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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Milwaukee,WI
Team Record:  74-88   .457
Result:   6th in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Tom Trebelhorn
General Manager:   Harry Dalton
Stadium:  County Stadium
Attendance:  1,752,900
Payroll:  $20,019,167
Playoffs:  -

Milwaukee Brewers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Dave Parker (39)
Youngest Player:  Gary Sheffield (21)
Longest Tenure:  Robin Yount (17)
Top Hitter:  Dave Parker (15)
Top Pitcher:  Teddy Higuera (28)
Top Draft Pick:  LaRue Baber (#43)

Roster Continuity:  90.33%
Top Prospect:   Greg Vaughn
American League Standings
NY Yankees6795.41421.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1990-04-09@ CHA1L  1-2-40,008Chris BosioMelido PerezBarry JonesTony FossasBobby Thigpen12-1
1990-04-10vs CHA2L  3-5-50,294 Teddy HigueraEric KingScott RadinskyTom FilerBobby Thigpen47-3
1990-04-13@ BOS3W  9-5-22,731Jaime NavarroJohn LeisterChuck CrimRob Murphy 13121
1990-04-14@ BOS4L  3-4-31,571Chris BosioRoger ClemensRoger ClemensDon AugustLee Smith16160
1990-04-16@ BOS5W  18-0-35,478Teddy HigueraMike BoddickerTeddy HigueraMike Boddicker 341618
1990-04-17@ TEX6L  2-6-14,930Mark KnudsonKevin BrownKevin BrownTony FossasMike Jeffcoat362214
1990-04-18@ TEX7W  11-6-11,677Jaime NavarroJamie MoyerTony FossasJamie Moyer 472819
1990-04-19@ TEX8W  11-0-11,505Chris BosioBobby WittChris BosioBobby Witt 582830
1990-04-20vs BOS9W  5-0-15,334 Tom FilerMike BoddickerTom FilerMike BoddickerChuck Crim632835
1990-04-21vs BOS10W  2-0-19,391 Teddy HigueraEric HetzelTeddy HigueraEric Hetzel 652837
1990-04-22vs BOS11L  2-4-26,741 Jaime NavarroJohn DopsonLee SmithDan Plesac 673235
1990-04-24vs KCA12W  7-3-10,925 Chris BosioRichard DotsonChris BosioRichard Dotson 743539
1990-04-25vs KCA13W  1-0-12,445 Tom FilerBret SaberhagenTom FilerBret SaberhagenDan Plesac753540
1990-04-26vs KCA14W  3-2-11,817 Mark KnudsonMark GubiczaMark KnudsonMark GubiczaDan Plesac783741
1990-04-27@ DET15W  9-6-14,389Jaime NavarroJack MorrisBill KruegerJack MorrisChuck Crim874344
1990-04-28@ DET16L  5-13-15,829Paul MirabellaFrank TananaFrank TananaDon August 925636
1990-04-29@ DET17W  6-1-15,186Chris BosioDan PetryChris BosioDan Petry 985741
1990-04-30@ DET18W  6-1-10,466Mark KnudsonJeff RobinsonMark KnudsonJeff Robinson 1045846
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1990-05-01@ KCA19W  6-4-20,052Teddy HigueraBret SaberhagenTeddy HigueraBret SaberhagenDan Plesac1106248
1990-05-03@ KCA20W  9-5-21,620Jaime NavarroMark GubiczaJaime NavarroMark GubiczaDan Plesac1196752
1990-05-05vs MIN21L  5-9-35,002 Chris BosioRoy SmithJohn CandelariaChuck Crim 1247648
