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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Houston,TX
Team Record:  81-81   .500
Result:   4th in National League - West Division
Manager(s):  Art Howe
General Manager:   Bill Wood
Stadium:  Astrodome
Attendance:  1,211,412
Payroll:  $13,352,000
Playoffs:  -

Houston Astros affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Denny Walling (38)
Youngest Player:  Andujar Cedeno (22)
Longest Tenure:  Ken Caminiti, Gerald Young (6)
Top Hitter:  Jeff Bagwell (10)
Top Pitcher:  Pete Harnisch (20)
Top Draft Pick:  Phil Nevin (#1)

Roster Continuity:  69.06%
Top Prospect:   Brian Williams
National League Standings
San Diego8280.50616.0
SF Giants7290.44426.0
LA Dodgers6399.38935.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1992-04-07vs ATL1L  0-2-25,318 Pete HarnischTom GlavineTom GlavinePete Harnisch 02-2
1992-04-08vs ATL2L  1-3-10,014 Darryl KileJohn SmoltzJohn SmoltzDarryl KileAlejandro Pena15-4
1992-04-09vs CIN3W  6-5-8,495 Butch HenryGreg SwindellAl OsunaScott Ruskin 710-3
1992-04-10vs CIN4L  5-8-11,084 Ryan BowenChris HammondChris HammondRyan BowenNorm Charlton1218-6
1992-04-11vs CIN5W  2-1-17,449 Mark PortugalJose RijoAl OsunaJose RijoDoug Jones1419-5
1992-04-12vs CIN6L  4-5-11,166 Pete HarnischTom BrowningTom BrowningPete HarnischNorm Charlton1824-6
1992-04-13vs LAN7W  8-3-8,771 Darryl KileOrel HershiserDarryl KileOrel HershiserDoug Jones2627-1
1992-04-14vs LAN8L  2-6-13,773 Butch HenryTom CandiottiTom CandiottiButch Henry 2833-5
1992-04-15vs LAN9W  5-4-8,526 Mark PortugalBob OjedaMark PortugalBob OjedaDoug Jones3337-4
1992-04-17vs SDN10W  3-1-12,505 Pete HarnischBruce HurstPete HarnischBruce HurstDoug Jones3638-2
1992-04-18vs SDN11W  4-2-18,133 Darryl KileGreg HarrisDoug JonesRandy Myers 40400
1992-04-19vs SDN12W  1-0-7,717 Butch HenryAndy BenesXavier HernandezRich Rodriguez 41401
1992-04-20vs SFN13W  3-2-10,990 Mark PortugalDave BurbaMark PortugalDave BurbaDoug Jones44422
1992-04-21vs SFN14L  2-6-11,724 Ryan BowenBill SwiftBill SwiftRyan Bowen 4648-2
1992-04-22vs SFN15W  3-1-12,805 Pete HarnischKelly DownsXavier HernandezMichael Jackson 49490
1992-04-24@ ATL16W  4-2-40,666Darryl KileJohn SmoltzDarryl KileJohn SmoltzDoug Jones53512
1992-04-25@ ATL17L  0-2-42,709Mark PortugalSteve AverySteve AveryMark Portugal 53530
1992-04-26@ ATL18L  2-3-37,137Pete HarnischMike BieleckiMarvin FreemanPete HarnischAlejandro Pena5556-1
1992-04-28@ NYN19L  0-4-16,190Butch HenryDavid ConeDavid ConeButch Henry 5560-5
1992-04-29@ NYN20L  0-1-16,400Darryl KileBret SaberhagenBret SaberhagenDarryl Kile 5561-6
1992-04-30@ NYN21L  3-4-14,803Mark PortugalSid FernandezJeff InnisDoug JonesJohn Franco5865-7
