Frey 540597-57
1993-08-21@ CAL123L  6-7-26,064Teddy HigueraMark HolzemerKen PattersonMatt Maysey 546604-58
1993-08-22@ CAL124W  7-5-19,374Jaime NavarroJoe MagraneDoug HenryJoe MagraneJesse Orosco553609-56
1993-08-24vs OAK125W  9-2-0 Ricky BonesRon DarlingRicky BonesRick Honeycutt 562611-49
1993-08-24vs OAK126W  7-6-16,570 Rafael NovoaBob WelchMatt MayseyKelly Downs 569617-48
1993-08-25vs OAK127W  12-2-15,786 Cal EldredBobby WittCal EldredBobby Witt 581619-38
1993-08-26vs OAK128W  5-3-13,788 Angel MirandaMike MohlerAngel MirandaMike MohlerJesse Orosco586622-36
1993-08-27vs CAL129W  7-6-0 Teddy HigueraMark HolzemerMike FettersMark Holzemer 593628-35
1993-08-27vs CAL130W  4-3-26,054 Jaime NavarroJoe MagraneJaime NavarroGene NelsonJesse Orosco597631-34
1993-08-28vs CAL131L  2-6-21,511 Ricky BonesChuck FinleyChuck FinleyRicky BonesMike Butcher599637-38
1993-08-29vs CAL132L  1-6-18,057 Rafael NovoaMark LangstonMark LangstonRafael Novoa 600643-43
1993-08-30vs KCA133W  2-1-10,981 Cal EldredTom GordonCal EldredTom Gordon 602644-42
1993-08-31vs KCA134L  5-6-14,723 Angel MirandaMike MagnanteGreg CadaretAngel MirandaJeff Montgomery607650-43
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1993-09-01vs KCA135W  7-1-10,015 Jaime NavarroChris HaneyJaime NavarroChris Haney 614651-37
1993-09-02@ SEA136L  1-8-12,238Teddy HigueraChris BosioChris BosioTeddy Higuera 615659-44
1993-09-03@ SEA137W  7-4-15,478Ricky BonesErik HansonJesse OroscoBrad HolmanMatt Maysey622663-41
1993-09-04@ SEA138L  1-6-21,553Cal EldredTim LearyTim LearyCal EldredTed Power623669-46
1993-09-05@ SEA139L  2-3-17,616Angel MirandaRandy JohnsonRandy JohnsonAngel Miranda 625672-47
1993-09-06@ KCA140W  3-2-21,451Jaime NavarroMike MagnanteJaime NavarroGreg CadaretJesse Orosco628674-46
1993-09-08@ KCA141W  2-1-16,735Ricky BonesHipolito PichardoRicky BonesBilly Brewer 630675-45
1993-09-10vs SEA142L  3-10-19,807 Teddy HigueraTim LearyTim LearyTeddy Higuera 633685-52
1993-09-11vs SEA143L  3-7-19,782 Cal EldredRandy JohnsonRandy JohnsonCal EldredBrad Holman636692-56
1993-09-12vs SEA144L  4-5-20,381 Angel MirandaDave FlemingTed PowerJesse Orosco 640697-57
1993-09-13vs NYA145L  1-3-11,125 Jaime NavarroJimmy KeyJimmy KeyJaime NavarroLee Smith641700-59
1993-09-14vs NYA146L  5-12-10,013 Ricky BonesBob WickmanPaul GibsonRicky Bones 646712-66
1993-09-15vs NYA147W  15-5-10,111 Teddy HigueraJim AbbottTeddy HigueraJim Abbott 661717-56
1993-09-17vs BAL148W  2-0-14,014 Cal EldredBen McDonaldCal EldredBen McDonald 663717-54
1993-09-18vs BAL149W  3-0-25,735 Angel MirandaJamie MoyerAngel MirandaJamie MoyerJesse Orosco666717-51
1993-09-19vs BAL150L  4-8-19,119 Jaime NavarroArthur RhodesArthur RhodesJaime NavarroAlan Mills670725-55
1993-09-20@ DET151L  3-6-11,839Ricky BonesMike MooreMike MooreRicky BonesJoe Boever673731-58
1993-09-21@ DET152W  7-4-11,863Teddy HigueraBill KruegerMike IgnasiakStorm DavisJesse Orosco680735-55
1993-09-22@ DET153L  4-8-13,858Cal EldredDavid WellsDavid WellsCal Eldred 684743-59
1993-09-24@ CLE154W  11-8-33,533Angel MirandaJose MesaJesse OroscoDerek Lilliquist 695751-56
1993-09-25@ CLE155L  2-6-26,477Jaime NavarroMark ClarkMark ClarkJaime Navarro 697757-60
1993-09-26@ CLE156L  4-6-31,834Ricky BonesDave MlickiJeremy HernandezMike Ignasiak 701763-62
1993-09-27vs TOR157L  0-2-14,931 Cal EldredPat HentgenPat HentgenCal EldredDuane Ward701765-64
1993-09-28vs TOR158L  4-6-13,182 Teddy HigueraDave StewartDave StewartMatt MayseyDuane Ward705771-66
1993-09-29vs TOR159L  6-9-13,508 Angel MirandaJuan GuzmanMark EichhornJesse OroscoDuane Ward711780-69
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1993-10-01@ BOS160W  8-4-22,138Jaime NavarroPaul QuantrillJaime NavarroGreg Harris 719784-65
1993-10-02@ BOS161W  8-5-28,521Ricky BonesNate MincheyRicky BonesNate MincheyMark Kiefer727789-62
1993-10-03@ BOS162W  6-3-28,131Cal EldredDanny DarwinCarlos MaldonadoPaul Quantrill 733792-59

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