1990-05-06vs MIN22L  0-4-27,314 Teddy HigueraKevin TapaniKevin TapaniTeddy Higuera 1248044
1990-05-07vs DET23W  5-4-10,892 Mark KnudsonJack MorrisBill KruegerJack MorrisDan Plesac1298445
1990-05-08vs DET24W  7-5-10,891 Jaime NavarroFrank TananaPaul MirabellaFrank TananaDan Plesac1368947
1990-05-09vs DET25L  1-2-10,780 Chris BosioDan PetryDan PetryChris BosioMike Henneman1379146
1990-05-11@ MIN26W  6-3-32,804Bill WegmanAllan AndersonBill WegmanAllan AndersonDan Plesac1439449
1990-05-12@ MIN27L  2-5-37,759Mark KnudsonKevin TapaniKevin TapaniMark KnudsonRick Aguilera1459946
1990-05-13@ MIN28L  6-8-24,123Jaime NavarroDavid WestJuan BerenguerBill KruegerRick Aguilera15110744
1990-05-15vs CAL29L  3-8-8,327 Chris BosioMark LangstonMark LangstonChris Bosio 15411539
1990-05-16vs CAL30W  13-5-12,461 Teddy HigueraJim AbbottTeddy HigueraJim Abbott 16712047
1990-05-17vs CAL31W  6-3-18,612 Mark KnudsonBert BlylevenPaul MirabellaWillie FraserDan Plesac17312350
1990-05-18vs OAK32W  5-0-23,580 Bill WegmanMike MooreBill WegmanMike Moore 17812355
1990-05-19vs OAK33L  1-9-21,507 Tom FilerDave StewartDave StewartTom FilerGene Nelson17913247
1990-05-20vs OAK34W  5-2-39,301 Chris BosioScott SandersonChris BosioScott Sanderson 18413450
1990-05-21vs SEA35L  4-9-12,456 Teddy HigueraBrian HolmanBryan ClarkDan Plesac 18814345
1990-05-22vs SEA36W  3-2-17,329 Mark KnudsonRandy JohnsonMark KnudsonBill Swift 19114546
1990-05-23@ OAK37L  5-12-31,730Bill WegmanMike MooreMike MooreBill Wegman 19615739
1990-05-24@ OAK38L  1-13-27,091Tom FilerDave StewartDave StewartTom Filer 19717027
1990-05-25@ CAL39L  4-5-26,925Chris BosioMark LangstonWillie FraserTony Fossas 20117526
1990-05-26@ CAL40L  3-10-33,574Mark KnudsonBert BlylevenBert BlylevenMark Knudson 20418519
1990-05-27@ CAL41L  3-7-35,466Bill WegmanChuck FinleyChuck FinleyBill Wegman 20719215
1990-05-28@ SEA42L  3-4-22,495Jaime NavarroErik HansonErik HansonJaime NavarroMike Schooler21019614
1990-05-29@ SEA43W  5-3-8,210Mark KnudsonMatt YoungChuck CrimMichael JacksonDan Plesac21519916
1990-05-30@ SEA44L  1-2-10,481Chris BosioBrent KnackertBryan ClarkChris BosioMike Schooler21620115
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1990-06-01@ TOR45W  7-1-49,698Teddy HigueraTodd StottlemyreTeddy HigueraTodd StottlemyreChuck Crim22320221
1990-06-02@ TOR46W  7-6-49,553Bill WegmanJohn CeruttiTony FossasDavid WellsDan Plesac23020822
1990-06-03@ TOR47L  4-7-49,702Mark KnudsonDave StiebDave StiebMark KnudsonTom Henke23421519
1990-06-04vs BAL48L  4-6-12,022 Chris BosioPete HarnischJoe PriceBill KruegerGregg Olson23822117
1990-06-05vs BAL49W  6-4-16,255 Jaime NavarroJay TibbsJaime NavarroJay TibbsChuck Crim24422519
1990-06-06vs BAL50L  7-8-15,016 Teddy HigueraJeff BallardMark WilliamsonBill KruegerGregg Olson25123318