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1992-05-01vs PIT22W  10-4-16,355 Pete HarnischRandy TomlinPete HarnischRandy Tomlin 6869-1
1992-05-02vs PIT23L  0-6-23,812 Ryan BowenDenny NeagleDenny NeagleRyan Bowen 6875-7
1992-05-03vs PIT24W  1-0-8,739 Butch HenryDoug DrabekAl OsunaRoger MasonDoug Jones6975-6
1992-05-04vs NYN25L  1-5-13,546 Darryl KileBret SaberhagenBret SaberhagenDarryl Kile 7080-10
1992-05-05vs NYN26W  5-4-8,997 Mark PortugalSid FernandezMark PortugalSid FernandezDoug Jones7584-9
1992-05-06@ CHN27L  4-8-12,836Pete HarnischGreg MadduxGreg MadduxPete Harnisch 7992-13
1992-05-07@ CHN28L  2-9-21,614Ryan BowenMike MorganMike MorganRyan Bowen 81101-20
1992-05-08@ PIT29L  3-6-22,351Butch HenryDoug DrabekStan BelindaAl Osuna 84107-23
1992-05-09@ PIT30L  0-3-18,985Darryl KileZane SmithZane SmithDarryl Kile 84110-26
1992-05-10@ PIT31W  6-4-21,154Mark PortugalBob WalkDoug JonesRoger Mason 90114-24
1992-05-11vs CHN32W  2-1-21,314 Pete HarnischGreg MadduxXavier HernandezChuck McElroy 92115-23
1992-05-12vs CHN33L  2-3-21,566 Jimmy JonesMike MorganPaul AssenmacherJoe Boever 94118-24
1992-05-13vs CHN34L  3-8-25,527 Butch HenryShawn BoskieShawn BoskieButch Henry 97126-29
1992-05-15vs SLN35L  5-7-12,814 Darryl KileRheal CormierBob McClureDoug JonesLee Smith102133-31
1992-05-16vs SLN36W  3-2-22,327 Mark PortugalOmar OlivaresDoug JonesJuan Agosto 105135-30
1992-05-17vs SLN37L  5-7-17,218 Pete HarnischJose DeLeonCris CarpenterDoug JonesLee Smith110142-32
1992-05-18@ PHI38W  4-2-17,309Jimmy JonesKyle AbbottJimmy JonesKyle AbbottJoe Boever114144-30
1992-05-19@ PHI39L  3-4-15,299Butch HenryCurt SchillingCurt SchillingButch HenryMitch Williams117148-31
1992-05-20@ PHI40L  1-2-16,048Darryl KileTerry MulhollandTerry MulhollandDarryl KileMitch Williams118150-32
1992-05-22@ SLN41W  3-1-28,521Mark PortugalJose DeLeonMark PortugalJose DeLeonDoug Jones121151-30
1992-05-23@ SLN42L  4-10-36,286Pete HarnischDonovan OsborneDonovan OsbornePete HarnischCris Carpenter125161-36
1992-05-24@ SLN43L  3-4-36,308Jimmy JonesBob TewksburyLee SmithAl Osuna 128165-37
1992-05-25@ MON44W  10-8-5,765Butch HenryChris HaneyButch HenryChris HaneyDoug Jones138173-35
1992-05-26@ MON45W  9-4-10,093Darryl KileChris NabholzJoe BoeverChris NabholzDoug Jones147177-30
1992-05-27@ MON46L  5-8-10,110Mark PortugalDennis MartinezDennis MartinezMark PortugalJohn Wetteland152185-33
1992-05-29vs PHI47L  1-2-10,815 Pete HarnischCurt SchillingBarry JonesAl Osuna 153187-34
1992-05-30vs PHI48W  5-4-16,046 Jimmy JonesTerry MulhollandJimmy JonesTerry MulhollandDoug Jones158191-33
1992-05-31vs PHI49L  3-6-14,846 Butch HenryDon RobinsonBarry JonesRob MurphyWally Ritchie161197-36
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1992-06-01vs MON50L  1-7-7,544 Darryl KileDennis MartinezDennis MartinezDarryl Kile 162204-42
1992-06-02vs MON51W  6-0-8,238 Mark PortugalBill SampenMark PortugalBill Sampen 168204-36
1992-06-03vs MON52W  5-3-8,239 Pete HarnischKen HillPete HarnischKen HillDoug Jones173207-34
1992-06-04@ SFN53W  12-6-8,850Jimmy JonesGil HerediaJimmy JonesGil Heredia 185213-28
1992-06-05@ SFN54W  5-4-10,550Butch HenryBuddy BlackXavier HernandezJeff BrantleyDoug Jones190217-27
1992-06-06@ SFN55L  6-12-15,158Darryl KileJohn BurkettDave RighettiJoe Boever 196229-33
1992-06-07@ SFN56L  0-3-24,780Mark PortugalTrevor WilsonTrevor WilsonMark Portugal 196232-36
1992-06-08@ SDN57L  2-3-11,248Pete HarnischBruce HurstBruce HurstPete Harnisch 198235-37
1992-06-09@ SDN58L  4-5-15,749Jimmy JonesGene HarrisPat ClementsJoe BoeverMike Maddux202240-38
1992-06-10@ SDN59L  1-5-13,082Butch HenryCraig LeffertsCraig LeffertsButch Henry 203245-42
1992-06-12vs SFN60L  2-3-15,596 Mark PortugalJohn BurkettMichael JacksonDoug JonesRod Beck205248-43
1992-06-13vs SFN61W  4-1-17,243 Pete HarnischTrevor WilsonXavier HernandezJeff BrantleyDoug Jones209249-40
1992-06-14vs SFN62W  15-7-21,672 Jimmy JonesDave RighettiRob MurphyDave Righetti 224256-32
1992-06-15vs SDN63L  1-7-8,787 Butch HenryCraig LeffertsCraig LeffertsButch Henry 225263-38
1992-06-16vs SDN64W  11-0-10,046 Brian WilliamsRich RodriguezBrian WilliamsRich RodriguezXavier Hernandez236263-27
1992-06-17vs SDN65L  0-5-11,523 Willie BlairAndy BenesAndy BenesWillie Blair 236268-32
1992-06-19vs LAN66W  2-1-18,406 Pete HarnischTom CandiottiJoe BoeverJim Gott 238269-31
1992-06-20vs LAN67W  1-0-19,206 Jimmy JonesOrel HershiserDoug JonesOrel Hershiser 239269-30
1992-06-21vs LAN68W  2-0-20,308 Butch HenryKevin GrossButch HenryKevin GrossDoug Jones241269-28
1992-06-22@ CIN69W  5-2-28,365Brian WilliamsChris HammondBrian WilliamsChris HammondXavier Hernandez246271-25
1992-06-23@ CIN70L  6-10-24,503Willie BlairTim BelcherTim BelcherWillie Blair 252281-29
1992-06-24@ CIN71L  6-9-24,961Pete HarnischGreg SwindellGreg SwindellPete HarnischNorm Charlton258290-32
1992-06-25@ LAN72L  5-8-31,632Jimmy JonesRamon MartinezRamon MartinezJimmy Jones 263298-35
1992-06-26@ LAN73L  5-6-33,380Butch HenryOrel HershiserJohn CandelariaDoug JonesRoger McDowell268304-36
1992-06-27@ LAN74W  5-1-36,219Brian WilliamsKevin GrossBrian WilliamsKevin Gross 273305-32
1992-06-28@ LAN75L  2-8-26,260Willie BlairBob OjedaBob OjedaWillie Blair 275313-38
1992-06-29vs CIN76W  4-3-21,499 Pete HarnischGreg SwindellAl OsunaRob DibbleDoug Jones279316-37
1992-06-30vs CIN77W  5-1-22,202 Jimmy JonesChris HammondJimmy JonesChris HammondXavier Hernandez284317-33
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1992-07-01vs CIN78W  3-2-22,124 Butch HenryTom BrowningDoug JonesScott Bankhead 287319-32