1990-06-07vs BAL51L  2-5-20,362 Paul MirabellaDave JohnsonDave JohnsonPaul MirabellaGregg Olson25323815
1990-06-08vs TOR52L  5-11-27,021 Mark KnudsonJohn CeruttiTom GillesChuck CrimTom Henke2582499
1990-06-09vs TOR53L  3-7-46,612 Chris BosioDave StiebDave StiebChris Bosio 2612565
1990-06-10vs TOR54L  5-13-18,091 Jaime NavarroDavid WellsDavid WellsJaime Navarro 266269-3
1990-06-11vs TOR55W  4-1-17,701 Bill KruegerWillie BlairBill KruegerWillie BlairDan Plesac2702700
1990-06-12@ BAL56L  3-4-27,599Ron RobinsonJeff BallardGregg OlsonDan Plesac 273274-1
1990-06-13@ BAL57W  7-2-27,825Teddy HigueraDave JohnsonMark KnudsonDave Johnson 2802764
1990-06-14@ BAL58W  8-5-32,067Chris BosioBob MilackiBob SebraBrian HoltonDan Plesac2882817
1990-06-15@ CLE59L  3-5-63,546Dennis PowellTom CandiottiTom CandiottiDennis PowellDoug Jones2912865
1990-06-16@ CLE60L  9-10-15,497Bill KruegerGreg SwindellDoug JonesBob Sebra 3002964
1990-06-17@ CLE61L  4-12-22,963Ron RobinsonBuddy BlackBuddy BlackRon Robinson 304308-4
1990-06-18vs NYA62W  4-2-18,389 Mark KnudsonTim LearyMark KnudsonTim LearyChuck Crim308310-2
1990-06-19vs NYA63L  1-5-21,268 Chris BosioChuck CaryChuck CaryChris Bosio 309315-6
1990-06-20vs NYA64L  4-5-29,795 Dennis PowellJimmy JonesLee GuettermanChuck Crim 313320-7
1990-06-22vs CLE65W  9-7-26,420 Bill KruegerBuddy BlackTom EdensBuddy BlackDan Plesac322327-5
1990-06-23vs CLE66W  11-1-34,010 Ron RobinsonAl NipperRon RobinsonAl Nipper 3333285
1990-06-24vs CLE67L  5-9-45,749 Mark KnudsonJohn FarrellJohn FarrellMark Knudson 3383371
1990-06-25vs CLE68L  5-10-17,275 Chris BosioTom CandiottiTom CandiottiChris Bosio 343347-4
1990-06-26@ NYA69L  2-8-25,802Dennis PowellAndy HawkinsLee GuettermanDennis Powell 345355-10
1990-06-27@ NYA70W  5-4-18,652Bill KruegerJimmy JonesBill KruegerJimmy JonesChuck Crim350359-9
1990-06-28@ NYA71L  2-3-23,643Mark KnudsonTim LearyDave RighettiBob Sebra 352362-10
1990-06-29@ SEA72L  2-4-13,685Ron RobinsonRandy JohnsonRandy JohnsonChuck CrimMike Schooler354366-12
1990-06-30@ SEA73L  2-6-26,746Teddy HigueraErik HansonErik HansonTeddy Higuera 356372-16
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1990-07-01@ SEA74L  5-6-17,225Dennis PowellBrian HolmanKeith ComstockPaul Mirabella 361378-17
1990-07-03vs OAK75L  0-5-36,623 Bill KruegerCurt YoungCurt YoungBill Krueger 361383-22
1990-07-04vs OAK76W  7-1-15,030 Ron RobinsonDave StewartRon RobinsonDave Stewart 368384-16
1990-07-05vs OAK77W  4-3-31,022 Teddy HigueraBob WelchTeddy HigueraBob WelchDan Plesac372387-15
1990-07-06vs CAL78L  8-9-25,244 Dennis PowellMark LangstonGreg MintonTom Edens 380396-16
1990-07-07vs CAL79L  3-4-27,717 Mark KnudsonChuck FinleyMike FettersRandy Veres 383400-17