1992-07-04@ NYN79L  3-5-0Willie BlairDwight GoodenDwight GoodenWillie BlairJeff Innis290324-34
1992-07-04@ NYN80W  3-1-38,049Mark PortugalTom FilerAl OsunaAnthony YoungDoug Jones293325-32
1992-07-05@ NYN81W  2-0-25,900Pete HarnischPete SchourekRob MurphyJeff InnisDoug Jones295325-30
1992-07-06@ PIT82L  0-1-15,358Jimmy JonesZane SmithZane SmithJimmy JonesStan Belinda295326-31
1992-07-07@ PIT83L  3-5-19,164Butch HenryJeff RobinsonBob WalkJoe Boever 298331-33
1992-07-08@ PIT84W  3-2-22,551Brian WilliamsRandy TomlinDoug JonesBob Patterson 301333-32
1992-07-09vs NYN85W  4-0-14,918 Mark PortugalDwight GoodenWillie BlairDwight Gooden 305333-28
1992-07-10vs NYN86L  6-7-22,158 Pete HarnischPete SchourekJeff InnisDoug JonesAnthony Young311340-29
1992-07-11vs NYN87L  2-8-23,792 Jimmy JonesDavid ConeDavid ConeJimmy Jones 313348-35
1992-07-12vs NYN88W  3-1-18,654 Butch HenrySid FernandezButch HenrySid FernandezXavier Hernandez316349-33
1992-07-16vs ATL89L  2-4-19,383 Brian WilliamsSteve AverySteve AveryBrian WilliamsAlejandro Pena318353-35
1992-07-17vs ATL90L  0-5-24,691 Pete HarnischJohn SmoltzJohn SmoltzPete Harnisch 318358-40
1992-07-18vs ATL91L  0-3-24,086 Jimmy JonesTom GlavineTom GlavineJimmy JonesAlejandro Pena318361-43
1992-07-19vs ATL92L  2-3-27,270 Butch HenryCharlie LeibrandtMarvin FreemanXavier HernandezAlejandro Pena320364-44
1992-07-20vs PIT93W  11-8-12,112 Shane ReynoldsJeff RobinsonWillie BlairRoger MasonDoug Jones331372-41
1992-07-21vs PIT94W  4-3-13,836 Brian WilliamsDoug DrabekDoug JonesRoger Mason 335375-40
1992-07-22vs PIT95L  7-10-13,194 Pete HarnischRandy TomlinStan BelindaWillie BlairBob Patterson342385-43
1992-07-24vs CHN96L  0-1-28,112 Jimmy JonesMike MorganMike MorganDoug JonesBob Scanlan342386-44
1992-07-25vs CHN97W  3-2-33,206 Butch HenryFrank CastilloXavier HernandezChuck McElroy 345388-43
1992-07-26vs CHN98L  5-8-26,813 Shane ReynoldsMike HarkeyMike HarkeyShane Reynolds 350396-46
1992-07-27@ ATL99W  5-1-38,729Brian WilliamsJohn SmoltzDoug JonesAlejandro Pena 355397-42
1992-07-28@ ATL100W  7-5-40,457Pete HarnischMike BieleckiPete HarnischMarvin FreemanDoug Jones362402-40
1992-07-29@ ATL101L  3-5-39,076Jimmy JonesTom GlavineTom GlavineWillie BlairAlejandro Pena365407-42
1992-07-31@ CIN102L  1-6-34,537Butch HenryTim BelcherTim BelcherButch Henry 366413-47
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1992-08-01@ CIN103L  0-9-41,310Brian WilliamsGreg SwindellGreg SwindellBrian Williams 366422-56
1992-08-02@ CIN104W  5-4-32,182Pete HarnischJose RijoJoe BoeverJose RijoDoug Jones371426-55
1992-08-03@ CIN105L  0-4-26,452Jimmy JonesChris HammondChris HammondJimmy Jones 371430-59
1992-08-04@ LAN106L  2-7-25,195Shane ReynoldsRamon MartinezRamon MartinezShane Reynolds 373437-64
1992-08-05@ LAN107W  7-6-33,949Butch HenryBob OjedaRob MurphyRoger McDowellDoug Jones380443-63
1992-08-06@ SDN108L  5-7-15,231Brian WilliamsAndy BenesAndy BenesBrian WilliamsRandy Myers385450-65
1992-08-07@ SDN109L  2-4-21,589Pete HarnischJim DeshaiesJim DeshaiesPete HarnischRandy Myers387454-67
1992-08-08@ SDN110L  5-7-50,385Jimmy JonesFrank SeminaraRich RodriguezJoe BoeverLarry Andersen392461-69
1992-08-09@ SDN111L  3-4-17,925Darryl KileCraig LeffertsLarry AndersenDoug JonesRandy Myers395465-70
1992-08-10@ SFN112L  1-4-14,691Butch HenryJohn BurkettJohn BurkettButch Henry 396469-73
1992-08-11@ SFN113W  6-3-12,170Brian WilliamsFrancisco OliverasBrian WilliamsFrancisco OliverasDoug Jones402472-70
1992-08-12@ SFN114W  5-4-13,705Pete HarnischBuddy BlackXavier HernandezJeff BrantleyDoug Jones407476-69
1992-08-13@ CHN115W  4-3-32,340Jimmy JonesFrank CastilloJimmy JonesFrank CastilloDoug Jones411479-68
1992-08-14@ CHN116L  2-4-31,838Darryl KileMike HarkeyMike HarkeyDarryl KilePaul Assenmacher413483-70
1992-08-15@ CHN117W  5-0-34,421Butch HenryJim BullingerButch HenryJim Bullinger 418483-65
1992-08-16@ CHN118L  0-1-33,455Brian WilliamsGreg MadduxGreg MadduxBrian Williams 418484-66
1992-08-18@ SLN119W  7-6-27,329Jimmy JonesOmar OlivaresJimmy JonesOmar OlivaresDoug Jones425490-65
1992-08-19@ SLN120L  1-12-32,201Darryl KileRheal CormierRheal CormierDarryl Kile 426502-76
1992-08-20@ SLN121L  1-3-29,780Butch HenryBob TewksburyBob TewksburyButch HenryLee Smith427505-78
1992-08-21@ PHI122W  6-1-20,787Brian WilliamsAndy AshbyBrian WilliamsAndy Ashby 433506-73
1992-08-22@ PHI123W  14-9-22,345Pete HarnischTerry MulhollandWillie BlairMike Hartley 447515-68
1992-08-23@ PHI124W  3-1-27,130Jimmy JonesCurt SchillingJimmy JonesCurt SchillingDoug Jones450516-66
1992-08-25vs SLN125L  3-5-10,434 Darryl KileRheal CormierCris CarpenterJoe BoeverLee Smith453521-68
1992-08-26vs SLN126W  6-5-7,850 Butch HenryBob TewksburyXavier HernandezMike Perez 459526-67
1992-08-27vs SLN127W  5-1-8,584 Brian WilliamsDonovan OsborneBrian WilliamsDonovan Osborne 464527-63
1992-08-28vs MON128W  8-1-10,629 Pete HarnischMark GardnerPete HarnischMark Gardner 472528-56
1992-08-29vs MON129W  8-2-16,657 Jimmy JonesBrian BarnesJimmy JonesBrian Barnes 480530-50
1992-08-30vs MON130L  0-4-14,939 Darryl KileKen HillKen HillDarryl Kile 480534-54
1992-08-31vs PHI131W  9-2-5,945 Butch HenryAndy AshbyButch HenryAndy Ashby 489536-47
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1992-09-01vs PHI132W  5-3-6,334 Brian WilliamsCliff BrantleyBrian WilliamsCliff BrantleyDoug Jones494539-45
1992-09-02vs PHI133W  3-2-7,828 Pete HarnischTerry MulhollandPete HarnischTerry MulhollandDoug Jones497541-44
1992-09-04@ MON134L  2-5-25,357Jimmy JonesKen HillKen HillJimmy JonesJohn Wetteland499546-47