1990-07-08vs CAL80W  20-7-29,476 Bill KruegerBert BlylevenTom EdensGreg Minton 403407-4
1990-07-11@ CHA81W  12-9-40,666Ron RobinsonJack McDowellDan PlesacDonn Pall 415416-1
1990-07-12@ OAK82L  3-5-31,055Teddy HigueraMike MooreMike MooreTeddy HigueraDennis Eckersley418421-3
1990-07-13@ OAK83W  2-0-39,200Mark KnudsonDave StewartMark KnudsonDave Stewart 420421-1
1990-07-14@ OAK84L  1-3-43,612Bill KruegerBob WelchBob WelchBill KruegerDennis Eckersley421424-3
1990-07-15@ OAK85L  1-4-43,797Chris BosioCurt YoungCurt YoungChris BosioRick Honeycutt422428-6
1990-07-16@ CAL86W  3-1-24,643Ron RobinsonMark LangstonRon RobinsonMark LangstonDan Plesac425429-4
1990-07-17@ CAL87L  1-8-27,363Teddy HigueraKirk McCaskillKirk McCaskillTeddy Higuera 426437-11
1990-07-18@ CAL88W  3-2-36,000Mark KnudsonJim AbbottMark KnudsonJim AbbottDan Plesac429439-10
1990-07-19vs SEA89W  4-0-17,845 Bill KruegerRandy JohnsonBill KruegerRandy JohnsonJaime Navarro433439-6
1990-07-20vs SEA90L  4-6-27,522 Chris BosioBill SwiftKeith ComstockRandy VeresMike Schooler437445-8
1990-07-21vs SEA91W  10-3-38,896 Ron RobinsonErik HansonRon RobinsonErik HansonRandy Veres447448-1
1990-07-22vs SEA92L  3-4-37,638 Teddy HigueraBrian HolmanBrian HolmanTeddy HigueraMike Schooler450452-2
1990-07-23vs BOS93W  13-0-20,980 Mark KnudsonMike BoddickerMark KnudsonMike Boddicker 46345211
1990-07-24vs BOS94W  6-5-24,718 Bill KruegerGreg HarrisDan PlesacJerry Reed 46945712
1990-07-25vs BOS95L  0-2-35,948 Chris BosioRoger ClemensRoger ClemensChris Bosio 46945910
1990-07-27@ CHA96L  4-7-35,569Ron RobinsonJack McDowellJack McDowellRon Robinson 4734667
1990-07-28@ CHA97L  4-5-40,268Teddy HigueraMelido PerezScott RadinskyDan Plesac 4774716
1990-07-29@ CHA98W  9-8-33,353Mark KnudsonGreg HibbardPaul MirabellaScott RadinskyTom Edens4864797
1990-07-30vs TEX99L  1-3-19,696 Bill KruegerBobby WittBobby WittBill KruegerBrad Arnsberg4874825
1990-07-31vs TEX100L  3-11-51,533 Chris BosioNolan RyanNolan RyanChris BosioBrad Arnsberg490493-3
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1990-08-01vs TEX101L  2-8-22,722 Ron RobinsonCharlie HoughCharlie HoughRon Robinson 492501-9
1990-08-02vs CHA102L  3-4-0 Teddy HigueraAlex FernandezBarry JonesRandy VeresBobby Thigpen495505-10
1990-08-02vs CHA103L  2-4-25,022 Jaime NavarroMelido PerezMelido PerezJaime NavarroBobby Thigpen497509-12
1990-08-03vs CHA104L  2-6-24,402 Mark KnudsonGreg HibbardGreg HibbardMark Knudson 499515-16
1990-08-04vs CHA105L  6-9-52,198 Bill KruegerAdam PetersonAdam PetersonBill KruegerBobby Thigpen505524-19
1990-08-05vs CHA106L  1-6-51,597 Dennis PowellJack McDowellJack McDowellDennis Powell 506530-24
1990-08-06@ MIN107W  6-0-27,583Ron RobinsonRoy SmithRon RobinsonRoy Smith 512530-18
1990-08-07@ MIN108W  5-3-23,426Jaime NavarroMark GuthrieJaime NavarroMark GuthrieTom Edens517533-16
1990-08-08@ MIN109L  2-4-23,748Mark KnudsonScott EricksonScott EricksonMark KnudsonRick Aguilera519537-18
1990-08-10@ KCA110L  5-6-0Bill KruegerAndy McGaffiganJeff MontgomeryDan Plesac 524543-19
1990-08-10@ KCA111L  4-9-37,110Dennis PowellStorm DavisStorm DavisDennis PowellSteve Crawford528552-24
1990-08-11@ KCA112W  11-5-37,682Ron RobinsonPete FilsonRon RobinsonPete Filson 539557-18
1990-08-12@ KCA113L  1-7-27,408Jaime NavarroTom GordonTom GordonJaime Navarro 540564-24
1990-08-14@ DET114W  7-6-17,557Mark KnudsonJeff RobinsonChuck CrimJerry GleatonDan Plesac547570-23
1990-08-15@ DET115W  7-3-15,957Tom EdensSteve SearcyPaul MirabellaSteve SearcyDan Plesac554573-19
1990-08-16@ DET116W  8-4-15,888Ron RobinsonDan PetryRon RobinsonDan PetryDan Plesac562577-15
1990-08-17vs KCA117W  2-1-27,523 Teddy HigueraTom GordonTeddy HigueraTom GordonDan Plesac564578-14
1990-08-18vs KCA118L  1-10-39,166 Jaime NavarroKevin AppierKevin AppierJaime Navarro 565588-23
1990-08-19vs KCA119W  7-2-26,257 Mark KnudsonAndy McGaffiganMark KnudsonAndy McGaffigan 572590-18
1990-08-20vs CLE120W  4-3-11,427 Tom EdensBuddy BlackTom EdensSteve OlinChuck Crim576593-17
1990-08-21vs CLE121W  6-5-19,162 Ron RobinsonGreg SwindellDan PlesacColby Ward 582598-16
1990-08-22vs CLE122L  2-4-20,547 Teddy HigueraTom CandiottiTom CandiottiTeddy HigueraDoug Jones584602-18
1990-08-23@ NYA123W  8-2-18,729Jaime NavarroMike WittJaime NavarroMike Witt 592604-12
1990-08-24@ NYA124W  1-0-20,191Mark KnudsonTim LearyMark KnudsonTim LearyDan Plesac593604-11
1990-08-25@ NYA125W  5-3-24,433Tom EdensDave LaPointMark LeeDave RighettiChuck Crim598607-9
1990-08-26@ NYA126L  3-4-31,045Ron RobinsonChuck CaryLee GuettermanDan Plesac 601611-10
1990-08-27@ TOR127W  4-2-49,892Teddy HigueraFrank WillsTeddy HigueraJim Acker 605613-8
1990-08-28@ TOR128W  6-2-49,871Jaime NavarroDave StiebJaime NavarroDave Stieb 611615-4
1990-08-29@ TOR129L  3-7-49,909Mark KnudsonJimmy KeyJimmy KeyMark KnudsonDuane Ward614622-8
1990-08-31vs BAL130W  4-1-16,735 Ron RobinsonJohn MitchellRon RobinsonJohn Mitchell 618623-5
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1990-09-01vs BAL131W  4-3-18,601 Teddy HigueraBen McDonaldTeddy HigueraBen McDonaldDan Plesac622626-4
1990-09-02vs BAL132W  4-2-18,396 Jaime NavarroJose MesaJaime NavarroJose MesaChuck Crim626628-2
1990-09-03vs MIN133L  0-6-0 Mark KnudsonMark GuthrieMark GuthrieMark Knudson 626634-8
1990-09-03vs MIN134L  5-9-17,110 Bill KruegerPaul AbbottRick AguileraDan Plesac 631643-12
1990-09-04vs MIN135L  1-7-8,747 Tom EdensDavid WestTim DrummondTom Edens 632650-18