1992-09-05@ MON135W  5-2-28,143Darryl KileChris NabholzDarryl KileChris Nabholz 504548-44
1992-09-06@ MON136W  3-1-33,311Butch HenryDennis MartinezButch HenryDennis MartinezDoug Jones507549-42
1992-09-07vs CIN137L  0-10-10,846 Brian WilliamsJose RijoJose RijoBrian Williams 507559-52
1992-09-08vs CIN138W  2-0-7,196 Pete HarnischChris HammondPete HarnischChris HammondXavier Hernandez509559-50
1992-09-09@ SFN139W  6-4-12,294Jimmy JonesKevin RogersWillie BlairBill SwiftXavier Hernandez515563-48
1992-09-10@ SFN140L  2-5-6,691Ryan BowenJohn BurkettJohn BurkettRyan BowenRod Beck517568-51
1992-09-11vs ATL141L  0-7-13,554 Darryl KilePete SmithPete SmithDarryl Kile 517575-58
1992-09-12vs ATL142L  3-9-18,313 Brian WilliamsJohn SmoltzDavid NiedBrian Williams 520584-64
1992-09-13vs ATL143L  2-9-14,239 Pete HarnischCharlie LeibrandtCharlie LeibrandtPete Harnisch 522593-71
1992-09-14vs SFN144W  5-0-7,584 Willie BlairKevin RogersWillie BlairKevin RogersXavier Hernandez527593-66
1992-09-15vs SFN145W  9-6-7,331 Ryan BowenJohn BurkettDoug JonesDave Righetti 536599-63
1992-09-16vs SFN146W  3-1-10,530 Darryl KileLarry CarterDarryl KileLarry CarterJoe Boever539600-61
1992-09-18@ ATL147W  13-3-41,677Pete HarnischCharlie LeibrandtPete HarnischCharlie Leibrandt 552603-51
1992-09-19@ ATL148W  3-2-41,945Willie BlairDavid NiedDoug JonesMarvin Freeman 555605-50
1992-09-20@ ATL149L  1-16-40,493Ryan BowenSteve AverySteve AveryRyan Bowen 556621-65
1992-09-22@ CIN150L  3-6-0Rich ScheidJose RijoJose RijoRich Scheid 559627-68
1992-09-22@ CIN151L  3-4-13,732Shane ReynoldsChris HammondScott BankheadShane ReynoldsMilt Hill562631-69
1992-09-23@ SDN152W  7-6-9,325Pete HarnischBruce HurstDoug JonesJeremy Hernandez 569637-68
1992-09-24@ SDN153L  1-7-5,913Willie BlairFrank SeminaraFrank SeminaraWillie Blair 570644-74
1992-09-25@ LAN154W  4-3-25,551Ryan BowenKevin GrossMark PortugalJohn CandelariaDoug Jones574647-73
1992-09-26@ LAN155W  5-4-17,981Darryl KileOrel HershiserXavier HernandezKip GrossDoug Jones579651-72
1992-09-27@ LAN156W  4-2-32,596Shane ReynoldsTom CandiottiShane ReynoldsTom CandiottiDoug Jones583653-70
1992-09-29vs SDN157W  6-5-14,573 Pete HarnischDoug BrocailAl OsunaRandy Myers 589658-69
1992-09-30vs SDN158W  5-4-12,171 Willie BlairFrank SeminaraJimmy JonesJeremy HernandezDoug Jones594662-68
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1992-10-01vs SDN159L  2-3-10,417 Ryan BowenGreg HarrisGreg HarrisRyan BowenRandy Myers596665-69
1992-10-02vs LAN160W  6-1-9,363 Darryl KileOrel HershiserDarryl KileOrel Hershiser 602666-64
1992-10-03vs LAN161W  3-2-12,587 Mark PortugalTom CandiottiJimmy JonesTim Crews 605668-63
1992-10-04vs LAN162W  3-0-16,194 Pete HarnischPedro AstacioPete HarnischPedro AstacioDoug Jones608668-60

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