1990-09-05vs MIN136W  7-4-10,232 Ron RobinsonRoy SmithRon RobinsonGary Wayne 639654-15
1990-09-07vs DET137W  6-5-17,055 Teddy HigueraJack MorrisTeddy HigueraJack MorrisChuck Crim645659-14
1990-09-08vs DET138W  5-2-35,299 Jaime NavarroWalt TerrellJaime NavarroWalt TerrellJulio Machado650661-11
1990-09-09vs DET139L  0-5-22,561 Bill KruegerScott AldredScott AldredBill KruegerEd Nunez650666-16
1990-09-10@ BOS140L  4-5-0Mark KnudsonGreg HarrisGreg HarrisMark KnudsonJeff Gray654671-17
1990-09-10@ BOS141W  6-1-28,757Tom EdensDana KieckerTom EdensDana KieckerChuck Crim660672-12
1990-09-11@ BOS142W  4-2-27,778Ron RobinsonDennis LampRon RobinsonWes GardnerDan Plesac664674-10
1990-09-12@ BOS143L  1-6-29,098Teddy HigueraMike BoddickerMike BoddickerTeddy Higuera 665680-15
1990-09-14@ TEX144L  1-2-23,865Jaime NavarroNolan RyanKenny RogersChuck Crim 666682-16
1990-09-15@ TEX145L  3-6-37,906Tom EdensGerald AlexanderJamie MoyerTom EdensMike Jeffcoat669688-19
1990-09-16@ TEX146W  5-3-13,675Ron RobinsonScott ChiamparinoRon RobinsonScott ChiamparinoJulio Machado674691-17
1990-09-17@ CLE147L  2-4-3,972Teddy HigueraSteve OlinSteve OlinTeddy HigueraDoug Jones676695-19
1990-09-18@ CLE148L  3-8-4,082Bill KruegerCharles NagyCharles NagyDon AugustDoug Jones679703-24
1990-09-19@ CLE149L  3-6-4,169Jaime NavarroSergio ValdezSergio ValdezJaime NavarroDoug Jones682709-27
1990-09-21@ BAL150L  3-5-34,646Ron RobinsonPete HarnischPete HarnischRon RobinsonGregg Olson685714-29
1990-09-22@ BAL151L  2-3-27,215Kevin BrownDave JohnsonDave JohnsonKevin BrownKevin Hickey687717-30
1990-09-23@ BAL152L  1-2-29,907Teddy HigueraBen McDonaldJeff BallardTeddy Higuera 688719-31
1990-09-24vs TOR153L  5-9-8,769 Jaime NavarroJimmy KeyJimmy KeyJaime NavarroTom Henke693728-35
1990-09-25vs TOR154W  8-4-8,576 Bill KruegerBuddy BlackBill KruegerBuddy Black 701732-31
1990-09-26vs TOR155W  6-0-8,804 Ron RobinsonDavid WellsRon RobinsonDavid Wells 707732-25
1990-09-27@ CHA156L  4-6-29,818Kevin BrownMelido PerezWayne EdwardsTom EdensBobby Thigpen711738-27
1990-09-28vs NYA157L  2-7-12,072 Teddy HigueraSteve AdkinsSteve AdkinsTeddy Higuera 713745-32
1990-09-29vs NYA158W  8-1-16,531 Jaime NavarroMike WittJaime NavarroMike Witt 721746-25
1990-09-30vs NYA159L  2-7-10,622 Bill KruegerDave EilandDave EilandTom EdensGreg Cadaret723753-30
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1990-10-01vs TEX160L  2-4-7,484 Ron RobinsonBobby WittMike JeffcoatRon RobinsonJeff Russell725757-32
1990-10-02vs TEX161W  1-0-8,936 Kevin BrownKenny RogersKevin BrownKenny RogersDan Plesac726757-31
1990-10-03vs TEX162W  6-3-7,182 Teddy HigueraScott ChiamparinoTeddy HigueraJohn BarfieldJulio Machado732760-28

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